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-Pictured:Katherine Jackson and grandchildren-

Updated on 7/14/2009:Usweekly is reporting that Debbie Rowe has not given up her parental rights (Read More)

Original story below:

It is being reported that Debbie Rowe, the mother of two of  Michael Jackson’s kids, will take a $4 million payout to forfeit her rights as a mother to the children she had with Michael. Whether these reports are true or not remains to be seen but here are some rather convincing reports that point to Deborah wanting to give up custody of her kids with the King of Pop:

-Michael Jackson’s baby mama Debbie Rowe has sold her kids again — this time squeezing about $4 million from her former mother-in-law in exchange for giving up her parental rights, a family source told The Post yesterday.  “It’s one final payday,” the disgusted Jackson confidant said. (Read More)

-”One family member said $3 million, another said $5 million. My guess is that it will be somewhere in between,” Brown told ABC News. In addition to the monetary payout, the deal reportedly would give Rowe visitation rights to her children, Prince and Paris, but would grant custody to Katherine Jackson in agreement with Michael Jackson’s 2002 will. (Read More)

-Rebecca White, a close friend of Debbie Rowe, is opening up exclusively to “Extra” about emails written by Rowe to White regarding the custody of Michael Jackson’s children, sent just days after Jackson’s death.  “I know she’s seeking custody of the children,” Rebecca reveals. “I think she wants the best for the children.” In an email dated July 2, 2009, Rowe’s writing suggests that she appears to be conflicted about going after her biological children — Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11. “I’m not going after custody,” Debbie writes to Rebecca. “These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael’s. I was Michael’s best friend.” (Read More)

A custody hearing for the Jackson kids is set for July 20th, 2009.

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  1. Best interest yea right michael could have done much better she would rather play with horses and dogs than her own kids….. Scum of the earth Their father just died and she is lookin for money…. Beautiful kids thank god they had michael he actually cared…..and u suck all u money lovin leeches….go burn….it should b greedy ppk like u not michael but thank god he is away from this crazy sh!t
    God bless the jackson family best wishes from my heart

  2. I just wonder what Joe Jackson’s other daughter, the illegitimate one, thinks about all that’s going on with her Dad and her half siblings.

    Even though Joh’Vonnie Jackson is 35 years old now, I wonder if she is jealous of all the attention her Dad is giving to her deceased half brother’s test tube babies? At least he’s publicly willing to associate himself with them.

    He sure didn’t care about bestowing a showbiz career on his out-of-wedlock child.

    No disrespect meant toward the children.

    • Astonished, they are reporting on Klein the slezzy dermatogolist again. The report from The Daily Beast is saying that he was asked to leave University of Penn. while he was an intern because he was selling perscription drugs to students. It seems that he was given the option to leave without having the info turned over to authorities if he went quitely. So he left telling friends that he was going to California because he was engaged (never married). He became Head of Dermatology there and UCLA. He did graduate U. of Penn Phi Beta Kappa and sum cum laude. The reporter can not get response for his atty. after calls and email nor from his office after detailed calls to see if they wanted to refute the reports and the university refuses to comment.

  3. How many times can a mother sell her children? There should be a law against such things. It’s such a shame that Rowe just don’t go away, far, far away. I can understand why Michael did not want her in the children’s lives, she is a greedy B-word. The children clearly are attached to their grandmother and the children should stay together.

