12-year-old Cymphonique Miller and her dad, rapper Master P a.k.a Percy Miller, were interviewed on a live radio show recentlyDuring the interview, Cymphonique tells the interviewer that though her dad is a celebrity, she would like to make a name for herself.   Watch the video below and watch out for a cameo from Veno, Cymphonique’s 17-year-old brother.

This summer Cymphonique and her brother Veno toured with Raven-Symone, and opened up for Raven at selected Six Flags theme parks . See recent photos from the concert series below.

Master P has seven more kids besides Veno and Cymphonique: Lil’ Romeo a.k.a Romeo, and Vercy(Young V), Intylyana Miller, Tytyana Miller, Itali Miller, Hercy Miller, and Mercy Miller. Veno and Cymphonique’s mother is from the Philippines.

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  1. i love singing my dad makes beats and i always sing to them. idk if i should be jelous your hair is log and pretty im mixed and i want my hair to be long!!! ive been singing every since i was two or three and dancing i really want to singing with you chy. it would be a perfect harmony im a soprano but i can sing everything all i need is a chance!:)

  2. I am half mexican and half white and I do not agree with most of these comments about Cymphoniques name.I think she has a beautiful name.As parents you want your kids to have unique names that no one else has and thats what Master P did.She is such a beautiful,kind,generous and sweet girl he raised her well.And I also think she has a beautiful voice.Its not always about race with everyone.I have 2 beautiful boys who are half black and they are sooo beautiful(and i am not just saying that because they are my kids)All RACES are BEAUTIFUL TO ME.THANK YOU.

  3. at first i thought her dad just doing that but when i saw her on disney channel i liked her music and she can really sing.I like her clothes.

    Dang master p you dun beat lil wanye and others. I thought you had 1 which was romeo


  5. What with Cymphoique. Parents should be more responsible for what they name their Kids. She is going to be teased and bullied for that name

    • Well CONGRATS to the Miller Fam!!!!! Like father like daughter, she is already making history! She is the youngest female recording artist to be featured on BET. And at the same time she is featured on Radio Disney and Disney Channel as a “Next Big Thing” contestant!!! Not only does she sing, dance, act, kickbox but she is an HONOR STUDENT! That’s amazing! We need more young African American entertainers to set a good example!
      Let’s wish them the best!!!

  6. Beautiful little girl but for the love of alphabets her name sounds like some sort of summer illness brought on by bug bites! WHY????!!! 18th birthday baby girl free yourself from that madness. Maybe mom didn’t get an epidural…..I’ve got to blame it on something!

    • In my opinion, unless you are going to make up your own complete language, you shouldn’t make up names. Names should have meanings, which means they have to be official words that exist in a language somewhere.
      At a push I’d accept kids named after places, or the surname of someone famous/important (e.g. Marley or the surname of the doctor who saved the newborn baby’s life – example) or even their parent’s names merged. Something with a story. But to completely make up some crap to name your child is stupid.

      In my opinion.

    • Please learn to read carefully. You can CLEARLY see that it has been written that her mother is Filipino, so why ask again?

  7. He has never mentioned her or veno.When ever i hear him speak about his kids it’s always the ones with his wife.He has always said he had 7 kids not nine.I wonder why he never mentioned cymphonique and veno.

  8. So Percy was separated from his wife for 5 yrs & had kids with his Filipino gf–veno & cym– then got back 2gehter with Sonia?

    I guess Sonia figured w no prenup it is smart 2 just stay w him.
    She will get 1/2 now since they live in Cali now..COMMUNITY PROPERTY STATE!

  9. QUOTE: rapper Master P a.k.a Percy Miller, were interviewed on a live radio show recently. During the interview, Cymphonique tells the interviewer that though her dad is a celebrity, she would like to make a name for herself.

    …This is a good mantra, but you’re doing interviews W your dad so of course your feeding off his fame…getting ahead bc of her dad’s name & his $. He is paying for studio times, press interviews, PR, & more.

    What is up w the names? How r they pronounced?.
    Intylyana Miller….i have NO idea.
    Tytyana Miller…tie-tea-anna?
    Itali Miller….sigh
    Hercy Miller,..self explanatory.
    Mercy Miller…self explanatory.
    Veno . . .as in the italian work for wine?
    Cymphonique’s …like symphony?

