Kimora and family Ok! spread

Baby Phat CEO Kimora Lee Simmons and her beau, actor Djimon Hounsou, have introduced their little bundle of joy via a photo spread with OK In the article feature, Kimora opens up about her new son Kenzo Lee Hounsou, her secret wedding ceremony and life as a soccer mom to her daughters Ming Lee Simmons,9, and Aoki Lee Simmons,6. Lots more pictures now!



Kenzo was born on Saturday May, 30th. He was 8 lbs and 20 inches.

InsiderTv will feature little Kenzo Lee tonight(August 5th) so check your local stations!

Pick up the new Ok! magazine feature on stands today!

Source:Twitter/Ok magazine

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  1. kimora,though you have heard this countless times from your numerous fans but your worth it, ‘you inspire me’ and why I cant help it is because we have alot in common.I hope we will meet on top of the ladder of success someday.Congrats on baby K.

  2. Your Family Is Just As Beautiful As You R, That Little Boy Of Yours Is Brown Sugar All The Way Around. He Just Makes U Want To Eat Him Up. Lol Congrats On Your New Arrival.

  3. that is the cutest baby yet! i know he’s going to be the most handsome thing in a few years. they look like a beautiful happy family. i wish them the best

  4. I will be reading all about these children. I love the way Kimora interacts with her girls. They will never grow up with anything but a positive and secure self image. That is such an asset to helping children succeed in this nation. I know this boy is going to be as regal as the prince she intends him to be. Go ahead Kimora, do your thing.

  5. Awwwww what a Fabolous Family!!!…the new addition is just sooo cute!…and aoki and ming they are just gorgeous they were in Panera Bread in Bridgehampton not too long ago when i was there i should have taken a pic to post on here!!

  6. I would just like to say congraulations on your new arrival and your beautiful family and wish you all the happiness you can take….much love

  7. Some of these posts reinforce the stereotypes like”once you go black,you never go back”and”the blacker the berry,the sweeter the wine.”My light-skinned female friends pick their darker brothers because of another stereotype:They have a bigger [man part].It’s not strange to see women judge a man by fantasies and old wives tales like these or”sizing a man up”the same way men do with women:big breasts,hips,junk in the trunk,thick,ect,ect,,,,,,Skinny Minnie,….
    I say what matters is that two people are attracted to each other,and it dose not always work out,and happiness is a journey not a destination.

  8. beautifull, beautifull little boy. Especially that last picture of him sleeping…I could just take him up and cuddle and cuddle him…

    congrats to Djimon and Kimora

  9. I think if Kimora and her family can deal with her neck you should too. At least she doesn’t have MY neck. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

    Of course, MY children are/were more beautiful babies (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). But really, that little pank-lipped boy should have his own poster, he is soooooo cute. The family pictures are smokin’. Djimon is so handsome, as usual. Take the shirt off again.

  10. I don’t think the money matters now,I think Kimora is really in LOVE and I am so happy for her! Beautiful kids!

  11. He is precious! He is going to be so handsome when he gets older! I was waiting so long to see his pics and it was so worth the wait! Kimora is gorgeous and so are all of her babies! GOD BLESS them! And Kimora when is your next fragrance coming out???????? Soon I hope!

  12. RE: Black hate. In order to hate something you have to love something else, in comparison. If you hate African features you love European features. There is a whole history behind that and yes it has a lot to do with white mainstream media.

    In other words we can blame people for appreciating what they like but let’s not act as if there aren’t double-standards for beauty in this country based on race. Kenzo is the new America but old America is still trying to come to grips with it’s past.

  13. kenzo Kenzo Kenzo Yay!

    Those big pouty lips so cute, and that flawless chocolate brown skin is absolutely delicious.

    A very beautiful baby with a loving family.

  14. that baby is so handsome. i love his skin tone. I’m lighter but i’ve always wanted to have that flawless dark chocolate skin. Kimora definitely makes cute babies :)

  15. I am fan of Kimora. Her family is beautiful. She is a natural beauty and I don’t believe she’s had plastic surgery. Something may have been photoshopped by the magazine, if anything. The children, however, don’t need smoothing, they are gorgeous. Great photos!

    • Not that it matters, I love Kimora too… but she did have a nose job. Check her pics from back in the day when she first started modeling. Noticeable difference.

      • Thank you. Plastic is a common option for celebrities (Michael Jackson wasn’t the only one) as well as for anyone else who can afford it.