    • I am in total agreement. If indeed she is concerned with the best interest of children she did not want and did not feel she has a maternal instinct, what is she causing a situation that would possibly interrupt or cause instability in the lives of these children, especially at this fragile point in their lives. If she holds very little feelings for her biological children and the courts are reported as saying that Blanket would go with the older children because they do not want to separate them, what will be left for Blanket? It seem such a precarious undertaking for a judge in making this decision which will affect the rest of the lives of these children. To take them from ones they know as grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins and give them to someone known as Miss Debbies on seemingly rare occasions of visitation seems rather a big responsiblilty as well as a liability. And in particularly given the history of this woman’s cold and uncaring willingness to relinqish parental rights for a price. I just don’t even see why there should be a question here. Though Janet may be a wonderful and maternal attachment, MJ knows that she has a career which would not leave a great deal of time for the children albeit she may love them ever so much. They are used to lots of attention as MJ was really not on tours or recording studios during the years that he has been their father. As for Debbie being the one to advise the wearing of scarfs or masks, I think that caused more attention to the children. There were certainly better ways of protecting their identities. I mean, MJ isn’t the only famous icon who had children and there are many of those children who have been give a relatively normal life with out all of the dramatics these masks and scarfs caused. I just do not see her as the protector and care giver of these children. I agree with Astonished, she sure did know how to get her hooks in MJ and I feel that the dermatologist, her boss and she both had hooks in him. That is another reason that I don’t doubt that Klein, the dermatologist would have been a co-user in making certain that Rowe would have conceived these children by MJ by inseminating her with his own spearm. These people are vultures and moneygrubbers and I don’t put anything past either of them to ensure that all the money ended up in their hands. If, indeed, MJ was the spearm donor and believed that he was, why would he have not been the sperm donor for Blanket. He could have obtained a surrogate still without the surrogate’s knowledge of who the sperm donor was……or since she already had her claws in him, why not use Rowe again for more money? It’s all a very strange scenario and I just think that there is more here than we can imagine. Again, just my thinking.


    • Keeysha.J, I loved, loved, loved your comment, girl! Right on, for telling it like it is, for real!

      If Debbie Rowe were an African-American or even Latina female, all kinds of people would be calling her what she is and I don’t have to write the derogatory words here.

      You put it nicely but truthfully. When I think of Debbie Rowe, I just think UGHHHHH! NASTY! :)

  5. I know that we are all guessing at this case and we all have right to speak our opinion. I personally, do not believe that MJ is the biological father of any of these children. While we all have seen many biracial children, rarely are there 3 children where the caucasion gene is dominant in all three children. It can happen, but it is most unusual. As the reports said once, the Jacksons have no biological link with the children. Whether that is true or false, I don’t know. But it would explain why the Jacksons are willing to strike a financial deal with this woman. I am quite surprised that MJ did not refind the details for the custody or guardianship of his children. A woman who cares as much for her children and Debbie Rowe is claiming now, would have been more active in their lives than it is reported she was. We will all ending up seeing in future, what the deal is. As far as Joe Jackson is concerned, to me, he is just as responsible as Debbie Rowe. They are both 6 in one hand, half dozen in another. I truly believe that if they make Rowe a financial offer she cannot refuse, she will return to her dogs and horses and forget there are any children. and that’s just my opinion taken from reports and news article that I have read and heard; just like everybody else.

    • I agree with you Khrish Hill about your depiction of Debbie Rowe and Joe Jackson. Both just want as much money as they can get from where ever they can get it.

      At least Joe was Michael’s biological parent and was there from the beginning. Debbie Rowe just seems so much worse to me because of the way she insinuated herself into Michael Jackson’s life. She was videotaped saying she wanted nothing to do with the children, “The children are a gift from me to Michael.” I’m quoting her very words.

      If they were a “gift” then why did he have to pay her for them?

      The first time Michael walked into that office where Debbie Rowe was working, she saw a mark, like all of the other vultures surrounding him.

      I have to give her props, though, because for her to have gotten so close to a super star like Michael and cement a deal that tied her to him for the rest of his life…well, all I can say is old girl had game! Whether he was homosexual, heterosexual, asexual or whatever, old girl got a grip on him and never let go!!

      And I don’t think the connection between them was about her beauty or her booty! Well, it sure wasn’t her beauty. It might have been the big ass booty! (I’m just joking around).

      I love what you say about the animals she bought with some of the first settlement money. Debbie Rowe breeds horses but does not sell them, but she used her own body to breed human babies and sold them for money. How ass backward and confused is that? She is void of human feeling and morally bankrupt..apparently a lot like Michael himself was.

      I guess I see what Debbie Rowe and Michael could have had in common…they seemingly loved animals more than humans.

      That’s just my lowly opinion/observation with my under educated self, according to other bloggers, who shall remain un-named by me! ;)

  6. There was a report saying that Janet wanted the kids.I think that’s a great idea because she doesn’t have kids so she has free time for them,and because at the memorial service she looked like a great mother so…..

  7. I personally think that the kids should go to one of their aunts, maybe Janet, idk. Its way better than going to their sorry mother. I think it is good that they can live w/ their grandmother but she is aging.

