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13 year old QT Jazz is an up and coming entertainer. Some of you may already know this skilled dancer and singer as the original member of QT Possie, a group which featured the daughter of singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.

But this Atlanta Pop Princess is now trying to make it on her own. Jasmine Robinson a.k.a QT Jazz has already performed with some of largest names in the entertainment industry including  entertainers such as: TI, Tiny, Kandi, Yung Joc, Lil Wayne, to name a few.

Qt Jazz has also been featured in reality TV show Kid Nation as well as on rapper Yung Joc’s single “Coffee Shop” featuring Gorilla Zoe. In the next couple of weeks, QT Jazz will be appearing as a guest on the Tiny & Toya show.

So Jazzy – Qt-Jazz

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  1. yall flaggin this girl yall just some haterz thats my dawg yall need to find something to do other then rap about a young lady wea they do that at yall some haterzand if she want to dressed older let her do that at least she not wearin sumthin that sho off her body yall need to shet the hell up let her do her hop off her website. if yall dont like her stay off her ish … love you jazzz

  2. it all perfactly fine she well dressed pretty and talented 14 years old and working towrds he career in proud of her

  3. Wow people are hating on a 13 yr old…She is an ENTERTAINER… MAKE UP and DRESSING UP is NECESSARY for PERFORMING and PHOTO SHOOTS. Keep it up QT JAZZ people will hate regardless. As her family said she is a honor student and they are supporting her dreams can we all just be supportive too? It seems like people only on board when something negative is going on. I personally wouldn’t have subscribed to this QT Jazz because you will see comments like this all the time and it can be frustrating. Loving the song keep going GIRL.

  4. Tiny’s daughter is sooo beautiful. she favors her mom a little. Must look alot like her father. She just has on makeup. It does not take away from her being or looking like the child that she is. Tiny must be a beautiful person because God only gives good people good things and gifts. I also think Jazz hangs around too many grownups and is only emulating what she has been watching. Her mom does alot of posing therefore, she takes that after her. She is still a child with alot to learn. She does not look like Bobbi Kristina to me eventhough both girls are pretty cute.

  5. i like qt jazz and im not hating on her when i say this but she does look a little too grown. im only 14 and my mother doesnt even let me wear makeup. she’s a cute girl (no homo_ but she needs to look more like her age. still got mad love fo rher though.

  6. Does eanybody besides me not understand why Parent keeps talking about her grades. she could be an A student and still look to grown. Besides no one is talking about her grades, people are talking about how grown of appropriate she looks. this is about age and appropriate cloths, not grades and mentoring.

  7. Jazmine is not Tiny’s child and did not wear a see through Tu Tu on stage, that was Tiny’s daughter that did. She is a grounded little girl that gets straight A’s in school and she mentor’s at schools to children and their parents. she even spoke to children at Usher’s summer camp. You can only associate her with Tiny’s daughter because they were in a group together. She is dressed correctly for a young lady entering HS.

  8. Her clothing and posing is what have people all up in arms. This little girl is 13 and look like she’s going on 20. Whoever, mother or whatever, disagrees that this little girl does not look older and there is nothing wrong with her “adult-like” pics, probably have little girls that they are living through vicariously as well. Yeah, this is a different time and age but that’s because HUMANS changed it, much like WE change everything else from good to bad. This little girl had performed with ALL adults – many of whom her immediate influences are associated with.
    As BLACK people we use the word “hater” way too loose. The comments are not hateful they’re truthful. And being that we are in a time and age where people do not want to hear the truth, it’s being said that the little girl is being “hated” on. Let’s look at the women she’s surrounded by. Tiny & Toya don’t know anything else besides waiting on a man, that’s a felon, hand and foot and having a bunch of kids by him. What do you think they are teaching this little girl? All that they know. And that’s how to sell your dignity, self worth and pride without realizing or embracing being a WOMAN. The very thought of being famous and living this so-called “American Dream” has black people selling themselves, even if it’s through our children. And what better form of slavery is it then to control the minds of our future? Or minds period.