    • I wouldn’t say she feeding off his fame by her being with him in an interview. Her dad always goes with them when they do concert out of state. HE ISN’T GOING TO SEND HIS 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO KENTUCKY, NEW JERSEY, TEXAS AND ALL THE OTHER STATES SHE VISITS TO PERFORM BY HERSELF. He isn’t even saying anything during her interview you notice she is saying everything. And Veno also he was talking by himself I heard the full interview I guess the person chopped it so that their songs that were played aren’t being viewed all over the internet when they aren’t released. But anyways only time the interviewer mentions her father’s name is when he asks them if thats really their dad (but you probably didn’t hear all that seeing it isn’t in the video) but Cymphonique looked a little sad when he brought up her name you could see in her face that she just wanted it to be about her (not saying it in a bad way but like she said she wants people to know her for her and not her dad) I listened to Cymphonique way before I found out he was her dad. And of course he is going to pay for that kind of stuff like studio thats her DAD!! Just like any other child star their parents pay for their studio time etc. Thats nothing special!!!

  10. Oh and no, Cymphonique and Veno do not have the same mother as Romeo and his other 6 children. They are his kids by another woman whom is Filipina. They can not be Silkk’s kids for one he said in the interview your daughter well he said you got your kids here and he said yeah…Cymphonique. Plus the other woman’s sister had Silkk’s son King Miller and he is Filipino and African American also.

  11. she seems really sweet, an i kinda like her name (“,) not sure about the rest of his kid names tho lol luvislovely…. u are right i wish someone had! they are jus too much

  12. AW, Look at that sweet heart! She is truly kind and nice in my opinion. Anyone who turns down someone a job because of their name needs help it doesn’t matter what their name is. I really hate seeing grown people talk about a child like that so what her name is Cymphonique I love it! And I could sound it out just fine the first time I saw it. Cymphonique is a very loving person!


  14. She isn’t ready to sing professionally. Her voice is still developing and more training would benefit her. However, she has a promising future in the music business.

  15. It does not matter about their names, they will probably be some type of entertainer!!

    I will have some of his babies too and he can name them wahtever he wants!! He is just all together, too fine!!

  16. Cute kids but I don’t think they are his children. I think they are Silk the Shocker kids with is name being Vyshonn Miller, could help explain the spelling of Cymphonique :)

  17. dang, when i first so the picture i thought she was eighteen. oh well, i look older than my actual age too and im in my teens. good to see she’s having fun!

  18. No Romeo and the others mom is Sonya C…she was a rapper back in the day herself from N.O.Very pretty!Romeo looks JUST like her to me.I didn’t even know he had two kids outside of their marriage.

  19. had no idea he had other kids while he was separated from his wife… Those names are not resume worthy, I work in HR and would by pass those names…

  20. Wait I am confused, Cute little girl, but I thought Master P was a married man with five kids. Then you say he was seperated from his wife. Are you sure.

  21. Two kids…5 years apart…with the same woman…while “separated” from his wife? Wow…strong woman he’s got there….

    • I so agree with you! When you are about to have a child, pick a name that you can see on a resume. Many employers say that the name isn’t a factor, but it indeed is. Give a name with meaning, a strong name. This is just my opinion. I know a parent can name a THEIR child whatever they feel, but I just think you have to look at the big picture.

      • I concur prettyduece, but most of the celeb children don’t grow up and just want a “regular” job so I doubt their parents are concerned with how a name looks to an employer. Is Cymphonique going to be upset because she didnt get an administrative assistant job she applied for, HELL NO she has a trust fund, LOL.

        I understand exactly what your saying though, I think it should be seriously taken into consideration when naming a child but we are also in different times, who would have thought that Barack Obama would be “resume” friendly………..

        • But Barack Obama has a meaning behind it. Because his grandfather was Muslin, this name was given him by his father with the middle name being from his grandfather. It’s not just a name that someone just wanted to see how creative they were. But I’m certain that, like the problem he was given with his name during his campaign, people would have thought that he was Arab and would have given him problems in this country because of the stupid idea people have of Arabs. Some of these names just get really stupid. And some people just want to see how they can spell a word to make it appear exotic. These children have to live with these names and I don’t care how much money their parents have. They have to contend with other children who can make their lives miserable. I had a student whose parent gave her a name that had no vowels. Now they worked at that, and for what reason?