    • I guess I made an error saying “plastic surgery”. Maybe more appropriate to say is a “beauty treatment” was done possibly to smooth those creases some say 3 necks) she had developed for whatever reason on the front of her neck.

      My point is, that in addition to being color struck at this site, I’d like to add that some people express a lot of negativity and tend to be hyper-critical of the celebrities and even other people writing at this site.

      This is truly an Internet phenomenon which I guess has it’s roots in the anonymous nature of the communication.

  16. wow people talking bout that color of the skin but fail to realize that the father is of “darker color” the baby is korean and african american for pete’s sake…he is a MIXED baby…either way his skin color is beautiful.

    • to correct you the baby is Korean,African-American and African
      either way the child is beautiful, and i just love his as a whole, cannot wait to see how he grows up,

      also..i disagree he will not look like tyson beckford, but he will look like himself.

  17. Children are a gift from GOD, you have a beautiful family…remember that family is the most important gift from GOD always give thanks…God bless you and yours…

  18. That baby just looks so perfect especially in the last picture with his little baby blue onesie. His lips are so cute. He is just so adorable to me and they all make a beautiful family.


  20. Beautiful family….beautiful pics, can’t wait to read the article in OK magazine. The baby is gorgeous. Congrats to Kimora and Djimon.

  21. LOL @ the idea that the Media is even aware of ‘our’ color issues. They’re not. They have other concerns and not a clue that some black people put European standards on a pedestal over African ones. This just goes to show how deeply embedded these issues are.

    • I beg to differ. There have been so many pieces in the media, written and visual, about the bias within the Black community because of color. This comes from way back in slavery and I do agree it’s time for us to find something else to talk about. In this day and time it just sounds so ignorant.

  22. forget about the media degrading black people, were doing a fine job ourselves. Hello, black people come in all shades and lighter is not beter than darker and vice versa. Damn get over it. P.S. not every light skinned or mixed person is cute!!!

  23. People need to stop speaking for others you can’t make a statement such as “Believe me I know what people think” you have never met me you have no idea what I think. There are some who worry about the wrong thing such as who is beautiful and who is not. Yes, everyone has the right to their opinion but we all have our own definition of what beauty is. For me everyone is beautiful in their own way. As a society we are way too focused on beauty and good hair, light skin or dark skin. Love people for what they have to offer and for who they are and stop worrying about hair and skin color and stop acting like other races are better because they adopt darker children or date darker men. For everyone of those people you are praising there is one of them hating someone because of the color of their skin. Do something to help the self esteem of our children. If I didn’t know myself and love myself reading this stuff about how terrible black people are would take away any self esteem I may have. I work with girls of color for a living and I work to teach them it is a wonderful thing to be you. Next time you go to criticize or tear someone down think of the child who may be reading your hurtful words.

  24. Happy that the pictures of Kenzo are released. This is one pretty baby and he has lips like his mother and a head like his father. Congrats Kimora and Djimon!!

    Jane, it’s not the media that wants to bring down or lighten darker black people. It’s black people that to this to other black people and if the media does it, they got it from Us. What u said about dark male celebs going after lighter skinned women only. It’s because they aren’t happy with themselves.

    • I have to semi disagree with that. The issues within the black race didn’t begin with the black race but seems to be the responsibility of our own. There was a time where you wouldn’t see a Kimora a Djimon or any other non-white person and the explaination would be they’re too ethnic or flat out black or too dark.

      It’s gotten better but again much of the complexes within our race didn’t begin with us. Now as it relates to this topic not sure where the media ties in.

  25. Will we ever be able to outgrow the conversation of color and hair texture. Man I sure hope we do because it always sounds so ignorant.

    I have been waiting for pictures of this baby and the family looks great. This boy is going to be an Adonis. Congratulations. Thanks BCK.


    • I thought we were discussing the new baby boy. How did we get into hearing about the life stories and hair/color of the posters. The baby is very cute and the family seems really happy. Can we keep the topic on how cute the baby is and not on people who are bragging about their own color and hair. Get a life. Nobody cares what white nurses or white people think about our babies. That all sounds so ignorant. Move along. It seems our people take one step forward and 4 back.

