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Paris Jackson at her father's public memorial service in Los Angeles today (July 7).

“Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine,” sobbed Paris Michael Jackson, 11-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop.

“I just want to say I love him so much,” she cried just before being consoled by her aunt Janet Jackson.


Stay tuned for more pictures of Jackson’s kids…

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  1. Paris is so joyful what she that her father has been the best to her and that she miss him so much. Paris is so cute and sweet.

    Her family will always be there with her and her father will be in her heart always.

  2. God y’all should’ve seen me sitting at my desk at work crying like he was my daddy! I was too much of a fan of MJ’s to be embaressed. I watched that WHOLE memorial and didn’t do an ounce of work. My eyes were red and everything…that’s a darn shame…

  3. Paris what a sweet little girl, daddy’s girl, a little young lady! Michael’s pride and joy. She spoike the truth!

    The Jackson’s are the only fmaily that can give them what they need.Ii do hope Janet does take these children in and raise them and help her mother.

    The entire program was very emotional, there was nothing in this memorial that was making him out to be god, not one thing. Michael for one who not of stood for it. He always wanted to be Christ like but not be worshipped. The look on Usher face when he took off the glasses and just looked at the casket. Priceless! The program celebrated a life that had accomplished so, so much and was taken entirely too soon. Michael will always remain in our hearts, he gave all that he could give, he is at peace now.

  4. The service was very emotional…. I started bawlin when I saw the coverage of his casket being carried from the church by his brothers and put in the hearse…. and from there i cried the whole day…. my eyes were SO swollen and red for 2 days…. plus i had that crying headache too…. Stevie singing was the point were i went from tears rollin to extra kleenex and nasal spray…. very sad day…. RIP MJ …. and maybe one day they will leave you alone…..

  5. I got a little teary eyed through out the ceremony but when Paris spoke I started bawling.She is so brave,mature, and so beautiful. My heart is broken for those 3 children. If you pause the video towards the end you can get a glimpse of Blankets face and he’s crying too. Its tragic and unfair for 3 perfect children to lose their only parent.

    I hate how the media is questions the paternity of these children.Its so tasteless and cruel. First of all, dna doesn’t matter. Secondly, people are very un-informed to think a black person can’t have white children. There are so many celebrities who are mixed race and don’t look black or barely look black: Mariah Carey, Soledad O’Brien, Wentworth Miller, Rashida Jones, Jael from Top Model,Slash,Jennifer Beals.
    Also, black celebrities having white children: Eartha Kitt, Ben Harper, Justin Chamber’s wife, Donna Summers, Karyn Parsons,Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. gosh I could list names forever. My old roommate was mixed, her father was extremely dark and she was so darn pasty. Ok I’m done with my rant, I just had to vent somewhere. MJ’s paternity is the last thing the media should worry about. RIP MJ

  6. i lost control of myself when she started crying. its just a shame,all the pain that they have to go through.

  7. I don’t care if they are biological related to Michael Jackson or not, he was a true father of all three of the children. I hope the Jackson family will treat these children with love and sent them to the best schools whether it’s a public, charter or private school.

  8. I feel so sorry for the family. You can tell that the children are really close to Janet. Right after she say’s what she had to say she turns right to Janet to be embraced. I think Janet could help play a key role in the children’s lives..

    Micheal was a great father, i just wonder why he didnt use his own sperm to conceive the children. You can tell they have no African American descent at all. the Youngest child sort of looks like he has some Indian in him by the facial features, hair and skin tone but hey it just goes to show you dont have to make a baby to call yourself a “FATHER”. Micheal was good to those children…

    And is it just me or does the older son seem to have Micheal in him. I mean it the way he sits there and the way he looks at the camera and even his demeanor, i think he may have picked up alot of Micheals ways. Which would be really great because its always good to have a peice of Micheal Around….

    I Love You MJ….

  9. I cried through the entire service,but Paris makes cry a river everytime I see her profess her undying love for her father.You can tell she was a daddy’s girl,and with that one statement she did a beautiful thing when she humanized Michael.He was not the Icon and legend he was simply daddy.To all of you who said Michael messed up his children’s life,I ask that you look at that brave little girl who called the King of Pop, daddy.Rest easy Michael your job here on earth was well done.

  10. That girl is so strong. im so proud of her. I always knew that those kids loved Michael but now the whole world knows. maybe now they’ll stop atacking Michael. For his kids.

  11. Was it me or does Janet have GREAT “mommie” skills? She appeared so nuturing to Paris. I hope she maintains that bond with Paris, she’s a mature young lady who’s gonna need that strong “mother” connection. Was Rebbie there?

  12. Wow that Little Girl, I was like everyone elses feelings, I was kind of cynical thinking yeah the guy was amazing, he influenced millions of people, but really whos benefit is this thing for. But when I saw his baby girl up there, it just touched me. For all the bad press and all the things they said about Michael, he raised a beautiful baby. The genuine emotion and loss just made my eyes tear. And its just the maturity in the way she spoke saying hes the ‘best dad you could ever imagine’. It was amazing, genes or no genes, that was their daddy they lost and those kids are testament that no matter what you say MJ did/didnt do/might have done, he raised those kids well. RIP MJ

  13. Janet doesn’t need to raise Michael kids, the whole Jackson clan will raise them together. They are truly some beautiful kids and you could really tell they are biracial. They also look like Michael, I see Michael features in Prince and some of Debbie’s in Paris. I’m thinking Blanket’s mom is Indian, have to be with that straight black hair, he’s adorable. I cried throughout the entire ceremony. Why shouldn’t his kids be on stage? they are his kids and are fully aware of what is going on. Of course Blanket just a baby, so he doesn’t grasp the full meaning, but I know he misses his father. I just wish Michael was treated in life like he was treated in death. That little creep even apologize for lying on Michael, his father put him up to it for the money. I hope the Jackson’s sue his behind. RIP Michael.

