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sponsor-a-childWhat: Compassion International INC

Who: You can sponsor a child today! When you sponsor a child, you are linked with one particular child who will know your name, write to you, and treasure the thought that you care.

Website: Compassion.com

Child sponsorship is about transforming the lives of children and giving them a hopeful future full of opportunity.  Through sponsorship, a child’s needs can be addressed. Your tax-deductible contribution connects your child with a loving, church-based child sponsorship program that provides food, clean water, medical care, educational opportunities and more.Compassion

Many celebrities have sponsored children. The Jackson family, for example, are known for giving back to their communties.

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  1. I sponser a young girl from Haiti through this organization. They are great. I give $38 per month. I receive letters from her. I write her and send stickers and pictures, etc. I like Compassion International because they are bible based. They teach the children about Jesus etc. They provide so many other things. They even have guided trips to your sponsored childs country whenever you have the money to meet your child. I absolutely love it.

    • I don’t think that the Jesus thing is the best thing to teach children. I mean my mom grow up in a mission in Africa and the were abusive and cruel while teaching them god love and it messed her up which in turn made my childhood and mess up, Christian, abusive one. I want to help children but I don’t trust Christians, I don’t want them to keep my money and abuse children.

      • Every religion, faith, and race under the sun has abused children. So based on your theory, you should trust no one. Good luck with that.

      • I am so sorry someone messed up your image of God. Christians do have serious issues as they are human, just like everyone else.

        I am more sorry that due to your believe, you will not know the true love of Jesus Christ.

      • It grieves my heart to know that your mom went through that and you had to bear the repercussions of it. It is my earnest prayer that the emotional scars are healed for all who were hurt and for all the kids and families abused by people and organizations who do evil and use the name of God in the process. THEY WILL BE JUDGED.

        I was also put off by these types of organizations because I believed that the children were just a ploy to get money out of peoples pockets (some are). But like Monique said, you can’t put your trust in man. I trust God that my money is taking care of the child I’m sponsoring. I know that he sees my heart and all I want to do is give what I can. The difference with this organization is that you have the opportunity to visit your child in their country.

    • I am very leary about orginizations who say they give to the children. I believe 80% of the money you send goes to the orginization, while 20% goes to the child.

      I am not saying not to do it, I applaud you for your kind heart & generousity. I’m just saying I hesitate to do so. I rather adopt a child first.

  2. I’m still a little confused, children you sponser dont visit you or live with you right? So is the Jackson child a sponser child or did they adopt her? She does have the Jackson last name or is that just a coincidence? Either way its a very positive move =)

  3. ok…so that´s a sponsor child.

    I know two families who sponsor children. It´s a great thing…and when I can afford it, I will defo do so….giving back to the worldwide community of human beings….Lord´s work

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