Singer Jermaine Jackson was photographed out with his wife Halima Rashid and sons Jaffar,13, and Jermajesty,9, yesterday. The family of four are in Vienna, Austria on vacation.

While in Vienna, Jermaine will attend a gala in Zwentendorf in Lower Austria, in memory of his brother, Michael Jackson.


In all, Jermaine has nine kids (7 sons and two daughters).


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  1. I just wish that Micheal was still here God I miss him SOOOOO much! He was AMAZING!!!!!! I was a HUGE fan and to say the LEAST was devisated over his death. My own family was really worring about me! He just was such an inspiration. He inspired me about stage performance AND my music i play drums guitar and piano so he made me feel like i could do it. When i was feeling bad and still…when i feel bad now i play his music and just come alive again. But I know hes in a better place where people cant hurt him and take advantage of him anymore. And i hope he is FINALLY happy and at peace. God made a very special person when he made Micheal thats for sure. And there will NEVER be another M.J. My heart goes out to ALL of Micheals family espcecially his children and his mother. I know the pain they are feeling because I have lost two brothers and its a horrible thing to go through my last brother I had died only a couple of months ago. I go to his grave almost everyday and talk to him and tell him how much we miss him. He had a heart atack and was gone very fast and suffered so bad before he died i had to watch my brother die litterately with my mom and sister. I will never forget the last look i saw on his face he was not only my brother but a buddy too. Sure we had our arguments like most families do but we still loved each other. but anyway…. i am still greiving myself so much for the loss of my brother that sometimes i just cant function. But i like micheals family about micheal will see him again one day. I Love the other brothers they are so talented as well and they make me laugh and they are fine too! I love the show The Jackson Family Dynasty i NEVER miss it. It would be so cool to meet them they seem so down to earth and cool. I would love to jam with them lol or just TRY to “shovel the funk” with those boys one time thats a term they use for dancing. Well Jermaine… your cool… and i wish ya the best. Just keep on thumpin that base!!! And you do have some fine sons! Peace. And God Bless. Your fan, Tina

  2. How many people live with Kathrine in that Encino house? I thought that Micheal originally brought that house and after all his family moved in including spouses he brought another. If katherine is taking care of Jermaines ex-wife and kids then it is difficult for a 79 year old on social security to take care of all those people, now add three more children.

    • @hope4more…Your observation is very astute. With more and more revelations surfacing about the Jacksons since Michael’s death, it appears that in spite of fame and fortune, the Jacksons are living like a lot of common folks.

      Michael Jackson seems like he was a very nice, generous man and provider to all of fhis family while he was living and will continue to do so probably beyond his death.

      He seems to have been carrying a lot of burdens at the time of his demise. Rest in peace now, Michael.


  4. Oh my folks! So hard to stay focused…yall just flitting here & there between personal insults & Jackson family insults…geez! No matter what Jermaine’s financial situation (which is none of MY business anyway), the caption says he is attending an event in Vienna that is in Michael’s honor. Usually anyone holding an event in honor of Michael appreciates having at least one Jackson family member there to accept the award, say a few words, whatever. The Jackson family has probably stayed silent and closed up too long. Does it make sense to bash Jermaine because he is able to cry and openly express his grief over losing Michael? Is this really a bad thing? Is he supposedly less of a man now? …wonder why our men are so messed up emotionally.

    • You’re right, the Jacksons have been quiet in certain areas regarding their lives. Now that probate,lawyers and other public entities are involved, the Jacksons have become fodder for anyone listening or interested.

      Now we even know, per news reports, that the Jackson mother, Katherine, is asking the estate for money in a hurry to be released to take care of Michael’s kids on a daily basis. Michael apparently was her primary source of income in addition to a tiny government pension she receives.

      When did she ever hold a job in life to receive a pension? This revelation depicts her as living hand to mouth after Michael Jackson’s death.

      I hope she does not have the roof taken from over her and Michael’s children’s head, meaning that Michael bought the house and it may get absorbed into his overall estate, liquidated and divided in another way.

      I’m just saying…..Google it if you think I’m “just hatin”.

  5. does anyone notice that his sons have the jackson’s nose, every jackson kid has this huge nose, every one of them except micheal’s 3 or 4 (if other one is his). doesn’t it seem strange, ump

    • well if you knew anything about the jacksons you would know mj is the only one who had kids with a WHITE woman. the mother of jermaines kids pictured here is either latino or middle eastern. i’m not sure but i’ve seen many pictures of her and she has light brown skin, black hair and dark eyes. to be gonest she looks like a light skinned black woman really. and her nose is wide. so once again you can not compare these kids to mj’s kids.

      besides if you look at pics of blanket. he does have the “jackson” nose. even prince has the jackson nose. its just thinner, but the same shape

    • The Jacksons’ noses are just right, IMO, and that includes Michael’s original one. I don’t know why Michael, Janet, and La Toya had plastic surgery to get small, pointy noses that just don’t look right.

