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-Pictured:Tiger Woods and family earlier this year-

Below are a few choice quotes from Pro Golfer Tiger Woods, the dad of two says that life with his wife Elin Nordegren and their children Sam Alexis,2, and Charlie,born in February, is so much fun.

On being married with children:

“I couldn’t be happier than where I am right now. Having the two kids is just unbelievable, how much fun we are all having, except the sleepless nights — that can be a little tough at times. But other than that it’s just been incredible.”

On his daughter Sam:

“The best thing in the world was actually to watch her grow and, you know, each and every day have fun with that and teach her different things,” Woods said. “I really enjoy that type of life.”

“I love to teach, and to be able to teach Sam, and as soon as I can, start teaching Charlie a few things, that’s fun. I live to be able to do that.”

Quotes taken from a June 2009 interview withNew York Times




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  1. I’ve been reading other blogs about Tiger’s apology and the traffic is so busy you can hardly get through! Thank goodness for BCK having this avenue for expression.

    This is not just a golf issue but a human and family issue. BCK is an appropriate forum in my opinion because of Tiger’s own children and Tiger’s work with young people through his foundations.

  2. Hope Child Protective services doesn’t find any reason to disrupt Tiger’s children’s lives during the investigation of domestic violence. Elin should be investigated because she is obviously a violent and quick tempered woman. She can’t restrain herself even knowing that her kids are present.

    Tiger was a gentleman in not pressing charges, but she was no lady in physically going after him. If there is no validity in allegations of her hitting Tiger, then Florida Child Protective Services would not be involved.

    Maybe these two should make a clean as possible break from each other while they’re still young. They won’t be the first or last. When it comes to Tiger, they’re all gold diggers anyway, including Elin. That’s how and why she got close enough to marry him in the first place.

  3. Tiger received a great compliment from a sports historian weighing in on Tiger’s recent drama. He said that Tiger is not just a great golfer, he is a TITAN in his sport like Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan.

    I noticed that all of these other sports icons were notorious womanizers/philanderers, too.

    At first I had mixed feelings about Tiger’s situation, but, as time passes, I hope Tiger recoups to reclaim his rightful position in golf and sports history just as these other men were able to.

    He was so cute as a 3 year old putting on the Mike Douglas show back in the day. Hope him all the best. Get rid of all the chicks, Tiger.

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