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Singer Janet Jackson comforts her niece at the memorial service held for Michael Jackson on July 7th while "Blanket" stands by

Michael Jackson’s children Michael Joseph Jr.,12, a.k.a Prince Michael, Paris-Michael,11, and Prince Michael II,7, known as Blanket, paid their last respects at their father’s memorial service today(July 7th). Click over to see some candid pictures of the Jackson kids at the memorial service


Katherine Jackson sits with her grandchildren Blanket and Paris


Jackson Kids attend their dad's memorial service

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  4. those are not his real kids bottom line is micheal jackson was a BLACK MAN. tho he changed his skin color he can”t change his DNA WHICH BEING AFRICAN AMERICAN WOULD SHOW IN HIS CHILDREN BECAUSE YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FATHER HIS. BLUE EYES BROWN HAIR YEA RIGHT!!!

    • Did you get the chance to read the articles? This seems that this is going to be one stinker which will be horrible for the children. It’s not like they are babies. And the older son is at the real delicate age. anyway, the Nanny is with the Jackson family which LaToya doesn’t like. I don’t know what she intends to do legally about what she knows about Debbies. Remember in her book she told that MJ was child molester and that was an awful thing to come from a sister; but then it is LaToya and she is not really all there, if you get my drift. Anything she says must me chewed 30 times before digestion is attempted.

      • Thank you, Khrish Hill for the 411 on LaToya. You were a day early before news about her broke out in the mass media. I also agree with all you say. This whole matter reflects parts of human nature at it’s worse. Remember Michael’s song “Human Nature”? It applies here.

        I hope little Paris doesn’t want to grow up to be like her no good, whorish auntie Latoya. LaToya posed naked for Playboy for profit, married a man who abused her and her worse immoral crime perpertrated was when she publicly stated that her deceased brother, Michael was a child molester. I bet that whore got paid for saying that, too!!

        Thanks again!

        • Oh, and also let us not forget LaToya’s for profit career as a psychic. Why couldn’t she predict the day that her Beloved brother passed away? The world would still be able to anticipate and enjoy more music from him. It’s a sad time!

          • Remember, in the interview, LaToya said she felt that something was going to happen. With the 2 deaths she predicted that things happen in 3s. Something that older people have always said….but I guess because she is physic…she felt it.

        • You are very right about the payment to LaToya. The news said that she was given a nice amount for her interview.

          There’s another thing that I am watching. Even though I have no regard for any of the doctors who wrote prescriptions for MJ, it seens that the last doc, who is Black is going to be the fall guy in this whole thing. Given his business record that has already been documented by the press, not lic. as a cardiologist, outstanding bills, back child support, and the many unpaid tickets on his car. (which was why it was impounded when he went to hospital with MJ)He is originally from the islands. and he was signed on to MJ at 150,000.00 per month for this tour. As per the press he never studied to be a cardiologist and LaToya is already going after him; it looks bad for him. While I believe that they are talking to other docs, like the dermatologist; these have other big money clientel that will help them. I just wonder how much of this stuff is going to end by placing everything on the last doc that was with him. The also showed last night all the stuff they found in MJ’s home when they searched it during the molestation trail. It’s just turning into one hot, stinking mess. you know that old saying, last hired, first fired.

        • Human Nature was one of my favorite songs by MJ. There was something about it that just made me feel so sad albeit, I loved the song.

        • You know Astonished, there’s something about Solonge that reminds me slight of LaToya. LaToya revolted because her father had the guts to tell her that she had no musical talent. As pretty as she was, she wanted to be famous in her own right, while Rebbie, who did have the talent, didn’t want showbiz, just her family. Sometimes it seems that Solange can’t accept that Beyonce is the talented one in the family. Is it just me, or do you see that a bit?

          • LOL :) Khrish! You crack me up about Joe Jackson telling LaToya she had no talent! I didn’t know that! He was right, though. I noticed at the Memorial,while she grasped the mic, Paris’ fingernails were polished and polished red. I guess Auntie LaToya had that done for her. Already LaToya prepping her to live in her (LaToya’s) world.

            You’re right, too, about Solange, and come to think of it I see many more similarities in the Knowles and Jackson families. The main similarities being their lack of class and lack of formal education.

            Fools with fame and money. Education may not be the answer, but it couldn’t hurt.

            I’ll be watching television tonight along with you for more Jackson revelations.


            P.S. I agree about what you said about Debbie Rowe. I think it’s worth it to pay her off. She’s the other extreme of LaToya…pay her off to keep her fat, unattractive, un-glamourous, goldigging self away from the kids. They don’t need to be raised by a twice divorced, unstable single mother.

        • Did ya’ll just hear the news say that Debbie Rowe has signed over her right to the children again? She did it for 4 mil. from Mrs. Jackson. I wouldn’t give her butt anything. They needed to take her to court. That baby seller has no interest in those children and their welfare. She just takes the money and runs. I can’t believe they gave into her. MJ must have known how money hungry she is and I am just sick that he didn’t tie his will up so that she would have no recourse to those children. This burns me up. I hope she chokes on that money.

        • Primetime is doing a special tonight at 10:00 P.M. called INSIDE MICHAEL HOUSE, which will be done with his mother and father. Guess I’ll see what they have to say.

          • Khrish Hill,

            I just watche Joe Jackson on Primetime. What did you think of his interview? Thanks for telling me about it.

          • Atonished, I wish J.Jackson would sit back and shut his mouth. If he could just wait until this custody case is settled it would be a blessing. I think that he is so anxious to be before the camera again and try to get his record label noticed that he just can’t contain himself. If the lawyers or the family could just put a “on speak” ban on him it would be a better thing for all concerned. I still think that he is as good as Rowe to have a part in these children’s life. Like I said before they both are 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other. Poor Mrs. Jackson to have to be caught in the middle of both of them is a hell of place..

          • Girl, you are so right! Didn’t he sound ignorant?! Has he been seen publicly shedding a tear when being interviewed about his son’s death? Maybe it really hasn’t sunk in or Joe has onset of dementia.

            Sure, in the interview he said he “loved Michael, he’s my child”. He didn’t say WAS my child..I wonder if he slips in and out of dementia and doesn’t realize Michael is gone forever?

            Have you ever seen the picture of the out of wedlock daughter Joe sired?

            If you’re interested it’s easy to find a picture of her by Googling. To me , she looks like a Jackson…just a little heavy. ;)

          • To make it convenient for you, Khrish, if you’re interested, Joe’s outside daughter’s name is Joh’Vonnie Jackson. She’s 31 years old and lives in Las Vegas.

            I can’t wait to hear your response! :)

          • Sorry, Joh’Vonnie Jackson is 35 years old. I want to be as accurate as possible.

            Just Google her name for details.

  5. This whole story is a mess and I think it will continue for a while. From the drugs to the cash to the children, Michael will continue to be trashed in the media. I do remember hearing that the police allowed Janet to search the house and take things, so you never know. I find it interesting that the Jackson’s are thinking foul play. If there was foul play and someone actually MURDERED Michael Jackson oh my goodness… That person is in for it.

    • I agree with you, PlainMean. All the focus on how the kids were conceived, etc. in my opinion, is just a diversion the media is using to deflect from whatever was really going on behind the scene in Michael Jackson’s life before he passed away.

      You are so right when you say this is a big mess. But to stay on point about the kids, I hope whoever raises them to adulthood will be a person that encourages them to get a proper education so they don’t end up stacking boxes at some store or changing tires at some auto shop like the press reports their uncles Marlon and Randy are doing now to make ends meet. I hope Paris, under Aunt LaToya’s guidance, will not end up posing for Playboy one day, or choose a wife beater to marry when she grows up just like LaToya did.

      I hope the best for the kids and pray they don’t end up as performers like their late Dad, ending up sadly, literally,
      wearing out their hearts and bodies and dying at 50 years old. There’s more to life than money and fame.

      Message To The Jacksons… Get those kids into some university in a few years.

  6. Lost in conversation has been the role of the nanny. Grace Rwarba (sp?) from the country of Rwanda located on the continent of Africa. This woman had been employed by Michael Jackson for 17 years up until his death last month. Originally she was employed as an assistant to MJ. She had been around the children since birth and influenced him and them totally.

    She seems to now have surfaced and is speaking out in negative ways against her ex-boss. She claims he was mixing drugs and not eating enough to sustain himself. My question is this…if she thought or knew MJ was a drug abuser, why didn’t she report to Child Protective Services in California? She has recently referred publicly to Jackson’s kids as “her babies” but she is portrayed as an enabler to his alleged drug abuse and a hanger-on who became combative when her boss wanted her to butt out of how he was raising his kids.

    It only seems logical to me that talk show hosts such as Nancy Grace and Larry King, TMZ etc. should try to get this lady on their shows to tell what she knows about everything leading up to Michael Jackson’s demise.

    This lady claims that the day that Michael Jackson died, Katherine Jackson called her and asked where Michael had hidden cash that he used to stash away at his house in large green trash bags.

    Somebody please respond and tell me your opinion on this development in the story.

