doncheadle and family

Actor Don Cheadle, right, posed with his wife Bridgid Coulter and their daughters Ayana Tai Cheadle,14, and  Imani Cheadle,12, at a performance by dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna at The Broad Stage on September 4th.

Don and his family recently vacationed in Italy. Click Here to see pictures from their vacation

  • doncheadle and family




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  4. Who cares who dates who, who cares if their skin is lighter or darker, people are so stuck on race and light this or dark that, it just shows your insecure in your own seld whether it is your opinion or not you are still stating a stupid comment about light and dark skin. You are a hater. period, get over this light and dark issue everyone is with who they want to be with, light, dark, black, white, mexican whatever. Get over it just cause you seem to have a problem with it obviously they don’t so why comment about somone’s color. They have a nice looking family and that should be the end of it, why comment on how light his wife is, people acts like ignorant idiots about these things. LMAO at the ignorant comments on here.

  5. I would have to agree with you all stating this black men and light skin thing.It is very true.I wish those who were disagreeing can just accept the truth.I will have to say that it also happens for black women.Black women who are very successful and in the profession also tend to date lighter or white men.This is also something I observed.I have female friends who are have married out of their race and some of them are really dark.It happens everywhere.
    It is almost like a competition with them.almost like “hey son luck what type of girl I can pull”its a show off thing of some sort.At the end of the day the marriages in hollywood and in reality ends up in divorce anyway.People please learn to love one another regardless of color and dont be so defensive when someone states an opinion.there is a difference in an opinion and someone just hate’n.I dont see too many black brothas with dark skin sistas and that is a shame.I even notice it,and I am a sista.=)The funny thing is that my fiance is lighter than me.lol and no it wasn’t intentional.

  6. I hear you ModelChic it’s as old as dirt and sad at times (AT TIMES) but let’s not forget Denzel and Samuel L. Jackson both have dark skinned wives and they are at the top of the game.

  7. He has a nice looking family good for him happy they together they got some big kids just to be boyfriend and girlfriend wonder why no ring yet? BUT hey he is still in the home raising his kids loving his women good for them all

  8. How does one determine who’s black and who isn’t in the AA community? skin color, hair texture? what?? PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS! Can’t win with some of you…….

  9. I agree with ModelChic and Issy and whoever else that stated the obvious a lot of darker skinned black men prefer to date or marry light skinned black women or women of other races. It’s in hollywood, everyday life, everywhere. Yes people should date who they’re attracted to but it’s funny that those dark skinned black men don’t find their mom’s beautiful because they obviously refuse to date a woman who has the same complexion as their mom. so sad.

    and i hate when people turn and say “oh at least she’s black” when referring to a dark skinned man dating a “supposedly” [light skin] black woman. Who tell you that she wants you to claim her as being black? black people just like to claim people. wow.

    • “black people just like to claim people. wow.”

      That’s too general of a statement in my opinion and completely ignoring the fact that many other ethnic groups do the exact same thing. I’ve seen many Italian-Americans claim people of part-Italian heritage, Asian people claim people of part Asian heritage, Mexican-Americans claim people of part-Mexican heritage…the list literally goes on. I’ve even seen Derek Jeter being claimed as an “Irish-American” on an Irish news website because he is half. I guess that’s more okay? LOL.

  10. Light-skinned girls like darker skinned guys, it makes a nice contrast. Doesn’t matter one way or another since we’re the same folks.

    • I agree. It’s true sometimes, I’ve noticed that too. It always goes both ways, people.

      However the lighter person in the relationship is usually ignored, while everyone is on the darker person saying “Why do you want a light-skinned person?!!”

      No one cares or acknowledges that no one tied the lighter person down and MADE them get with a darker person! People like who they like, and no one can get into someone’s mind and ascertain all the reasons!

      • Glad someone else pointed this out as well. It takes two to tango.

        I am a lightskinned black woman who is really attracted to darker black guys. Does that mean I ‘preference’ myself out of the high-yella or other brothas–of course not.

        It is just what my eye is drawn to off the bat–like a magnet.

        That is why I don’t get the self-hate I see sometimes with some blacks with darker skin–I find it so beautiful and many others do as well.

        Cheadle’s wife/partner also appears to be mostly black–just lighter and perhaps bi-racial–stop the hate. She is still a woman of color so stop with the achaic division mess. It is offensive.

        Have to say even if she was “lily –white” stop the hate. It is what HE choses to be with.