  6. THere is an asphalt somewhere missing its color cause its on Jermaine’s doggone HEAD!!!!! WHere does he get that glue he be pasting on his head, that is not cute. He tryna look all smooth and silky with his hair like his sons got but [boy] you know your hair dont go like that so leave it alone, geesh!!!

  7. Who cares how many kids Jermaine have? the fact is that he married and had kids with his brother’s ex wife. I say he have no morals at all, so I’m not surprised he’s traveling around the world,lol. I don’t see anything so special about his kids, but like Mrs. said in a previous article, it’s all about the colour……….lol.

    • You’re right! Look at Jermaine in the top photo. He has his hand out and open as if asking the photographer to give him money for taking the picture of him and his kids!

      Is dude that hard up? He don’t look like he’s explaining or teaching the kids something new.

  8. Lmao! I just wanted to see pics of their vaca….and I run into all this E-drama! lol….this site really cracks me up!

  9. @ Agree…Please dont apologize for expressing yourself.
    After reading your last comment it made me take a hard look at what I had written in response to you.
    I shouldnt have come off on you the way that I did because you simply wwer writing what you were feeling.
    You are entitled to your thoughts and feelings and I had absolutely no right to object to them even though I didnt agree with what you wrote.
    Please accept my apology.
    As Michael’s song say we should all take a look at ourselves and start with “The man in the mirror”.
    Its never fair for any of us to play judge, jury and executioner to another persons thoughts, opinions or lifestyle.
    Be blessed always my fellow blogger.
    And keep up your posting…as I had stated before I actually do like how you write even when I dont agree with what you may be saying.

    • @Whatever,

      Tears are clouding my eyes as I type. Thank you, because as a Special Education teacher, I try my hardest in my life not to be judgmental when dealing with my students and their families.

      • i am glad you all made up.i think people are entitled to their opinions,even though we all might not agree..anyway did you all know that jermaine had two kids with randy’s baby mama/i was shocked to learn about this and i thought it was awful..he even married the woman,so that makes their kids half brothers and cousins..i just could not believe this ..

  10. Jaffar is really a handsome young man. Jermajesty’s lips remind me of Russy’s (from Run’s House). they seem like well behaved/well mannered young men. BUT wow 9 Kids… talk about baby mama drama.

    • I noticed the younger one’s lips, too! He looks dehydrated and upset to me.

      You know, Jermaine said the real MomAlejandra slapped the little one across the face and this child abuse is why Jermaine is seeking custody of the boys.

      They look nice in their new clothes. They’re fine looking youngsters!

      • I don’t think he looks particulary dehydrated. I see the upset look you’re talking about in the first pic but not in the second. Maybe it was one of those “the camera snaped at the wrong moment ” things, you know like he was in the middle of making a facial expression or something.
        I didn’t know Jermaine was going for custody. Where did you here this? When did it happen?

    • And imagine one of the children is by his brother’s ex-wife. I tell you that is just something that I can’t get to.

      • @ Krish Hill…Both of these children are by his brothers ex-wife…not just one of them.
        That is very scandulous in my opinion.
        But oh well…(sigh)

          • The weird thing is he was actually married to her as well. So she is both Randy’s and Jermaine’s ex wife! Family gatherings must’ve been interesting:)

          • @ Krish Hill….LOL!
            Im behind this computer screen laughing like crazy…lol
            You are sooooooo funny :)

          • Regardless to Jermaine’s past financial problems in the past; he now is married to a woman who is financially well off. They even have clinics and other endeavors to assist people in Africa, which is wonderful. But you know, charity begins at home. While I can never tell someone else how to spend their monies, I still find it very narrow that MJ and Janet are the only ones who seem to contribute to the care of their 79 years old mother. If he is now doing pretty good, why not chip in and help the mother before you start helping others. According to reports, one of his ex wives and the children live at the compound with his mother and the guardianship money to go to Mrs.Jackson, the children and the living quarters are reported as expecting that others in the home chip in to aid in the upkeep of the quarters. It seems a sad state of affairs that legal documents should have to request that you offer some assistance in your bed and board, especially if you have moved into a better financial situation. No one would have to ask me to help care for my mother, even if I lived there or not. It just seems a bit silly to associate your name with such financial endeavors then have the courts say that you need to take care of your responsibilities at home. But that’s just the way I see it.

