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President Barack Obama and his family-First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia,11, and Sasha,8,- went for a bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard.  It was a perfect day and a perfect ride or was it?

It may have been a perfect day for the family but apparently, the president’s helmet-less bike ride on Thursday has sparked a mini-controversy.

ChicagoTribune photo editor Maggie Walker: “What kind of fool doesn’t wear a helmet while biking?”

A writer on Babble.com: “Truly despicable isn’t it? What kind of example is he setting for the nation’s youth?”

BCK Says: Are we being a little too hard on the nation’s president?

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  1. I simply cannot believe the level of idiocy that goes on around the President of the United States. I have never seen and heard so much stupid crap connected with the President as with President Obama. The idea that intelligent people (supposedly our educators) are taking polls on which children should and can watch the president’s speech to school students. We have reached an all time low in this nation. I’m still waiting to know when “yelling fire in a crowded theater” will come into effect. Glen Beck and his herd of stupid followers are having a good time leading this crap that would have been known and “inciting to riot”. This has to stop.

  2. These are the very same people who believe it is perfectly legal for a motorcycle rider to ride w/o a helmet in philadelphia.

    Nothing but mindless morons.

    President cannot fart w/o someone saying it stinks.

  3. Just saw a short news video about the President visiting a store in Oak Bluff with the children for push pops. The little girl working the register was so nervous when the president spoke to her she momentarily forgot how to count. He asked her name and she has the same name as his sister. When he told her that she almost went to pieces. LOL It was too cute. I probably would have dropped money everywhere and I’m an adult. This is the first time in my life I have ever been giddy over even the possibility of meeting the President.

  4. Of course “they” would have said the same about Bush. Where’s everybody been the last eight years? Bush was criticized for EVERYTHING. He was the devil, he was Hitler, he was Satan. There was even a movie made about killing him. Many liberals openly said Bush was not THEIR president. People like Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, etc., hated him from day one. Where do you think the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome” came from?

    • I never heard of that syndrome. Is that something that you heard on Fox Spews or did you get it from Rusty Limpballs. I am a bleeding heart progressive and I never said that he wasn’t my president. I only said that I would be glad when his term was over because he was an embarassment for the country. No countries liked us anymore. I never called him Satan, Hitler or the devil. I just got out and worked my behind off knocking on doors, passing out literature, blogging, telephoning and making financial donations so that I wouldn’t be stuck with another president just like him. It’s the Repugnants and the conservatives who are calling President Obama all the names and more that you listed above. The FBI would have picked us up had we called “W” all those things the way they did the 8th grade girls that simply said she hated him while she was on the web. They even went to her middle school without even contacting her parents because she made that statement on a post.a I never saw anyone showing up at rallies and speeches with guns, and trying to pretend that he was not from America. However I see that all the time now and no one seems to be doing anything except blowing off steam until they can get some of the “wing-nuts” to use the weapons. We invaded and occupied a Country and people didn’t even get upset over something as terrible and unjust as that; but they are all up in arms about having President Obama in the White House. Wonder why SYDNEYJ

    • From YOU, never heard of it. No Bush was not criticized for NOT wearing helments. Bush was critisized for his political ACTIONS. Wars, ecomomy. They did not give a crap about what Laura Bush wore, or what the Bush’s spent on certain things, or what type of dogs the Bush’s had, or if Laura ever wore shorts, or how much staff Laura needed, or how Laura wore her hair, or how Bush dressed, what type of jeans bush wore.

      AINT none of this happened during bush. So yes, they would have never done this during Bush era. YOU should get your stort right, because when Bush was around his crticism had to do with his policies. Not how much his daughters tuition cost, or weather or not he should take a vacation. or should laura be able to wear what she wants, or weather laura acted right why meeting the queen. or if the bush’s daughters hair was too ethnic. the list goes on, of things that the media crtitizes the obamas about that NOT ONE OF THE PAT POTUS were critized about. The media in 2009 is more like high school, you get a whole weeks worth of articles about the first lady michelle wearing shorts, or her wearing her hair in a ponytail.

    • Also, “they” did not critisize weather it was ok for laura to wear dressess without sleeves. “sleeveless gate” was talked about in feb on meet the press, that is how dumb the critique of the obamas are. So no they do not critize bush the way they do the obamas.

