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Philip Bailey, the lead singer of Earth, Wind & Fire, and his family attended the 16th Annual Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant at the Universal Sheraton Hotel on August 16, 2009 in Universal City, California.

Philip is married to his second wife, vocalist and EWF backing singer, Krystal Bailey.

BCK Says: BCK has no idea how many kids Philip has. Have any idea how many?

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  1. I actually met Phillip Bailey’s first wife back in the early eighties. My sister and she was friends during that time, so my sister and I went to their home and visited with her and the children. I know that they had either four or five children. We had a good time chatting and taking pictures with them. What a beautiful family and also a lovely home.

  2. Philip has 6 children,4 with his first wife,a daughter from one of the members of the group the Emotions,and 1 child with his second wife.

    • Hi Philip Bailey’s first wife was a strong Sister from his hometown Denver they were married for 32 yrs and had 4 children together.Two of the children are on that picture you have at the top of the page.Sir,and Trinity,the others are daughter inlaw Alita,Grandson and Alita’s nece.His and Firstwife Janet’s children are all grown.Creed and Philip Jr. are the other two children who are not in the picture.Philip Jr. now sing with EWF.Philip have two sons with his wife Krystal Johnson-Bailey.

  3. I always thought phillip bailey was with an asian woman according to pictures that used to be on display in magazines about his lovelife. I did not think he was strong enough to get with a sista and stay. That goes to prove that you can not believe most of what you see. I recall my mom say that phillip could holler louder than many women when he sang with earth, wind and fire. He had a strong set of lungs, then. By the way, he has a handsome family.

  4. EWF bagan in the 70s. Im sure his first wife had 3 or 4 children and/or a groupie might have gotten pregnant. My guess he has 4 adult children and grandchildren who are about the same age range as two young children in picture.

    • Yes, Jai, he’s the one in the middle.

      Wow! I haven’t seen or hear about Philip in ages. He’s one of the best falsetto singers of all times from one of the best groups of all times! Boy, I miss old school music.

      • i agree with you about his voice, im pretty young but i know how legendary ewf is. “children of the ghetto”

      • Hi Teri,
        Philip Bailey has 5 children from his 1st marriage and 2 from his second marriage. Yes you are correct his is one on the best Falsetto singers of all time. He is the lead singer and one of the original band members of Earth Wind & Fire and is currently on tour with Chicago. His is a well accomplished solo artist as well as an incredible gospel singer. I strongly suggest you try and catch the end of this summer tour, It is a fantastic concert with these two bands. You can check the official website at http://www.ewffanclub.com and click on the tour link.

        • I can put on the EWF cds and have myself a really good party. There music will never grow old. I loved the way they used it in Nick Cannon’s film. Reminded me of being in University again. LOL

        • His second wife is Black. She is Krystal Johnson. She is the sister of the two former singers in the group JS (Ice Cream). Originally when JS first came out, there were 3 members, sisters, (Krystal, Kandy & Kim). Krystal left the group prior to the release of their debut album. Kandy married Ron Isley and Kim now fills in for her sister as a vocalist for EWF. The Johnson Sisters are well known background vocalists and can be heard on all genres of music, Barbra Streisand, George Duke, Christina Aguilera, and the list goes on.

          • Philip Bailey I understand his oldest son is with Jeanette Hawes of The Emotions…that was back in the day…

        • He actually has 4 children from is first marriage: Sir, Trinity, Creed, Philip Doron
          1 child with a singer from the Emotion: Pili
          And 2 children with (his now ex wife) Krystal Johnson: Jaleel and Jaylen.

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