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michaelA 24-year-old man named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is claiming to be the son of  the late Michael Jackson and he is ready to take a DNA test to prove it! It’s all in a name…  or is it?

As reported by RadarOnline:

Zerline LaVette Dixon says that she gave birth to Michael Jackson’s son on September 23, 1984 at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills and filed a creditor’s claim against his estate Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The name of Michael’s alleged son is Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. Michael Jackson is listed on the birth certificate.

Prince Michael has come forward as a creditor of the estate.

The court documents state, “defendant Michael Jackson admitted to members of the claimants family that claimants mother was a friend of his.”

Click Here to read the court documents

BCK Says: Somewhere Michael is screaming, “The kid is not my son”. R.I.P, Michael.




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  1. im soo confused see.. i was like there is no way… cuz i was like if she was a friend of the fam mike had to know about the kid an 26 or not everybody knows mike wud not turn away a kid if it was his even as a teen mike liked the idea of being a father… so i like looked it up an parently theres like all these family pics an theres a boy standing next too mike an he looks soooo much like him and there sayn thats him… an hes was at the funeral.. the showd a pic he was right near joe i think.. i never noticed him there before…. but if u see a pic i mean this kid looks just like him.. an they say mike knew but never told anyone one cuz his career was so big an two it was said somewhere that his mom said the only way mike cud be apart of his life was if he was left out of the spot lite.. idk weather to believe it.. its carzy.. but the pic resemble mikeso much it will blow ur mind….

  2. The pic looks like a cross between Marlon and Tito Jackson so it’s possible. His family probably knows the truth and only a DNA test will make it legally official. Children often resemble aunts and uncles more than they directly resemble their parents. Michael had a lot of plastic surgery – no point in denying that – his surgeries go back 30 years. I always thought Michael looked like his mother – never thought he looked anything like his father until I saw a pic of Joe when he was young.

    Michael was a very nice person but he lied a lot. Now of course he had to live with constantly being asked things that weren’t anyone else’s business so it made to tell people lies just to get them off his back. Sometimes it was probably playful lying as a lot of guys do coz they never lose that little boy thing, and part of it may have been his child star indoctrination talking. Because he went into show biz at such a young age he did end up brainwashed with that mentality. So when he talks about not losing his virginity till he was 34, etc., saving it for marriage, etc., etc., I think he was just bs’ing that woman.

    As for why this new secret son is not in the will – maybe he was provided for off the record. Or maybe his mother opted not to pursue support – especially if she was not hurting for money and the father who probably had no intention of being in a relationship with her. As a poster mentioned above Joe Jackson might have thought that the journalist was talking about a different “secret son” and when he realized they were talking about Omer he played it off and said what the journalist wanted to hear. He’s an old hand at the show biz pr game and facts don’t really matter all that much in that line of work.

    • Thank you, your post makes the most sense. when I heard those tapes of michael I thought he was contradicting himself , because he stated that he was very involved with a lady but they didn’t have sex. I started to think why would he be talking about not having sex w/ the woman and he was not married to her( because of course when these tapes were made MJ was suppose to be a virgin) I don’t think he was virgin. I think w/ some women like Tatum Oneal he gave them the line ” I am waiting for marriage” but for other lesser known women he was probaly saying “let’s get it on”.LOL Listning to those tapes made me think that Mj was cautious and he did not jump in and out of bed w/ just any one.

      Joe did look surprise when Smokey fontaine ask about Michael’s Other son. He had been confronted about Prince Michael Malachi
      Long before MJ Died he denied it and told Ron Newt to leave it alone. That statement lets me know that something went down, This is not your typical Get rich scheme type of case. The Jackson know these people and they’ve been covering up something for a long time. I truly believe that is Michael other son that Joe Jackson and Attny James Walker was alluding to. They just replaced him w/ Omer b/c every one was interested in him after the Memorial.