  8. @Lacy….Shame on you to comment on anyone’s education level.
    Quite frankly, that is very immature of you and has nothing to do with the matter that was being discussed.
    “Denise” does’nt need you to come to her defense against “Astonished”.
    How dare you refute her level of education when YOU are obviously NOT smarter that a fifth grader!!
    Get a life Lacy, or better yet GET YOURSELF AN EDUCATION!
    P.S. Your sentence structure and grammer are completely incorrect, therefore if Denise “can only talk big on here” as you imply, then I would have to say that Denise is way ahead of you because you can’t “talk” big on here at all.
    Poor you…..go and read a book my dear.

    • LOL! Thank you Smarter than a fifth grader! You so eloquently expressed exactly how I feel, also. You make it fun to read and write at this site!

      You notice in the reply Lacy still did not cite or prove that my level of education is low, just like a child, it (Lacy) stated that some other people have called me out online.

      All this proves is that I have the ability to call Lacy out better than those other people can call me out… to use ignorant Lacy’s terminology!

    • To Aria ( or is it really Sha or Lacy)? I will restate that I am only communicating here under the username astonished. I love my life, too. You and your ilk posting here are nuts! Continue to express yourself the way you choose and I will continue to do the same. Go suck yourself!

      • No. Unlike you I am not posting under multiple names.. You’re dumb and a poor excuse for a woman and you are not intelligent.. You’re immature and u need to get a life.. People these days I swear. Grow the f*** up!

    • My question is why are you using another nick name again? Are you trying to make your point with multiple nicknames? Why not just go back to your other nick name astonished?

      The funny part is you switched up your nick name but up above to aria you responded with the wrong nick name lmao boy are you dumb . At least if you are trying to make it look like someone else use the right nick name to respond.

      • @Lacy…I’m so through with commenting to you. This is the very last one. KO.. I declare myself the winner! Yeah!!!

  9. Lacy, what do you base your assessment of my level of completed education on? It can’t be because my sentences are grammatically incorrect or punctuated incorrectly.

    Unlike the seemingly sarcastic sentence you wrote directed to me.

    You didn’t put a question mark at the end of one of your sentences, therefore making the comment a run on sentence.

    I would also like your proof from my previous blogs that indicate to you that I seem to not even have graduated high school.

    I can cite from mistakes in your last post that you seem to at least have been promoted from 3rd grade to 4th grade at a school located somewhere in rural Mississippi.

    You asked for this, I wasn’t even commenting to you to begin with.

    • I have seen multiple people on here call you out for how childish you act on here re read the posts if you know how to read about 5 people call you out.

  10. Very Important Post…
    To all of you who doubt that Michael Jackson is the biological father of PLEASE take a look at this fantastic video on youtube which shows famous black people and thier bi-racial children who look white.
    Michael’s children are also in this video with great side by side comparison photo’s of Michale as a child and his children.
    The video is titled…. “Michael Jackson is the father of his kids(Proof and More)”.
    Please check it out.
    I would have posted the link but BCK may have removed it if I did.
    Thanks…please post your opinions after watching this video.

    • Childhood, thank you for the lovely gift of youtube. I knew that Michael’s genes contributed to produce the kids. They are blessed that he was their father and they knew him while he was still on Earth.

        • @Denise…What family members confirmed that he used a sperm donor?…LaToya?….Can one truly believe anything that she alledgdly says being that she almost always detracts her original statements?
          Michael always said that these were his bio kids.
          I believe him.
          Watch the video.

          • The spearm doner was used for Blanket as well as a surrogate, not the baby seller Debbie Rowe.

        • @ Denise…What’s your source? Tell me, please, what site or link I should go to that shows the affidavit or proof that the Jackson family has ever issued a formal statement or document that states such. You can’t, can you?

          You should research before you post. And please don’t quote any tabloids.

          Your uninformed remark confirms to me that a lot of under educated people visit this site.

          And before you even retort, yes I have a Masters degree but pop culture still fascinates me.

          • A masters degree are you kidding me the way you talk on this blog I don’t think you even graduated high school. It’s easy to talk big on here.

          • To Lacy, I previously wasn’t talking to you so mind your own business. I don’t care what you think about me!