        • We never know what lies ahead for us. How many people would have thought that the Jacksons, among others, would not have been living on a “trust fund”. Until we control the job market and Personnel, we can assign all the adjectives we want to people who make the hiring decisions, but this is one of them that has to be dealt with in today’s work force.

        • Her name is a unique actually….instead of giving your child a name that 70% of the world has why don’t you do like Mr.Miller and have some sense and give your child a name that has a meaning and is special made for the one that has it…

      • I so agree with you…You should think about your child’s future when you name them….Odd names do not look good on resumes

      • I think its about time people look at academics of a person and not the name…who cares if her name is hard to pronounce if an employer decides he doesnt want to hire her because of her name then he’s a damn fool…why should she have a white name in order to be excepted into the work field…these aint slave times…lol

        • No one said the name had to be “white”. I feel that we should put more value to the names we give our children. And until we are the majority,giving out the jobs and making the decisions, it does indeed matter. Academically speaking, we should put a little more thought and meaning into naming our children. many names can be hard to pronouce, that’s not the problem. When you start namimg children after words from a box and alcoholic beverages, you need to think again. To have a child name pronounced Limogelo and spelling it LemonJello isn’t going to cut it. What a disservice to a child. I still say we need to give the names we select for our children more thought and meaning and more thought and meaning does not translate to “white name”.

      • And when you are a teacher with all new students coming in, it can be a real problem. The child can tell you how to pronouce her/his name; but you have to hear what the other children decide to name them. A lot of this naming just gets out of hand. I am retired now, but I know in the next 5 years there will be a lot of little boys named Barack Obama…….whatever. I’m fine with that because you know why and the admiration for the person is why the name was chosen. But some of these names are just ridiculous and I don’t care whether they are considered “white or Black” they are just stupid and unforgivable. I realize that people have the right to name their children what they want, but?

    • I dont think we need to conform to what mainstream society thinks is a “regular” name. African Americans have a different culture separate from the mainstream white culture and as a result our names reflect that culture. WE dont have to be Ashleys, Jennifers, and Britneys; we can be Cymphonique, Shanique, and Monique. If a job does not hire you because your name sounds different than maybe that tells you thats not a job you would want to be a part of anyways right??

      Other cultures have “odd” sounding names. Hispanics, Indians, Asians, and pretty much every minority in this country. No one trips when they see Nguyen Lin, or Lizaida or Kanagaraja so why trip when we see a “black” name. Its part of our culture and just like every other culture names their kids accordingly so can we. Our names reflect our culture and there is nothing wrong with that.

      • Those cultures all have meanings behind those names. They are not just made up names to sound cool or funky. They don’t just throw a bunch of random letters together and say hey this sounds cool let me name my kid that! Everyone has the right to name their child whatever they like but people should try not to go crazy! Your child has to live with it till their old enough to pay to legally change it. Oh and for the record not all Black people subscribe to the culture you are referring to. I don’t see how it’s conforming to name your child a more common name, some people genuinely like those names and that does not make them less Black.

        • WHere did i say it makes a person less black????? And WHen did I say EVERY black person subscribes to that culture???? are we reading the same comment….. And how do you know those other cultures all have meaning behind their names??? some do but alot of them dont as well. SOme of my family is from Dominican Republic and their names are either compilations of their parent’s names/ relatives or some of them their names are whatever their parents came up with on the whim. Like JoLinda,Johnetta Lissana, Caralina, Taisana….umm those names have no meanings at all whatsoever, they are completely made up. Yet people would say, oh my what pretty names your cousins have but had they been “just” black, all of a sudden their names would have been considered “odd” or what not but whatever i guess.

          some people might consider the name Toya or Latoya to be a part of that black “culture” in which i am referring to. That name is not a typical mainstream “white” name. It is unique to black culture, that is the point i was trying to make, and there is nothing wrong with that.