      As for as Malachi’s family, I think they have their own money. but if this is MJ son it has to hurt to see him give love to so many kids around the world and none to his own flesh and blood. The truth will come out and the world will be shock.

      • Omer is definitely Michael’s son and he even says MJ RAISED HIM. He includes “Michael in his name now.

        Words can not express my gratitude for all the love and support that you have shown me during this very difficult time. I have lost the closest and most important person in my life. He raised and made me the person that I am today.

        From the bottom of my heart I thank all the fans around the world for all the kind and encouraging words. I am sorry that I have not been able to respond to all your wonderful messages, but please know that I am truly grateful for each one of them.

        Making music and performing has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I want to honor him and his legacy, keeping his spirit alive.

        I look forward to sharing my dreams with all of you when the time is right.

        Omer Michael Bhatti / O-Bee

        • Dear Mr. Bhatti,

          I am very sorry for the loss of your father. I am sure you are missing him every day and often throughout each day. My father died 7 years ago. I was always a MJ fan and his death has had a major impact on my life as a musician and music educator of elementary-age school children. I will be teaching about him and his life and career during the month of February. This generation has parents who grew up with your dad and they are carrying on the interest in his music and his influence in American culture. MJ’s music and love for people and its impact on people will NEVER die.
          I also write because I have one son —- whose father did NOT choose to be a part of his life. My son is ‘mixed’ –I’m caucasion and his father is Afr.-AM./NAtive AMerican. I’ve seen the hurt and anger he carries with him because of this loss in his life. Regardless, I’ve succeeded in surrounding him with a church family and many, many experiences to enrich his personal and musical life.
          He is a pianist and a gifted composer. He attends college and is majoring in Business Administration /Banking. I thought he’d study music, but I won’t discourage his dream to be an investment banker.

          I have tried to stay informed on the Jackson family from time to time because I grew up with the Jackson 5 and I have always been a fan.

          I wish you a happy New Year and that God blesses you with a prosperous and wonderful life. There are many like me out here who love you and your family more than you will ever know.
          Laura Collins

  3. For all the people thar are saying Jackson signed the certificate..he didn’t that was the doctor aka the witness to the birth. I have a California Birth Certificate and my parents were married and his signature was not on there. Back when I was born and previously because it has JUST been changed you could put anyones name on the birth certificate whether they were there or not or whether you guys were even together so with that said his name on the birth certificate means absolutely nothing and that is NOT his signature look closely so the birth certificate is some lame evidence.
    I agree with the wrong age of MJ on the certificate as well. Why would you not put your real age on a birth certificate? Isn’t that a legal document? 1958 is on Paris, Princes and Blankets? I just saw their certificates and again his name is not signed only Debbies…So there….another nutcase trying to get a piece of the pie..

    • Excellent point with the signatures. He didn’t sign the birth certificates of his recognised children, but he supposedly signed this guy’s? Yea. Sure.

    • Michael Jr (Prince) and Paris’ birth certificates are both completely filled out (including Michael Jackson’s signature), they’re on TMZ. Prince (Blanket) is the only one with an incomplete birth certificate (it’s missing a Mother).

        • I stand corrected. In any case, wouldn’t this have blown up a long time ago if this boy really is his son? Sure, the internet wasn’t around in the ’80s (at least not on this scale) but nosy people were. Someone at the hospital records office would have leaked this to the tabloids eons ago.

  4. and here come the rats out of the woodwork, trying to get a piece of the pie. If she had his son…why didn’t she publicize it when he was alive? I am so tired of all the Michael jackson hype…let the poor man rest in peace…Lord knows he finally deserves it!

  5. I was on another website a few days ago (can’t remember which though) and they proved a good point about the possibility of the kid not being Michael’s. At the time the man was born Prince & Michael Jackson both were doing great things (meaning they were all over the media. We all know there are some people that choose to name their children after a celebrity. In my opinion Prince Michael sounds better than Michael Prince & the last name would automatically be Jackson keeping with the celebrity theme going. Then we have Malachi which is a biblical name & Jet meaning black and you put it all together you get Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. It makes sense to me & I read somewhere else that the man’s mother had a clothing line called MichaelJackson. Maybe she was really huge fan of Michael. Only real way to know is for a DNA test.