          • (Shaking what is left of my head regaring Debbie-give-me-the loot-Rowe):

            As far as I am concerned, there should be a complete investigation into whether or not Jackson, Rowe, and others are part of a “child-for-sale” scheme. If a regular person with no money and fame essentially sold their children and basically walked away, I am sure that this would be investigated by the proper authrorities.

            The Jackson family should not–repeat: should not–pay Rowe another quarter and, any suggestion to the contrary, should invite an inquiry by the appropriate authorities.

            Children should not be used as pawns as an outgrowth of the twisted and amoral imagination of celebrities, nee rich folks. It is degrading. These children have no real idea who their biological parents (as opposed to biological caretakers) are.

            Also, a distinction needs to be made between Michael Jackson as a great entertainer from the man who was clearly mentally disturbed and, in fact, in great need of himself. How can Debbie Rowe complain about Joe and here is Michael operating clearly as a drug addict (to put it bluntly) with CHILDREN LIVING IN HIS HOME! Is this the responsible behaviour of a parent?

            Dr. Arnold Klen, Debbie Rowe, the AEG people, and a whole assortment of characters that Jackson dealt with strike me as the scum of the earth–people who will do whatever is necessary to get money.

            The actual paternity of all these children should be established, once and and for all, and, as I said, an investigation into how all of this came about should take place.

            Michael Jackson, in the end, should have used his money to purchase a space shuttle in order to retrieve his true self in space.

        • @Lacy, If it’s so easy to talk big online, then why aren’t more people doing it? And why do I bother you? You haven’t talked big to use your phrase, by addressing me.

          I don’t have to prove anything to you nor do I feel compelled to. So, in keeping with what your under educated self just said, you can do what I suggested to Sha.. go do what sounds like “suck” but begins with the letter “F” yourself.

          You sound like such a scholar (sarc) and, by the way, I don’t like how you come across when writing anymore than you like the way I come across. In fact , you sound like you want to fight..you and Sha both. How sick and crazy is that!

          You two don’t know the Jacksons or Debbie Rowe anymore than anyone else writing. Everyone’s opinions are valid and again, if BCK finds words offensive or inappropriate it will edit or omit them.

          So if you’re reading this, it is acceptable to write and you just have to deal with it!

  11. I’m hoping this is not true from what i’m seeing on TV they are trying to figure this out behind closed doors and keep courts out of this which would be wonderful for these chidlren since now even Latoya is jumping on the “pay me and I’ll talk” ban wagon. The word is Debbie wants to keep pimp I mean papa Joe away from these kids and she is willing to work something out with Mrs. Jackson if she will keep them away from him which is good for everyone. It’s starting to be she needs to keep them away from everyone

  12. She does not have the childrens best interest at heart, ANY courts should see that and not grant her custody! They should not have to pay her 4 million, that money should be used to keep the children ie school food clothes etc. Then again can you trust the court, maybe paying is easier.

  13. Whatever decision is made, I hope it’s in the best interest of the children and that Blanket isn’t left out. It would be criminal to separate him from his siblings/family. Somehow I don’t think they’ll do that.

    As far as Debbie Rowe – I don’t know if the article is true, but I certainly hope she’s not trying to pimp those children. People can’t play with children’s lives.

    Best of luck to all of them.

  14. Look guys this is just a rumor!
    No deal has been reached between Michael Jackson’s mother and his ex-wife Debbie Rowe over the custody of the late singer’s children, a lawyer for Rowe says.

    See photos of Jackson and his kids through the years.

    Eric George – who represents Rowe, the biological mother of Jackson’s two oldest children – is slamming a New York Post report that she has agreed to take $4 million not to challenge Katherine Jackson for custody.

    “Ms. Rowe has not accepted — and will not accept — any additional financial consideration beyond the spousal support she and Michael Jackson personally agreed to several years ago,” George tells the paper in an open letter sent to Usmagazine.com.

    Look back at Jackson’s most unforgettable moments.

    A child custody court hearing, which had been set for this week, was delayed until next Monday at the request of lawyers for Jackson and Rowe, a court official said.

    See Michael Jackson’s life in photos.

    Katherine Jackson is the temporary guardianship of the children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket (Prince Michael II), 7.

