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Singer Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina,16, were photographed departing Los Angeles International Airport on July 3rd. Whitney, who is set to release a new album in September, looked happy to be spending some time with her daughter.


Bobbi’s dad, singer Bobby Brown, became a dad for the fifth time last month with his girlfriend Alicia Etheridge.


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  1. bobbi christinia looks pretty && yes,it does look like she’s lost her baby fat…i wish i could lose mine lol whitney looks good too

  2. Whitney looks gorgeous!
    She’s absolutely glowing.
    This is the best I’ve seen her in a long time.

    That means there is hope for other crackheads to regain their beauty yet.

    Her daughter is very pretty too. I take a small issue with her clothes because I think she is too young to be showing her belly.

    But I am surprised by whitney. I can’t believe how beautiful and happy she is looking. And Kristina looks really happy to be hanging with her mom. Really, when Whitney was lookin busted, Kristina didn’t look that happy. Now she looks really genuinely happy.

    I’m happy for the both of them.

  3. Bobbi always had sense, even when her parents were drugged and thugged out. She looks so beautiful, just wish she would hang out with more african american friends. Those white girls will turn on ya in a heartbeat……..lol.

  4. I’m so glad to see Whitney looking so good. I hope and pray that things are well for her and her family. She is such a talent and I am glad that she will again share that talent with the world.

  5. Im really glad to see Whitney with a smile on her face, and she sure does look better !!! Damn am i glad she finally got rid of Bobby !

  6. I remember seeing Bobby’s and Whitney’s “reality show” and their daughter was kind of chubby. I see that she has gotten rid of the baby fat. Whitney herself looks like she has gain a few pounds which I am happy to see. She looks really healthy, happy, and
    radiant nowadays. Good for her. I am glad that both of them are happy.

  7. I hope she surprises us all and transforms into a normal and decent adult. As we saw on their reality show, Whitney and Bobby are some very exciting parents…

    • They were using drugs during that time. Not sure what you see but it appears she has changed for the better. Plus, she got out of the marriage with Bobby that was bringing her down. How long ago was that show aired? Your a little late.

      • Did I claim that the reality show was still on?? I was just referring to what she saw during that time period. Kids pick up everything and they usually try to mirror it. I just said that I hope she grows up without any baggage from how her parents use to act. From what I read before about Bobbi Kristina, she is quite a hand full already.

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