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Actor Jeffrey Wright (R) and his family attended Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday celebration in Prospect Park hosted by Director Spike Lee on August 29, 2009. Jeffrey is best known for his roles in films Cadillac Records(Muddy Waters), W(General Colin Powell) and Quantum of Solace(Felix Leiter). Jeffrey’s wife, Carmen Ejogo, is also an actress. She has starred in films What’s the Worst That Could Happen?(Amber Belhaven), The Brave One (Jackie), and Pride and Glory(Tasha).

Jeffrey and Carmen and their two children reside in Brooklyn, NY.

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  1. The Wright family are precious! And that pic with Jeffrey’s daughter on this shoulder is just too too much. His wife is attractive and youthful looking. They’re just a good-looking family.

  2. I love Carmen Ejogo! Seriously, no one talks about her enough. I think she was most beautiful in the mini-series, Sally Hemings: An American Scandal opposite Sam Neill as Thomas Jefferson. Ironically, Ejogo and Neill actually looked as if they could be a couple, it looked so natural on screen, so real. Anyway, she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you all do your history on this couple.This is beautiful.They have been together for so long and have evening acting together.God bless you and your family =)

  4. OMG!!!! I didn’t know he was married to Carmen?! And I don’t care what character he plays, I love him as an actor but his role in Shaft with Samuel Jackson as ‘Peoples’ is my all time favorite. I can hear him now “dis iz a hundred puh sent eh gypshun cotun” those are not typos!! Loved him in that movie. But seriously I have this urge to bite his daughters cheeks…..just delicious.

    • I saw it but just looked and moved along because Spike Lee was having a birthday celebration for MJ’s birthday and it’s just what one would exspect that many would come dressed like MJ.

    • Boy you just keep reminding me of all the films that I have enjoyed with him have a role. He is just such a good actor. I would have loved to see him in the production done for the re-opening of the Lincoln Theater.

  5. Wait a minute! Foreal!!!? Jeffrey and Carmen!!? Who woulda THUNK it! I love it! This is beautiful. To co-sign a previous poster, I too loved them in Lackawanna Blues!

  6. They both also played in The HBO movie King where Carmen played Coretta. Carmen also played in Queen(or one of the North v South period pieces). Love me some Jeffrey Wright!!!

  7. wow they both played in that movie lackawanna blues(i loved that movie lol) i always wondered what his ethnicity was, maybe hispanic and black?

  8. Khrish, everything you are saying I agree with. I first saw him on Shaft and than playing Dr. King. I feel the same way you do, he is a brilliant actor, and should be working more than he does. He can play any role, I honestly believed he was Latin in his role in Shaft until I saw him play Dr. King. He is amazing.

    • I loved that part in Shaft. Especially when he was giving the boy the beeper and he was sitting in the bathroom. But he was brilliant in role of Dr. King. He was good in “W” as Colin Powell as well as his small role in LACKAWANNA BLUES?

  9. What a beautiful family. I love to see this man act. He has the the surpurb ability to inject himself so deeply into a character that the audience really belives that he is the character. The first time I actually saw him play was in “Shaft” and he had that character down pat, I thought; until I saw him play Dr. King in the HBO role. While he really looks nothing like King, he was so believable until he actually began to look like Dr. King to me. He is a fabulous actor and any time a movie includes his name I anxious to see it.

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