    • Just wanted to add… I thought about it, and even though people may think it’s unusual or eccentric to stash money away in your house, Michael probably was trying to avoid paying taxes on income he was receiving in cash. The vultures and parasites in his house probably robbed him before even calling 911 to report he was in distress or dead already.

      I hope the kids were shielded from all of this if it really went down as the nanny is saying, with Katherine Jackson calling and asking about location of money and so forth. I wonder why Michael didn’t have a safe to put money and valuables in at his home?

      All of the news sources reported that LAPD Robbery detail were the first on the scene to secure the property.

      There seems to be sooo many layers in this story/case.

  7. Of all MJ’s kids I believe that Blanket could be his. I mean d*** he looks just like him. When I see his face I always freeze on him because it seems that I’m looking at Michael. Something about that little boy’s face grabs my attention. Maybe its the eyes? Time will tell about the kids.

    • Remember, it has been already said that Blanket is the result of a non named surrogate and a donor spearm. So he is not biologically MJ, but really more MJ’s than the other in that way. No one is going to come forward to try to take him because it’s said that the surrogate mother did not know for whom she was carrying the child. It bothers me though, that the courts would send him where ever the other children will be sent. If Debbie didn’t want her own children, what in the world would this third child suffer?. It’s just a very sad state of affairs and I just don’t understand why it was not more precisely written, as to leave no loop holes, what should happen to these children. MJ had really astute lawyers and it certainly could have been tied so tightly that Debbie would have no possiblity of getting her hands on, nor even a threat, of these children. With these children, the product of such delicate parentage, I just would have thought that he would have been very detailed about their future without him.

  8. Either way,The children are MJ’s legal children because he was married to their mother. My opinion is that they are probably his biological children. The kids resemble the rest of the family. Joe Jackson has green eyes and is mixed. One recessive gene from the father is all it takes if baby mama is white and has blue eyes. Even though brown eyes are the dominate genes, anything is possible if the father has mixed relatives. My eyes are green, my dad had blue eyes and my mother has dark brown.

    • I agree Mina, with the exception of Blanket. I believe Blanket is technically an orphan because his mother was never identified,and, to our knowledge, she’s never known or been introduced to Blanket and vice-versa. She could be deceased herself.

      Michael was literally the only parent Blanket ever had, so now poor little Blanket is an orphan. Thank God, and praise be to the Jackson family, even Joe, for being willing to step in and provide shelter, comfort and love to each of the kids, but especially little Blanket. He really needs the blanket of love that the Jacksons shielded him with at the memorial service. I hope it wasn’t fake and just for public consumption.

      I’m sure the Jacksons are decent people who wouldn’t want to see their flesh and blood go into the California foster care system. That would be a travesty, particularly given all of the material blessings that have been bestowed on this family over decades.

  9. Did anyone see the news clips of the tribute to Michael Jackson in their hometown of Indiana. It looked like it was a really hot show. However they did say that Joe Jackson attended and that makes me wonder whose child he may talk a parent into managing. That man just scares the juice out of me. He acts so weird and he just mumbles. It seems that the family lawyers would keep him off television speaking about those children.

    • @Khrish Hill, I apologize to you for previously sounding harsh, insulting or hostile towards you in previous postings. Michael Jackson’s passing obviously brings out powerful emotions in some people, and I guess you and I are some of those people. We both have the right to express our feelings and thanks to BCK we have found a forum to safely do so.

      We have more in common than not, we are both curious about the legal, biological and morality issues associated with this case.

      All I can say is that my heart goes out to those that Michael Jackson left behind, especially those beloved children he was raising to the best of his abilitiy.

      Truce and let’s keep typing!!

      • Astonished At Ignorance: That’s just fine with me. I am not one to carry a chip. As I said, Although there is absolutly nothing I can do about it, I so sincerely hope that these children are given the best situation possible. I have become so tense because I can’t understand how a woman who (sold) her offspring, gave up parental rights, got them given back to her because a court of law overturned that decision, made all kinds of statement about how she had no maternal feelings for the children and if something should happen to Michael, she assumed that he would have someone to take the children; can even think about going into court and taking custody away from the people who have been given it.If she were a Black mother, this would never even be entertained. And it just (Sarah Palin word, Sarah Palin Word)me off!

        • Madame Khrish Hill, thank you for your civility. I share the sentiments of your last post. If Michael Jackson’s kids would have had an African American mother, I don’t think their custody would be given as much attention because it would not be as sensational or appalling to the media.

          I do think Michael Jackson’s celebrity was HUGE!! James Brown died and left a little biracial son and no one ever questioned where he was going to end up living, at least publicly they didn’t. I researched this case, and even though Brown’s other grown children did not want to acknowledge the boy and his White mother as participants in Brown’s Will, both ultimately received a settlement from Brown’s huge estate.

          Compared to the hoopla around Michael Jackson’s estate, James Brown’s seems like small potatoes, and it wasn’t by any means. It was just as important and significant as Michael Jackson’s story.

          • Have you seen todays articles on line from the British Press who have been granted an interview from LaToya Jackson. She is refuting the stuff that the doctor said about MJ whereabouts in the house when he died. It seems she feels that her brother was murdered. Unfortunately, with the record written about the doctor who was with MJ when he died, It appears that things are shaping up for him to be the fall guy for a lot of this stuff. He is originally from Grenada, but I see a very strange pattern that has begun for him. Many of the other doctors were very wealthy and will probably get covered by their high dollar patiences. Anyway, she (LaToya) is saying that she knows a lot about Debbie and she will fight to keep her from getting those children whom she has visited a handful of times and who the children do not know as their monther because of the wishes of MJ and Debbie. The other article shows that the hearing for the custody has been pushed back and a possiblility of out of court settlement of 5 million for Debbie to back off the children. There is no questions about “Blanket” as LaToya states that his parents (both of them) were selected from cataloge listing and MJ did not know or never met the sperm donor nor the woman who carried Blanket and LaToya seems to feel that the woman did not know for whom she was carrying the baby. She feels that Debbie, like all the rest, was there for the money and MJ paid her off after the divorce and continued to give her a yearly check. LaToya also feels there is another will as MJ was so enamored with the way his sister Rebbie reared her family, he had said that should something happen to him he would want Rebbie to care for his children. She said that MJ usually updated his will every 5 years and she feels secure that one for 2007 will turn up. I told you the whole story because we are not allowed the leave links. Articles are frem “The World” and The Mail of Great Britian.

          • Khrish Hill. Thanks for the info. I think you mentioned on another BCK blog that you thought LaToya was nuts. I agree with you, that she’s nuts! Somebody is probably paying her for the “information” she’s supplying.

            Poor Blanket has no identifiable relatives in this world other than Michael’s extended family. He is truly a little orphan that lost the only Dad/parent he has ever known! Even his alleged sperm donors could be dead by now, especially now that we know that MJ had a proclivity to mostly trust people over aged 60 when it came to his kids.

            The story just gets sadder and sadder.

  10. Lol it’s funny how some of you are so passionate and sure that those are Michael’s biological kids. You would think that you all were at Neverland or in bed with Michael and Debbie. Were you at any doctor’s appointments? All anyone can do is guess.

      • No, I wasn’t there, ANONYMOUS! That’s why I don’t become offended or make stupid disrespectful remarks when someone expresses an opinion that is different from mine!

    • PlainMean, this has been my stance all the time. We are only guessing and airing our opinions. There is no need for anyone to get huffy, because none of us really know. It’s just conversation

  11. A father is the person who loves ,nurtures and protects you. Maybe the sperm donor was Jewish but their father is Michael Jackson. Only a sperm donor would equate the two, Harvey

    • No matter how the children were conceived, upon birth, Michael Jackson commenced in raising the children as African American people. If we believe tabloids, gossip and the news, their primary caregivers (African nanny) that they’ve had daily interactions with have been Black, including Michael Jackson, the deceased person who was the most important part of this equation.

      The chain has not been broken because the people that took in the first two and little orphan “Blanket” are their Black paternal relatives. I refer to Blanket as an orphan because no on has come forward on the maternal side to claim him and Michael was his only living known parent.

      Supposedly, it was Michael’s wishes that events transpired as they have so far.

      All of us are a by-product of the environments we were raised in. Being around Black people primarily makes you view things from a Black perspective. How can these kids not view themselves as being African American when that’s all they’ve really been exposed to? Look at all of the Black people surrounding them at the Memorial!

      Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t seen them photographed with any Jewish relatives of Debbie Rowe or a Jewish sperm donor before or since Michael Jackson’s passing.

      • Anonymous, I know you said you weren’t talking to me but since this is an open forum, I’ll take my chances. We are a product of our environment to a point. This is still not a true equal society here in America. We, some of us, are appointed. As you heard the people who were upset that our President decided to diss his mother and the people who raised him and only decided to reall acknowledge the Blackness of himself. Now we all know, given the way that our President looks, if the police stopped him at night, he was going to be treated like they treat one of us….give me that. So, the president did have some help in deciding that he is African American, in his case, because of the way he was treated by white majority…nobody was going to look at a picture of his mother or her parents to decide how he was going to be treated by that cop or any other racist in this country. I said all this to say that, not only will the people surrounding MJ’s children shape their ethnicity, but those nasty little racist on the outside, the one’s none of us could be protected from, will help to shape it as well.

