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15-month-old Nahla Aubry spent some fun pool time with her mom Halle Berry and her dad Gabriel Aubry yesterday. The trio are in Miami, Florida and it seems that they are enjoying their time there. Click to see loads more pictures!



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  1. am i the only one flipping out about the fact that the one guy has his phone in the water???!!!

    ???how does he do this???


  2. Who cares if she is 25% black???? Black is Black!!! What does “too black” mean??????? You are making it sound as if it is a negative thing since her father is white and her mother is from a mixed background. Black people come in different colors and have different facial features…look at nicole ritchie for example and look at Kristinia DeBarge…they both are black but have different features…so all of this talk about comparing color is sickning and needs to stop…

  3. She is the most beautiful baby ever!!ยด
    I mean look at her parents….

    She is hale’s thats quite clear!!!

  4. Everyone we should contact the owner of this blog and explain about the outrageous behavior of this one particular person who constantly makes vile comments about the color of the children’s skin. If she checka the IP server the owner will know that is is the same person using one or two computers to avoid detection. If you are concerned with the negative turn this website is taking because of this person, please contact the owner.

  5. “The baby is to black” ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. You should see Persia White’s daughter and Eartha Kitt’s daughter and Karen Parson’s daughter. They all look very white and very blond because black folks run the gamut in that department.

    • All 3 that you mentioned have a white parent and mothered children to white men. It’s not really surprising that they took more after their white side IMO.

  7. Caratime2, I was just going to say the same thing about Noah Becker, the son of Boris and Barbara. Noah and Nahla could be siblings in their coloring. Barbara is a darker biracial person like Halle and Noah took after her in color. Boris’s daughter Anna’s mom is also biracial, but Anna took only after Boris in skin color, eye color and her blond straight hair. If you have time google up Boris’s kids to see what I mean. Now Boris’s latest wife is also half/black and half white(do we detect a thing here?) Their children can also go either way. That is the natural beauty of biracial people! They go back generations and generations and it is wonderful. I have always thought that Nahla’s head shape and face favored Halle’s mom more than Halle. Either way, you can tell that she is Halle’s baby.

  8. jay jay/luvvieboo/ridingfinest/blue/suitepuma/ is on a roll with this race thing and she will never change. If you go to Brazil which has the highest population of black people outside of Nigeria who will find black people with 3 white grandparents and one black, and the offspring of these folks can go either way. I have seen them and some are so light they look white others look black. That is the beauty of genes they go back for generations. Nicole Richie has one black grandparent, but Harlow is very pale with black facial features. Perhaps Nicole’s next child will be darker who knows. Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor has one black grandparent and two white, but Honor has her father’s face and her white grandparents coloring and blond hair. My dark brown brother is married to a white woman and two of their sons are green-eyed, very light with reddish wavy hair and their daughter is browner with hazel eyes. Nahla has light brown wavy/curly hair and blue eyes, she looks like Halle’s mom.

  9. It’s funny how much we as humans obsess over the race thing. It is a toss up genes-wise how a multiracial child will turn out though, and everyone I know who ever was expecting a mixed child (myself included) is always excited to find out who the child will look like.
    It’s like an extra added element of surprise, instead of “is it a boy or a girl”, it’s kind of like “what race will the child resemble more”. But once the child is here, we don’t obsess constantly over the child’s appearance any more than parents of a single race child would. It’s just time to focus on making sure the child is intelligent, healthy, happy, well-rounded, etc.

  10. I concur with luvvieboo, how come noone questions nahlas genes and parentage? Everyone can see she looks like her daddy so its a given its his kid, but how about Halle? Do we assume just because we know she carried her and gave birth to her, that she is genetically hers? Lets be honest, that baby is very dark skinned considering she is only 25% black. I know genes can be a funny thing, but if this baby can be Halles, why cant MJs be MJs?

    Lets look at the simple fact for a moment. The quality of your eggs decline once you reach the age of 35, and the chance of miscarriage goes up. Considering already a quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, that means its pretty high. This goes up again once you get past 40 even though Halle is looking good, she started very late. Even for a healthy young fertile couple it can still take up to a year to conceive. It took halle some time, but whos to say that wasnt because she was having IVF? what if her own eggs failed and she used a donor? Shes never going to admit that is she.
    Now, Halle is mixed race but she identifies as black. So whos to say she didnt use a black womans eggs to concieve a baby. If the baby came out white as white, which considering her parentage was highly possible (see Victoria Rowells daughter) maybe people would start doubting its hers. We know people can be ignorant.But if she had a little brown skinned baby, its not so obvious, people will say ‘well yeah her mom is black’. This baby has blonde hair and blues eyes, not uncommon for mulatto children. I dont see anything of her mom or even her maternal grandmom in that baby except her’color’. All im saying is just cos she gave birth to her, doesnt mean its a given.

    • Blah blah blah blah blaahhh… who cares

      The baby is starting to show emotion which makes her cuter

      I wish Halle the best in motherhood… you know she’ll need it (given her past relationships)

    • This argument is getting old lol.

      Since it doesn’t matter one way or the other, why do people keep bringing it up and why now must we question everyone’s paternity just because MJ’s came into question? So far I’ve seen Garcelle, Lionel, Tiger, and now Halle. Give it a rest people lol.

    • who are we to question?

      what business is it of yours – or any of ours?

      (oh, and look at boris becker’s oldest son. his ex-wife was also biracial, which makes noah only 1/4 black – but look at HIS coloring. he looks more and more like boris every day – and is at least as dark as his mother.

      so…to all the amateur geneticists out there – DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOBS!)

    • WHAT?? Please get off that topic. YOU obviously know nothing about genes. I come from a mixed race family on BOTH sides. BOTH of my grandmothers are DARK SKINNED and I am lighter than my lightskinned parents. My mother is mixed with native american and irish and looks “Puerto Rican ” or Native American. My father is light skinned and looks “puerto Rican” and I can look like a variety of things depending on my tan or hairstyle. My grandmother has Blue-Grey eyes. That child is NOT too dark to belong to them both and FYI MULATTO IS AN INSULTING AND WAY OUTDATED TERM.

  11. Just when I said they never show them together,lmao. That water looks so inviting, still no resemblance,lol. That baby is to black, sorry guys, just being real.

    • i can’t believe you said the baby is ‘too’ black. what century are you a throw-back to…the 17th?

      since you don’t pay any of halle or gabriel’s bills, i’m sure they don’t pay much attention to your wacky opinions. and – wait – since you also don’t pay any of mine, neither do i.

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