Six-year-old Aoki Lee Simmons stole the spotlight while with her father Russell Simmons, her dad’s girlfriend Julie Henderson and older sister Ming Lee,9, at QVC’s Super Saturday Live at Nova’s Ark Project on August 1, 2009 in Water Mill, New York. Aoki put on a show for the cameras while Ming seemed a bit camera shy. See more pictures of Aoki and family now!


Photos: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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  1. Umm, I don’t care how some of you try to spin it…..Ming is NOT feeling daddy’s latest play thing. Take a from a woman that’s been there as a child..That’s the ‘heifer please, you are not my ma ma and don’t even try cuz I see you’ stance. Blended family doesn’t always come easy it may sound lovely on Kimora’s end but may not be the same on Russells. Hey kids vibe with who they vibe with and being older she may feel daddy is betraying mommy even though she’s moved on. Maybe the next girlfriend will have better luck with Ming.

  2. Ming looks like me when i am angry.LOL. ming also looks like she wants to beat up daddy’s girlfriend. Aoki could actually turn into her mum.

  3. I think that is so cute. people you dont know how many women he has around the kids and how many men she does before she had that african guy, we are not in their life. everyday. maybe the girlfriend needs to loosen up a little bit. stop being so harsh.

  4. Ming does not look happy…………maybe she is shy……….

    But she is dealing with double blends………. Her over the top mom and Djimon and their new baby……..adjusting on that side. Then adjusting to bio Dad and his girlfriend changes……….

    That’s tough on a kid. And looks like little sister Aoki could be a handful.

    HOpe all works out for these sweet kids!

  5. Ming is just sad she’s getting so fat… she’s at that age where she is aware of body image and with a model for a mom and a mogul for a dad… she doesn’t want more evidence of her fatty mcbutterpants years!! I feel the start of an eating disorder if Kimora doesn’t make her feel pretty QUICK!!

  6. Ok why must we assume that Ming is stand offish to the girlfriend, she may just be having a diva moment. and to the one that made the comment about russell having so many differant woman, I mean really think about it he was dating the girl porschia for like a year, he’s dating and just b/c he is dating should not stop him from living his normal life with his kids, dont get me wrong i LOVE! Kimora but going out with a guy for a year and then getting pregnant by him does not show a great example of how to go about moving on either..

  7. even though aoki is annoying..yes i said ANNOYING so don’t get mad and try to defend her like always but anyway i must say these pics of her are funny….ming looks so uncomfortable and doesn’t seem all that happy.probably wasn’t in the mood to take pics.


  9. Awww Ming is a little shy. Nothing wrong with that, my daugher is around the same age and is the same way. Aoki is a trip. I love these girls, they seem very well rounded and respectful. Love Kimora, can’t wait to see pics of the new edition to the family.

    • Okay first of all I honestly agree with Aimee but once again we’re not with them behind the cameras because stuff really does happen behind the scenes and they might be having real problems so maybe Aoki could be just being brave and letting herself feel a little Diva to make her problems go away and I also let myself to feel Diva to feel better but you just need to know how to talk to people older than you its called respect everyone deserves it even if you are a spoiled little child

  10. Ming dsnt like dad’s girlfriend..lol..she looking like Aoki no dont hug her..what wld mom say..lol..then in the pic with her and the girlfriend shes looking like “DO NOT TOUCH ME”!!…LOL…By the way Aoki is out of control…lol..they’re not going to be able to do anything with her come age 13…lol..its over!!..

  11. Issy I’m taking that you’ve had a PERSONAL ONE on ONE with Kimora and her girls to say such IGNORANT CRAP! ALL these JMHO are stupid and especially coming from GROWN A%$ so-called adults. I watched Kimora’s show and on several had to put Aoki and MING in their place. So Ming is not all that innocent. She has her moments too. Why should she tone down her bubbly personality to please the likes of you [A@#$$]! IF it were my child I’d tell you to MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS and that’s JMHO!

  12. I agree with Aimee!Ming is going through that stage and who cares if she is a little chubby!Russell needs to get it TOGETHER having some many women around your kids is not healthy!Look at Kimora you don’t see her having diffrent men she is in a good relationship and I respect her for that!As for Russell get it together

  13. I think ming is about to enter her awkward phase that we all went through you know through the ages of like 9-14 dealing with puberty weight gain and all of that.I also think Ming was embarrassed by Aoki’s behavior.They need to put Aoki little butt in check before she gets 11-12years old because she is going to be a hand full.She seems to crave attention.and I imagine that it is only going to get worse since she is not the baby anymore

  14. I was reading some of these comment in they’re not nice at all.First of all it’s nothing wrong with Aoki being full of joy.Kimora and Russell are great parent.Aoki and Ming knows about business.They design there own clothes in Jewelry.Half of you people on here are jealous.How do you except Akoi too act in front of the spotlight she walk the runway.Ming love the spotlight too,but some days she having a bad one.Both girls are very smart.I have the up most respect for Kimora,because she put her kids first before any thing else.Kimora let them wear make up at home.Stop the hatin people.

