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First daughter Malia Obama is on board with her dad to bring peace to the world as she wore not one, but two ” peace” shirts on her visits in Rome yesterday. Malia,11, with dark glasses and shorts, was first photographed in her peace shirt as she and her sister Sasha were leaving Giolitti Ice Cream parlour, in downtown Rome, on Wednesday, July 8, 2009. Later Malia was photographed in her anti-nuclear shirt while leaving the Roman Colosseum with her mom, First Lady Michelle Obama, and her sister Sasha,8.



Inked Peace V-Neck Graphic Tee - $9.99

Malia is wearing a Inked Peace V-Neck Graphic Tee in Charcoal from Target.

Photos:TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

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  1. It would be nice for the first family to have another child while in the white house. I believe it would be a first. I believe folks due to the times, do not care to be bothered with more than one or two children. Tell you the truth, most do not want to be bothered with any that is why they choose to make animals their kids. Still, I hope the Obamas decide to change that.

  2. Sasha is cute, but I love Malia. She has a little rebel streak in her. She gives off a vibe that says… “I’m doing ME”.

  3. luvvie: Your comment is the reason why many young girls dont go for their dreams. Perpetuation of the idea that women and girls should just be “dainty and pretty”…and not do things such as play basketball or challenge gender stereotypes. Being a girl should be about more than being a “model” or being “beautiful”…

  4. Please don’t put a ball in that child’s hand, hate girls playing boyish sports. She is far to beautiful for that, keep on playing soccer and taking your ballet lessons Malia. She is getting so tall, she is sure to be a model. Look at baby gurl Sasha, just a little minature of Michele, she is so pretty. I wish the President and his wife would get pregnant and it be a boy. First baby to be born in the White House, I think.

    • God, I used to hate when people would try to push me into netball JUST because I’m tall. Annoyed the hell out of me, and turned me against sports to boot. >_<

    • Ummm what is so “boyish” about basketball. A lot of girls enjoy basketball because it’s indoors unlike soccer (or at least that’s why I liked it).

      Both the girls are cute and I love their outfits.

    • wow u just took womens lib back to the 40s. a boyish sport. there are plenty of beautiful women playing sports, and soccer is way more vigarous than basketball. look at candace parker. beautiful. and she plays ball. she should be whatever she wants to be.

    • i 2nd what kayjay says. some of the ignorance on this site i swear. sometimes its to sad to even laugh at.

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