Mechelle McNair, the wife of the late Steve Mcnair,  and their sons attended a funeral service for the former NFL quarterback  on July 11, 2009 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

On July 4, 2009, Steve McNair’s body was found in his home in Nashville, Tennessee the result of a murder-suicide. Police report that the 36-year-old married father of four children was killed by his mistress.


L to R: Mechelle and son; mother of Steve McNair


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  3. first of all i want to make a comment to the the user who is using the computer screen name the dump speak on what you know because steve and mechelle were legally seperated and know this because i know them personally and im steve’s step daughter through marriage so u need to shut your mouth. he did
    nt like anyone in his business that’s why all of this came out after his death and not when he was alive. and btw his wife knew about the affair and his other affairs but chose to look the other way because she didnt want to lose her life style.

  4. First off let me express my feeling toward his wife and their kids, i am very sorry for your lose, but with that being said his wife should be very careful of the decision she makes regarding his other childeren, it is not their fault that they daddy made the choices he made she as his wife should make the best decision possible so his ALL of his kids are taken good care of.

  5. i feel very sorry for their loss but how can you ignore the other two children.these children deserve part of the estate.how can she be so cold and heartless to deny them.if i were these children’s mother i would take her to court for my children’s share of the estate.remember these children loss their father also.maybe her blood does not run through them but her husband’s does.

  6. My heart goes out to Mechelle McNair and his 4 sons as well as Steve’s mother Mrs. McNair. May God continue to watch over them and guide them during this difficult time.

  7. My questions are for “The Dump,” who claims to “know the situation.” She speaks (types) as if she is Mechelle McNair herself,so surely she can answer the following questions:

    Is there some friction/tension between Lucille McNair and Mechelle McNair?

    Why does Mechelle McNair think that only HER sons are worthy of their father’s assets (and not his two older sons who are just as much his children as hers are)?

  8. this man lost his life for a 20 year old dave & buster broad who had nothing to offer but @$$!! darn shame!!

  9. His moms looks like she don’t care for the wife or the kids…looks very cold and distant. She is not even embracing the little one!

    His wife looks sad and embarrassed. Kids look grief stricken. This is his legacy. Damned fool.

    I hope his moms is a good mother-in-law and grandma to them, they are gonna need it. Sad to say, even DEATH can’t change some people’s hearts.

