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What: G-Unity Foundation, Inc.

Who: 50 cent a.k.a Curtis Jackosn, who is a father of one, hosted a concert for a few underprivileged kids at Great Adventure on August 29th. The concert was on behalf of 50′s charity, G-Unity foundation.

Website: GUnityfoundation.com

The G-Unity Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life for low-income and under-served communities. The major goals of The G-Unity Foundation include: emphasizing the critical importance of supporting academic institutions;supporting nonprofit organizations that focus on the academic enrichment of a child; and supporting after school activities.G-Unity foundation

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  1. I think it is beautiful what you are doing for the children. Don’t let anyone tell you differently! I will probably never hear back from you but i have a very young child whose life is in danger. The acts are racially motivated.he is the only black child in our city.WEhave contacted every agency we can thik of to ask for his protect and been refused help! we are now being threatened as well because we wont stop calling agencies for help. Maybe, you can find it in your heart to help him. The abuse is so graphic and lenthly that out of fear of retaliation we cannot talk about it unless in a personal context.Even if you wont help,God bless you ,anyway.

  2. This is a worthy cause that I wish more influential people would take an interest. That being said, isn’t this the same 50 cent who is under investigation for hiring someone to murder his ex wife, and his ten year old son, by setting their house on fire? Or is this the man who wrote and stared in his own bio about his life as a crack dealer? I believe anyone can be redeemed if they want to and this is a beginning.

  3. There is something about this man that just always makes me believe, no matter how much money and fame he attains, he will always be a thug.

  4. One thing you can say about 50 is that he has “one” child that he takes good care of.At least he doesnt have 4 kids with 4 baby mamas

  5. They have done a lot for low income families for the past couple of years in NYC. The kids are enjoying that new park with the vegetable garden that 50 and Bette Midler had built in the hood last year.

    I was excited to hear that 50 is going to renovate the low income housing in his old neighborhood.

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