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Actress Halle Berry looked casual in capris and a tank top as she walked with her daughter Nahla (b. March 16, 2008) to eat dinner. Gabriel Aubrey(not pictured), Nahla’s dad, was also there for the outing. See close-ups now!


Why so sad, Nahla?



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Bauergriffin/Resized by Blackcelebkids.com

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  1. No I don’t start trouble, I state my opinion. Just like alot of you have your opinion about Michael kids, I have always had my opinion about Halle’s kid. This didn’t just start, I have always had that opinion from the first pic I have ever seen of Nahla. Not to say that Nahla isn’t a cutie, because she is and Halle was one of my favorite actresses. This is a free country and I can think and say what I please. She does not resemble Gabe and leave it at that……….what you think doesn’t matter to me.

  2. Leo give me a break, that doesn’t even worry me about Michael biological kids, they are his. I just want to know why Gabe is neva holding or face to face with Halle’s daughter? That kid is to dark to be Gabe’s and she doesn’t look anything like him. Like I said before, Halle could have had that baby with Eric Benet and Nahla could still look the same way. Some of you need to stop contradicting yourselves, oh she have more of Halle traits, when Halle is half white. I have neva believed that Nahla belonged to Gabe, that is why it took Halle so long to show that baby’s face.

    • Luvvieboo have you read what you’ve written, ever done any Biology, genes are determined from parents and even grandparents. Do you have any idea what Halle’s dad looks like. The other question of him holding her i have seen him hold her a lot of times its just that its never featured on BCK. She looks a lot like her dad.

  3. Do Gabe ever push,hold,or be alone with his supposely daughter?lmao. That girl don’t look nothing like that man and he makes sure cameras neva catch them face to face. Reminds me of Eric Benet.

    • I understand that you’re pissed that few people believe Michael bio-fathered his children, but this constant ragging on Nahla’s paternity is annoying and repugnant. Halle’s far from my favourite black actress, but this is beyond the realm of being mean-spirited.

  4. Is Halle pregnant? If not she had better hurry up since she’s now 42. I hope she has a sibling for Nahla soon.

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