  6. first off…my goodness, guess he is never gonna rest…michael prolly sittin down in a chair with his hands under his chin just lookin’ at how silly everyone is getting..

  7. When I first heard about this new guy, I had to start investigating, but couldn’t find that much info… Okay so, TMZ said that Ron Newt came to Joe with this information. Ron Newt is supposed to be a friend of the Jacksons as well as a friend of Zerline’s family also. Ron Newt is no longer alive, but he was part of the group The Newtrons in the 80s with his brother Bob(by?) and he is also the brother of singer J. Valentine. I am sure they probably have more inside info and probably pictures. I don’t know if this story is true, but PMMJJ does look like a Jackson.

    Wouldn’t that be weird if his mother just told him that his whole life because she was Uhm.. well… not all there… I am, just sayin’… who is that strange… putting Michael’s name on the certificate and naming your son after him, and telling him that is who his father is his whole life.

    On the taped phone conversations on youtube, Michael said he wasn’t going to have sex until marriage and the recording is from ’92… so I don’t know…

    I hope it’s true… hurry it up with the DNA test!

  8. it’s rather amusing how all of these people are claiming to be his children or have his children after his death! is he a rolling stone like his big bro jermaine???


    • ok I think you got michaels potential love children mixed up.The lighter love child is Omer Bhatti..this is a new love child his name is prince michael malachi jett jackson.HE is black

  10. That is one of those ‘short’ non-legal birth certificates that were issued when the mother wanted the father’s name listed but didn’t have a valid paternity affidavit from him and he was not there at the hospital to sign his name admitting paternity. It state in large print across the face of it that it is informational only and not a valid document to establish identity. California back in the day would let a woman name ANYBODY as the father of her child!

  11. now he knows darn well he added the “prince michael” onto his name to make it seem like he’s mj’s son! these wackos are really coming out the closet!

  12. Oh jeez. I was expecting all kinds of claims to come out, but it’s still crazy to read.

    Since I have Michael’s original skin colour, can I lay a claim too?

  13. Ahh shucks! All this plus rumors of McCauley Culkin being the kids bio father! For the love of Ray J, cut the [bull] already.

  14. I don’t know..this boy has apparently been called Prince Michael his whole life…how would this woman have known that MJ would later call his own sons Prince Michael?

    MJ’s first official son ‘Prince’ is legally known as ‘Michael Jackson Jr’..BUT Blanket is legally known as ‘Prince Michael II’ so who is ‘Prince Michael I’? This guy? Or maybe MJ forgot that ‘Prince’ is actually Michael Jr.

    I’m still not buying it…yet.
    Its just interesting how the media are quick to pick up stories about MJ having ‘secret kids’ but are quick to deny MJ of the children he claimed and said were his own. I guess they’ll take anything negative when it omes to MJ.

  15. If this kid’s name was originally Prince Michael… in 1984 and Michael went on to name one of his sons who we know he raised Prince Michael… isn’t that suspicious or just a coincidence? So the woman who is claiming he fathered her child predicted the future and figured out Michael wanted to name his child Prince? At this point, I don’t dismiss anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael have another child that no one knows about. The Jackson clan is known for hiding stuff. Take Janet Jackson and her secret marriage and alleged secret child. I bet Joe Jackson have more than 10 or 11 kids walking around. He constantly cheated on Catherine. Some of them probably don’t even know they are Jacksons. Mamma’s baby, daddy’s maybe.

    • Prince is Katherine’s father’s name so it is possible the women in question knew that. Prince Michael I was born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. He started calling him Prince later. I hear that when Omer was at Neverland the name he used was Michael Joseph Winther. It could be his birth name. Who knows but I still don’t buy the story. MAURY!!! Have a good evening Reese!!!

