Jourdan Dunn is the latest model mom-to-be. The 18-year-old British model has announced to Vogue.com that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend of several years.

“I’m really looking forward to the future and having my baby. I’m lucky – I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!’

Jourdan, who is five-and-a-half months pregnant, won Best Model at last year’s British Fashion Awards.

The Vogue cover girl  is due to give birth in December.


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  1. Ms. Ashley,

    The travesty is this: your determination to succeed is coming at the cost of your children. You talk about the things you have done and places you have seen, which is great. That was “you time”, now it should be “their” time. They don’t care about a degree and success. If they could choose: I’m sure they would just opt for time with you.

    I wish you all the best and pray that you seek God’s guidance in all that you endeavor to do. Keep me in your prayer’s and I’ll do the same for you and your family.

    Love Carla

  2. @Ms. Ashley,

    We were all kids once (making us all gifts from GOD). However, he didn’t instruct us to violate his word and procreate outside of marriage and repeatedly at that.

    Now, if we have sexual intercourses without protection and are able to conceive we will get pregnant. Now, that was established at the beginning of time and as a result of it we became young mothers.

    When your children are older, have a candid conversation with each of them and their responses may surprise you. Your path is similar to mine and you have to be away from them alot to juggle school and a full time job. It was irresponsible on both of our parts to become parents before we were adults ourselves. Given the choice I wouldn’t do it again and I wouldn’t encourage anyone else to either.

    Be Blessed!!

    • You’re right! He didn’t instruct us to do any of it. No I’m not married however all my kids are for the same person. Does that still make it right? NO but what sin is greater than the next? I work in the morning and go to school at night. I’m away from my kids from the time they get out of school until 9 p.m. May seem like alot but I’m determined. I’m 25 I’ve served in the military…been places…seen alot of things!! Now its work and school. You have to have a degree to get what I consider a “great” job so I do what I have to do now so I can do what I want to do later!! Feel me? I don’t throw my kids off on anyone. I have a great family. And like I said if I had to do it all over again I would. The struggles….the achievements… everything!!! It has only made me stronger and wiser. I’m not encouraging anyone to have a baby while they are young, but if it happens you do what you gotta to to make it.

  3. Most models start modeling in their pre-teens. Remember that Kimora started modeling at 13 and was married by 23. So I wouldn’t compare a normal 18 year old girl with a modeling 18 year old girl. I think the level of maturity and OBVIOSOUSLY the amount of money accumulated is on a different level from the average 18 year old. It just seems like we are comparing her to a young high school graduate, but this woman has traveled the world and made money. Most models careers are over by 25 unless they are iconic so this is an industry that caters to youth and beauty. I AM NOT ENCOURAGING YOUNG WOMEN TO HAVE CHILDREN (I’m 27 married for 2 years and I’m still not ready for kids), I’m just saying it takes a special level of maturity to leave your parents at a young age, start a career, and be successful.

  4. what’s the rush ladies? enyoy life, have fun and protect yourselves! 18? i had a baby at 18, i don’t regret having my son, but if i could do it all over again i would’ve waited.

  5. Babies having babies…too young to be a mother???? Children are a gift from God!!!! I take it as such!!!! I have three and I’m going on 26. I agree I could have waited, however, if I had to do it all over again I would!!! I have a fulltime job….going to school….hey it can be done. I’m a living witness!! You do have to grow up fast and yeah there are times I wish things were different but I have a great family….a great man (and I’m not married) but that helps!! I feel like its all about the person. I’m sure she’ll make it…Anyways congrats Jourdan!!!!

  6. wow!! 18 and pregnant. why are these girls in such a rush to be women!
    she Best Model at last year’s British Fashion Awards so i would think that she would be concentrating on her career because it looks like she could be on her way to the top. there is plenty of time for a baby. and i would say the same even IF she was married!

  7. @Memasniece,

    My son was never a misfortune nor did I imply that he was. He was born into an unfortunate situation due to me being irresponsible. Ms. Dunn, is young and still learning the things that she will need to instill into her child. Thence, comes the term “BABIES HAVING BABIES”. She’d better grow up in a hurry because it is going to be demanding. I’ve been there so this isn’t evil surmising!!

    Although, my parents were financially set and there to support us 100%, I wanted my own independence. I found myself, raising a child, working part-time and trying to finish college all at the same time. Now, my plan was to get my degree while he was young so that he wouldn’t notice that I was away alot. His dad chose to leave and be away “period”!

    My baby is a 23 year old senior in college whom I love more than life itself. He loves his mom & calls to tell me, how much, several times a week. We’ve had a candid conversations and he remembers me being absent alot when he was younger. It was then that I realized all that I had missed and the impact my carelessness had on him.

    I will say it again ( HER SITUATION IS UNFORTUNATE), she is just to young!!

    • okay i got you now, its just i hate when people see a young girl get pregnant and say “oh, your life’s over, end of the world” when thats far from the truth…im speaking as a product of “babies having babies” so i witnessed the struggles, and i wouldn’t trade my experience. I just want it to be looked at as another milestone in life, not pity…because thats how some folk viewed my mama

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having a baby is giving birth to a HUMAN BEING who will not be a baby for long. I certainly hope both of them are preparing themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially to take on this enormous responsibilty!!!!!!!!

  9. Alicia, my thoughts exactly. Several years, isn’t she only 18yrs old? whole dayum career in front of her and already she’s having a baby. Guess money still don’t make ya that bright, I really think she is to young for a baby. Well whateva makes her happy, congrats anyway.

  10. Wow…. to bad she couldn’t wait a while, spend a few years with her boyfriend in an adult-relationship… as opposed to a teenager-relationship, get her modeling carreer secured, grow-up some, and then marry and start a family. What’s the rush young ladies?!?

    I know it’s their lives, and I wish them much success and happiness.

    • Only 18………………she is too young to be having a child and at the start of her career. Good luck to her as she will need it.

  11. Wow she is really young to be having a baby, but Congrats to her and her boyfriend. Since they are willing to have a baby I hope they are ready to make the relationship official and go all the way (marriage).

    • I totally agree, Alicia! I thought to myself, “Eighteen & she & the boyfriend have been together ‘several years’?” She’s grown up too fast! Poor kid! :-(

  12. Wow she is the same age as me but I can’t imagine having children now. Then again, she is a model and has probably seen the world and accomplished a lot already. I on the other hand have 6 more years of medical school. Congrats to her. I wish them the best.

    • I just wanted to add that Jourdan is the first black model to walk the pada catwalk in OVER 10 YEARS!!! Go head girl, have a healthy baby and a successful return to the modeling world.

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