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-Pictured: Akon at a charity event earlier this year-

Singer Akon has a little problem on his hands: a woman  named Sara Coleman wants him to make child support payments for their  six- month-old baby.   So far Sara’s lawyer has had a hard time serving the singer with the child support papers. Sara’s lawyer has issued the following statement:

“My client does not wish to comment on the paternity matter,” attorney Patrick Baghdaserians said in a statement to E! News. “Ms. Coleman wants to ensure privacy and a amicable resolution. My client’s goal is to resolve this matter forthwith without media intervention.”

In response, Akon’s lawyer made this statement to TMZ:

“Akon has taken responsibility and has been extremely cooperative and proactive in handling this private matter. Paternity was only established just over 30 days ago. Since the case was filed outside of Georgia jurisdiction, where he is a legal resident, Akon is currently in the process of engaging counsel in California and will continue to handle this matter in a timely manner.”




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  1. I considered Akon as a magic and a gift from God, he made mistakes, he lost, but anything happened in his life would became the source of his creation and showed to the world. That why I regard Akon an idol of mine, we are all getting through difficulties and Akon could sign a example for us and motivate us to carry on.

  2. I know a DNA paternity testing lab in Hollywood named Universal Genetics (www.universalgenetics). Seriously, they helped a lot of celebrities to do paternity tests! If any need the service like Akron did, check them out.

  3. From pass photos I’ve seen, he has a little football team.

    “My client does not wish to comment on the paternity matter,”
    Of course she don’t. Probably a drop by & hit it situation. Strap it up Akon.

  4. How many kids do he have? and I can’t believe some of these celebrities be out there having sex, no protection. They know the first thing the woman is gonna do is get pregnant. How many baby mamas does he have? just plain trifling. I see why so many of them go bankrupt, most of their money go to all the baby mamas they have.

    • thats what i was wondering because ive seen him with a bunch of little boys at one time…i think he believes in that polygamy thing anyways

  5. Okay, I am confused. Is she seeking child custody, or support. The post title is “Akon’s child custody woes” and mentions “custody papers”. Does he have custody of the child now, and she is trying to take it away? Or is he seeking custody of the child? Then the lawyers statement calls it a paternity matter. Not enough info.

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