Actor Denzel Washington was photographed on Nikki Beach with his children Katia (b. November 1987), and twins Olivia and Malcolm (b. April 10, 1991). Not pictured are his wife Pauletta and his son John David (b. July 28, 1984). The Washingtons are on vacation in Portofino, Italy! Denzel and his wife Pauletta celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on June 25th.


Click Here to see pictures of the entire family in Italy.


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  1. why do people have to comment on looks all the time? people are entitled to wear their hair they way they want. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! And P.S. Black men wanted long hair, now they have it!

  2. this one family that seems to be truly content and carry on as normal of life as most because Denzel always took the time in the beginning to make fans respect his wife and family. The seem truly gounded and happy. The only thing that I hate is all that weave that his daughter is wearing. It seems that Black American women just can’t seem to get enough hair and go over board which screams “not all my hair”. I will be happy to see the weave stage in this country fade out.

    • but which daughter u talkin bout? the one in red definitly have dreads it seems but the other one look like a weave, anyway they all look nice

    • I agre with you Krish Hill about the weave abnormality. Hopefully since Oprah has revealed you can grow your hair successfully. People of all culture’s will take not you can grow hair. I can attest to it even having been diagosed with thyroid like Oprah my hair is mid-back. I have been perm-free for only three year’s. My hair-line was balding and that was my wake-up call! I said natural or bust best decision I ever made! So I donot understand why people with unlimited funds can reinforce to their children uniqueness. I know when this condition is under control I could have even longer hair were it my desire to do so. So, women just grow it!

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