  10. First,I want to offer my condolences to his family.Remarkable people like him don’t come to us often.What a waste. Second,I think the murder coverage was a rush to judgment.The Florida police didn’t do a thorough job of investigating the case. Your reader’s comments show their suspicions about how she was left-handed and was found shot in the right side of her head.Even laymen know the act,as it was stated,was almost a physical impossibility.The scene was staged.That was obvious. Motives?Her former boyfriend was ruled out early.He should still be a suspect.In retrospect,even her family should be suspects. Honor killing is a frequent occurrence in Muslim countries and has been practiced here by emigrants.A case in point?A murder case in St.Louis was solved when the Federal Intelligence community gave the police an audio tape of the actual murder.The victim,a teenager who emigrated here with her Palestinian parents.The Feds were”routinely”monitoring the Muslim immigrant community,searching for”terrorists.” The surveillance was done 24-7.Their tapes captured the parents arguing with the girl about her dating an African American boy who was a school classmate.they opposed her actions over and over again until,finally she was killed by her parents after defying their ultimatum.The chilling tape was played at the murder trial of her father and mother.The mother was an accomplice because she held her teenage daughter while her husband stabbed to death their daughter.Of course,that evidence was telling.A conviction was the trial’s outcome.Even the local police didn’t have a clue about the possibility of this being an honor killing,and wouldn’t have had had one without the Feds tapes. Those in the Fourth Estate owe more to the public than a rubber stamp.The McNair murder case,as it stands now,is a whitewash. Ignoring the angle of an honor killing,there is the chance that her boyfriend was a willing accomplice,too.Their violent past may have caused him to be the most promising murder suspect,He’s no Boy Scout.The gun”dealer”should be questioned as to whether he was an acquaintance of the boy’s family,the girl’s family or both.And I say both because both had motives.This ex-boy friend’s father,who insisted that his son turn himself in voluntarily for questioning could be the key that solves the case,too. The family,shocked at Steve McNair’s age and ethnicity,could have given her an ultimatum:kill him because he dishonored them. They may have steered her to the seller of the murder weapon.Then,one or more of them,maybe brother,may have accompanied her to his apartment to make sure the deed was carried out to fruition.Another reason to question the family about their whereabouts at the time of the murder.Lets see who has a clean alibi. Now to the jilted boy friend,who had just as much motive as her family members.Your time line points out that she and the murder victim,McNair had a stellar relationship up to,and including the arrest of her for the DWI charge.Did anyone look at her computer to tell if she e-mailed the boy friend that she was selling her furniture on EBay and moving in with him?If so,what was his response?He could have encouraged or insisted that she kill him”because he’ll never leave his wife,he’s just using you.I know a guy who sells guns.Let’s go to him and get one.I’ll go along with you so you wont be afraid to do it alone.” The murder could have played out in similar ways as an honor killing and ended up with the same results:A dead Steve McNair and his young girl friend.Whoever was her partner(s) could have,and likely killed them both,an easy solution to the problems of a jealous suitor or a dishonored family.There’s a lot of blame to go around.Whoever did it was likely smart enough to put gloves on,shoot McNair as he slept,since he was defenseless then.Even a complete fool wouldn’t want to be confronted with an aware man with such physical prowess.The coward’s way fit the crime,and the ex-boy friend’s intent,like a family member’s would be to kill them both from the beginning. My take on this case,as I’ve said before is that her accomplice(s) physically assisted her in the”execution-style”shooting stage.When she was repulsed by that grisly scene and wanted no part in the murder,that companion felt the need to kill her,too,thus eliminating her as a witness.Don’t rule out that she was forced to open the apartment’s door by gunpoint,either. So,here we are.A killer(or killers) awfully familiar with both victims came into his apartment with her key.The first intent:McNair was killed by two shots in the chest,then a shot to both temples and all were at close range. She was shot in the head by the other person(s) in the right side of the head,and as stated by forensics and amateur sleuths who commented about this apparent,glaring mistake by the investigating team.The gloved double murderer(s) placed the gun under the girl friend as she fell,mortally wounded.Why didn’t the gun kick in her hand,flinging the murder weapon away from her body as it usually does with a person of her slight build?Instead,The investigators say it was”found under her body.”The way I see It,the more the gun is hidden by the body,the more suspicion that it raises in this case of double murder. I hope your paper hires a P.I.to find out who in this cast of characters murdered this young woman and the man who she was in love with,Steve McNair.A murderer’s still on the loose!!

    • VERY INTERESTING! My co-worker also feels the same way you do. I don’t like how the media tried to make it appear that the girl was going through so many (financial) problems, that’s the reason behind the murder. I felt there was something other than that. Like him leaving her alone but that was just my opinion. What you say makes sense.

    • The case may be a homocide-homocide. Guess what? Who cares? It’s not going to change the fact that they are dead. If the police do not care to pursue the issue; I do not blamed them. Because the bottom line the truth came out about his adultery and lies and if he was taking care of home instead of being a out there, may be they both will be alive!

      Trust me, the police may know it’s stage, they just don’t think it worth finding out!


  12. My heart goes out to the wife and kids, but I don’t feel sorry for McNair, he made his bed now he has to forever lie in it. You live by the sword and you die by it.

  13. has anyone noticed how uninterested the wife looks. i can not blame her. it has to be hard to sit there knowing that everyone knows your husband was cheating on you and died because of it. my heart goes out to her and her children. they have to live with this over there heads for the rest of their lives.

    • Yep, I did, she probably wanted a moment alone with him to knock the sh*@ out of him in the face or head for bringing shame to her and their kids.

  14. I feel so sorry for the Mcnair’s wife and children. I seriously don’t understand why women want to marry pro-athletes because unfortunately the some stereotypes are true and you kind of know what your signing up for when you get w/these guys.

  15. My heart is SO broken! What a sad story!!! His wife and children are SO BEAUTIFUL. I pray that God provides whatever they need during this time. I can’t imagine what they must be going through.

    @ Robin

    I like your comment. Mind if I use it?