    • why would half the people on here be jealous of a 6 year old little girl.This is a blog to stated our opinion. I like to see people be honest about how they feel about certain things instead of the same tired as line they so cute they have pretty hair, cute and pretty hair is only going to get them so far in the real world. Kimora even stated aoki can be a handful she had to check her on the reality show when she ask her about the color pan-tones aoki answered her with an attitude.

  15. Leave that child alone, she is as cute as can be. I don’t see Aoki posing anymore than Willow or Jaden Smith, with their grown behinds. Russell need to stop having different women around his girls like that, it’s not healthy. Wasn’t he just with a black gf last month? I asked sumthin earlier about Ming and it wasn’t printed, so I’m guessing I might be right. It was nothing bad at all, don’t know why it wasn’t put up here. Oh well both girls are lovely.

  16. Looks like Ming doesn’t like dad’s new friend. Maybe Aoki doesn’t either, she just knows how to act phony. Plus knowing Russell this friend will be replaced soon anyway.

  17. Let’s not forget these girls are around a trillion different people everyday of their lives. Moms handles and Dad’s handles. I would not trade places with them

  18. You guys are reading WAY too much into a photo. Why can’t she just be having “one of those days” just like every other kid or human being for that matter. You’re looking at a still photo and making assumtions about divorces and not liking the new GF and all that other crap. It’s just a picture, for all we know it could have been about something as simple as her Aoki fighting over the window seat earlier or something that kids always fight about it doesn’t have to be that deep. GEEZE!

  19. I agree they should not go with mom or dad to everything they have espically when you have a wild child like aoki (lol) remember the NAACP Image Awards and on the FAB Life with her mom she was always the wild child. MY cousian has girls that are the same age and the little one is so crazy but the older one is very quite just like these kids but I agree with Britt even when my 3 year old does not tell me something’s wrong with her, her eyes tell it all Ming was going through something and they should have taken care of that before the pictures whether she was being a brat or not cause i’m sure she is spoiled but the babies come first

  20. There has been many references to her weight gain on this site. If it is the same on the other ones and she has read them, it could explain why she shied away from the cameras.

    Anything negative stated about a child shouldn’t be posted. Freedom of expression and speech is one thing, but being rude is another. There are always post stating how pretty she is, followed by the proverbial … (BUT)…. she is getting chubby.

    • That’s the life we live in, People will say negative things about you on this site or in person. Normal kids get teased at schools al day long. And you know that comes with the public, when you are in the public eye. I mean I would think the media would call Micheal Jackson by his real name now that th man is dead, but they still give him no respect in death, So Ming and anybody else in the spotlight need to be taught about the realities of life, You cannnot silience the post and what people have to say. SO you teach your children. I wonder have these girls ever been to Disneyworld instead of some high fashion adult event with their parents and cameera in their face.

  21. Its typical two beautiful sisters with two different personality..Its okay as long as they both be successful in life, even if it means that one folloow mommy footstep and be the model while the other follow daddy and run thigs behind the scene…but they both have the face to model!!!!!

  22. I told yall those cute little girls are in to many activities, One or two, but kids want to live normal lives, They don’t want all that attention and camers in their face, Now Ming is like her Mama she loves the camera,and being a little drama queen. It’s cute when they are little but that gets old, and their is a real world out there. As for old Man Rusell, how many women do these gils have to get use too.

    As for Ming
    In a few years the child has gone through

    1. A public divorce, her parents and the home she knew broken up
    2. Her Mother brings a new man into the house
    3. Her Mom brings a new I am sure cute little brother into the house
    4. Aoki gets and steal all the attention and loves the camera
    5. They are always at some grown up event.
    6. Not to mention their Mother has them in to many activities , That’s according to Russell. But I agree. One or two.
    7. I could go on and on.

    Divorce, Death, and the change of a normal family home is a bit much for kids. They just want normal lives sometime.

    Someone said it above, They don’t want those camera’s in their face all the time, The adults don’t like it, so how do you think kids feel.

    That’s just my take I am looking in from the outside. Let’s wait until they are older, they will tell you all about it.

    That’s why the Obama’s will not let the girls do anymore media or interviews. Time will tell, I wish them well.

    • aoki is like her mother not ming. russell needs to learn from his younger brother and take his children somewhere like an amusement park and let them be children. the other post shows the simmons family having fun in flordia.

