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Four-year-old Julez, the son of singer Solange Knowles, has a message for the world: his auntie Beyonce Rocks! Singer Beyonce was spotted shopping with her nephew Daniel Julez Smith Jr. and mom Tina Knowles at Ilori on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California yesterday(July 13th).


Meanwhile Juelz’ mom spent a quite afternoon with her best friend Lala Vazquez. Solange said the following via twitter:

“Me & lalavazquez are lame and cool. lying in complete silence with windows open, not saying a word to each other. listening to Hollywood. Indeed. The kids aren’t here…this is what moms do during free time.[Sic]”


My Auntie Rocks Toddler Tee-$18.00

Julez is wearing Oakley sunglasses and a “My Auntie Rocks” tee by Rebel Ink. Available at RebelInkBaby.

Photos:INF Daily/resized by Blackcelebkids.com

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  1. Listen up, little boys are going to play and get dirty;the child may have just got his shoes dirty. We have to let children be children whether or not they are rich or poor.

  2. hey. and i saw a pic of jayz nephew jj. n he look like jay-z (same ears, mouth n nose) and he cute, so beyonce and jay have a shot of some cute kids

  3. hmmm bey sure puts in ALOT of time with her and Jay’s nephews!!! Is she preparing for her own in the near future??? best of luck!

    • LOL Okay! That’s what i said! Plus u can tell by that big ol’ cheese on her face!

      Btw… Those boots are HOT!

      • Actually, Solange said she brought it. And joked that since ppl comment about how swaggeriffic her son is at 4 that she’s gonna start dressing him in Osh Kosh.

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwww Beyonce and Tina look like twinz in this post. Julez looks too cool for school!!! (I wonder why no one calls him Daniel since that is his first name) Cute post

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