-Pictured:Tameka, her two children from a previous relationship, her mother, and son Usher V Raymond

Tameka Foster-Raymond, the estranged wife of singer Usher Raymond, has had an eventful year to say the least. Entertainment Reporter LaShonda Matlock recently caught up with the mom of two of Usher’s kids to discuss several topics of interest , including the topic of 7-month-old Naviyd’s paternity.

Q: There [are] reports that Usher requested a DNA test to see if he is the biological father of your 7-month old son Naviyd. Is this true?

A: It’s insane. I think the pseudo-DNA Request first ran in the National Enquirer, somewhere between them purporting lewd things about Michelle Obama and underneath the headline that we had captured Osama Bin Laden lol. Many bloggers like the afore mentioned Atlanta woman continue to circulate these fraudulent news pieces, so it’s like I don’t even need to discredit them because they discredit themselves. My husband even found it appalling. He was present for the births of both children and would never deny them. We both find it rude and absurd.

Q: Do you still love your husband?

A: There is a quote I have always loved from author Franklin P. Jones! ”Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

Q: With stories and rumors emerging every other day, how are you coping being under the public eye?

A: The media, as well as public scrutiny can be a beast but I have learned it is best to ignore it and I have ignored it for over two years now. Some of the love, hate, pure ignorance, attention and multiple keystrokes that are devoted to me is actually flattering as opposed to hurtful. To garner such a devotion of energy be it positive or even the not so positive tells me I’m obviously well received and rarely go unnoticed. Its all love no matter how you slice it.

Tameka and Usher are parents to Usher Raymond V, born on November 26,2007, and Naviyd Ely Raymond December 10, 2008.

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  1. Just another case of a woman with a lot of kids and no MAN!!!!
    Not too many men want to deal with a women with a whole gaggle of kids.

  2. when i first saw usher hook up with tameka i was so proud cos he was with a nice dark skinned woman (not a light skinned or cooly haired woman)
    i really dnt like usher anymore when i heard he was saying the youngest son aint his hes being nasty and petty…acting like he’s repulsed by her…no1 forced him 2 sleep or marry her…n now their getting divorced n he knows hes going 2 have 2 pay for 2 kids hes questioning the last baby’s paternity (just cos hes the spitting image of usher)…n u no what i think both boys r cute but the younger one is gorgeous because he DOESNT look like his daddy

  3. Well at least Tameka can say none of her kids was born out of wedlock,lol. No one can call any of her children bastards, can some of ya say the same? She was married with her first 3 and she was married with her last 2. She’s not just average looking or manish looking, she’s an attractive lady. Not surprising, I heard the same comments about Denzel’s wife when she was first seen, Venice and Sarina, India Aries,etc and we all know why.

    • You are so right, go ahead and say it. I know what you are talking about. It’s bad enough that other races will sometimes dog our looks. but it sad sad when we do it to ourselves. Black is beautiful, It comes in all colors. We should embrace it, And I agree Tameka is an attractive black woman. I wish her well. A lie will not hold, people say so many negative things about her if it’s true it will come to light if it’s a lie it will die and go away. I hope it’s a lie.

  4. She is not doing it own her own…she has been given a huge ATL mansion, will never be without money and I’m sure she has more than one nurse/nanny to help her care for these children.

    I believe this woman knew what she was doing and she knew that she had to act fast.

    • We can say she knew what she was doing and she had to act fast. Let’s just say she is about the money and married Usher no good butt, for the money. She is not the first. Have you seen some of these ballers who can pull a pretty woman, It’s not because of thier looks. It’s the money. So what. Who wakes up and teach thier children to look for a broke man to marry. I do want the best for my child. And what woman does not want the best. Not in material things only. But we should strive for the best in all we do. GOD wnats us to have happy fruitful lives. Tameka may be a B, but I still think black women need to get better with each other. Cause from what I see these brothers with MONEY aint looking for no woman that look like Tameka. So we need to learn to look out and treat each other with a little more respect. Yes she will get child suppoprt. She could have dies giving birth to those boys. As for the surgery, I think that was not a good move on her part. Plus to soon. With or without the surgery people will love you or hate you. It’s just life.

  5. I think a man questioning the paternity of children by a woman he was married to is disgusting. That would hurt me more than a divorce because God sometimes moves people out of your life for a reason. But to doubt my children would be proof that he is not a man of character, especially to do it so publicly. I f he did have doubts, because I know some ladies do tip outside of their marriages, it should have been a private matter between the two of them.

  6. Black People, I swear, We will never have to worry about other people not likeing us becuase we go a great job ALL BY OURSELVES.

    What did this woman do to any of us? How can we even think to say, we dont like her or something just dont sit well with us. Do we know her? or more important; is it our business? She is married to Usher and she is the one that is dealing with the divorce NOT US. We do not know what happened between them. People get divorced everyday. This is just a things that happenes. People grow apart, cant handle children, maybe want an extra something on the side, or maybe like most people these days just dont want to be bothered. People give up when there are problems and just get divorced. WHatever happened, it is their business.

    She is just an average looking person. She has not glitz and glam. Maybe that is what attracted him to her. All she did was get lucky enough to meet and marry someone in the entertainment field. What does she get for it all these people talking trash about her.
    Maybe thats why she ran to south america. She felt so bad about herself and thought looking better would shut people up. Who knows

  7. wow, delusional much? make that ex-husband, Tamika.

    i don’t think anyone has any complexes about her skin. hell Usher was wit Chili, and while she may have what is considered “good hair”, the girl is nowhere near considered light in complexion. i just think it has to do with Tamika and who she is as a person. something about her seems to rub people the wrong way. i’m assuming it’s been that way for Usher’s mom for a while, and now Usher himself. look, people don’t say things like this for no reason. ppl can say oh she’s nice and sweet and this and that. duh, no one is gonna get up and deliberately be a bytch. but let some mess go down and true colors shine through. in my opinion, i don’t like her and never have. there’s something about her that just don’t sit right with me. any woman who would run her tail down to south america for some elective surgery mess knowing she got all these kids back at the house has her priorities clearly out of order.

  8. I wonder if the people who hate on her that have never met her in person, would have been happier if Usher married outside his race. I just find in sad that some women black women will degrade this woman and WE have never met her in perosn. attituded come in all shapes sizes and color, I don’t buy that it is a black woman thing, have you seen these reality shows? I wish her well including her kids. If you have never degraded her. I am not talking about you, I have never seen the woman. But as a black woman, I tip my hat to her.

  9. Tameka is a beautiful woman and I don’t know why so many peeps in the past said she wasn’t. She looks good to have 5 kids and all of her kids are absolutely gorgeous. Not a cute smile, not the one in the blue, all of her kids are beautiful. I’m starting to think some folks are right about this skin complexion crap.

  10. She has been through so much my goodness!! I hope that she can just live her life and be happy and enjoy her beautiful babies!!

  11. Thats a BIG Purse! I.m like a Man now wondering…What in the World can you be carrying to need all that Room? LOL! I hope it part Diaperbag/Purse!

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