    • I like Inspector Gadget, and agree with Gadget’s comments and valid points. As I blogged before on BCK, I believe the Jacksons should do whatever it takes financially to get Debbie Rowe out of those children’s lives.

      No matter how people believe they were conceived and Debbie Rowe’s initial role in it, to sum it up, in present day, 2009, Debbie Rowe is a fat, unattractive, unglamorous, twice divorced, unstable 50 year old nobody.

      If she hasn’t gone through menopause yet, she soon will be and the late Michael Jackson’s kids don’t deserve to be subjected to that. Believe me, she won’t be any fun to be around when she’s having mood swings and hot flashes. They need their young cousins around them.

      What does Debbie Rowe do for a living nowadays, anyway, other than accept money from a now deceased man who she has been divorced from for years before his demise last month?

      I feel the children will be infinitely better off even with the dysfunction of the Jackson clan as a family unit, as opposed to living with Debbie Rowe as a disturbed, single mother with no male role model in the kids lives to speak of.

      • For crying out loud yet another ridiculous statement on this page! While I agree with you the Jackson’s should have full custody and Debbie minimal if any contact. I don’t think it’s right for you to be calling anyone names. What does it matter what she looks like? If she was a good and caring mother she should have visitation rights (I say visitation because I do not want the children split up) However she is not a fit mother. In fact the times when she had seen them they were not even aware that it was their mother they were meeting. So that is one of the many reasons I think they should go to the Jackson’s. Not because of the way she looks.

        • Sorry I offended your sensibilities, Ms. Toya. You’re right, my bad. The emphasis should be on that washed up whore’s obvious poor character and goldigging amoral ways.

          I really don’t care how you feel about my previous post being inappropriate to describe “Ms. Thing” Debbie Rowe. If it’s not appropriate this site BCK will edit it out.

          This is America and I can opine all the day long!

        • It matters what Debbie Rowe looks like because most people blogging don’t believe that Michael “LOOKED” like he could have produced the kids. People state the kids are so “beautiful” and must have come from artificial insemination of sperm into Debbie Rowe’s uterus.

          Well I’m exercising my right as an American to say that the kids “Beauty” had to come from the Jackson lineage and not Debbie Rowe who in my opinion was unattractive and nobody when Michael first met her.

          For some people,it’s ok to say negative things about Michael’s Dad, Joe Jackson, all the day long, but old girl Debbie Rowe is off limits! Toya, you say what you gotta say and I will continue to say what I gotta say.

        • Is Toya an alias for LaToya Jackson? Your remarks defending Debbie Rowe sound like something attributable to the Jackson family’s turncoat offspring.

          • I want to know why you keep thinking people have aliases on this blog. First you accused one person of being a pseudo(yes I know the word.. I happen to be a med school student and probably more educated then you) Debbie Rowe and now another about posing as Latoya. Get a life. You obviously are two people on this site and your views make no sense. People like you make me love my life. Im not biased or pig head or immature as you seem to be.

  15. look debbie sold the kids.she might want some more money i do not thinks she cares to be a mom.please read latoya jackson book she wrote years ago. she tells how mean mrs jackson was that she did not like white or jews and that she told joe what to do. well now she is going to court to fight for her white grand kids we must be careful for what comes out of our mouths

    • Katherine told Joe what to do? Let think about this for a minute.
      Their mother is a very soft spoken women. Like I said before everything Latoya said in her book is not the truth.

  16. Even if this is true, she has never had a relationship with those kids, so maybe this is the best thing for them.

  17. My question is this: If those children were 100% black would the Jacksons be so willing to keep them? The question sadly is no. If those kids were full black they would be questioning paternity and trying to get those kids back to their mother.

    • That is a ridiculous statement. The Jackson’s themselves are black as well as the other grandchildren. They have never even appeared to prefer one set of grandchildren over the other. This statement is coming out of pure ignorance nothing more.

    • @Bertha Simon…as long as GREEN (backs) and a lot of it is involved, I believe the Jacksons would take the kids in.

      For the Jacksons, it probably would have been mo’ better if the kids were 100% African American… that situation would have garnered less unflattering attention to their deceased loved one and his family.

    • Well Mrs. Jackson is taking care of grandchildren from some of her other kids; so that may not be exacty a true statement.