  16. Can we please let him rest in PEACE!*
    -Nobody came out of the woodwork until his passinqq. . .&& i think that’s sad .. .His children deserve a normal life “/. . .I won’t believe any rumors until the truth is told

  17. Also, something else concerns me with this story.
    I read that Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is a 24 year old who attends a “SPECIAL NEEDS” college.
    What is a “SPECIAL NEEDS” college?
    Is this young man mentally challenged in some way?
    And if so, WHO is really behind this lawsuit/paternity situation?
    They say that Joe has been known about this young man for quite some time….
    Im just wondering if….???

    • You are intitled to your own opinion, as is everyobe else on here.
      My personal opinion? You are reading way too much into this, you are disecting Joe’s behavior during an interview, seeing things in a very blurried document, comparing noses, etc. Who cares really?

      How can anyone compare anything to Micheal’s facial features? The man has changed his face so many times, I don’t think he remembers what he use to look like. I need a picture of how Micheal would have looked at 51, without any surgeries, before I can entertain the idea of comparing any child to him; although Blanket does have similar features to Katherine Jackson.

      Micheal Jackson had a very kind heart & a humble spirit, it’s no wonder everyone used him & want to claim him. However, when he was on trial, the only one in his corner was his mother; who cares what their reasons/excuses were.

      People want to prove they are Micheal Jackson’s children, have a completed DNA test results in hand prior to coming forward, until then, please spare me.

      For the record, the official name on the birth certificate says Micheal Joseph Malachi Jackson. Prince was not mentioned anywhere.

      • @ Sherley…if you want to know what Michael look like as a child just google it…there are thousands of pictures available of him from since he was a toddler all the way until a few days before his death.
        If you want to know what he would have looked like without surgery just look at his brothers…you should be able to get an idea from that or you could just go to youtube and watch an age progression of what Mike would have looked like without surgery.
        Speaking of Mikes sugeries, I believe that he didnt really have that many done on his face.
        The world is just confused about that because there are so many pics and video’s of who we think is Mike but in reality they are sometimes his imposters and or look alikes.
        There are even pics of Mike posing with his look alikes.
        Yep, he had some of them on his payroll and on call when he wanted to be discreet and he needed a distraction.
        There is E casanova, Navi, Carlos and many more.
        Some of them are so good that even other celebrities could not tell the difference between them and Michael.
        P.s…as for the Jacksons having secrets, yes they are entitled to BUT lots of times there are some Jckson who have been known to perpetrate lies…deliberately and to cause some of the drama and speculation….just saying!!!
        I loved Michael as an entertainer as well as a human being…may God rest his soul in eternal peace.

    • For the record, I loved Micheal Jackson’s music, but I did not love him. I am not one to idolize anyone…period. I admire President Obama, but I do not idolize him. Reason being is because everyone makes mistakes & are not perfect. No one should idolize anyone for one never knows how they truly are & live their lives.

      That being said, I will defend President Obama when he is attacked by the media. I will also defend Micheal when leeches come crawling out of the ground claiming to have loved him.

      Stop talking & show proof.

      As for the Jackson clan being secretive, hell you try having ever single moment of your life played out for everyone to see & critize & you tell me if you wont keep a few secrets. Don’t we have secrets from our parents, siblings, spouses, children? Why should the Jackson clan not be able to? Because we want to know? Please!

      • @Sherley…are you disecting MY thought and opinions?…It sure does seem like it!
        Look, I am NOT a Jackson and neither are you.
        I still and will always stand by what I wrote no matter what YOU have to say.
        You need to respect my opinions just as I respect yours even if we dont agree with one another.
        Thank you and be blessed :)

  18. This is so funny how people are coming out after the man is gone,it would had made more sense to come forward while he was living.I’m now waiting for somebody to say that their pregnant with his child now. people will do anything for money!