    • So do you think that comment that you made about Tiny and Toya was not hateful? WE as black peopple need to stop trying to cut each other down PERIOD!! I don’t think her mother is trying to live thru her,I think she is a parent supporting her DAUGHTERS dream. Just because she is around what you may think are bad influences, doesn’t mean that her mother is not instilling values into her child. Have you ever thought that they were good connections for the lil girl? You never know what goes on in her household,her mom said that she was a straight A student. Instead of making a negative comment try saying something positive. Positivity is what we need,especially in the Black community. We have so many other things against us, why not focus on the Positive side of things, the lil girl is pursuing her dreams, something that alot of Adults wish they would have done. If you disagree with what she has on state it, but don’t cut her,her parents, or the people around her down. Do you have any positive advice for the young lady or her mother? I mean no disrespect, but Let’s build people up, not tear them down. God is Love

  9. leave her alone like if she wants to dress like that lett her its not yur daughter or anything so why do yu care at least shes covering up so why are yu wasting yur time telling this girl she needs to dress older who cares like go waste yur time trying to help a girl that showing to much skin. her and hannah montana dress similar and i dont see anyone telling her to dress older and shes like 15!

  10. What is a good hair style for a young teen? a pony tail? Again she does not have on any make upon, only Mac pressed cornstarch powder. I was there she had on no makeup foundation what so ever.

  11. She looks cute! I am surprised at some of the comments on here. She is a teenager so her clothes are fine. Her outfits are stylish and trendy for her age. As far as makeup look is concerned it is a photo shoot so I wouldn’t expect anything less. And her hair is gorgeous. I’m happy to see her doing her thing. If more people could do what they loved the world would be a happier place.

  12. The reason she has on makeup beacause its called a PHOTOSHOOT.Im sure she doesnt have on makeup every minute of everyday.She is covered her clothes are not too revealing at all.Girl keep dong your thing.She’s gonna be successful.

  13. Personally? I’ve seen girls her age wearing far less as every-day clothes – video vixens in training, in my opinion. Ease off the girl a bit, please. At least I can’t see her bits and pieces.

    Just to shift the argument a bit, what do you think of the grey outfit? Still too grown, or age appropriate?

    • okay some people under me like shutup. who cares about obamas daughters? what does that have to do with her? it just bothers me how everyone think she shouldnt wear make up. its not our dauqhter. let her do her thing. all of yal are haterrrs.

  14. She is wearing nothing wrong to me she is doing a photo shot and you have fun when you do that if she were covered from head to toe then people who be saying why her parents let their child look like that, she does not look 13 going on 14 but what child does these days and just like Parent said Raven-Symone get’s no love because she still sings her kiddie bop songs people tell her to grow up everyday come on who on here supports these kids when they try to act their age her song seems age apporaite. I truley don’t see anything wrong I think everyone can’t get over the BET Awards these kids we’re just being kids we need to get on lil wayne, Tiny and Toya for letting those kids get on that stage with that song.Give the young woman a chance from what the people who know her say she is a well grounded young lady, she makes good grades, honor roll people, we should all be proud of her for that.Much love Jazz and I hope all you’re dreams come true girl don’t let hatters get you down

  15. people just should stop commenting bcuz older people people who is suppose to be ooohhhhhh so maturee are responding to this instead of being adults u people are arguing back and forth i could bee a child being jealous n comment n say sumthin like she need to act her age or she cnt sing or maybe wth bs and a grown mf would say oh just bcuz she not exposinn her slf blah blah blah just be aldts peoplee anyways jazzy i support u 99.99% p.s. my name is jazmen also not the origggss oh yea wasnt she on that fun farm show tee hee

    • Sorry to those that are offended by her. She is an honor student that mentors to students and parents that are considering careers. Not nessecerly this business but and career. Assuming that a child can not have talent and be in school concerns me. I am sure that some of your under age children listen to adult music all time if they listen to hip hop, R & B or urban music because our Black youth has no other choice. When talented young ladies such as Tiffany Evans, Karina Passion, Ke Ke Palmer, Raven Symone released great age appropriate albums they did not sale. Black radio will not play our youth because they say that they have to play music for the 18 and older.