  12. Fine-looking Jewish kids. Their real father must be proud of them. Wake up Wacko fans. You’ve been deceived again by one of the world’s most prolific liars.

    • @Harvey, hope their “real “Jewish” father” steps up to the plate and
      keeps his children in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to…paying rent of 100,000 a month to shelter them. The Jewish father who should be so proud better hurry up and rescue them from those Black folks that have taken them in and are feeding and nurturing them. How proud should the children be of a supposed Jewish father who’s never done anything for them?

    • Are you Harvey Levin of TMZ? This sounds like something he would say to start a buzz, and I’ve noticed that TMZ has contributed stories and postings to this site. TMZ probably uses this site to gather and report stories about Black celebrities.

  13. Who cares if they are black, green or purple. A father raised three children who were dearly loved, and they gave love back. That will be his legacy, all the gossip, speculation, hatred, bittnerness that the world had for this man will be balanced out with the love he gave in his life.

    He was a father first and foremost and a GOOD father. Does it matter people if they came from his loins or not, he will always be their father and they his children.

    Forever MJ, your legacy will live forever!

      • I noticed that you did return to the site and you left no responses to the questions you asked of me that I answered. Have you decided that we can no longer converse or that we just agree to disagree and leave it there. You asked questions of me, I answered the question.

        • @Khrish Hill..We don’t know which writer you are referring to. Be specific and you’ll get answered back, I’m sure. Nobody’s afraid of you or really taking what you say seriously.

          • @Khrish Hill.. was my previous answer back to you good enough? Must have been because I haven’t heard back from you in awhile.

        • I answered but the site decided not to post my words because I used a common expletive to tell you what you could do to yourself. Hint: it starts with the letter “F” and sounds like with “suck”. It’s a free country, you have the right to your opinion as do I.

    • Obviously it does matter whether or not they came from his loins. It’s so important that every cable news/gossip/talk show is discussing it every day since the man passed away…primarily White talk show people…so it’s very IMPORTANT to those few Whites who manipulate the media.

    • @Mary, people care about their color because this is still an evil, hypocritical, oppressive, racist society that the children were born into just like the rest of us that are people of color.

  14. am sure we all loved Micheal and everything about him,his children and music. He will live in our hearts as long as his music lives on.He was wonderful just as his kidsand we are going to miss him.R.i.P sweet Micheal.J.

  15. am sure everone on this page did love micheal and every thing about him,his children and his music.We all are going to miss him though he’ll still leave in our hearts and music.R.I.P Sweet micheal.j.

    • Especially when your explanations are based on skin color, your opinion and factless fairy tales. Perhaps if you understand that I am interested in this because I are concerned about the care of children who have lost a very caring and protective parent. Because questions have been raised about legal documents that could compromise the future of these children, I continue to follow and talk about the situation. While I assume that being with Mrs.Jackson and the family appear to be in the best interest of the children, albeit, I can do nothing about it. I am hoping that you are correct and these are MJ’s biological children. This is my only reason to been a part of this posting. I have traveled and lived all over the world and I don’t waste time scrutinizing people by the color of ones skin and texture of hair nor color of eyes. Life is far too short and I am far too old for such nonsense. So you are quite right; if it’s only your word that you have to offer, it is pointless to tell me anything and expect me to accept it just because you decided to say it is so.

      • I want to add, I also am not going to accept anything you say as fact just because you say it’s so. If you’re just posting for fun or the sake of debate about the Jackson kids issue then let it go.

        This is a site featuring comments about BLACK celebrity kids and whole bunch of other Black entertainers have half White children shown on this site, too.

        I think you’re blogging at the wrong site. You may find like minds to banter with at some site associated with White Supremicists or people who hated Michael Jackson.

      • Amen! I agree with you. There are so many beautiful Black women who would have gladly given him children. However, I do respect MJ’s right of privacy to select whomever, for whatever reason, he wanted to bear children for him. I am a Black American woman, Black being the noun and American the adjective; who is quite proud of being Black. I am not a racist but I am a person who likes facts and love truth. While I listen and watch the media, I don’t believe everything that they say as I cannot accept everything that you say because you have nothing to back up your statement except your opinion which are no better than mine but somewhat stronger. I am a believer that it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove and therefore it is important to me to question,read, and listen to different points of view on things. This is how I learn. I started watching Michael with he was 10 years old and my children were his audience. He was an accomplished and inventive performer, the best at what he did. My interest in him has resumed because of his children. He seems to be a man and father who cared deeply for them, albeit, in a different way than most parents. With the possibility of his children being torn and uprooted so soon after their loss, I have developed an interest in what and how things will happen for them and hope only for their happiness. that’s my interest in this saga. I am not a racist, I am not stupid, I am certainly not ignorant, as I am educated…..I am simply curious and so I venture to this sight as I do other sites, to read opinions here and to add my own and question some that I read as I do at other sites. I was under the impression that this is how this works. You say what you think, I say what I think and we question each other and sometimes agree to disagree…..it’s called conversation. Can we agree on that?

  16. Why is there so much discussion of the color of skin in these children? None of us who are discussing the biological aspect of these being Michaels kids are not looking at color. The discussion came about because there are questions all over as to whether Michael because the reports are showing that after the first time that parental rights were given up by Debbie, there are no records showing that Michael Jackson did not legally file papers to adopt the children. My part in this conversation is that there will be legal ramifications for Mrs. Jackson that may lead to losing the children if Debbie does attempt custody of the children. The records show that there is only guardianship given to Mrs. Jackson not custody; and the same for Diana Ross should something happen to Mrs. Jackson. With the many attorneys employed by the family, why have no one stepped forward to end this questioning as to the biological father if indeed it is M.J. Why is his dermatologist willing to do a DNA and says on Larry King Live that if he is proven to be the biological father he would insist on being a part of the children’s life. Why is this even a question. I realize that reporters and media have a way of creating sensation, but someone should have stepped forward by now to refute the fact that Michael is the biological father and ended this discussion that goes on in the media. I don’t care if the are lavender with mauve hair. That is not the issue here. These responses just sound like the stupidity of Black Americans and that old “brown paper bag” test. Stop already with comparing color and whose daughter or son has whatever color skin. It has nothing to do with comparing pictures….it has to do with what is out to be proved in the media. We see many pictures of everyday people who look like celebrities and there is not genetic attachment there so pictures and who looks like who is certainly no proof of anything. Our President looks just like his Grandfather who reared him and his mother, but his mannerisms are those of his African father and his skin color is like the average African American, or Indian, or Egyptian, or Arab, whatever. If Debbie does not come forward to try to take the children, there is no concern here, as far as I am concerned. This is not a race war, to me anyway. Beliefs do not a fact make. It’s not what you think you know, it’s what you can prove.

    • President Obama looks like his Kenyan father. Did The White grandfather have brown skin and Black lips? It’s clear that Obama knows who he is in this society, that’s why he married a Black. And although Sasha and Malia are a quarter White by virtue of their deceased paternal grandmother, it’s no mistaking what race they identify more with..there own mother’s.

      • Have you looked at pictures of President Obama with his maternal grandfather when the grandfather was young? He looks just like President Obama now, ears and all. Where are you getting your information. He looks like his grandfather and his mother and Malia looks like the president and her paternal grandmother. ONCE AGAIN, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN COLOR. Why do you guys constantly talk about the color of people’s skin…what is wrong with you? Of course the president identifies as African American as that is what he is….His mother was American and his Father was African He is not the descendant of slaves…..do you get that. His father was never a slave. Stop being so silly about the color of someones skin you sound so racist. He married Mrs. Obama because he fell in love with her and he happened to be Black; not because she is Black.

        • To add to descriptions. Dr. Obama does not have tan skin,wavy hair nor big ears; but he is still the father of President Obama…Same comparison. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are both brown skin Black Americans but one of their sons is fair with blue eyes and looks just like a paternal great uncle. So looks, skin color and many other things that you keep harping on have nothing to do with who is or who isn’t the father. That’s a debate that goes nowhere just like Sarah Palin’s bridge. It’s the documents that are claimed by the media reports that are puzzling as to the rights or lack of that could tear these children away from a secure place where the father wanted them to an insecure place like the arms of Debbie Rowe. That is the subject. As much as I enjoyed and awed at the showmanship of M.J., We all know that he still lived in somewhat of a fairyland and sometimes he made up stuff. I do, though, believe that he was intelligent, well read, but still a bit strange. And so we can’t, any of us, know the facts of his life. We are all just speculating and deciphering bits and pieces from media reports…Unless there are those among us who had a close personal friendship with M.J.

  17. I also believe that they are Michael’s biological kids. The Jacksons have strong features and you can see it in them.

  18. None of us know if those are Michael’s biological kids or not. What I do find interesting is why there would have been a need for Dr. Klein to donate sperm in the first place if Michael and Debbie were indeed sexually active. But as we all know, it takes more than DNA to make someone a parent which is exactly why Debbie Rowe should not have any rights and why Michael was their father and they are his kids regardless of any DNA.

    • Who cares about dermatologist Klein’s sperm? That lie is fizzling out of the media quickly, thank God.