  19. Michelle this man took his birth certificate to the court house to file for Paternity …Im sure if it was a fake certificate that it would have been noticed right away.

    Anyway,Did women have to prove paternity back in 1984 or could anyone sign the birth certificate

  20. Remember the interview on TV ONE with Joe Jackson after Michael died and Joe was confronted about “Michael’s other son” and Joe looked a little surprised and wasn’t prepared for the question? But then it ended up being a question about Omer? Watch the video on YOUTUBE.. It seems that Joe looked a little relieved once he figured that the interviewer was asking about Omer. Now it is being said that Joe was confronted about this Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson before Michael even died. Now I can almost understand the look of surprise on Joe’s face and then relief when he realized that the TVONE interviewer wasnt taling about Prince Michael Malachi…Im thinking that perhaps this young man IS indeed a Jackson as he DOES resemble Marlon, Tito or maybe even Tito’s kids when they were younger….Maybe this young man is ACTUALLY Joe’s biological son instead of Michael’s????…Ive seen a copy of the birth certificat on RADARONLINE and the childs birth name is indeed Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson and Michael Jackson from Indiana is listed as the father..Now Im just wondering how many people name ALL their sons Prince Michael?…Is this just a coincidence?…Oh well, at any rate this young man was a very cute little boy as a child…his pics are on TMZ…He DOES have the Jackson nose on pic number 2…and he looks more like a Jackson than the 3 kids that are known to be Michael’s.
    At the end of the day how much does any of us know about Michael Jackson aside from gossip, rumor, tabloid fodder and some of the lies that are perpetuated by some of the Jackson’s themselves?
    There may be a slight chance that Michael did indeed father children that the world didnt know about…including Omer Bhatti…We can only assume not but we TRULY just dont know.
    Michael was a man…a human being…nowhere near perfect and definitely nowhere as Godly as people wanted to make him out to be…yep, he was just a regular human being capable of anything that we all are capable of whether it be good or bad.

    • But it is a bit strange, as much as Michael loved children that this child wasn’t provided for in his will. I have found that I know very little about the Jacksons from the previous post. But if he did indeed sign this birth certificate, it seems that he would have provided for this child. Better yet, when he was going through all of the court proceedings about his sexual involvement with childre, it seems that he would have pointed to both this young man and that older one who sat with the family as evidence against those charges. I find both these young men and their paternity to Michael, suspect. As lowlife as the boys in the family have proved that they can be, I wonder if it belongs to one of the other Jackson boys who signed the certificate using MJ name.

      • @Krish…hello there :)
        I understand your point exactly.
        Im just very confused about alot of things in regards to the whole Jackson clan…Michael included.
        I liked MJ’s music and I thought that he was a very nice guy…I still do :)
        But that being said I am still not 100% convinced of the POSSIBILITY that there are just some things that we dont know about Michael.
        The only thing that I am convinced about is that Michael WAS NOT a child molester…I will NEVER believe that he was.
        As for his love for his children, yes I believe that he was very sincere about that.
        Why he didnt use the fact that Omer and this other young man to help him in his molestation trial, well probably because if he had no one would have believed him…I mean if MJ had brought these 2 out during that time when no one may have known about them then that would have shot his credibility to hell because people (the jurors) would have been very suspicious and questioned his motives as to why he would NOW be bringing forth 2 children to the public.
        As for the will…thats a good question that you pose but I dont know or have an answer to that one.
        Seems like MJ’s life as well as his death is like a classic game of CLUE, complete with a butler chef, mystery people, ect, ect, ect…yep, a tru who done what, when, where and why.
        Poor Michael…
        Lsstly, maybe Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is MJ’s half brother or nephew???
        But no matter what relation he is to MJ I bet that MJ’S money has been providing for him for the last 24 years just as MJ’s money has been taking care of almost all of the Jackson clan as well as hanger ons (so called friends)!

