Skye Townsend celebrated her 16th birthday a few days ago. Skye’s dad, actor Robert Townsend, threw his daughter a bash to remember!

Skylar “Skye” Townsend, who was born on September 1st, 1993, is an aspiring singer,poet and actress. In all,Robert has three children with ex-wife Cheri Jones:daughters Sierra Taylor Townsend and Skylar Townsend and son Isaiah. Some of you may remember Robert from WB Network’s sitcom The Parent ‘Hood (1995).

Check out Skye’s Youtube channel!


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  1. Wait…she look familiar…is this the same chick that used to do the Beyonce and Rhianna parodies with her friend? MAN them joints was FUN-NY!!!

  2. wow people, this was skylar’s BIG DAY. your really raining on her parade. the dress looks completely fine, if her parents ALLOWED her to wear the dress to her own party, then whats is the big deal?!

  3. lol.after reading the comments in here.you all are too funny.I hardly get on these forum things and comment b/c I have too much in my own life to deal with.The previous comment I made is not me hating but stating my opinion and agreeing with some already stated.there is a difference betwn hating and stating an opinion.please differentiate the two.Cj hun state your opinion and dont allow little children to bully you.I am agreeing with you CJ.He didn’t say anything bad since he did agree that she is pretty.just that the dress isn’t appropriate for that age.Period

  4. isn’t that the dress that ciara wore in the music video with 50cent? And the dress is a bit “grown up” for a 16 year old.

  5. Speaking of Sweet Sixteen and daughters with famous dads…

    BCK, you should do a post on Teddy Riley’s daughter, Taja Riley… she is currently burning up the dance scene!

  6. I looked up her youtube channel, the girl CAN blow…. she has an amazing voice for a 16 yr. old… I would buy her album or maybe download it LOL!

    • everybody who said the girl can blow you’re right tha girl can BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went on her page i was like damn.tha girl can blow.her friend angelique[lique] can blow too.theysing act,sing,model,do comedy,write songs,and do poetry.the girls are good.happy b-day skye.big fan.

  7. I personally like the dress. Compared to what I see young ladies her age wearing on a regular basis this dress is harmless. It’s a party dress for goodness sakes. Besides, i’m pretty sure her dad was there keeping his eye on all of those knuckle headed boys lol.

  8. I normally do not comment on the photos, or make any comments about what other individuals have said. However, I felt the need to comment on this one. I can understand why the comments were made about the outfit being too “grown”. While she is 16, 2 years away from being a legal adult….she is still just a child, and the outfit that she has on is not appropriate for someone her age. Even though she may look fabulous in it. That is something that an adult should wear. Not a child!!! The outfit is cute, I agree. Yes, she does look beautiful in it. Nonetheless that does not excuse that fact that she is still only 16. She could look cute in booty shorts and a cut off shirt, and that would not make the outfit any more appropriate. With that said, I am not hating…I am just stating what should be more obvious to everyone. Just because someone has the body to wear something, does not mean that they should wear it.

    • Excuse you. She has parents who appear to be guite involved in her life. If the outfit passed their inspection that’s all that matters. Some people just look at the pictures to find negatives.

      • I didn’t look at the picture to specifically point out a negative. Nor am I challenging the judgement of her parents. Some parents think it is okay to let their 15 year olds drink alcohol with friends in their home because they think it is a way to keep them safe….that does not make it right or appropriate. The same can be said about a parents judgement of what they deem appropriate for their child to wear. My opinion on if her outfit was appropriate, is simply that MY opinion. She is an adorable little girl, and I am sure her parents have done a wonderful job in raising her. It still does not make me think that what she is wearing is appropriate for a 16 year old.

        • CJ, YOU NEED TO SHUTUP, it isn’t that damn serious. I know this girl. She doesnt smoke, drink, have sex, or party hard she didn’t do anything wrong! If anything she’s one of the coolest young girls i know. She looks older all the time so it’s just a stupid dress. Move on, NEXT!

    • CJ – I agree with you completely. Skye looks beautiful and yet I still feel like that is kind of grown for a 16 year old. I haven’t been 16 in a while so maybe I’m out the loop. lol. I am amazed at how hard people are coming down on others for thinking that.

  9. Hi Skye, your a beautiful young lady I must add and I hope you enjoyed your Birthday.I’m interested in knowing who is the designer behind that dress?I love it and want to purchase one.

  10. Yall need to stop hatin actin like you are something, you probably dont even know her….just jealous of her talent and her party

  11. People this girl is 16 NOT 10 she doesn’t have to dress like a child so stop trying to put her in a box….she looks fine

  12. Thank you for posting this, i am flattered. 😀 however, i don’t usually come on here and leave comments but .. anything can be said about me, but that’s my dad.. And i respect him so much so please have respect for him as well. I am so grateful he threw the party and had a blast. He is 51 and in great health, still running & teaching me so much everyday. My dad, teacher, & twin. So please, only nice comments or just nothing at all… Thanks again for the feature, i had a wonderful time.

    • Skye, happy birthday. As you can see, most of the comments on here are positive. Any comments that are negative are strictly from envious individuals. Unfortunately these individuals exist in the world and so just keep doing you and stay beautiful.

  13. 21 OR 31? you’re a goddamn hater, that girl is beautiful!! and the dress is gorgeous! it’s clear she looks older already.. happy birthday hunny!

  14. WOW :) I haven’t seen him since ‘Parenthood’ days. His daughter is gorgeous and I love the H.L. dress. It may be a bit much for a 16-year-old but I doubt dad lets her walk around like that everyday.

    • I didn’t know you were the morality police. Lol.

      Exactly how old should one be before you wear
      a “grown looking” outfit?

      And what is wrong with wearing a “grown” outfit?

      • Hey Skylar is my girl!, She is the bomb! I’ve been knowing the family every since skylar was in diapers. The outfit FITS her! Back up off of her.

  15. How old are you, hun? From your comments, you sound a bit young. If he were 50, then that would mean he had her at about 34, which is a perfect time to have kids if you are a guy.

    Your comment comes off as a bit immature dear.

    Skye is beautiful and her dad seems great.

  16. Maybe he waited until he was mentally mature to have a family, instead of having them as soon as (or before)he left high school. Better a mature 50-odd year old man with a 16 year old daughter than a 30-odd year old man-child, in my opinion.

  17. I suppose in this day and time when babies are having babies,it’s hard for you to imagine that some people did wait until they felt ready to have children. If 50 is old to you I assume you are very young.

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