  18. Why is anything surprising about Debbie Rowe? Those probaly isn’t her kids anyway, that’s why she isn’t making a big fuss? or she knows she isn’t entitled to anything. She is a white woman after all, even in this day and time, they still give their babies away like it’s nothing. Even the grandparents and family members agree with them. Damn that, noway in hell I would let my daughter give away my flesh and blood. Not the 50′s anymore. I think the best interest of the children is to keep them the hell away from Joe’s old pimpin behind.

    • thats an extremly racsist remark don’t u think? i personally kno of quite a few black women as well as white women who have left their kids to go and “do their thing” i don’t think that its a particularly “white” thing to do

  19. Also what about Joe Jackson, LaToya and Jermaine getting paid alot of money for there interviews since michael has died. All that has been confirmed from the places they have given there interviews for.

      • Well if you want you can also look up those Facts which were stated by the News companys that got those interviews.

        • I don’t doubt they got paid for it but honestly so what? Most people get paid for their interviews. Plus they had to come out and say something because if they didn’t someone else would and lets face it that probably wouldn’t be a good thing. However I must say I really wouldn’t have minded if Joe kept his mouth shut! He needs to start thinking before he talks!

  20. I’m wondering if this is really true. If it is, then it’s a shame. I thought she wanted best for the kids. I guess money made her change her mine…I read somewhere that Janet was seeking custody of the kids. I’m not sure if that report is true, but I hope it is. I’d rather see Katherine or Janet with the kids, over Debbie…Side note: How come Joe and Latoya can’t stay out of the media? Latoya has been telling all the business, and Joe is just a mess- plain and simple.

  21. First off do we know if this is true or not. Look you have 3 stories of there with all different versions . One says she is working out visitation rights.

    Second I like how BCK didn’t post the story of Debbie and Katherine trying to reach an agreement of keeping Joe away nice. Facts are facts debbie has had visitation before for the people that say she hasn’t had any contact with them.

    A paragraph from Michael and Debbie Rowes divorce decree

    According to the settlement, Rowe was at first awarded visitation once every 45 days. The visitation had to be between the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and supervised by a nanny. However, if Jackson was “incapacitated” for longer than three weeks, Rowe was allowed to take charge of the children.

    In an interview with journalist Annette Witheridge, published in the Daily Mail in February 2008,Rowe said she saw Jackson and the children all the time, as they lived only a three-hour drive away. The article said t that the veils used by the children were her idea.

    Interesting since that article was out when michael was alive and he never said any of that wasn’t true.

    So there are your facts for people that said she didn’t know them or visit them.

    • @Sha….
      Are you Debbie Rowe undercover on this site?
      Seems like you’re always running to “your”…oops, I mean “her” defense!
      You know absolutely nothing.
      You’re totally clueless and thats my final answer.

      • Lmao yes because I read the Facts I’m sooo Clueless lmao. Glad you could provide real facts lol please go somewhere and get educated.

        • @Sha…
          So sorry to rain on you’re parade Ms.Pseudo Debbie Row, but I am very educated.
          I have a Masters Degree sweetie…thank you very much for your unfounded opinion on my education :)
          And yes, you are extremely clueless, relying on tabloid media fodder that you insist on basing your so-called facts on.
          What a joke.
          You are so blind, gullible and decieved.
          And you obviously dislike the Jackson family for some strange reason.
          Its not like you even know them on a personal level.
          Unless of course YOU ARE DEBBIE ROWE INCOGNITO.

          • @inspecter gadget do u have a masters degree on michael and debbie? if not u know about as much as the rest of us… sha’s jus repeating wats been said in interviews and i’ve read all those stories myself and they are not all from tabloids…

    • Yes she was given visitation but according to MJ (before he died) and his camp (after he died), she saw them a few times and then stopped showing up.

      • @Hanaboo…
        Mind your business about what I have my Masters Degree in.
        You call yourself being so “funny”…well you’re not!
        This was me and Sha’s debate so mind your bees wax.
        Also, Hanaboo is an idiotic name…can’t find anything better sweetie???..lol

          • Excuse me hon…why were you even visiting and/or entertaining at the kindergarten playground?
            Just wondering??…help me, I’m very puzzled about your comment.