        • You must have better eyes than me because that is one blurry birth certificate.
          1.The mother is claiming that MJ’s family didn’t want him involved with the child so why then would he sign the birth certificate.
          2. Why would you then wait to claim to be his child the day after his net worth is revealed? Why not sooner? They say they don’t want money but closer. Closer after the man is dead?
          3. As far as the TVOne interview, I didn’t get the same impression as you. Joe didn’t look surprised or not prepared he probably didn’t want to answer the question. Smokey Fontaine said somthing to the effect of there have been so many rumors one of them is that Michael had another son. Omer is his name. To which Joe nods in the affirmative. Smokey Fontaine was interviewed by Campbell Brown and he believes Joe is telling the truth about Omer. They spent 2 hours talking but released 15 minutes. Who knows what Joe told Mr. Fontaine.
          4. I don’t believe Mike was a child molester but having children does not keep you from being a child molester. I don’t think revealing that you have 1 and/or 2 love children would have helped. Omer was going to be used as a potential witness by both sides. According to the smoking gun the police sensed Omer had a story to tell but neither side called him to the stand.
          5. I don’t believe in the “Jackson” nose. They have a nose we all have noses. I could probably find a million other black people with the same nose.
          6. I have seen pictures of Omer and Mike’s nephews and he does look like a few of them. It doesn’t prove that he is his son. I don’t think we should make judgements based on childhood pics of this Prince etc. guy.
          7. Why would Omer be able to spend SO MUCH time with Mike and not this other kid? Any where in the world Mike lived Omer lived(LA, Ireland, Bahrain, France etc.) I’ve seen pics of Omer with Mike’s other children and with Mike’s parents. He was living at Katherine’s house before MJ died. It doesn’t make sense that he would do that for Omer and not this other kid if they are both his sons.
          8. Anything is possible but I’ll wait until the DNA test.

          • @Sunshine…Alls Im saying is that NO ONE knows ANYTHING for sure.
            All any of us can do is offer OPINION and SPECULATION!
            The only thing that I am sure of in this whole world is the love of God and that Jesus is the Saviour and that I AM the biological mother of MY 4 beautiful kids…beyond that I know nothing!

          • Some of y’all give Michael Jackson way too much credit!
            He was a man, a human being with many faults just like the rest of the people in the world!
            I too truly love Michael Jackson BUT I will not be blinded into lifting him up on some kind of “Idolatry pedestal”.
            People idolizing Michael was just as bad as people smearing his name and character and it only helped with the domino effect of his downfall and untimely death.
            The idolizing gave Michael a false sense of security of being loved which he crave so badly his entire life due to the horrible things that he said occurred in his childhood.
            I believe that Mike was psycologically traumatized and messed up.
            I dont believe that he was a pedophile, I believe that Mike LOVED women and I believe that he MAY have fathered this boy as well as Omer!
            At the time that these 2 young men were born Mike was about 25-26 and at the height of his fame.
            Maybe greedy Joe nipped Prince Michael Malachi’s mom in the bud and paid her off to be quiet and not tarnish Michael’s sweet image to the point that maybe even Michael himself didnt know about this boys existence!
            I dont know, BUT what I do know is that ANYTHING is possible when it comes to some the Jacksons and the secrets that they carry with them.
            P.S..Since Im probably going to get bashed for this comment I amy as well say that I am happy that this alleged child is 100% black and not some white child who is being passed off as Michael’s son, though I do believe that he is the biological dad of Prince, Paris and Blanket…and Omer too for that matter!
            Ok y’all have a great day :)

        • I couldn’t repond to your latest post. Nothing personal just my thoughts and questions. I so agree that we don’t know anything for sure. I just don’t buy this story. I don’t think Mike was perfect and incapable of sin but I don’t buy it. I could be wrong so I’ll hold judgement and further thoughts until the DNA results.

      • Hi Khrish. Your suspicions could be right because the Jacksons use/used Michael’s name whenever and however they needed to, especially that vermin, Jermaine.