  19. they are Michael’s biological kids. they clearly all have his bone structure (face) and Prince II has Michael’s eyes and definately has his hair..Prince I also has Michael’s eyes..and Paris..well you get it. THEY ARE HIS BIOLOGICAL KIDS!
    end of story.

    • I agree, Randi. Paris seems to even make what she got from Debbie Rowe genetically look exquisite. I’m referring to Debbie Rowe’s huge jutting chin, of course. What was poor Michael thinking when he accepted her proposition to have children as a “gift” to him!?

      Even other White people ( commentators and TV pundits) look down at Debbie Rowe. Just think of his kids potential if he would have even picked Brooke Shields or his first wife Lisa Marie to be his kids Mama. At least they are glamourous, rich White women!!

      • Debbie Rowe is worthless financially and spiritually. All she has given to Paris in this life, her alleged daughter, is her humungous chin and blue eyes.

        • I wholeheartly agree with you. That’s why I am so interested in this possible custody. We all know that what this woman wants is money. She has admitted in so many words that she does not care about these children. She had no interest in knowing anything about them except that her check was in the mail and that, maybe there is a possibility that there is more money. She always bragged about how close friends she and Michael were, but when she found out that she was given nothing in the will, she starts threating a suit for custody. I am agreeing with you. I am hoping like a mad woman that if the custody suit is filed that the sitting judge takes her to the woodpile and spanks her a.. good. She sold those children and now she wants more money and I hope the Jacksons don’t do something stupid, like settle out of court and pay her more money. She is scum.

      • Don’t you give MJ credit for knowing why it was important for him to select someone like Debbie Rowe. Come on, can you even believe that Brooke or the Pressley girl would have allowed themselves to be surrogates? They could produce children, they have produced children. I don’t think there was a romantic interest with Brooke, they were seemingly just friends. There were somethings that would have to be disclosed that Michael obviously did not want them to know. Didn’t you hear that everyone around him had to sign secrecy documents. Most of them, by law, can never reveal certain things about him. Have you ever heard Pressly say one thing about Michael and their marriage? And you probably never will because of legalities. I love the law. It can be your best friend and it can be your worst enemy unless you know how to use it.

        • Those “secrecy” documents are probably void upon his death..expect to see a lot of books and other parasites crawling from under rocks coming out with “THE FACTS” which you constantly allude to in your writings.

          How are you an expert on what money can do? Do you have a lot of it?
          We either talk what we know or how we feel.

          • That is not true. It depends on how the “secrecy’ clause or writs were worded. There are many that can remain in effect, and if broken can be brought to trial even after death. Reports say ” Michael has such”. I am not saying he had them, reports say; but I do know that they can be done. And, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money to be financially astute. Most CPAs and educators of business and all kinds of folk are financially astute but do not necessarily have a lot of money. As we saw, Madoff didn’t have a lot of money….but he was fianancially astute, so he used other people’s money which led people to believe that HE had a lot of money. Agreed?

          • You are so right. you are on point about the people coming out of the woodworks with books and all other kinds of things to make money. they may, however, be in for a great awakening. Little Michael might have a big ole surprise for them. LOL that is assuming that there are the writs that remain in effect even after death.

  20. Chili from TLC has a darker complextion and lisa from the real housewives of atlanta her father is chinese. Tyson Beckford’s mother is chinese look at his complextion. D

  21. Chili from TLC has a darker complextion Lisa from real housewives of atlanta her father is chinese and tyson beckford has mother is chinese and look at his complextion

    • Tyson Beckford’s mother was only half Chinese and I believe she was of a darker complexion and his father, also a dark skinned African American. Bad example.

  22. I’m biracial I was born with blonde hair as I got older it changed to a brownish color. Indeed they are his biological kids

  23. I am wondering is it that fact that people want michaels legacy to coutinue through biological kids that they are ignoring all the facts? Come on people you are seeing things that just are not there. Look at the kids when they were young look at what al sharptin has said about michaels kids not being African American look at michaels dermatologist dr Klein saying he donated sperm once and then wouldn’t deny the kids look at michaels old interviews were he tells different things about how the kids were concieved there are many more facts. I still consider those kids michaels even though he isn’t there biological dad but I’m not going to be ignorant and ignore facts.

    • I don’t want to sound mean, but you ARE ignorant if you think that you have listed one FACT to support your argument that the children are not Michael Jackson’s. It does them proud to be linked to the King of Pop in such a way. You have just stated your opinion just as everyone else does in this matter…NO FACTS!!! If those kids are not his, I hope it’s proven so that they can be dis-inherited and go live with their near destitute low-lifed White mother who would sell them or their story for a dime. Let’s see if she will keep them in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to, thanks to the Black man that fed them, clothed them and kept an expensive roof always over their heads. It’s all about the GREEN, sweetheart and you’re truly, blissfully ignorant if you don’t believe it. And you’re racist, too!!

      • Lmao you call me ignorant but every thing I stated in their was a fact I would throw insults back but my mother raised me a alot better than to be an Internet gangster. You call me racist yet I have not said one thing racist. As for the other person I am black and Mexican so I know how genetics works. As for the cheek bone look a like comment Michael had surgery and a wig. Funny how when people know they are wrong they start to insult others have a blessed day to the insulting people out there

      • not being his biological children would not negate the fact that he has left things in his will for them. Why ever would you think that. He can leave anything he wants to anyone he wants in his will. This is one of the reasons I feel that Debbie would want custody. Your opinion of what will happen to the children should MJ prove not to be the biological father is mis-informed and a tad Palinish.

        • Are you a lawyer? Cite to me where it states legally that if the kids are not his, that his family of origin could not sue to have the children omitted from his trust? Show me, know-it-all!!

          • If he included the clause “anyone who attempts to bring suit against the wishes of my will” then he could add what he wanted to happen to them. He can disavow that he knows them or other things that would lock the inheritance to the children. Michael was not stupid and He had very competent attorneys, as it’s stated in reports. Since the children inheritance was left to the children and if, and I feel certain that he did, include such a clause or there like, the inheritance would follow the children. Why do you think that Debbies is threating to sue for custody. He left her nothing in his will. She previously told the press that she had those children for Michael and she does not want them, he paid her 8.5 million for custody, that she has pretty much run through because she thought her “cashcow” would last. In a statement during an interview, she was asked, what would happen to the children if Michael could not keep them or something happened to him? Her reply was, she felt he would have someone to take care of them. They are already planning to use that in the suit. No, I am not a lawyer, but being a child of the civil rights era with a need to know the law for our own protection, I made it my business to learn the law and to develop a love for the law and I am aware of contract laws because there were cases that came about and I read them carefully for my own convenience. Is that ok?

          • Listen, I don’t know anymore about the paternity of these children than you. The only difference is that I read and listen to the reports and hope for the best for these children. I can’t tell if these are Michael’s children by looking at them, neither can you. I do know that the report is claiming that when Debbie gave (sold) the children to Michael, he failed to file adoption papers which may cause problems in a custody suite. Now whether that is true or not, I simply do not know. And so I continue to listen and continue to hope that nothing will separate those children from the Mrs. Jackson whom Micheal felt was the best person to take care of his children should something happen to him. there’s nothing ignorant or stupid or racist about that. That’s just dealing with what MIGHT BE FACT. To reinterate; I, like you, want to see these children with the person that the father. who seemed to love them dearly, chose to place them.

          • Oh my, I read farther down where you quoted the stipulations of MJ trust or will. Where did you acqire that tad of information? I would suggest from that racist, lying media! That’s what I thought.

          • I am answering you back. I answered before, but the derogatory expletive I used to address you and tell you what to do to yourself, was deleted from the post. I just want to say I don’t care what you think, really, about anything. I am writing to express my opinions and knowledge. Just because YOU make comments doesn’t mean I have to accept it as God’s truth.

          • Oh my, I am sorry if I offended you because of my responses in voicing my opinions. As I said, I thought this was a space to come and have discussions. I was not aware that we were fighting. Really, what happenes to MJ’s children will no affect either of us. Well it won’t affect me as I did not personally know M.J. And I can only speak for myself. Please forgive me if I angered you. That was not my intent. you have a wonderful weekend.

    • @ Lacy…But you are being ignorant and you are ignoring the facts.
      Those are Michael’s kids.
      P.s..for all of you who are quoting Dr Klein and his alledged “sperm donation”..well, he also said that he believes that Michael and Debbie Rowe WERE sexually active.

      • “Just Sayin”, I am enjoying reading all of your offerings on this topic. Thank you for succinctly explaining the birds and the bees to Lacy. That person doesn’t get that people who are Black can recognize other people who are Black or have a drop of Blackness in them. I can’t get over some of the comments that reflect a willingness to accept MJ’s kids as a mixture of American Indian or Latino but just refuse to accept them as half African American. Thank God that Michael is free now from the human burden of hatred, oppression and racism on this Earth.

        Michael’s children are good-looking and blessed to have been so close to him while he was alive. One thing for sure, Michael made sure that Black folks were the closest people to his kids in their daily lives. They had an African nanny that interfaced with them daily, the Black Jackson family were around them, primarily their grandmother. We are a reflection of our environment, and African Americans are key figures already in the upbringing of these kids. I’m sure they relate as being Black themselves (the kids). I hope I live to hear them own their Black heritage in some future interview in their lives.