        • Quite frankly ms”inspector gadget” you sound like a child. You act like one.. And this is a public site so I will not “mind my business”. You’re rude and childish.

          • @Aria…You must be even more childish than you accuse me of being.
            Why else would you even bother to respond with a comment to a debate that had nothing to do with you?
            Unless of course you’re really “Hanaboo”?
            Either way, you’re still adding fuel to the fire with this so called “childishness”!
            You are just as guilty as what you are accusing me of being!
            Go think about it and please don’t strain your brain in the process.

          • what’s the matter guys? Can’t have a constructive discussion without being evil and insulting?

        • i commented because i wanted to, i have an opinion…
          conversations are not closed on this site, anyone can add to them at anytime
          i did not call myself anything, nor did i claim to be funny
          u really are acting like a child, commenting on ppls names, wth has my name got to do with anything?
          if u don’t like ppl commenting under your comments then stay off the damn site!
          grow up

      • Also CNN reiterated last night that she had visitation but she only saw the children a few times. At any rate, given her past history; money is what interests this woman. That’s all these children are to her and that makes her the equal of Joe Jackson. I simply do not believe anything this woman says about her devotion and love for these children.

    • Another so called “fact” about the children’s alleged structured visitations with that old whore, Debbie Rowe, is that when they visited her, they didn’t even refer to her as “Mom”. They addressed her as “Miss Debbie”. Michael instructed them that she was a close family friend.

      With all those “visits” she’s alleged to have had ongoing with them over the years, she should have been seated next to them hugging and comforting them at the public memorial as their mother who was once married to their father.

      Obviously, as is expected in most visitations, not much mother-child bonding went on between “Miss Debbie” and “her” kids.

      I bet those kids haven’t asked to see her or be near her since their father passed away.

      • Are you and your other username Inspector Gadget Scared of Facts you talk about how the stuff I label as Facts are not real well a Legal document their Divorce decree is where I got it, hmmm that seems to be a fact. You go by what you hear so called “close friends” say I go by what the family themselves have said in recorded legal documents or interviews themselves.

        I dont know why when I come on here to leave a comment showing Facts you try to insult me leaving rude comments SMH I guess thats how you carry on a conversation. May god help you.

        • @Sha…I only have one user name and it is not Inspector Gadget. And you’re right when you label what you write in your own words as “stuff”, because that’s all it is a bunch of crap.

          I would have no reason to be “scared” of anything you write about the Jackson people. My point with you is that under the Constitution, I have the right to post or refute what you are saying here at this site. You don’t have a market on it. It’s not your site, you are not a Jackson or even a reliable news source of information. I don’t give a care what you think about anything, really.

          You come across as a nasty, sarcastic, angry individual when you write and when someone like me gives it back to you or challenges you, you want to call on the name of the Lord.

          I would tell you what you could really do with your opinions or “FACTS” and where to stick them, but I won’t because I want BCK to post this message to you so you will read it.

          Don’t answer any of my posts if you don’t like what I say because I am going to continue to post comments because I love it..especially if it pisses you off and will reduce the amount of silliness you write about.

          • Do real FACTS that I have taken from REAL legal documents or from the Jacksons themselves scare you?

            Unfortunately People like you have the right to sit behind a computer screen and Spew hate and ignorance. Just by the way you respond to others comments just shows what a hateful and VERY UNEDUCATED person you must be. Think about it you sit behind a computer Bashing people to get some sort of thrill lmao.

            You responses dont get me mad or hurt me. My friends and I just laugh at them and wonder how someone could be so pathetic. If my FACTS from real legal documents and the Jacksons themselves gets you to keep on posting you crazy ignorant comments I will keep on posting the facts until you educate yourself so you dont come across as ignorant on the board.


            BCK POST THIS thanks

          • @ sha(dy).. Whatever… of course you avoided answering questions I posed to you. My remarks affect you deeply as indicated in your response. And you don’t even know me, that’s what’s crazy and creepy on your part!

            You have entered posts on this site more than I have, so you must be looking in the mirror at yourself or projecting when you call me a lonely Internet person. You have a lot of nerve, you delusional fraud. Go do what sounds like suck but starts with F yourself, LOSER!

