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T’yanna Wallace was only three years old when her legendary father, Notorious B.I.G ak.a Christopher Wallace, was gunned down. Now a teenager,  Ty’anna celebrated her 16th birthday with a  party at Taj lounge in NYC last night.

In keeping with her party’s theme, the Hip-Hop princess wore a custom-made pink dress with lollipops and candy scattered all across the outfit.

“It was a combination of a magical candy land meets rock star,” explained Bronx designer Walter Steele.

In addition to lollipops and the likes, Ty’anna wore a button of her late dad emblazoned over her heart.

“I needed to have him here with me,” explained Ty’anna Wallace of the  button.

Though the Notorious B.I.G. couldn’t be physically there for his daughter’s 16th birthday bash, he was only a heart beat away.

Happy Sweet Sixteen, T’yanna.

BCK SAYS: Miss Info. says that “All of T’yanna’s siblings were there, from her half-sister Chynna (Faith Evan’s daughter), and her half-brother CJ (Lil Biggie)…and even family friends like Christian Combs (Lil Diddy).” Sounds like a great birthday bash!

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Photos:MissInfo, UniqueZayas

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  1. LOL! Hey Tyanna! If you ever try to google-search yourself, I’m wishing you a very late happy birthday! Oh, and remind me to give you that painting I brought you from China… I don’t want to forget it. =P Again, happy birthday, and see you tomorrow! <3

  2. Well, it sure is refreshing to see a teenager dress and act like a teenager. She seems like a happy young lady. Kudos to the sistah(s) who are raising her. Also, RIP Biggie. That man turned me onto rap music. Crazy, he was definitely one of the GOAT.

  3. Now this is someone you never see. Do you all remember her in the Juicey video? She was really young then. By the shape of her face, she sorta looks like her father to me. Nice to know that she has a relationship with her brother and Faith. Happy Sweet Sixteen!

  4. To be quite honest, She looks like her Mom and Dad, that is possible.

    Happy Sweet 16 T’Yanna, May God Bless U with Many More!

    • in some strange kind of way, her mom and dad almost look like they could be brother and sister. This is why I understand what you’re saying. It makes complete sense.

      ….btw Congrats Ty’anna!

  5. R.I.P to Biggie it’s sad he had to leave so early but we must accept what God allows and happy birthday to his daughter

  6. HAPPY SWEET 16 T’yanna! Hope your day was extra special, and trust your Dad was watching you from heaven.

    Does anyone know if her brother CJ and his mother attended the party?

  7. Happy Birthday to her!! Thats great and WOW time flys she was just in the juicy video it seems like it was yesturday!! RIP Biggie he has some beautiful children here to continue his legacy…

  8. Lovely girl. Happy birthday T’Yanna

    that last line
    Though the Notorious B.I.G. couldn’t be physically there for his daughter’s 16th birthday bash, he was only a heart beat away.

    is sweet. 😉

  9. Wow…she’s sixteen? I remember when Biggie held her as a baby in the ‘Juicy’ video. It’s sad that she and CJ lost their dad before they got to know him.

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