-L to R: Jasper, daughter of Radcliffe, Victoria, Radcliffe,son of Radcliffe, and Maya-

Actress Victoria Rowell, best known for her role as Drucilla Winters from the CBS soap opera The Young and The Restless, became the wife of artist Radcliffe Bailey on June 27th.

This is the second marriage for Victoria. Her first marriage resulted in the birth of her first child, daughter Maya Fahey. Her second child, a son named Jasper Marsalis, was from her relationship with jazz great Wynton Marsalis. Radcliffe also has a son and daughter from a previous marriage so when the two met, “it was kismet”.

Click Here to read about about Radcliffe and Victoria’s moving love story.

Click Here to see close-up pictures of Victoria and her son and daughter.


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  1. I don’t know how I overlooked this post!

    Victoria looks radiant and I’m so happy she found love again.
    As to Maya, she is DEFINITELY her biological daughter. A few years ago, I read an interview with Victoria where she described the reactions she received when she gave birth to Maya and also made a point of stating that she wasn’t raising any “Sarah Jane” (y’all know who that is, LOL). From that indication from Victoria’s own mouth, Maya has likely been raised to be aware and proud of her African-American heritage, along with her other European ancestry.

  2. I know I am late but that is her biological daughter. Have any of you seen Lena Horn’s daughter? She looks white.

  3. Fields, you are wrong .Victoria talked about giving birth to Maya and the nurses at the hospital rechecking the wristband on the baby Google “Victoria Rowell Biography answers.com”. She talked about people not believing she gave birth to Maya on Sally Jesse Rafael

  4. Wrong again her daughter Maya was adopted at birth when she was married to Tom Fahey. I saw her on an interview about 15-20 years ago and she said that. Her son Jasper is her real biological son from Wynton Marsalis. So Maya is NOT her biological daughter she is her daughter by adoption and Jasper is her biological son. Why is that so hard to believe. White people adopt black children all of the time you just don’t see a black person adopting a white child that much. Get it, got it, good.

  5. Vicotoria Rowells mother was a white woman, who after she had her didn’t want her. She did not want a black child. Victoria was then placed in foster care and raised by two black women. Google it, and I also saw it on either Oprah or a Bet Special for Foster Care because she is an advocate for Foster Care.

    WHy would her sorry Mother do this to a child?

    • Hmmm…that does’nt seem so accurate. Victoria’s mom had several “black” children. And (unless I’m mistaken) had to give them up because of her struggle with mental illness.

  6. I wish Victoria and Radcliffe all the best. I read in the NY Times that Latanya Richardson Samuel L. Jackson wife was the matchmaker for this happy couple and Samuel escorted Victoria down the aisle. CONGRATUALTIONS AGAIN

  7. Victoria’s a beautiful bride, I wasn’t even aware of her getting married. cONGRATULATIONS to her!

    As for Maya, she’s DEFINITELY her biological daughter. I read an article on the internet where Victoria was discussing herself and her daughter. They remind me of my own family background. :)

  8. Gosh people stop comparing her daughter to mj kids she the (mother Victoria is half white)and its very possible to produce a white kid with a all white baby daddy But michael js was NOT BIRACIAL(neither is GARCELLE BEAUVAIS(SHE’S HAITIAN FOR GOODNESS SAKES and her sons with her husband mr Nylon look mix not white c’mon people) ANYWAYS BACK TO MICHAEL JACKSON HE LIED SO MANY TIMES ABOUT WHERE HE GOT THOSE KIDS( ESPECIALLY LIL “BLANKET” WITH A BLACK WOMAN YEAAH RIGHT WITH THAT STRAIT SILKY LONG HAIR YEAAH Mmmm ( REMEMBER THE MJ OF THE 1970’S PRE SURGERY WITH HIS FULL AFRO AND VERY AFRICAN FEATURES so who knows where he got thOSE kids from mAybe JUST MAAYBE Dr KLINE HUH?–lol—now M.J u can R.I.P poor self- hating man

  9. Teri this is my opinion, I know those are Michael kids. That older boy have the same stance and both boys have those same shaped hands as Michael’s. Paris just look more like whoever her mom might be, lets not forget crazy Joe have blue eyes.

  10. Beautiful family. I’ve always liked Victoria Rowell.

    Why is Michael Jackson even a point of discussion in this thread?