      • actually ,he had two kids with randy’s baby mama.and randy had two with her when jermaine got with her..i thought this was pretty low of jermaine and also the woman,i guess she just wanted a jackson didn’t matter which one…

  11. first off every celeb gets paid when they are interviewed that’s y they do it duh and i don’t think it was shame for Latoya getting paid to tell what happen to Michael they just reported so it seem bad and to make another jackson look bad and if you realize it is the white media that always talks badly about the jacksons they keep them in the news has the weird or crazy family example it was Justin song and performance but Janet gets the blame in the end for what happen and every time the story was reported the white media would say well shes a Jackson what do you expect. and white media is cnn fox and all the rest they have always been bias and rude to them especially to Michael they have always wanted to dis credited him because they did not like how one man black man had so much love for all colors and power so they wanted to ruin him. Get facts over bias get truth over facts

    • While you maybe correct in your assessment of the situation and the media; MJ caused a lot of the mystery around him on his own. I do believe that he retained a childlike mentality for life; but it didn’t help that he tended to surround himself with people who were not in his best interest. If you are burned once by a child who tells tales about you and you pay him a huge amount of money to stop they attack and then you surround yourself with the same kind of flame that burned you before, it’s not very wise of you. While I think that he like and wanted to do good for children regardless of the etnicity; you must learn from your experience that some are there for what they can get. It is good to have those around you to guard you against those kinds. Usually your family will be more caring than any others, usually. It seems that when his family was not allowed access to you, it gave those who were pariahs more access. There were parts of the Black media who also had things to say about MJ; but let’s be clear, he did make himself more available to the other media as they had more power and reached a larger audience. I thought that it was a bad idea to do that interview with Beashere. Personally, I would have given my interview to Ed Bradley as he finally did. Ed would have edited or questioned him a way that was more favorable. that said, MJ was THE perfomer and noone can ever deny him that. I just wish that he could have been more selective in the people that were closest to him in a personal way. He is, as the song said ‘Gone Too Soon”.

    • @K…I too was posting MY own opinion!
      Why is it alright for “Agree” to bash Jermaine about HIS business but yet when I

    • @ K…I too am on here to post MY own opinion.
      Why is it alright for “Agree” to bash Jermaine about HIS personal business but when I comment about it I’m accused of bashing?
      Whatever Jermaine does or doesnt do with his children financially is no ones concern.
      Obviously he’s doing something thats right because he ALWAYS has those 2 boys with him.
      Thank you for your opinion…please respect mines too :)

      • Yes, we see him with THESE two boys. *Agree’s focus is on the care and treament of the other seven children.
        I’m sure that most of us posting are women/wives/mothers and we are natural advocates for children and theiir welfare.

        Please no personal attacks in the future, you ruined the entire mood of this blog.

        • @Tamika…”Agree” never said that she was making reference to Jermaines other 7 kids.
          I believe she was actually talking about the child support/custody issues involving these 2 particular kids.
          As for me personally attacking anyone on this blog thats simply a matter of YOUR opinion.
          It was never my intention to such a thing.
          I am simply expressing my own thoughts just as everyone else on here is.
          Lastly, I am sorry if I “ruined” YOUR etire mood on this blog though I dont recall ever addressing ANYTHING to or at YOU personally.

          • Your interpretation is correct, WOW.

            I read about Jermaine Jackson’s custody/support issues on another post, and something about the above posted picture combined with the previous story stirred up resentful emotions in me, and that is why it appears that I, without really thinking it out first, made what turned out to be an inappropriate distasteful remark about Mr. Jackson.

            I say distasteful because maybe with his iconic brother’s recent passing, what I said is going over the line for some people. Everyone who loved the superstar Michael Jackson, including myself, is still grieving, whether we personally knew him or not.

            Jermaine Jackson is doing what he has to do to survive, I’m sure. It’s nice to see him with his children as it is for any Dad to spend time with the kids. Maybe going over to Austria to honor his late brother is helping him and his immediate family process their grief in a proactive way. People grieve in different ways.

            As for his adult children that he had with his first wife, Hazel Gordy, I imagine that they wouldn’t be worrying about getting support financially from Mr. Jermaine Jackson at this point in their lives.

            I don’t know the Jacksons personally, but I can safely assume certain human behavior pretty much extends to all of us no matter what our walk in life may be.