            I observed how angrily you responded when challenged. Don’t worry. I won’t be addressing anything else you comment about because it truly is a waste of my time and energy. And don’t think you have the capacity to hide your anger, because sarcasm is a form of anger and you rule at sarcasm.

            Also, thank you, passive aggressive person, for wishing me an enjoyable life because I already have an extremely fulfilling life, don’t get it twisted.

            You’re just funny, and amusing to me and at the same time nothing to me.

            Don’t be mad because I’m smarter than you…you can’t help it, it’s not your fault.

            BCK likes what I blog!! And I will continue because it’s fun and like I said before, it effectively pisses you off. And like I really give a care about what you think! I don’t want to be your friend, that’s not what I write about, meglomaniac.

          • Nasty person who can’t participate in a decent conversation without being confrontational. Think about it. When debating stay on the topic and state your views without being rude and without inserting personal attacks. Don’t include your economic/educational status Who cares about your background stick to the issue at hand!

        • @Sha…Did’nt anyone teach you that you should address the Lord with respect?
          How dare you not capitolize the letter “G’ in God’s name.
          Shame on you!

    • The Post broke the story and when contacted the Post said that it is standing by its story. Debbie’s attorney sent a letter to the Post saying that they insist that the Post restract the story because no deal had been struck, however acc: to CNN, they neglected to say that there was a deal in the works. We all know that Debbie only wants money and if they come up with the right amount, she will sell those children again. If she were a Black mother with her past, this would not even be an issue and ya’ll know it. She’s gonna take those kids to live with 13 dogs and 46 horses and money to take care of the dogs and horses. I can’t even believe that they are considering letting her have these kids. She had done nothing but make money off giving birth to these children.

  22. This doesn’t surprise me–in the least. :-( So her hand’s grabbing for more dough. My previous perceptions of her are only cemented after reading something this. The kids are infinitely better off with the Jackson family.

  23. This does not surprise me at all. She never wanted those kids and this was another opportunity to make money off of them. Very sad. She’s no different than Joe Jackson.

  24. That’s all she wanted was money. She needs to go away. Hopefully Michael’s kids can start to heal and they can stay with that loving Jackson family.

  25. Are u kidding me? I mean, I thought this woman had genuine interest in the kids. I know she didn’t have a role but felt compelled to step up once Mike passed. I thought her and katherine could work on something together in raising and rearing the kids. I really didn’t think she was out for money. But I was wrong. I hope whoever the kids stay with they keep in line with what mike wanted for them. He did NOT want his kids paraded around on display or making cd or being cash cows for anyone.

    They don’t have to as secluded as they were but they need to protect their privacy as much as possible. I do not want to hear of them “entertaining” until they are old enough to make that decision for themselves.

    It saddeneds me to hear she would backed down for a price. I mean I didn’t think she would be their “mother” but I thought she cared a little more than being bought away fromt them.

  26. and this is a mother who wants her kids because she loves them? she allowed herself to be bred like a dog so now its time for her to go away.

  27. I bet she would take the 4 million and run, smdh. Well I just hope the kids are happy and are starting to heal during this period of time.

    • What a gold digger!

      She could of at least put a clause in there that would keep Joe from being around the kids… argh!

      My question is… What happened to all that money Michael paid her to keep her away???


      • She purchased Horses and dogs and a ranch; and the rest I guess she just ran through because she knew she could always get more from her personal (cashcow). He paid her 8.5 mill according to reports and after the molestation trial he gave her more. Plus reports say that he gave her money every month. He would have done better to just adopt some children, but I suppose his lifestyle would have made that impossible. Still, why he chose this chick is a mystery to me. I think that Dermatologist is the one who urged her to go after the children. I believe it when they say that most of the people surrounding Michael were there for money. I’m pretty sure that the dermatologist and Debbie were; since they worked as a pair. Remember she was the nurse of the dermatologist. Since she lives with 13 dogs and 46 horses, I really don’t see that she has room for the children or time to care for them. I am convinced that all this woman cares about is money and had MJ left her something in the will she would not care whether these children were even around J. Jackson. How pitiful for these children that instead of trying to offer them love, the mother wants them to offer her money. Given her past history with these children, I can’t see how any judge could rule in favor of her. Joe Jackson is being attached for what he MIGHT do to the children. Her record shows what she has done and said about the children she gave birth to. What a mess.

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