        Keep them coming, Just Sayin. because you are right on!!

        • @ Astonished at Lacy’s Ignorance…
          I too am astonished not only by Lacy’s ignorance but by many other folks ignorance who can not wrap their minds around the fact that black people can and do genetically produce children who may look caucasian…yes it CAN happen 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6 and more times within the same family.
          What is wrong with you people who don’t realize this?
          How can we as blacks be so ignorant and uninformed about our own race?
          Unless a black person in America got directly off of a boat from Africa very recently, it is absolutely impossible that any of us “African-Americans have the pure African blood of our forefathers.
          We are all mixed with something, mainly caucasian blood from when white men raped and fathered women with thier slaves.
          As a matter of fact I’de bet that most “Caucasian-Americans” do not have pure white blood lines either.
          Yep, lots of so called white folks are just as black as I am genetically.
          They just don’t look like it, thats why NO ONE should ever presume another persons true race based on skin color, hair texture, rumors, media lies, ignorance, ect, ect, ect….

      • Just Sayin’, I’m back. He said he “believed” that MJ and Debbie were sexually active. I believe that MJ was Asexual but that doesn’t make it a fact. It also said on Larry King Live that he did not know who the biological father of the child was but he would be willing to take a DNA test as he had been a sperm donor, but did not know if his spearm was used. Do you happen to notice A SHADOW OF A DOUBT in his statements. Since he was quite close to MJ, don’t you think he would have said that MJ is the biological father? After all, he seems to know him a lot better than you, wouldn’t you agree? You ought to stop selling crazy on these posts Just Sayin’.

    • Lacy, give it up. You have these people who live in a fairy tale world. They should have been permanent residents of Neverland. They don’t listen to facts, they don’t read, they make up stuff and they are determined that no matter what is proved, these are going to be Michael Jackson’s biological children. I think they would refute a DNA test. They fail to realize that there would not be shows trying to find out the biological parents if Michael was indeed the one. The doctor said that he donated speam but he doesn’t know if it was used. This was his assistant, the mother. These people keep fighting the facts, maybe they have some finances invested, who knows. Or maybe they were there during the time of conception and so they know everything. Remember, you cannot argue with ignorance. Trying to debate them is like dealing with Sarah Palin. You, I and many others who are rational folk, know that these are not MJ biological children, at least, the older two. Just move along and time will show your opinion is based of tangible information. That the children are not his biological children poses not problems for the will as he can leave his money to whomever he chooses. My concern is that the reports are showing that because they were not his biological children and Debbie signed over her paternal rights, at least one time, He failed to legally adopt the children. That is one fact that has risen for it may cause problems for Mrs. Jackson should Debbie fight for custody. Notice that while Michael and the family have a slew of attorneys, not one has come forward to halt this inquiry as to Michael’s biological rights. Let’s just rest on the logical information that we glean and allow them to continue in this “Neverland” world. After all one of them may be Tinkerbell or Clark Kent, roving reporter by day. it really doesn not matter to any of us as there is nothing to gain, it’s the fun of the discussion.

      • hahahhaha poor lacy give it up I have tried giving facts also but it doesn’t work people only want to hear what helps them live in a fantasy world

        but Khrish Hill made me laugh debating them is like dealing with sarah palin LMAO that made me think of Palin’s fishing interview 2 days ago when she used all her crazy analogies to the reporter about why she didn’t give up but yet she did lol I also forgot about Michael never legally adopting them which wouldn’t matter if they were really his another great FAct

        From what i have seen in interviews they really had a special bond and has always stood up for him. We dont know if debbie has or has not visited those kids we have no clue none of us. But I hope Katherine keeps the kids but debbie gets to visit them and get to be with them more and more to have a relationship with them. Other than katherine and janet no other money grubbing jackson should have those kids.

        • Sha, Did you see Palin’s resignation speech; I used the word “speech” loosely because it was more like a “word salad”. Noone understood a bloody thing she said as per her reason for the resignation. That’s exactly why the media had to return for an interview; as if that was going to result in understanding. She thought they were there because she’s “hot”. I think the glorification lately of ignorance and stupidity has caused some of these responses in this debate; if I may loosely call it that. We who read and listen are the ignorant ones. We who don’t base our debate on skin color and don’t have pictures to show of how dominate one gene can be over another, we who listen to reports and question why these reports and interviews are allowed to continue by reputable media and why no one, during all this coverage has come forward to refute them,and wonder if these things will be a hindrance in the stability of the children’s lives,are the stupid ones. How dare we not accept the word of these people who self proclaimed authorities on MJ’s life and can report all findings for free over paid professionals of the media who could be sued for slander if they are continuing to spread lies and rumors. God help our ignorant, racist, lying souls. LOL

          • Lmao I listened to Palin’s so called “speech” and I felt I was listening to a kindergartner explain politics to me. What happened was she seen the big lights and big money of the presidential campaign she wants to quit on that little ole alaska and go bigger.

            She made no sense whatsoever saying she has to quit because it will cost Alaska more money if she stays lol. She is quitting because oil is no longer SUPER SUPER expensive and the free ride for her and alaska is up, she actually has to try and do real work now and manage a real budget.

            As far as her complaining that no woman as had this much scrutiny about her and her kids is FALSE. Hilary clinton went through a TON more scrutiny and isn’t it Palin who is complaining about her kids being in the news and yet on her Fishing trip she tells her husband to show her kids to the camera lmao. how her approval rating is going up I dont know.

      • @Khrish Hill…
        Ma’am you are STILL so very wrong and so very ignorant in regards to genetics.
        Obviously, you are the one who lives in a Neverland fairytale existence basing all of YOUR so called facts on media lies.
        Michael Jackson IS and will ALWAYS be the BIOLOGICAL father of HIS 3 children…this is why his family has NEVER addressed these rumors…they already know the TRUTH…those children ARE thier BLOOD relatives.
        P.S…I do respect your thoughts and opinions, though I do not agree with them.
        Be blessed and enjoy your weekend :)

        • Just sayin’ How many times do I have to say that this has nothing to do with genetics. I don’t care what gene is more prominent or what the texture of the hair maybe. That is not the subject of this discussion. The discussion is about MJ being the biological father, not because of how the children look…..They could be black as tar or white as snow…What matters is that if he is proved not to be the biological father, then Mrs.Jackson could lose the guardianship shoud Debbie sue for custody. The concern is that the report was issued that while debbie relinquished all parental right at one time, MJ did not file papers to adopt the children….which he would not have had to if they were his biological offspring. What about that eludes you? We have no interest in color of skin, texture of hair nor physical attributes. We are only interested and following the reports because most of us feel that the children will have a stable and happy life with Mrs. Jackson and the family of cousins, aunts and uncles. Again, we are not into the “brown bag syndrone”. That seems to be your bag. We are concern, those of us who question the DNA, because we care about the well being of these children as it pertains to losing them to a parent who may only want them for financial gain. So can you please not continue brand me as racist, ignorant, lying and all those other infantile adjectives that you have used in previous posts. It is quite obvious that the Dermatologist does not know who the biological father is, but is quite strange that he would not automatically name M.J. if that were the case and as closely involved with Michael as he was. Even if he didn’t know, why wouldn’t he just say that Michael Jackson and let it drop. Who would be there to say that he is lying? What would be the big bloody mystery?

          • Because Michael Jackson was married to Debbie Rowe when Prince Michael Joseph Jackson 1 and Paris Michael Katherine were born, the law assumes that both Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the legal parents of Michael’s children.Any children born to them while they were married is legally Michael’s. Call an attorney… this is the law…. Also,my biology teacher told our class that the darkest complected African American couple can have a totally white child , with no traces of Afrocentric features in the skin, hair, eyes…. At the same time , he said that the lightest complected white(caucasion)can have a black child . He said that if two dark complected African Americans both have white ancesters as relatives, or distant relatives, they are both carrying recessive genes for blue eyes, and caucation features. If both parents contribute recessive genes to their offspring at the time of conception,they will have a blue eyed totally white child. The parent’s skin, eye color is irrevelant in these cases . When two black parents, white and black, or both black have mixed looking children, not totally white, and not totally black,there had been a mixture of the recessive genes for white features , as well as genes for black features.Some blue eyed blonde people carry dominant genes for brown eyes and hair. If a blue eyed blonde contributes dominant genes for brown eyes along with hers or his black spouses genes (dominant) their child may not look mixed, or white at all, and may be very dark complected.So the parents’ eye, skin and hair coloring does not always trump the genetic make up contributed by the parents, grandparents and distant relatives on either side (smile)Michael’s fater Joe was half white , then mixed black and native. Michael’s mom Katherine is one half native as well as the other half black and white mix, making Michael maybe ahalf black, or a little more than half which makes Prince 1 and Paris, maybe a quarter black, and around 75%white.This is what is confusing people. Because both Michael’s parent’s carried half white, or half native genes , Michael’s chances of having a chilf with black type hair, skin color was almost nil. Native hair is thick and straight….