  27. I can relate to this in part. I myself am the product of a mixed marriage (my father’s white, my mother black) and people would have such a hard time believing I was her child given that my mother’s complexion runs even with Queen Latifah’s and I came out the near spitting image of my father – fair skin (at first blush, most people peg me for white or of hispanic descent), curly/wavy brown hair and all. What I hope more people come to realize in the generations to come is that black comes in varying shades, shapes, and textures of hair. It is not something easily defined or contained within a neat little box on a census form, especially now, given the greater visibility of mixed marriages/children. Anyway, I’ve meandered way off topic here, but I wholeheartedly agree that Kenzo is a gorgeous, gorgeous baby.

    • “Fair Skin?” What the heck! So do babies with a dark complexion have unfair skin. Fair is a European term meant to seperate the palest of europeans from those that had some color. It has since become a definition of beauty that many brown people seek to achieve by beaching their skin. In inda it is actully called fairness cream. This is not slight against you or your skin tone but your choice of words and how you define who you are.

      • Isn’t it all so stupid. When Dr. King said that we should judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character, he was also, unfortunately talking about a lot of his own people. it seems this website is obsessed with skin color and hair texture.

  28. Luvvieboo, you are just as ignorant as the come…To say ANY SHADE RACE OR COLOR is better is an abomination..THis baby is gorgeous he is a gift, a child…The family is beautiful…To say what you said solidifies that you are JUST as freaking color struck as it gets!!…Non sense…it’s really sad for you!

    • Yania, I know you probably didn’t mean to sound funny in critiquing Luvvieboo, but it cracked me up! The color struck part of your comment!

      I thought you’d also throw in that the term is “grade of hair”, not “grain of hair”.

      It makes you wonder if some people writing have a “grain” of brain matter.

    • i read her post three times to make sure i did not get the wrong meaning of her message and she did not say one race is better than the other she is only stated what kind of men she likes and how some other people perfer light over dark

      • I thought it was just me!! I read it (Luvvieboo’s comment) a ton of times too.

        I think the comment was meant to be positive an complimentary.

  29. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweetie, awwwwwwwwww…he’s just to cute for words, omg,his complexion is beautiful. The whole family is beautiful, know daddy luvs his little man.

  30. This baby is gorgeous!! Aoki is also gorgeous. Kimora, not so much, her 3 necks bother me. Ming…just annoying. Djimon,ummmm?

    • Maybe my vision is a little askew, but I don’t see “3 necks” on Kimora in any of these photos.

      If she ever did have them as you say, she must have spent some of that whole lot of $$$$ that she has to smooth her neck out, because she and her neck and her family look beautiful in these pictures.

      • No she didn’t pay to have her “3 necks” smoothed out. The pic is photo shopped so that her neck appears smooth.

        • You don’t have to be snide in your retort to my comment. How do you know definitively that the photo has been altered? Have you met Kimora? Have you seen her up close and personal? Did you ask her?

          I was just speculating about the smooth appearance of her one neck in my comment.

          Why are you so hostile?

    • I just noticed…Yeah I don’t see her 3 necks in these pix. She must have lost them along with the Baby Fat.

    • Wow… Why does the shade of the child’s skin come into convo. on here?!

      He has beautiful brown skin and he has a cute face to go with it! =D

    • LMAO. i think you have the two girls confused. But yes Kenzo is gorgeous !! i love the last pic of him alone !!!!

    • WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU SEE 3 NECKS? She looks really good to have just had a baby.

      Overall, I think the entire family looks really nice.

    • Do you know her personally? I bet she would love to meet your child… Grow up from picking on children, PLEASE!

  31. ooooooooooooooooooooohh he is a cutie kimora… his lips are sooo cute he looks like aoki an his daddy they all look beautiful, love djimon btw

  32. I, for one, am not surprised. I <3 Djimon and, lest some of you forget, BOTH parents were models. Kenzo is beautiful.

  33. What a beautiful baby!!!! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think both Kenzo and Ming are beautiful children, but I’ve never understood the fascination with Aoki. Is it because she’s light skined?

  34. I can’t tell who he looks like (features-wise) but it will take a few months before you can tell.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t show pics of my baby if I were famous until they were 5 or 6 months old because that’s when most babies get into their “perfect baby” look.

    (When they start to show personality and can do more than just sleep and ball up their fists, although I think that’s cute too!)

  35. I don’t mean to go there, but she and Tyra are best friends, this has got to be eatin Tyra up right now. I don’t understand what Tyra is waiting for. She needs to get married and settle down, or atleast have her some babies. (Cause we all know “Mr. Perfect” is hard to find) I know that is what she is waiting for, but I want this for her too, She deserves it.Come on Tyra, Now is a good time so that the babies can grow up together.
    I’m just sayin!

