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Supermodel Heidi Klum showed off her baby bump while out and about with her children Leni (b. May 4, 2004), Henry (b. Sept. 12, 2005) and Johan (b. November 22, 2006) to Bleeker Street playground in Greenwich Village.


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  1. These kids are so cute. I can’t wait to see the baby girl. I don’t see a problem using a stroller, in fact I think that its great that they take the kids on outings. Spending time with the kids is more important than anything else. Just because a child is tall doesn’t make him a man. They still think and act like a child.

  2. Sheesh,some people. Henry is a BIG boy. You would prefer to see his pregnant mother carrying him? Then we would have people on here saying…”ohh hes too heavy for her to carry,why does she not just put him in a stroller?”

    So what,he’s in a stroller,is it going to mentally or physically affect him in his later years? As nanny and a psychology student I say NO.

    She is out and about,pregnant and keeping tabs on 3 children,why NOT make things as easy as she can for herself? He will be out of that stroller as soon as the new baby can safely ride in it anyways,then people on here can moan about Johan being too big for it and why she doesnt do anything with their hair…..SMH!

  3. People are so judgemental! I wish I could sit in a stroller sometimes :)

    You don’t know how far their walk was, and as soon as a child can walk it doesn’t belong in a stroller? So you are saying a 1 year old does not belong in a stroller either?

  4. How many months pregnant is she? cos i can only see a HINT of a bump! how do they do it??? i am slim, didn’t over eat during my pregnancy but u could still see me and my bump coming……………..from miles away!!!!

  5. Why would you force a 3-year-old to walk. Henry’s probably too big for any of them (except his dad) to carry. Dragging a sleepy kid around is not the answer. They can’t punish him because he’s big for his age.

      • Let each child’s parents determine whether or not to MAKE them walk. You can make your 18 month old walk simply because he or she can and I can push my 5 year-old in a stroller because he or she can’t keep up the pace with an adult, especially walking in the city. I’m sure Seal and Heidi aren’t the least bit concerned with our opinions about their children’s walking, hair or anything else.

  6. Cee-Lo must be black…….some of you are famous for thinking a child is to big for a stroller. I get so tired of seeing some kids as young as 18months being dragged around like luggage. I kept my son in a stroller until he was 4yrs old and didn’t give a dayum what no one said. Heidi kids are cuties and much luv to her and Seal, congrats on baby.

    • Luvvieboo…I agree with you 100% that if you have to be out during your child’s nap time that no matter how old they are you should have sleeping arrangements and if that means a stroller than you should use a stroller. My son is 6 and he still takes naps and he stayed in his stroller until he was 4. Now we are usually in the car and I have a pillow for him to sleep with. Even though I agree with you I am bothered by the statement that Cee-Lo must be black because she has a difference of opinion. For you to put race in it leads me to believe that you are a racist and bigot. Please do not stereo-type the entire black race because I am black and like I stated I did not force my child out of his stroller too early. I know most racist always have racist things on their mind, but please keep them to yourself.

  7. omg! If that woman doesn’t get that Big Boy out of that stroller. Henry’s legs can easily reach the ground. Hint, Hint! Once a child’s feet can reach, or drag, on the ground while he, or she, is the stroller, it’s time to let the stroller go.

    • So what are you supposed to do when that big kid falls asleep? Pack them around everywhere? Now THAT makes a lot of sense! He’s out cold in those pictures!

    • Please, he’s still a baby (3yrs old). No matter how big he is, he’s still a little one that will fall asleep when tired and no one can carry that load around. A sleeping toddler is dead weight. I say if a child still takes naps during the day, bring a stroller when out.

    • well i agree with cee-lo on this one, my daughter’s a week younger than henry an i put her buggy in the shed a yr ago…. so goin by my thinkin johan can walk too… but i won’t go there really.. lol henrys nearly 4 he must don’t be gettin enough sleep at night if hes napping in the daytime…
      4 real, he looks ridiculous in that thing

    • To all of the responses, except Hanaboo’s: I know it’s hard lugging around dead weight, but would you rather look ridiculous pushing an at least 36″ tall baby? Baby naps were out the window for me once I turned 3. Bottom Line, If a child can walk, he does not need a stroller.

      • Yes, I would rather look ridiculous. I’m not trying to impress anyone by either breaking my back or dragging around a cranky sleepy baby. He’s only 3.

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