  24. No matter how much plastic surgery he had nothing can change your genes. So I agree they are biracial and they are Michael’s biological kids.

  25. Check out the third picture of Michael and his kids.
    Prince’s eyes are IDENTICAL to Michael’s.
    Michael is the biological father.
    No amount of plastic surgery on Michael or hair bleach dye can change the sameness of the eys that this father and son obviously share.
    Here is the link…

    [link removed]

  26. having heard al shaprton speak adn say who cares if Michael’s kids weren’t african american just further proves those are not biologically Michael’s.

    • I think Al Sharpton’s words have been misconstrued. But, to quote the Greatest Entertainer Ever’s ( Berry Gordy said that about Michael Jackson at the Memorial) popular song, “It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White!”

      When all is said and done, at the end of the day, MJ’s GREEN (backs) will be the only color that matters to those who have outlived him and were named in the Trust. GREEN is the special color in this matter, not the color of Michael’s, his family of origin, or his children’s skin.

      RED is the color of the blood of the Jacksons just like all of ours, and for the sake of the kids, I pray that theirs matches his so that his legacy may live through them.

      RED, BLACK and GREEN with the emphasis on Black, not Debbie Rowe’s WHITE is the key to all of the desired treasure. R.I.P. King of Pop!

    • how could they look like him? Impossible since michael has had soo many surgeries and skin lightening. Michael doesn’t even look like michael.

      • Does plastic surgery erase DNA? There are thousands of pictures existing that document and detail how Michael Jackson looked from early childhood to his untimely death. Are you CSI! Who are you?

  27. Look at Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, and Alica Keys hair. No one can say how those kids should look. They are Michael’s biological kids. End of story.

    • Prince the 1 and 2 BOTH look like their dad!! Paris does to!! Prince the 1 and 2 are both handsome boys, and Paris is a BEAUTIFUL young lady!!

    • Look at Garcelle Beauvias-Nilan twin boys! They don’t look at ounce black and everytime I see them they blow my mind…

      The realist in me says that they probably aren’t biologically his…but the Michael Jackson fan in me is just going to believe they are. Regardless of DNA he was their daddy…and that’s all that matters.

    • Why do these kids have to look totally black to convince everyone they are his? Older prince is the spitting imagine of a younger michael so is blanket and paris looks like joe jackson joe also has green eyes. Paris resembles her mom as well. Yeah let’s not forget to mention Michael had children with the whitest woman on the planet! Michael already has fair skin written in his dna that’s where the vediligo came from. Joe jackson wasn’t exactly dark either. I watched older prince at the funeral and he has a lot of the mj mannerisms. He was also born with black hair but mj kept it bleach blonde. Even tito his brother said they his 100 percent. They his blood people.

  28. It’s no way Debbie Rowe and Dr. Klein made those cute kids. Prince has Michael’s face, Paris is pretty and she didnot get that from Debbie Rowe. They are mixed and Michael’s biological kids. R.I.P Michael The Greatest of All- time.

    • Definitely NOT his biological kids, hun. I don’t know why people refuse to accept this as the truth; if they were indeed his biological kids, their hair would most likely not be 100% straight with absolutely NO african american features, and you would be able to see at least a little bit of the old school michael jackson (yep, jackson 5 michael) in them. Even halle berry’s daughter is only 1/4 black, but you can tell she has it in her. Michael was all black….you can’t tell me those were his biological kids.

      • Some people are adamant that these are not the late Mr. Jackson’s kids. It will be their loss if he wasn’t their biological because who are they, Debbie Rowe, Dr. Klein and others without the Michael Jackson connection? It is sick that you’re accepting of a person such as their mother Debbie Rowe..a person of questionable character, just because she’s White, while Mr. Jackson was the African American superstar is ridiculed even in death. Those kids better hope and pray that they are accepted as Mr. Jackson’s because Ms. Rowe hasn’t provided for them in the lifestyle they have already become accustomed to. Don’t take his money if it’s not his blood in their veins!

        • just wandering if you know how debbies and Michaels relationship really was from what i have seen in interviews they really had a special bond and has always stood up for him. We dont know if debbie has or has not visited those kids we have no clue none of us. But I hope Katherine keeps the kids but debbie gets to visit them and get to be with them more and more to have a relationship with them. Other than katherine and janet no other money grubbing jackson should have those kids.

  29. I don’t care what anyone says those are MJ kids and they all look like him. I think debbie rowe wants money so that why she wants them.she need to leave those kids alone .

  30. IT do not matter what race those kids are…they are Michael’s kids and he is the only parent they ever know…I hope Katherine and the Jackson clan keep them…they truly loved there aunts and uncles..i saw that during the memorial and several of pics…blessed them

  31. Has anyone ever seen a photo of Jermajesty, one of Jermaine Jackson’s biracial kids? When he was younger (Jermajesty), one of Blanket’s first cousins looked just like Blanket looks now..skin color, hair. Check out a picture of Solange Knowles 3 year old blue eyed son. His Dad is not White. The picture of his baby blues can be found right at this site.

  32. I was trully touched by Paris’s speach. Anyone can make a baby. It takes a real man to be a Daddy. And that was what Michael was. I don’t understand the obsession of knowing if he were the biological father of these children. If the shoe were on the other foot and Michael Jackson were really white and the children had a black mother would there even be a question? People come in all colors. Just because one is black and one is white doesn’t mean the babies will come out with the sterotyped “mixed’ look. Hasn’t any of you seen Maury? How many times has the child white as the driven snow been the black man’s child?

    In my family I am the product of mixed race. My mother is white my father Greek-Cherokee. He and his siblings range from olive to about as dark Janet. My father also has brown eyes and black hair. I heard mentioned many a time on the net how there is no way they could be his as brown eyes is a dominant gene. Well let me tell you my brother and I are the “white” kids in the family. We both are very pale and have blue eyes and freckles. Yet we look exactly like our darker family members. I often as a child asked my father why I wasn’t the same color as the rest of the family. And would cry when people would say that us white people were always trying to find mix in our race. But my dad would assure me that is how god wanted us to look. We are made in His image and he makes no mistakes.

    This is what I see here. God wanted these children to be the way they are because there are too many judgemental people out there. Too many people out there that think they are experts on biracial children and he just wanted to throw them a curve ball. And what beautiful curve balls like me they are.

    My thoughts and prayers are with them. May God watch over them and let them be with who will love and care for them the most.

  33. Joe was there. I don’t thion Blanket is his biologically but he is obviously not white. He looks hispanic or Native. Gorgeous child.

  34. Wow, his kids are GORGEOUS.
    Look at Prince, he’s gonna be a hottie when he grows up.
    There all cute, gosh
    LOL, R.i.p Michael
    Very emotional memorial yesturday.

  35. I can say this after seeing pictures of the kids with Dr. arnold klein and debbie that those to are the biological parents it is so obvious when you look at pictures plus he avoided the question on GMA and didnt deny it

    • It is unbelievable that anyone sees the children pictured with their Aunt Janet posted on this site as being the offspring of Dr. Klein and Debbie Rowe. Michael Jackson’s beautiful infusion of his Blackness is what makes his offspring with Debbie Rowe so beautiful. Paris reflects her mother’s chin but her beautiful olive complexion certainly is not from Dr. Klein. Have you ever seen pictures of Jermajesty, one of Michael’s brother Jermaine’s 8 kids? Jermajesty(when he was younger) looked very similar to Blanket and is also mixed race. Also, Solange Knowles has a three year old son with sky blue eyes light colored hair and light skin and he’s not mixed. Black people produce beautiful kids of various shades. This site is called Black Celebrity Kids so lets embrace and cherish Michael’s beautiful and poised kids. Beauty was of the utmost importance to MJ it seems and he created works of art embodied in his offspring.

    • How is it that it is easy to accept or believe that two unattractive people like Debbie Rowe and Dr. Klein could be the parents of such gorgeous children. It is just racist to not accept that Michael could have fathered his children. Paris is uniquely and exquisitely pretty in spite of inheriting Debbie Rowe’s pronounced chin. Paris is pretty because of her Jackson roots.

    • I saw several pictures of Dr. Klein, and in my opinion, he’s the furthest thing from looking even a little like the children. No, those are all definitely Michael’s kids, and biological Jacksons. I think it’s really been put into sharper focus how all those years, poor Michael Jackson was telling the truth but the press simply refused to believe him. I am a light-skinned African American who appears White myself, so I understand how common this physical diversity is.

    • They’re Black kids, of mixed-race, whatever one wishes to call them. It’s very obvious now and I was just saying to my mother, that I hope the press will sort of “back off” now. To be terribly blunt, I’d been thinking for quite a few years (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) that a good deal of the media hostility and constant attacks upon the late Michael Jackson were firmly tied in to the belief that he was raising White children as a Black man. There’s quite a bit of racism in the American media, as I’m sure many know.