  14. Seeing the way the Jackson’s have rallied around these kids…have shown that they are in a soft, protected environment. That’s where they need to be in order to heal and come to terms with the lost of their dad. I just pray that they will continue to be loved and supported without having to worry about custody battles or court issues. They are kids, they don’t need to deal with adult issues.

  15. Paris is a brave little girl. You could tell it was important for her to speak because her uncles kept asking was she sure and she was determined to do it. That was heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. The children were clinging to their Aunt Janet. I think they really love Janet and would do well in her care. RIP MJ.

  16. watching this broke my heart. seeing his family in so much painwas hard and usher walking up to the casket :(

    Miss u michael

  17. Wow! I haven’t read everyone’s comments so forgive me if I repeat something already said. Paris Jackson was one of the most poignant parts of the service. When Marlon talked about his twin brother and then Paris spoke on her daddy, it was just too much. I don’t think their was a dry eye ANYWHERE. Like I mentioned on the other thread, if anyone doubts that Mike was their daddy, think again. They may or may not have his DNA, but he was most definitely their daddy. Paris told ya so.

    Absolutely lovely service.



  20. I watched the service over the internet while working. When Paris spoke I lost it and it got worse when I seen Janet take her into her arms. I had tears streaming down my face when a coworker walked in.

    RIP MJ and prayers to the Jackson Family.

  21. The children look like they are in the best care. Seems like all of the Jackson Siblings are helping to take good care of the children. Paris was brave. Blood does not make you a good father, but LOVE & CARE does and those children are proof of that.

  22. Like everyone else, I lost control of my tears at this moment. Such sweet, brave kids. My heart goes out to them!

  23. He has beautiful children! You can tell they were very well loved. I honestly hope that Janet would like to finish raising them. You can see that Paris and Prince loves her. They both held onto her. She has stated that she wants to be a mother and here are three precious children that deserve and need one. God bless them.

    • i am thinking same things like what you say oh good i cry alots when i saw paris today i pray for this children and family

    • Janet really seemed to be the rock of the family….she was strong for the kids and they seemed really close to her. The whole ceremony was emotional and beautifull and I cried a lot….but lil Paris speaking broke my heart….Michael Jackson, You were a well loved man and still are…R.I.P.

  24. I don’t know how I feel about putting those kids on the stage like that. I didn’t see the youngest child, just the eldest two. I did see Prince chewing gum as everyone was singing the last song.

    • Yes, Blanket was there. He looked like he really didn’t know what was going on. He’s still so very young. My heart aches for these children, but I am so happy that they will continue to be loved. I hope Debbie leaves her hands off these kids.

  25. Blacket and Prince were both chopping down on that gum LOL! IF you go to yahoo and look at the pics from the memorial you can see Paris comforting blanket the entire time ..I hope debbie leaves those children with the jackson’s and not split them up.

  26. I never cried since Michael’s death until little Paris started to speak. Poor child. I hope the family will continue to shield her and her brothers from the media circus yet to come.

    • You and me both.

      With all of the uproar, I did not shed a tear only because I felt that folks were idolizing a man and turning him into a god (though he made GREAT feats with his time, fortune and heart)…but when Paris took the stage and expressed her loss for her Dad, I (for the first) time, cried…

      All was superficial until she brought it to reality. We may have lost an entertainer but she lost her Daddy.

      God bless Paris, Michael, Blanket and the Jackson family, amen.

  27. That is a brave little girl! She even sang “We Are The World” along with the others. Did anyone notice when Blanket was chewing gum?

    • Co-sign. It was a most beautiful ceremony and everything was just the right tone. But that child just ripped my heart out. May God bless and protect them. I do hope that are left with the Jackson Family….that’s obviously where they belong. There are so many with this family that can give the support and love and security that they so desparately need at this time and in the near future.

    • Same Here!

      Usher cried… I shedded a tear

      Marlon cried… I cried too

      Paris cried… I lost it!

      My stomach turned when I thought she was about to speak because I knew if she spoke I wouldn’t be able to hold it all in.

      I cried even more when I saw her squeeze her eyes so tight… what a strong little girl! And so mature, even in the beginning of the ceremony I could tell she was much more mature than her brothers because she was paying attention the whole time and she would be the first to stand to give an applause while her brothers looked like they had ADD lol

      And not to mention after she said “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine,” Janet looked like she was gonna lose it.

      She’s really tough tho, u can tell she (Janet) was holding it all in for the family’s sake… she’s their rock!

  28. What a brave little girl to go up in front of everyone!When Paris started crying I couldn’t control my tears.I think her talking helped people realize that yes he is the King Of Pop but he is a Father most importantly.I really feel for these kids because from now on those kids will be followed by the media.I hope people will leave these poor kids alone.

    • It is often said that the best moments are the ones unscripted! I read today that no one knew beforehand that Paris wanted to say a few words until moments before she actually spoke. It was truly the moment that ‘sealed his farewell’ with a kiss.

      I was sitting in the break-room at work when i lost it. Talk about eating my words, I was not too long ago saying that I didn’t understand why people cried over a man they never knew… but after watching Paris speak, I started to weep and empathize as if I had lost my own father. It was one of those bigger than life moments where it didn’t matter that he was a Pop Icon who revolutionized music or not. At the end of the day he was three children’s father who thought the world of him regardless of every accusation or allegation. I think today was the first time I stopped to consider Michael the person and not the Popstar!

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