      As far as the clothes this was a photo shoot not sure what grown women would or should wear what she has on. She has my support 100% and I will continue to support her. I feel sorry for a child that a parent that would advise them to stay in school if they have talent and consider making it a career when they can do both.

      • I don’t know if you are really her Parent or what.But I want you tell your baby to keep her head held high, and don’t worry about the Nay Sayers. I am a hairstylist, and I understand about the makeup. For those that DON”T know you have to apply alot of powder, foundation on the skin so that the skin photographs well. The camera will show EVERY lil blemish beacuse you are under those bright lights. I commend you for not letting the negative things people are saying about your baby, take you there and make you sound just as IGNORANT as them, your good cause I know I couldn’t do it.
        And heck this is 2009 they don’t make clothes like the used to, well actually they do. Because in the 60’s lil girls and teenagers used to wear very MINI skirts and dresses.And they were not used just for photoshoots, and they didn’t have on any tights, stocking or anything under them. WTH!!
        People let this lil girl shine, ya’ll cutting her down before she even gets a chance to grow.sheesh.
        Btw I’m digging the song, and can’t wait til she drops an album cause I WILL be gettin it for my 8yr old daughter. Go Jazz

  16. People need to realize that this day and age has a different style in clothes. So is a very smart girl. She is covered and people complain…I guess you want us to wear kilts!!!
    -Teenage kid

  17. She reminds me of Bobbi Christina (Whitney’s daughter). I agree that she is a pretty girl, but not dressed age appropriate entertainer or not.

  18. Jasmine is a straight A honor student and she does not wear make up unless she is performing, she is fully clothed. The OMG girls on the other hand you can see right throgh thier outfits and here is a young lady who is not on stage shaking her bottom to nasty lyrics and you are calling her grown. She will be 14 in a few months. Jasmine does not even have on any make up but some Mac corn starch powder. Black people are our own worst enemy, wish her well instead of judging her. She is age appropiate nice outfits and pose.

    • I totally agree. People are on here saying that she is to grown and she has on too much make up on and that she is dressed to grown..WATEVER!!! Just be happy that she supports young girls her age and that she is not on stage jerking her butt everywhere!! People always say that we need teens to help us teach children that we don’t have to act inappropriate for our ages to be recognized and noticed to get attention but when they get one they don’t know how to act!!

      I support every song she sings, every dance she does, every talent she has , and everything she does!! Jasmine, continue to do what you do and don’t worry about 28 year olds who wish they could look like you!

  19. Folks on here are sooo conservative! She isn’t even showing any skin. The outfits are cute. If she wasn’t posing and just standing there with a big smile, like a 4-year old (which she’s not) most people wouldn’t even have a problem with it.

  20. She looks older then me and I’m 28,and have a 9 yr old who LOOKS like a 9 yr old btw.she looks way too grown for 13 yrs old. These kids need to know it’s not bad to look and act your age.

    • Maybe its not the way she is dressed, but the makeup and the poses, which are a bit sexy. Otherwise she is a cute girl.

  21. if you check out her myspace page and look in her photo album you will see tons of pictures with her make up painted it on.This girl wears tooo much make up for her age she is going ot look like she is 30 by the time she is 15

  22. Please this girl needs to worry about school!What is wrong with girls today looking to grown!Back in the day we did not act like this!

    • yeah it’s convenient cuz they are here family…ti is her godfather and they family has know her since she was a baby…her brother is one of the biggest music producers in atl so that explains why she would have connections with those ppl

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