          • You obviously feel that the way I took your comment is not the way you intended to present it. The unfortunate thing about posting messages is that often you just read what is written and do not hear the meaning behind it. Now you said “African Americans have a different culture separate from the mainstream white culture and as a result our names reflect that culture.” You didn’t say “Most” African Americans or the majority so to me this implies all. Therefore it sounds like you’re referring to “all” African Americans. Hence my comment. As for the other names you’ve mentioned you’re right I do find them pretty. However I also like a lot of the “Black” names out there too. If you read my comment correctly you would’ve noticed that I did say that people should be allowed to name their child whatever they like. The only thing I take issue with is when it sounds ridiculous. It is possible to create a name without it sounding ludicrous. Now the reason I made the “less Black” comment was because of when you said “WE don’t have to be…” I took that to mean that you felt Blacks who have given those names to their children were selling out to the “mainstream white culture” you had mentioned earlier. However you are right you did not actually come out and say that so sorry for assuming:) So basically what I’m saying is I don’t see anything wrong with your opinion it’s just different than mine! Which is great:) This is why we post, to share our opinions, sometimes we’ll agree and sometimes we won’t but we can always be respectful about it:)

          • Agreed.
            I understand your point about some names being over the top however, my stance is that other minorities/races make up crazy names for their children but why do we criticize negatively when its a black person but positively when its not. Im telling you i have seen it with my family, alot of them have weird names but because they are hispanic, people tell them they are nice but if they were just African American their names would be considered “ghetto” or “odd”. Thats my problem.

            I actually saw a social experiment on this once on the education network. A french woman stated her name as “Monique” and then a black African woman also stated her name as “Monique”. Most people thought that the french woman’s name sounded nicer even though it is the exact same name as the african woman’s and it is spelled the same. Apparently the french accent made the name sound better and prettier but the african accent made it sound well…not so much.

            Had this been a white little girl named Cymphonique, we would be reading comments about how pretty and unique the name is and blah blah blah blah…….hate to bring the race card into this but it always manages to fit in somehow.

          • I get what you’re saying and I totally agree. It also applies to other things in life as well. Unfortunate but true. It is also true that many things not just names sound better with certain accents which could have a lot to do with this issue. Being spoken to in Spanish or French is a lot more melodic than in English. Sometimes it really does have to do with the pronunciation of things. As for liking the name Cymphonique on a little white child…sorry still NO! LOL! I actually do find it a really cool stage name though! It’s also about your personality too I guess. I’m more simple when it comes to names. Others are a bit more out there. Like Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple? come on! and Demi Moore: Rumor..Scout..Tahllulah Bell? All cute nicknames but not actual names, to me anyways.
            As for your comment about being sorry to bring the race card into this. They did a study where they had 3 different men apply for the same job with the exact same resume 1 was white, 2 were Black – 1 light and 1 dark. The White guy was hired with the highest salary the light skinned guys salary was slightly less and the dark skinned mans salary was even less than that. So when people say that race issues no longer exist they are lying to themselves. Don’t be sorry for speaking the truth.

        • I’m just glad he had enough sense NOT to name his children after diseases. Yes, there are unfortunately souls walking this planet named Malaria and Chlamydia because their mothers/parents thought they ‘sound nice’. I wish I could say I made that up. However, eye brow-raising/gut-busting names aren’t confined to black people only: Teddy Bear (again, not joking) and Thumper (yes, like Bambi’s rabbit friend)are on the birth certificates of two American white women.

          • I can’t stop cracking up at what you said, Leo! FUNNY! When I first saw this kid’s name, I thought it was Camphophinique, which I think is a liquid wart remover! Like Lysterine in Booty Call.

            When Master P and the mom were doing it , it must have been like a symphony.

            Something music related, I guess is nice since he makes his living primarily as a rapper which I guess could be looked at as putting notes together with his voice.

      • But those names are odd sounding to us maybe because we don’t speak the language. there is nothing wrong with odd-sounding as long as there is rhyme and reason behind the name. Not just because you wanted to see how out there you could be when naming a child. And Monique is “FRENCH”. And when you look at the spelling of some of these names. It gets silly. And like one person said if it’s odd sounding because it’s the combination of Family names there reason to that. I certainly don’t mean that a child’s name can’t be hard to spell or pronouce, but usually one is asked “where did you get the name you should have some reason behind it. Not it was my mother’s favorite alcohol.

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