    • Could it be that Mike was embarrassed by his black kid? So many scandalous things going on in the Jackson Family. If it turns out to be true, I’ll lose a lot of respect for him.

    • Spare me please. This in not Micheal Jackson’s son. He’s a Jackson alright, but he’s not THE Micheal Jackson’s son.

      As much as Micheal loved children, as much as he surrounded himself with them, why would he not announce his own biological child to the world?

      If any body wants me to believe Micheal Jackson has children other than the three he IS claiming, then show a legal DNA test.

      Otherwise, please.

      • I’m glad be you knew so well. you will be one of the ones that will shocked when the DNA test results come back

    • Anybody ever wonder if this is the real reason Michael loved kids? I mean really, how many people name their children Prince Michael and his other sons are named that as well. Maybe Joe did something and that’s the real reason Michael dislike his father so much. I don’t know, just a question……

  21. I think this is pathetic and a big, fat load of nonsense. People won’t even leave Michael Jackson the heck alone in death?! Without a DNA test, this “zerline” woman’s claim is worthless, in my personal opinion. A DNA test is the only thing that will clear this matter up.

  22. You’d think you’d want to get in touch with your dad while he was alive and if he didn’t want to see him then what makes the boy think he would want some stranger handling his estate now. Everybody wants a piece of Michael and sad thing is nobody cared about the man while he was alive and needed them. Let’s see what that DNA test says though because I highly doubt it. His other son Prince Michael will always be his TRUE SON because that’s the one he loved and raised.

    • You are so telling the truth, Desssy! Where were any of his family besides his three kids on that fateful day, June 25,2009!?

      Someone should have been close enough to him, even his mother to stand in the room while Dr. Murray was there alone with him.

    • you sound crazy w/ that statement. If this is Michael Son, He should have been the one making sure that he was taking care of. Not the other way around and it doesn’t matter when he comes forth or even he came forth b/c of money b/c at the end of the day if that is his son and he is entitled to his portion(if it is proven).

      You ask the question where was him when he needed his so call family.
      Well if Malachi is Michael he can ask the same question. Where was you when I was sick? Where was you on the first day of school? Where Was you when I graduated from High school? Where were you when I called out for my Daddy? Where were you when I needed you? I love Mj
      But PlEASE don’t get it twisted.

  23. ok I seen some pictures of this dude on another site..But the pictures are of him when he was a baby..can we get some photos from 2009.


    Micahel Joseph jackson is on his birth certificate.It aslo has the father place of birth as Indiana but for age it list 26..this was september 1984 michael would have been 27 by then.

    Secondly why would his mother wait all these years to try and sue for paternity.WE are talking about 1984 when mike was at the height of his career.Im sure she would have sued him for child support with the quickness

    • I agree with what you wrote but Mike was born in 1958 so he would have been 26. Your so right Mike was at the height of his career. So there was a signed birth certificate in 1984 with the father’s name as Michael Joseph Jackson, 26 born in IN and it didn’t make news? Granted we didn’t have a 24 hour news cycle and TMZ back then but I find it hard to believe the story didn’t come out.
      At least Omer was born in Norway so if he is Mike’s then he was a lot easier to hide.

      • Your right the birth certificate says 27 but Mike would have just turned 26 less than a month earlier in August of 1984.

  24. Is Zerline the same woman that was claiming to be the real Billie Jean years ago? Now that he’s gone, everyone with the initials MJ are going to say he’s the father. I’ll believe the kid is his child when they prove it with DNA. Until then, Mike said the kid was not his son LOL

    • No that chick name is Theresa Gonsalves (I think I spelled her last name right)… She actually still uses her name and has written two really excellent books and in the first one she addresses why they nicknamed her the real Billie Jean because she was ultimately the inspiration behind the writing of the song.

  25. Please let him rest! Sh*t!! Im refering to people claiming to have been a part of him in some way, not to this website.. LoL

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