  16. Man, this has got to be tough on this family. If I were the wife, I don’t know how I would cope, with all the emotions she must be dealing with. Maybe this will be a lesson to all those cheating men out there, that you never know what kind of crazy women you’re dealing with, but probably not.

  17. I feel so bad for her and those poor boys; but I’m sorry,I do not believe for one second it was a “murder-suicide”. Not for one second, they were both murdered, time will tell on itself. Sure, the mistress shot him 4 times (crime of passion), then shot herself and fell on the gun. Sure.

  18. I know what I’m about to say is harsh, however, seeing his wife and kids; THAT BASTARD GOT JUST WHAT HE DESERVED! I’m sick of these cheating husbands and disrespectful women. There is no excuse or justification for the lying dog. He should have read the O.J., Montell Williams; and Kobe Bryant books! And for the record, they were not separated and they were about the buy a house together!

    • Question: Are these women going to jail Steve Mcnairs killer and that Boxers girlfriend who killed him with a purse strap?

      If Yes: Then they deserved
      If No: Then Why Chris Breezy went to go to community service and Rihanna didnt get anything and I know she did something to him u cant tell me that she didnt even though I wasnt there. And plus he confessed.

      Im just saying yes cheating is a bad thing but its really not that serious Guuurrrrl…LOL :)

      • If is not that serious than why is Steve McNair dead? She killed him because she thought he was cheating with another woman!

  19. deja B says:
    July 13, 2009 at 10:13 am

    Is it me or does the mother seem a bit stand-offish twrds the wife…IDK…such a sad tragic

    It seems that way to me also. Just keep the families in our prayers!

  20. Only thing that is sad is that she attended the funeral. He didn’t deserve any respect, he didn’t give her any. That is so embarrassing for her and her sons, good looking boys too. His wife is absolutely gorgeous, like the saying goes, a pretty face or a good woman can’t keep a dog home. Now I know it sounds mean of me to say the things I’m saying, the truth hurts. You don’t see a person in those pictures with one tear on their face, not one.

  21. Only time will heal the hearts of the love ones.
    As a wife myself I can only think of these words:

    You might have loved me,if you had known me.
    If you had ever known my mind.
    If you would had walked through my dreams and memories.
    Who knows what treasures you might have found.
    Yes, you might have loved me.
    If you had only taken the time.

  22. Things have a way of happening where you don’t have to do anything. What is done in the dark always come to light.

  23. Is it me or does the mother seem a bit stand-offish twrds the wife…IDK…such a sad tragic story…its one thing to get caught cheating but to get caught ….lose your life ….and all of your fortune go to the one you’ve cheated on what was the sense!…its like Michelle pulling the trigger herself…for revenge…Karma is crazy…

    • Yes I see the same body language between the wife and mother too..Probably because Steve and his wife were close like AI and his mom.

  24. All this pain…just to cheat…is it too much to just divorce?! This was sooooo worthless! I pray for his wife and children.

  25. The look on the kid’s faces says it all. This is a horrible tragic situation for ALL of the parties affected. My empathy goes out to all of the friends and family members who lost someone in this sad castastrophy.

    • Also I would like to add that remember this is someone’s daughter who obviously wasn’t mentally or emotionally stable. ALL OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS EFFECTED should receive empathy. The friends and families are the victims of this sad situation. I wish them luck going through the healing process!

    • And so what if the wife was aware of him seeing someone else?!?!?!?
      He can continue to see her now (where ever their souls may be) as I go on living my life cause IT IS GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A story read, him & his wife had been living separate. He shared an apartment with a buddy (the one who found their bodies). Maybe they weren’t getting a divorce but there was a reason behind the separation. I don’t believe wife didn’t know or at least think he was seeing other women. What was the reason they were living apart in the first place?

      Him & his wife may have started working things out. He probably told that girl he was going back home to his wife & she snapped. The media tried to say the girl was stressed out about financial problems & so on. But come on, you’re dating a man they say bought her a new truck (registered in both their names), who has money. If times were that hard, don’t you think she could have went to him for help? Sounds like she was being cut off & kicked to the curb. She was probably getting use to luxury treatment & refused to let go.

      I think wife may have covered up not knowing anything because her & hubby were working things out & she didn’t want to make him look bad.