  5. geez…some people make problems out of nothing…but then…Barrack Obama should be proud they talk about ish like that…because they can´t complain about the things that really matter….like it was with George W.

  6. i know back in the day we didn’t wear helmets. it wasn’t all crucial like it is now. i’ve never owned a bike helmet. even when i was on training wheels. Barack is just old school. his kids are wearing helmets, so what’s their beef about? it’s not like they are helmetless. if they were, then i could see a reason to gripe. but c’mon he’s a grown man. he’s not out there racing bmx bikes, so ppl just need to chillax and leave the man alone.

  7. wow first people complained about his daughter’s shirt, then michelle’s shorts, now there’s an issue with a missing helmet? they are really picking on him and his family. seriously, let our president enjoy his vacation!

  8. If it aint one thing it’s the next! So I guess he’s not worthy of being the president because he didn’t wear a helmet but his daughters have on helmets. oh and Sasha is wearing a skirt while riding a bike is she being frisky? oh and none of them have on elbow or knee pads… where’s Michelle with her mom shorts on…

  9. I remember going down our practically 90 degree cement hill on my pink big wheel, usually with another un-helmeted friend or cousin riding on the back, straight up kamakaze style onto a patch of grass. Parents today are just making their kids so soft. Next thing you know people will be trying to eliminate dodge ball from the playgrounds…oh wait.

    I’m all for child safety, but the only time I got a head injury is when I got a skull fracture from my brother accidently hitting me with a golf club.

    • Lots of schools have already gotten rid of dodgeball. Today’s kids are soft. Noone in my neighborhood wore a helmet and nobody died. The best way to avoid a head injury is not to fall. And all this crap about him being a bad example for kids is ridiculous, his kids have on helmets! So if the president has a glass of wine and there’s a photo will all the little kids become alcoholics? Give me a break.

  10. i’ve ridden bikes my whole life and even fell alot. but not once have i wore a helmet. shoot, most… all of my friends dont wear helmets. and i know its for safety reasons, but c’mon, a helmet?

    its funny that they never have anything that’s actually shocking to say about barack and michelle. like the time they showed michelle’s prom picture with the slit in the dress. or the time her arms were bare. and remember the time everybody started going crazy over obama shirtless. i just want to tell all these people one thing… please get some useful and important info. this is the kind of stuff that happens everyday. i dont see people on magazine covers and all over the internet for that.
    bless their hearts (for the obamas and everybody else saying stupid stuff about this wonderful family)

  11. When he wore the helmet in Chicago before Inauguration they complained about him looking like a nerd. These people make me sick. Just go somewhere and play the President knows better than you what he needs and what he doesn’t.

    • I was just getting ready to mention that. First it was his dad jeans now this. LOSERS. Conservatives are really sore losers, they’ve been hating before he even picked out a single member of his cabinet. And there leader Rush wants him to fail, i.e. wants the country to fail. That’s some serious hate and non-patriotism.

  12. Not that the man does everything right (uh….he is human) but President Obama could sip on a glass instead of using a straw and people would act all crazy about it. Helmets indeed SHOULD be worn but let’s be honest…..a lot of adults don’t bike ride with helmets on. I know I don’t. Granted I’m not going down a mountain and I probably SHOULD wear one, but come on, people…..it’s always something.

    The media is always trying to focus on the irrelevant so they can continue to pull the wool over our eyes. I’m hip to their games, mannn! LOL! Happy weekend to all!

  13. Oh, for crying out loud! The guy is so decent they choose to pick on him about a bicycle helmet? What’s next… ?!

  14. Oh my gosh! He’s committed the unforgivable sin! People really need to take an enema because they are getting ridiculously anal about President Obama. The shame of him for not wearing a helmet! These people really need to get a life or some sex.

  15. most grown ups feel they don’t have to wear helments, I probably wouldn’t either…I think as you get older you get the hang of the balancing and what not…

  16. You never know how people or should I say crazy people are until you get a black president…Sometimes I think people just say things to get a rouse out of folks, like the fly incident, reacting to how the Prez saying the police officers reacted stupidly for arresting someone that they believe is a burglar.

    This statement right here lets me know there is more to come.


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