            All I can re-state is that I am profoundly sorry if I offended , disrespected or hurt anyone by my writings on BCK.

            Believe it or not, this is the first time in my life that I have ever posted or blogged about anything! Michael Jackson’s passing and the association of his brother with his kids at this site, must have sent me over the edge.

            I promise I will refrain and again, I am very, very sorry. Please forgive me! I really feel that I have made a serious mistake here! :(

    • He has 7 children. Jermaine Jr., Autumn and Jaimy with Hazel Gordy. Jeremy and Jourdynn with Margaret Maldonado and Jaafar and Jermajesty with Alejandra Ouiaza. There has been rumor of another child named Dawn but I haven’t seen any proof of her.

      • And isn’t his new wife an arab with lots of money? His mother said some years ago that Jermaine was the tender hearted one and so easy to cry. She also said that no matter where he was she knew that he was going to telephone her everyday.

        • I’m not sure how much money his new wife has. I haven’t heard anything about that. But I have heard from several of the family (during interviews of course!)that Jermaine is always the one who is concerned about everyone. I think that’s an admirable trait! It’s nice to know that he always keeps in touch with his mother, that’s important, not all grown men do.

          • Yes, his new wife is from Afgan and is quite wealthy. They have a center for A.I.D. for children in Nairobi. As a matter of fact his ex-wife is trying to sue his new wife for back monies owed her by Jermaine.

  12. Nearly a month after his brother’s untimely demise,Jermaine is not so stunned by grief that he can’t go around the world discussing his feelings and crying on cue about where Michael should be buried, etc.

    For someone who allegedly can’t pay child support of $3000 a month by his own admission, he and his kids have a good look globetrotting here and there.

    Life is treating him good this last month. It would be interesting to know which tabloid or network(s) are sponsoring, putting up the money for all of his latest interview gigs?

    At least LaToya plugs the sources who pay for her to talk. Scandalous!

    • @Agree
      Why do you even care about Jermaines personal business?
      Are you the baby mama to ANY of his 9 children?
      Does he owe YOU any child support?
      Get a life already!!

      • Why are you attacking me personally for making a comment on BCK and why do you think I don’t have a life?

        Your advice should be given to Jermaine, not to me. It’s not about me! I’m just giving my opinion and stating facts that have been stated previously here at BCK about child support. :(

        Sorry if child support is a sensitive issue for you!! Hope you’re getting what is due to you if that’s what has peeved you!

        Please don’t project/ transfer your issues onto me, and there really is no need for you to get personal with me. You don’t know me and vice-versa.

        I won’t give details about the satisfying life that I do have because blogging at this site IS NOT ABOUT MY LIFE, but I do have an engaging life and thank you for your obvious concern about it. 😉

        WHATEVER!!!!! I have no beef with you and your expressing yourself!
        Why are you acting so hostile!? We’re all just writing and opining here.

        • @Agree…I have no beef with you.
          I was just wondering about what appears to be your aggression towards Jermaine and his personal life.
          And no I dont have any child support issues.
          Im happily married for 24 years.
          My husband is an excellent provider and we live very comfortably.
          No baby mama/daddy drama in my world :)

      • @ Whatever… Sorry this is a sensitive area for you! Please don’t hunt me down and swing on me! I’m scared!

        • @Agree…HONEY i dont live ghetto-ish.
          Im a true lady and would never swing on anyone.
          I WILL pray for you in a heartbeat though :)
          Stay Blessed :)

          • @Whatever…


            And thank you for your prayers…I’m gratefully as well as humbly accepting and taking them into my heart.

            We’re kindred spirits in that we are lovers not fighters/haters.
            I promise to take a cue from you and be careful of offending others when I write.

            A thousand thanks to you, sincerely, for cluing me in, setting me straight and putting me in my place. I’m only human!

            I’m just writing something on here to be writing and contributing to the ongoing conversation. I don’t feel strongly about Mr. Jermaine Jackson’s personal life ,really, one way or the other.

            It’s not worth it to me to be disliked in Internet World by a real person who has made a comment to me in real time,just to make a comment about Mr. Jackson that will be forgotten soon and means nothing in the big picture to anyone…not even me!

            Take care,live long and prosper! :)

          • @ Agree….I actually DO like how passionate you are when you write your comments.
            Its nothing personal against you per se if I dont happen to always agree with what you write.
            We are all entitled to our opinions and perhaps I too am guilty of being passionate about what I write.
            Thank you kindly for your blessings and peace be unto you also :)


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