  11. LaKesha and Cookey, her daughter and son is not adopted. She is biracial herself and her daughter father is white. Why is it that a white woman can have a black child? but a black woman can’t have a white one? people are so simple. I don’t hear ya saying that isn’t Gabe’s daughter by Halle and he’s white and Halle is biracial, yet their daughter have more color. Read before you speak, u two don’t know what the hell ya talking about. The mother was adopted, not her dayum daughter and don’t let me say it again. She looks beautiful, I love the dress and the kids seems to be happy.

  12. Why do she keep telling lies i remember bwhen she adopted that white girl. And if you research it you find out that it is true.

    • You are confused. If YOU research you will find that it is just as everyone else has stated, Maya is her biological child. I saw the interview years ago when she talked about people thinking that she was Maya’s nanny because of the difference in skin color but that she was indeed her bio mother. This woman has no reason to lie.

    • Please stop being so ignorant. Of course Maya is her biological daughter. She had a whole program with Oprah talking about it. Everybody knows she is biracial, so she is as much white as she is black. Meaning, biracial and white produce mostly white kids like her daughter, biracial and black produce most likely black like her son. This happens every single day, there’s nothing strange about it. The world’s becoming a melting pot! Not everything is black or white, there’s a whole lot in between.

  13. She was adopted her children are not Her daughter was produced from her 1st marriage to a white man Tom Fahey (if I am not mistaken). and her son produced from her relationship with Wynton Marsalis. Victoria herself is half white and with a white spouse a child can have little to now black features as you see in her daughter . Victoria did a piece sometime ago when Maya was quite small on all the looks and questions she received about her daughter both children are her birth children..

  14. No, Victoria’s two children aren’t adopted. They are both biologically hers. Victoria’s first husband was White and she said that her daughter, Maya, is the spitting image of him. And of course, Jasper is the spitting image of Wynton also.

  15. No her children are not adpoted but she was a foster child that’s what I’m saying about Michael Jackson’s kids Victoria’s daughter does not look like she has a tap of black in her and she is biracial so we can’t count Michael out as being these kids father genes are crazy

    • shae>>>Victoria is half white herself, so that would probably explain why her daughter looks white, whereas, Michael is not. However, like you said, genes are a crazy thing.

    • Genes are crazy, but not that crazy! The odds of a black person and a white person producing 3 children without any child exhibiting a single noticeable black feature have to be incredibly low. Possible but highly unlikely.

      • I, wholeheartedly, agree with you. It’s just very strange. I know that MJ was a very special person but I don’t think that he was that special.

      • AS is being said hereon this blog, Victoria is not just pure black. 50% of her genes are Europrean, 50% are African. Sometimes we forget this when it comes to biracial people. Regardless of how they look, genetically they carry the identical amount of genes from each parent. Its a 50/50 chance each time Victoria has children. She has a white husband, the children could come our white like Maya or biracial like herself. She has a black husband, the children could come out black like the father, or biracial like herself.

        Really, we are ALL melting pots of various ethnicities. Please take a look on this website:


        Its a genetic study on African Americans. VERY interesting!!!

      • This was covered in H.S bio chances are 1 in 4 with an AA parent and White parent. Odds increase with a biracial parent (Rowell) and white parent(Fahey). Nonetheless, apprears to be a very loving parent and advocate for children in foster care!

      • JJ, I totally agree with everything you said… Victoria daughter had blond hair when she was younger. Genetics is a funny thing, Micheal’s younger son looks exactly like his father when he was around his age. Look at Blanket eyes,just like Michael Jackson. I have a nephew who is light just like Victoria R daughter and he has blond hair and his two brothers have jet black hair. They all have the same father(German)and African American mother. His two brothers have hair just like Blanket and the olive color that these three children have. It is quite obvious that they are not White but mixed race

    • Even with Victoria being biracial, the son looks like his father Wynton. None of Michaels children have that. All three seem to have taken Debbie as the prominent gene, which causes me to question that Jackson is the biological father. And we have been told that he is not the biological father of Blanket.

  16. Well, congrats to Victoria and husband on their wedding. Yes, Caratime2, I thought the same thing. Her daughter is very tall. Nice looking family.

    • Both of her children are biological. Victoria is mixed, so I am certain this is the explanation for her daughter being very pale in comparison.

  17. I wish the new family luck! Her daughter is already quite tall, isn’t she? And her son certainly has the Marsalis family resemblance… :o)

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