  23. I can relate to ming being shy is a serious thing and can lead to some disadvantages but nothing is wrong with her…its just not good sometimes and the same with Aoki…sorry to be so down im shy to so im going through some things myself…nice family too no drama between kimora and russel atleast I havent heard of any :)!!!!

  24. Some how I may be wrong however I thınk Mıng ıs the chıld that may be affectıve by her parents dıvorce seems to be lost ın the mıddle or last for gettıng attentıon from her Mom and Dad how does

  25. Aoki is like a drag queen in a little girl’s body! It’s cute, though. All sibling’s personalites are so different and she and Ming seen to be polar opposites, at least in these photos.

  26. Russell is foolish for leaving Kimmora. She is truly fabulous but that’s okay she has a real sexy man now. The kids are cute.

    • What “sexy” man? You couldn’t possibly be talking about Dijimon because there’s nothing sexy on him but his abs. Russell got him beat in the looks department, he’s just not as physically fit or young Lol (even though Dijimon and Kimora still have a huge age difference). Then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

  27. In looking at the pics, it appears to me, that Ming is truly uncomfortable with yet another girlfriend(If this is the case). I mean she is showing her no embrace in the photo! Probably fed up with daddy changing girlfriends again, just when they get comfortable with someone. And with Aoki being younger, maybe she just hasn’t grasped that concept yet. I always feel so bad for children with Hollywood parents. Some may be happy, but the majority have to go through personal issues on BLAST right along with the parents. Gotta Suck!!

    • that is not the case because there is another picture(not on this website) where it was just ming nd the girlfriend playing pattycake(or a another hand game) on the beach

      • So with Ming “playing pattycake” “(or some other hand game)” in a different picture, you think she has adjusted? No questions to daddy? As to what happen to the last girlfriend.

      • Did I read that comment correctly? Ming/Aoki know the business…you joking right? How the hell do children their ages know the business? The “Business Team” could consult until they were BLUE in the FACE and these babies still would’nt understand!! And your accusing adults of “hatin” on kids..please wake up!!

  28. Right…Ming/Aoki have been thrust upon the cameras since birth, what the HELL do we expect?! And I agree, she is just a kid having fun. What just because Ming is having a shy moment Aoki cant enjoy herself? And I think we are focusing on the wrong thing! What is up with dude and all these young, model chics? What impression is he sending to his daughters? I’ll be glad when he settles down for real!

  29. she’s a KID clearly having a good time. some of you ppl clearly have issues. negativity in every single story about kids. wow!! their mom is kimora lee….if both girls just stood in front of cameras…you would ask where’s their personality?! just b/c of who their mom is….it’s a given that 1 or both girls would have some kind of spunk/attitude/diva ways.

  30. That’s a kid for ya’. Not that she acting out but she’s being 6 or 7 just because her parents are in the business doesnt mean she has to stop being a kid, Ming looks like she was mad at something in one of the pictures to me looks like she was crying
    p.s. is this a new girlfriend I thought the girlfriend was black or she looked mixed or something not that it matters about her race just thought he was with someone else

  31. Aoki better WORK! Lol she is too much and too cute with her over grown self. Lol She’s definetly gonna be the taller sister and may even be taller than her Dad. Ming’s a cutie too.

      • Lol More than likely they both probably will. He is kind of short but I find it funny that all his GF’s are always taller than him.

      • And am I the only one that thinks Solange and Beyonce when they see Aoki and Ming? Idk what it is but when i see Ming and Aoki I imagine thats what Beyonce and Solange were like when they were young. Btw I se nothing wrong with Aoki’s love for the camera, with some kids you’ll have a hard time getting them to smile for school pics.

  32. From most of the pictures I have seen with Ming recently, it doesn’t seem like she’s too happy to be in front of the camera. If that is the case, I hope that her wishes are respected. The girls are two different people, and it looks like that is Aoki’s thing and not Ming’s. I don’t thing Aoki is being arrogant or anything, it’s probably that posing and being in front of the camera is her savvy. I have two girls just a year apart, and I had to accept that they are separate individuals with their own personalities. Sometimes Ming may want to be in the spotlight and sometimes she may not.

  33. Aoki always steals the spotlight.She is soo tall.Ming is tooo cute.Ming isnt going to be the one into tv && all.But Aoki she’s gonna be on everything doing her poses.Cute kids Kimora && Russell

  34. lol, GET AOKI!
    Aww, Ming…she must be having a bad day. Normally, she gets it too. Both are still stars!

  35. aoki must be in need of some attention she is always posing and being the center of attention. this is not cute behavior

    • I agree to much Aoki!LOL that is why I love Ming she is so calm but that Aoki is something else!LOL she is so like Kimora its not even funny!

  36. I completely agree. I always thought she was a little too much. They need to tell her to act like a lady and calm down.

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