      • Since you know so much, you should have told him to stop creeping with a crazy chick. People on the outside looking in can usually see things that the person in the situation can’t. If you don’t knock it off about knowing the situation! Shut us speculators down than, since your in the loop.

        No man in his right mind (especially a celeb figure) will be willing to take pictures (cheesing) with his “jump off” on vacation knowing it can get back to his wife, unless they were having some form of problems. Not only that, they spoke of the truck he purchased for her being in both of their names. Maybe this dude lived a double life or wasn’t that smart but common sense tells me (if I’m cheating), I’m not about to put my name on nothing I’m trying to keep a secret.

        Maybe they weren’t getting a divorce but hubby was doing his thing & wasn’t real discreet about it. So either he was a disrespectful dude or they weren’t on good terms at some point in their marriage.

        Here’s the problem I have with some women. Kept women tend to live with their eyes wide shut (like they can’t be replaced). They allow these men to run around like wild animals & act clueless as long as they’re sitting in the big house; driving the nice car; etc. I can’t even give a man that much credit on knowing how to cheat without leaving behind some form of evidence because they’re usually sloppy cheaters. So if you don’t have a clue, it’s because you don’t want to have one. Men tend to change up their routine or do something dumb that will make a light pop on in your head, like ding bat pay attention!

        They try to talk about that one basketball player wife (Christy’s I believe) but she know what she’s up against. I’m not trying to say follow your man every move. But at what point do women stop acting so damn clueless?

      • Since you “know the situation,” can you fill me in as to why Mechelle Cartwright McNair thinks that her two sons are more worthy of their father’s assets than the two sons he had before he even knew her???

      • I agree with the dump and not you.I feel as though you dont have an clue on family life or the role and responsibilities of an spouse. In most cases when people are cheating they aren’t thinking about the impact it can have on their family. When they are cheating they are only thinking about themselves at that time and what they want they want. Its never directly an attempt to hurt their spouse and yeah sometimes people are reckless when they are cheating. And an outsider or even someone new in an relationship would know or suspect infidelity.And not about the money or the manner in which she has become accustomed to .She has a career .Also when they wed she accepted the role of full time mom of Steves other children.Everyday life of being an wife and mother is very demanding,not to mention the many complexities of being an celebrities wife. So it very common for people of means to have more than one place of residency and it is also common for people who cheat and money to have place or two outside of home .Did you expect him to bring the mistress home. And when one is being an trusting loving spouse ,why should they suspect or even create a problem if there is no problem. This is tragic but shes not the cheater he was so she and the children are victims .And should be treated as such they need your prayers not your derogatory remarks

        • a wise person you are not so wise.mechelle is not the only victim i dont think she is a victim at all tell mechelle to do the right thing concerning his other kids if she played mom to all of his kids,why she leave them out when she went to claim the estate.

      • I agree that they were living seperated lives and Im sure she knew he was seeing others. My heart goes out to her and the family, but I must disagree with her decision to ONLY include herself and her two children-totally disregarding his other two children- in his will. i feel that is cruel and heartless. The man had 4 children and regardless about how you feel about his other two children they should reap the benefits also.

    • I agree with nayia his wife knew all about steve and his affairs I think she is relieved.Ialso think she is very angry with him she is mentally messed up .she is going to take her angerout on his mom and his other kids. Mechelle is going to need prayer .Steve is gone now.I feel that she needs to give his older kids their fair share of the estate.what you’all think.

    • @ The Dump
      Mechelle says they were buying a house 2gether. Steve is dead so he cant affirm or deny that.

      They def were living separate lives. But yes he had the keys to & stuff @ the house he shared w Mechelle since HIS millions paid 4 it.

      U dont know any inside info. You frontin like u do but u DONT.

      & if mechelle is so golden,if u say she is a mother role to Stve’s older 2 kids, y did she leave OUT the older 2 sons from the estate filing for Mcnair?

  26. Very sad to have to tell your four sons why that their father died. My prayers go out to Mechelle and the boys.

  27. this is so sad, wat happened why they sayin suicide? did she kill herself also? i feel so bad for his wife and kids i really hope they can move on from this and find happiness

  28. Words can not explain what his wife has had to go through. I pray that she pulls herself together soon enough to take care of her children and continue to live her life.

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