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Clothing company Rocawear has teamed up with toy giant Mattel to bring you a limited edition of Rocawear Barbies. The collection is in celebration of Rocawear’s 10th Anniversary.

What: Rocawear Barbie Dolls

Description: The Rocawear Barbie collection features four females and one male, all clothed in Rocawear clothing. As of now, neither Rocawear nor Mattel have stated when these dolls will be released.


Product Highlight(s): A Collector’s item

Website: www.Rocawear.com




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  1. Of course I will invest in this group of Barbies. I like to take it up as a hobby. I believe they relieve stress just by dressing and combing their hair. Also, they are stress relieving to look at.

  2. I would buy one, except that the Rocawear empire was built in part on degrading women in stupid raps and videos.

  3. Lose the silky hair and they would be cute. Our little girls need dolls that represent our true beauty. Weave is out in my house.

  4. Well least no one can whine and say he didn’t represent all the different hues of African Americans. There is honey, caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. But I have no child, so I won’t be geting one for a child.

  5. My vote is yes! Tastefully done, and finally a decent Barbie Competitor. Lord knows I hate those brat dolls!

  6. I don’t have girls but I’d think about getting the Ken doll for my boy since he might like it. I love the different skin tones of the dolls, since every black person is not one generic skin tone. No two colors of these dolls is exactly alike; it’s awesome.

  7. I like them. Unfortunately my daughter only like Bratz dolls, but if she were into Barbie I would definitely buy her a few of these. Realistic looking black fashion dolls.

  8. hail..2tha…nall.

    When they come out with a afro’d Jill Scott or Queen Latifah then I’ll consider it.

    And I ain’t all that into Rocawear. I like


    So what if it’s played. I like what I like.

    • Baby pull up FUBU been outta there since the 80′s whats really goin on wit u in H-TOWN WE ROCK DAT ROCA WEAR and COOGI so get so get yoself rite on together and PULL UP

  9. Why are all of the Rocawear dolls black? I see people of other ethnic groups wearing Rocawear. There is an undertone with these dolls. But right now, I cannot seem to correctly figure it out because these dolls, and their connection to the Rocawear brand, opens up the door to so many stereotypes.

    • well Rocawear is originally an urban clothing brand no matter who wears it, so i think that’s why the dolls are black. in any case, it’s a good thing seeing as it’s usually a scavenger hunt these days to find a decent black Barbie doll. so i see no problem with the skin color. they actually look quite nice. but if they’re intended to be “collector’s items” then i’m sure they will cost more than the regular Barbie. in that case, no i wouldn’t buy it for a kid, cuz more than likely they’ll undress it, lose the clothes, and the doll will be naked. there goes the whole Rocawear aspect lol!

  10. I think they look nice, and appropriate for the right age group.
    Love that they are in different shades of brown.

    • i agree with you my daughter was hating barbie until she saw this that’s why some of the gurls was liking bratz because it was more trendy and hip

  11. I wouldn’t even buy my child a pair of Rocawear socks…..let alone a doll. Rocawear is played out where I’m from.

  12. I’m not seeing anything ghetto about these dolls…

    None of the little girls in my family play with barbie dolls anymore. I loved them when I was younger and wish that there were this many black barbies to chose from back then.

  13. i will not be buying my daughter any barbies as i think they are too sexy 4 lil girls…
    i don’t really see much difference between these and other ones tho
    i don’t think they look particularly ghetto, i mean look at wat the man one is wearing, he look kinda smart
    the one obvious difference is the facial features, they don’t look like regular barbies in that respect they have more realistic black features. thats a gd thing 4 lil girls who do have barbies

  14. Even though I don’t care for Rocawear, I love the beautiful features of the dolls faces. If I had the room for one more doll, I’d get them for myself:)

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