      • you people all need to accept that michael is not the boulogical father yes he is father father of the children biological or not but people need to stop with all the those kids are his when some of you are clearly blind those are not Michael’s kids all the evidence is there you people want something that cannot be michael has lied and got his stories mixed up about his kids so many times that we should all know that those are not his and for the people that say they dont look like arnold klein look at pictures of the kids with him side by side at Christmas and you will see the older boy and girl look identical to him

        • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to argue but I think it’s obvious that there’s no proof that Dr. Klein is the father. He himself denied it, while Michael Jackson steadfastly claimed them as his biological children throughout his life. He claimed he had vitiligo and the press didn’t believe him–and it’s been proven he was telling the truth. I’ll take his word for it, since there’s no evidence whatsoever proving anything otherwise. Skin color is nothing, I’ve seen many African-Americans as light as them and much, much lighter. I have light skinned relatives in my own family who were born to two Black parents and I’ve seen quite a few extremely dark skinned Black people who have very fair children, both Black dads and moms. It is common. It’s obvious to me and many other people they are the children of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s, and besides the issue of them being “biological”, they are also Jacksons in every sense of the word, most importantly emotionally. That’s all I have to say on the topic.

        • You know, the planet is not going to fly off its axis into the sun if we admit that those are Michael’s natural kids, LOL. I don’t know what anyone else is seeing, but Africa’s written all over their faces and you don’t know how many mixed-race/Black people I’ve seen with pin straight hair. My own grandmother had hair that was straight/wavy when she was a teen and both her parents are Black with Irish and Cherokee ancestry in the line. It’s not a big deal guys, they’re Black.

      • also on larry king kind Klein admits to donating sperm once — to a sperm bank — not specifically to Jackson. Further prove he is the father.

  36. Michael always said that they used his sperm. Why would he lie? He could have just adopted some kids if he didn’t want them to be his biological kids.

    • And he also said that he had only 2 nose surgeries but we know that was a lie.

      Debbie has said that she was pregnant with MJ Jr. before she and MJ agreed to have kids together. She said that it was meant to be a secret bewteen the two but a co-worker found out and wanted money to keep quiet. Honestly, does it really matter?

  37. Not impressed.

    First, those kids are white as the day is long. They do not have what you termed as a ‘classically mixed’ look. They look like tanned white folks. And please do term for me what a ‘classically mixed’ look is. To me it is curly haired and brown skinned usually ranging from caufe-au-laite to cinnamon.

    And they do not look like mj. they should have looked like MJ before his botched plastic surgeries, not after. Get a clue.

    And can we say ‘fair weather fans?’ I mean really. Everybody was calling him ‘FREAK!’, ‘CHILD MOLESTER!’, ‘A BAD LOOKING WHITE WOMAN!’ and that was the ‘nice’ things they called him. Now he’s deader than a doornail and it’s ‘OH I LOVED MICHAEL HE WAS THE GREATEST EVER!’ Where the heck was the outpouring of love when he was alive?

    And the media is a trip. They were more than half responsible for how he was treated in the public because of how they presented him too us. But now they want to do a 180 and say it wasn’t their fault and say it was strictly the public that despise and humiliated him.

    And I don’t think the kids are being exploited but I’m not sure it was a good idea to bring them public. School can be a b and they could wind up getting teased like a mug – for instance I’m sure Prince Michael’s hair was dyed white blond because he started off brown haired and ended up brown haired and then has milky white hair in between? Me tinks not.

    And where was Joe at this ceremony?

  38. Blanket is just about the darned cutest thing I ever saw, I mean if he got that hair out of his face, hes the most beautiful boy. I wouldnt want him to lose his hair altogether its amazing so long straight and jet jet black, Im even wondering if that colour is natural, its crazy. Hes so damn cute, he looks like he could be a little native american child, I can see why people would say Indian. I think he has his daddys eyes. I dont know all i saw is cuteness. Poor little kid, i cant even imagine not having a daddy, the other kids are older, i can just about remember some things from when I was there age, but little blanket hes barely going to remember his daddy, except how the media saw him, and lets face it thats never accurate.

  39. I saw a reporter on Show biz tonight who attended the after memorial party at Beverly Hills Wilshire hosted by Janet. She said when she walked in she saw Prince Michael he smiled at her and she asked if it was a tough day. He responded ,”it was a nice day”. She said after a little more small take , He said “Thank you for coming” and shook her hand. She also spoke to Paris. She said she was shocked by how normal they are, very well mannered . She said they were playing with their cousins about 15 cousins and other kids were there. Their nanny Grace was there also. I hope Debbie doesn’t fight for custody because Katherine’s age and Joe being around is going to hurt her chances.Oh there are some idiots at Us weekly claiming Katherine spraytanned the kids . We have only seen a couple pics of the kids and they were in the sunlight as opposed to a inside a venue


  41. it’s amazing how everyone is so concerned about something as trivial as beauty….what we need to keep in mind is that these kids lost their dad……michael will surely be missed not only by the many fans but most of all his kids.Whether these kids were his biological kids is not important…..he loved them and nobody will ever be able to replace the man they came to love as a father, their father.They are just kids and during a time like this they need all the love and support…………


    • I agree they should stay with katherine but I would like to see them work something out with debbie so they can get introduced to her little by ittle and build up a relationship and get to know their mother.

  43. Auntie Janet seems so nurturing! In keeping with the circle of life, I wouldnt be surprised if a new baby came from one of the jackson siblings in the near future. It always seems as though new life is ushered in after the death of a love one. Should that happen, i’m on TEAM JANET!

  44. I just wanted to say that Prince Paris and Blanket’s skin color is the same (maybe darker) than Latoya. I also heard on alot of websites that they got Prince and Paris’s birth certevicats, and they say that Michael is there biological father. i always knew that those kids loved him, but now the whole world knows. Paris made 3/4 of the world cry yesterday and she doesn’t even know it. I just want to say that i love these kids, so much.

  45. I agree if you compare Michael. Jr to 1983 Michael Jackson his son looks just like him. He has his face he even stand like his father. Blanket even has his face. If you look at older pictures of Michael they clearly look like him.

  46. I’m biracial and I have a lighter complextion then those kids. DNA works in crazy ways. They seem to be growing into their features now. Prince clearly has Michael’s face. And looking at the back of blanket’s head he looked just like his father.

  47. I also believe they are Michael’s biological kids. Look at all these mixed celebrities Mariah Carey, Alica Keys, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, President Obama. They all are mixed and look different. They are clearly biracial.

  48. If that little boy is James Brown’s son then anything is possible and look at him James Brown. Jr he is the same complextion as Michael’s kids and he is biracial. Those are biracial kids and Michael is their biological father.

  49. I cried the entire time. The children I believe are Michael’s biological children. They all look biracial and they are beautiful. Prince and Blanket both look like Michael.

  50. I wish some of you shut the hell up about those not being his kids. That older boy looks just like Michael, from his nose to the way he stand. You can’t compare him to the Michael of 2009, but the real Michael from back in the day. If you look at those kids, they do look biracial, they do not look completely white. As a matter of fact, Blanket hair is straighter than both of the older kids, he’s just darker. No one is thinking about Debbie, she isn’t getting anything. Michael made that clear in his will, if anything, the kids want be entitled to their money until they’re of age. I don’t get some of you, walk around everyday and see biracial kids of every skin tone. How is it not possible for them to be his kids, when I have people in my family that look the same as them? but consider themselves african american. Heidi Klum kids come out pure black with nappy hair, yet a black man can’t make a kid with straight hair, give me a break. Hell, the girl that played Ashley on “Fresh Prince” hair is the same texture as Paris and she’s black. Leave those dayum kids alone, they’re Michael kids and I hope he is resting in peace knowing that they are safe with Katherine. It’s easy to talk about why Kat didn’t leave Joe, don’t forget that’s back then. In this day and time we have millions of women that stay with abusive men, why aren’t they leaving? it is 2009.

    • I agree with the part about the kids. People are SOOO ignorant it comes to lighter-skinned, white featured mixed children!
      As for the part about Katherine and Joe, I’ve heard that they’ve lived in separate houses and have been separated for years.

  51. i seriously do believe little blanket is his kid
    blanket clearly has some mixture in him
    michael did say his mom is black.
    maybe’s she’s a black women with mixed features

  52. Paris made me cry to be honest. I feel so heartbroken for those poor kids. If Debbie Rowe rips them from the only family they know then she’s worse than I already think she is.

  53. I think that Michael’s children look like the rest of the Jackson family when you see them all together.The kids should not be separated. Is DNA more important than family who love you regardless. I don’t think so. It is clear that there is a tight family bond and that is where the kids should live. A place where they have aunts, uncles and cousins, not with a mother who has not been involved and is a stranger. I have a feeling that Debbie Row has been meeting with a room full of attorneys and its all about the money, money money.

  54. Just beautiful and brought tears to my ears. Paris’ words set me straight and gave great insight into the truth about Michael and his kids. This memorial showed me this…he was loved and he loved.
    I worry about his mother because she does not look well. Wish his family the best and hope the kids are taken care of by someone who will really, truly love them.

  55. What a wonderful and beautiful service. Where to begin:

    Rev Al, Jermaine, Usher, Jennifer, and so many more brought it on. I’m surprised my eyes aren’t still red from all the crying. When Marlon got up and mentioned his twin brother, Brandon, the tears continued to fall, but when Mike’s baby girl, Paris, got up, that was it.

    Again, beautiful tribute to a wonderfully, talented genius gone too soon. We miss you, Mike!