  36. The fammily is absolutly gorgeous!!!!!!!The baby boy just made the whole thing complete!Dark skinned with pretty hair..you just can’t go wrong!!!!!!I just LOVE ITT!!!!!

  37. ok, he’s a cutey. i wasn’t sure how his features would turn out, but he’ll be a heart-breaker when he gets older.

  38. here we go with the IGNORANT remarks again.

    that baby is a BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE MORSAL..GOOD LUCK to Kimore and Djimon on their family.

  39. Wow, he is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if people were expectng a lightskinned baby. I am glad he turned out like this because his father is so fine.

  40. I’ve been waiting for this one!!! OMG and he is as gorgeous as I thought he would be. He looks like a porcelain doll. Congrats on having a healthy and happy family!!! Wonderful post BCK

  41. What a precious baby!! He is everything I thought he would be and more, I will say :) I love this family altogether. [Side note: Black people look so beautiful in white… IMO.] I’m glad everything could come together for Kimora second time around.

  42. well,i see he didn’t get the light skined gene,lol,just kidding. all i can say is i hope he grows up to be as fine as his daddy,and i will reserve judement on his looks until he gets older and i can really see if he grows up to be a handsome chocolate carbon copy of singer tyrese. :0))))

    • So in other words, you must be colorstruck, whereas the light skinned Mom (Kimora) of this baby is not. If you’re a Black person writing, I feel sorry for you expressing such hatred toward your own race based on skin pigment.

      “Didn’t inherit the light skinned gene”. As if there’s something wrong with that.

      And stop laughing at your own so-called jokes and picking on defenseless babies featured in pictures.

      Nobody else is laughing, Lioness! Roarrr!

  43. Gorgeous family! The baby already seems to have inherited the best of both parents. That is a beautiful family portrait of a modern blended family. Multicultural/multiracial and radiant!

    I ADORE this!

      • His “hometown in Africa” ???
        Lol!! Y’all crack me up acting like Africa is a city or country and not a huge CONTINENT like it is.

  44. What a cutie! They have such a beautiful family!!!! Kenzo is gonna be a heart breaker…Look at his handsome father!

  45. Ok so this is Kenzo.Well his little outfit (the white one) is cute.Other than that i’ll keep my other comment to myself…Ming and Aoki look nice and so does Kimora.I see Kenzo has his sisters lips.

    • I think alot of people are forgetting the fact that Kimora is half black herself, she is not just asian. In light of that, the baby has 75% black genes. Also, Djimon is real dark skin and Kimora is a caramel/tan complexion so i am not at all shocked by the coloring of the baby like some people are.

      Aoki and Ming turned out so light skinned because Russell Simmons and his family are extremely light skinned people. It is possible that he had some white in his family you never know. So even though aoki and Ming have 75% black gens also, the fact that Russell is so light and kimora is so light, that would explain their coloring.

      Come on people!
      That baby is gorgeous!!!

      • Umm… what does that have to do with M.’s comment? Everyone has a different opinion on things and M. didn’t say anything bad but for what she did said I agree with. No one cares about the family break down you just gave on skin color.

        • yeah Issy I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one. I think M’s comment was just plain ignorant..I’ll keep the rest of my comments to myself??” how about you shouldn’t say nothing at all.

          In all honesty this whole cultural breakdown is a farce. If you have 1 drop of black blood in you..you are considered BLACK.

          Either way, Kimora, Aoki, Ming, Djimon and Kenzo are a BEAUTIFUL BLACK FAMILY!

    • YEP definitely!!!!!!
      Had this baby been the shade of the other two girls….WOW alll of a sudden he would have been the cutest thing under this sun and no one would want to “keep their comments to themselves” because they would be gushing about him.
      Although there are alot positive feedbacks towards this baby, any hint of negativity is because of his skin tone, period.

      It is sad but that’s life i guess.

      He is absolutely gorgeous though!!!!! the cutest baby boy on this site hands down.

      • I agree with all of your comments, He is the cutest little thing, and it’s sad that his complexion had to be brought into this, because it really shouldn’t matter. His mother is 1/2 African American and his father is 100% African, which makes 1/2 of little Kenzo’s genetic makeup African, not African American, so there are really no suprises here. Kenzo will be a heartbreaker when he is older. He is only 3mths old and already has haters,so sad.

  46. Ming Lee & Akoi are starting to look like their old selves. Because they haven’t been look as cute as they usually do.

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