    They may not be Mike biological children, but they are his. If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind whether or not those children should remain with the Jackson family, I have it was all dispelled today. They are obviously loved and very close to Mike’s side of the family. It was be a travesty to return them to Debbie, biological mother or not. JMO.

  56. I am so hurt and heartbroken with the loss of Michael. I truly loved him as a person, an artist and a humanitarian. My heart, love and prayers go out to his mother, father, brothers, sisters and his three beautiful children. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that they are experiencing. I thank them for allowing us all to have Michael during the period that we had him, and I thank them for allowing us all in to have a final goodbye. He will dearly be missed. For all those who did everything they could to hurt him, you did not have the victory, he did. He is at peace with the Lord, he will no longer be hurt by your vicious and deceitful ways, your cruel and untrue accusations. Michael, I miss you so and my heart aches for you. But I know you are in a better place and you are happy. I know you are dancing and singing and waiting for the day when those you love will join you once again. I will do my best to continue to uphold all that you stood for and I will be sure to keep your memory alive in the eyes of my future children and my children’s children and so on. I love you Mike, I miss you! R.I.P.

  57. i really do feel that blanket is his bioligical child because he does look like him,but the other two i doubt it,althought they do look biracial.all three kids are cute.

  58. I’ll try to be nice… I can’t understand how people can be so two-faced. Before everyone spoke so negatively of Micheal and the biological relationship to his children, and spoke equally as bad of the childrens ethnicity (as if you can prove ones dna via pictures or television). I just wish Michael was able to feel and receive the “love” everyone is now giving him. All that I can do (in regards to his children) now is pray that God will protect Michael’s children and keep them safe with family who love them and have their best interest at heart. God, may Michaels family be at peace and keep them safe in your loving hand, Amen.

  59. Janet looks beautiful. I wish their family and the children the best of luck for the future. My empathy goes out to all of them.

  60. Great-lookin’, sweet kids. Baby boy looks just LIKE Michael, how cute is he! Prince is the strong eldest, holding it together. Great pics, I really feel for these kids, losing their father at such a young age. May he rest in peace.

  61. Those kids are Michael’s but lets keep it real those kids are not Biologically his. I just find it odd that people say they look like him but its not possible michael had so much surgery that his kids wouldn’t look like him even is they were biological. Just my opinion but I felt they were exploiting the kids Michael Has worked so hard to keep his kids hidden from cameras and within a matter of minutes they have he faces plastered all over the cameras and even brought them on stage. Also it seems that blanket doesn’t fully comprehend what is going on because he is so young. I would like them to stay with Katherine but for the gets to get to see Debbie have her introduced to their lives little by little so they can get to know their mom.

    • to the person that said his kids were exploited/How can you say that.You can tell that it was Paris decision to speak about her father.Janet was going to say something but then PAris told her that she wanted to speak so Janet let her.This was her fathers funeral and her speaking will help her with closure.My sister spoke at my fathers funeral and it made her feel better,Those kids are always going to be in the media whether their faces are covered or not.They are 12,11 and 7 years old and cannot walk around with their faces covered forever.They need to lead a somewhat normal life.I couldnt imagine them showing up to their daddies funeral in veils.That would have put a lot of unwanted attention on the children.I dont think the Jaksons would exploit those children you could tell that they are loved by their uncles and Aunts.



  64. Michael Jackson had beautiful, obviously biracial children. Their
    skin tone and features look classically like those of mixed race/mulatto children, and just as they look like Debbie Rowe, they also look like Michael Jackson. The other Jackson brothers have biracial kids, too, who look similar to Michael’s kids.

    Hopefully, DNA test will be done to settle the question. I’m surprised that some parasitic, goldigging hanger-on hasn’t tried to swab the kid’s moouths to determine the truth.

    • and what will it mean if dna proves mj is not their biological father? how will that in any way diminish his significance as a true father in the live of all three children?!?!

      • Thank you! There are so many people on this planet who do not have biological kids (shall we say adoption) who feel no different about them as if they came from their DNA. I wish people would quit dwelling on whether or not they are his biological children. He was their daddy, and it was obvious that he loved them dearly and they loved him.

      • you are perfectly correct; except that if Debbie does file custody charges it would present difficulties. As the report has stated: Michael never filed adoption papers for the children which would cause some legal problems. Plus the fact that Mrs Jackson and Diana Ross were only given guardianship, not legal custody. I hope and pray that she forgets all this custody stuff and just leaves them along because they don’t really know her. Let’s pray that it was just a vindictive thought that will pass.

        • Khrish, I’m with you, and I understand your point. Didn’t Debbie give up her parental rights of those children? I mean, according to reports, she had nothing at all to do with them. If she files for custody it will prove that she is a money-hungry, greedy, conniving, “you know what” because she would obviously not be looking out for the best interest of those children who CLEARLY love the Jackson family. I don’t even think they know her. I know there are some people that say, “Well she’s their mother.” Just because one births a child, doesn’t mean they are a mother, so I hope the courts see through the charade and will not allow Debbie to have them. Hopefully a judge with some common sense will look out for the best interest of the children, not some greedy, self-serving adult.

        • Because he and Debbie Rowe were married at the time both older children were born, he is legally their father no matter what. In some states, even if the wife has a baby by the milkman (and the milkman is obviously of a totally different race), the HUSBAND is still the LEGAL father.

          I don’t know what the situation is like with the youngest child, because MJ was not married at the time he was born. Maybe there are adoption papers?!?!

          Also, because he claimed the children as his, I can’t imagine that their inheritance would be endangered – no matter what DNA says. Who would contest the will? And that is basically what someone would have to do in order for there to be any talk of shutting one or more of the children out of the will…

          • What you are saying is exactly the way I assumed it would be as well. But there is something that was or wasn’t done that somehow seems to causing a problem with that legality. that’s one of the reasons I am following so closely and trying to glean all I can from the news items and other media bits. I would have assumed what you said would be the case. But we’ll see.

      • I am trying to understand why a few of the news men are so angry because time was taken by the TV networks to honor Michael Jackson. They work and are paid on ratings and any main station that didn’t want the ratings from this coverage would have been trying to go out of the business. But it was like some were just very, very angry resorting to making comments like Michael was only a singer and a dancer….which let you know that they could have benefitted by listening to the things said about all that he did. I seems that they only thought that this was being done in America….I haven’t seen some this angry since our President made his campaign speeches and everyone wanted to see and hear them. Of course these were not Black reporters….What is wrong with our country that it pains some when people of color are celebrated for things that they have accomplished. Poor things.

        • Money, money, money…is that really what going to make these children happy? What material things they get from their dad? UGH. Well anyways, if his name is on the birth certificate of his children, then its pretty much finalized.

    • i so agree with you look at how they got mikes height and eyes (the shape of his eyes) as well as his long fingers they are so beautiful like their father.

  65. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L children!!! Michael had a lot to be proud of & people just need to leave them be. Let them mourn the death of “their father”! In all aspects, he was that. He took care of them & as far as we {the public} know, never did anything that wasn’t right to them. I for one & a true fan of MJ’s & always will be. I am fortunate to have grown up in this era.


    • I also heard one of the news casters in Calif. talk about how Michael brought them on playdates with other children in the area. That was an astonishing revelation to the other newsman. He like I assumed that they would not have had interaction with local children. He assured everyone that they did have playdates and that Michael always went along to take them on the playdates. How wonderful.

  66. Blanket looks like his Michael, so there is no doubt in my mind that Michael is his father. I don’t know about the first 2 however, he embraced and loved them as his own flesh and blood, and that’s all that matters. He’s the only father they know…enough said…

  67. Aww, poor kids, especially Paris. Sweet girl. I kind of hope they go to Janet because I don’t trust Joe, and Katherine let him do as he pleased when they raised their own. It’s such a sad time for these children.

    • Just remember that Joe doesn’t really live with Mrs. Jackson and so I don’t think that will be a problem. Plus the other children are adults now, too. I think we tend to give Mrs. Jackson too little credit.

  68. this is so sad. Blanket seems like he´s really confused and just want to hide somewhere.
    i cried when Paris started to talk.
    God help those kids through this rough time.


    • I hope and pray that Debbie changes her mind about filing for custody of these children. They do not need to have any more interruption in their lives at this point. If she would start such action after the death of their father it would be cold and heartless of her. The children seem so sheltered and loveed and protected with all of the members of the Jackson family. They need this so very much, especially at this time. It would seem that the courts would look at her in an unmaternal way if she chooses to upset there lives more at a time like this. They seem to be exactly where they need to be. There are uncles, aunt, grandparents and so many cousins to protect them and give them solace at this very delicate time in their lives. It’s just alway so sad when young children lose their parents. I was 60 years old when I lost my parents and it still was something that took me some time to learn to live with; because you never get over it. May God bless and protect them and fill their young lives with lots and lots of love.

    • Like many are saying, I think the overall theme is that MJ loved and was loved!
      Its evident that the bond between him and his children is irreplaceable. It just troubles me that people spend so much time antagonizing over whether the children were his biologically or by adoption– neither is more important than the other and they both equate to Father, I wish his 3 children all the best.

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