  11. Not everybody is bound by the institution of marriage nor do they need a healthy, positive relationship reinforced with a piece of paper because of societal pressures. I would rather NO ONE get married if that meant there would be more healthy, loving and respectful relationships out there. Of course, this doesn’t mean monogamy is out the window or being in a committed relationship is either. I just think our society pushes to hard for something so small in the grander scheme of things.

    • Sabrina, marriage is more than a piece of paper. If someone has a healthy, loving, respectful relationship, why wouldn’t they want to make it legal. What’s the difference between playing house and actually making a LEGAL commitment to the person you supposedly love, especially if they have children. Marriage is a beautiful thing and has so many benefits. It’s more than a piece of paper.

      With that, people can do whatever they want to. I’m not going to condemn people who don’t get married. These are just my thoughts on the “institution” of marriage. When one Googles the benefits of marriage on the family and community, there is no doubt that GOOD marriages benefit everyone. JMO.

      • To me legal = hassle and I prefer to be realistic when it comes to marriage. If I have kids then I will get married to combine assets for the kid’s sake. I don’t, so I won’t and I bring in my share equally…or there will definitely be a pre-nup to protect each partner’s assets.

  12. He has been with this woman for at least 15 years, has 2 beautiful daughters has not married her yet? What example is he setting for his daughters…that it is ok for a man to treat them that way?

    I wonder which one of them is afraid of marriage.

  13. I like Don Cheadle but 2 teen kids, and their mom is still just a girlfriend? Put a ring on it man! It’s long overdue! lol

  14. Or you can spin it and say why does all these light-skinned women date dark skinned men? Do they have a complex about their light skin? There are two sides to every coin.

    • Most of them do…now b4 u jump down my throat let me clarify, not all but most are attached to the lighter/darker men/women…the great thing is they turn out these wonderful brown skin children.

      • “the great thing is they turn out these wonderful brown skin children”

        dashayna, I think that statement is ridiculous. All children are equally wonderful and beautiful from ebony to cream. If they “turn out” children who are very pale or very dark (and maybe even both in the same family), are they not as wonderful? We need to get beyond trivial things like the superficiality of skin tone. It’s just melanin!

        As for the Cheadle family, they look like very nice people. He’s one of the best actors in Hollywood!

  15. And I just cannot help but notice the contradiction in the first posters comments. Do as I say not as I do myself. LOL!!!!!! Lovely family.

    • I am in no way a hater. In fact, people should eliminiate the word “hater” from their vocabulary and not use it everytime someone disagrees with the majority.

      I’m in hysterics, because this is overwhelmingly laughable. I take everything with a grain of salt, I respect all of your comments. Notice I said in my first comment…”In my eyes” not yours.Reading is fundamental. I don’t expect everybody to agree with what I said.

      I still stand behind my statement about the dark skinned black man trend. Not once did I comment on whether it was right or wrong. I stated the obvious.


  16. The darker the man the lighter his wife….or so it seems. (in my eyes):( Not hating on this beautiful family but everytime i turn around (IN HOLLYWOOD) thats all I see. I’m a strong advocate in loving who you want to love and I say that proudly because I am married to a birracial man. Its just my eyes can’t help but notice the dark-skinned black man trend.

    • It sounds like you are hating. If you really are “love whoyou want to love”, then why criticize who people choose to love based on race?

      • I am in no way a hater. In fact, people should eliminiate the word “hater” from their vocabulary and not use it everytime someone disagrees with the majority.

        I’m in hysterics, because this is overwhelmingly laughable. I take everything with a grain of salt, I respect all of your comments. Notice I said in my first comment…”In my eyes” not yours.Reading is fundamental. I don’t expect everybody to agree with what I said.

        I still stand behind my statement about the dark skinned black man trend. Not once did I comment on whether it was right or wrong. I stated the obvious.


        • Model Chic, I HATE the word “hater.” It is so overused and abused. I agree with you. Just because someone disagrees with someone, they are labeled a hater.

          I love blogs because we SHOULD be able to come here and speak our opinions without someone being the blog police. We can agree to disagree, but calling someone a hater is just juvenile. Do you, girl.

        • OMG! i swear i agree with you 1000+ percent. In my past comments it really erked me on how people would confuse “hater” with “opinion”..some of them i couldnt just get through to so i just left it alone because it was like talking to a brick wall.

    • why do you have to turn every story into a lightskin darkskin debate…WHO CARES.you sound like you have some insecurities going on Give it a rest dang….I guess lightskin black women are not supposed to date lightskin black men and vice versa

    • I agree with your observation, modelchic. But hey, to each his own- I’m just glad the wife is black(lol)! I really love Don Cheadle;he’s an amazing actor and he’s got a beautiful fam.

    • You’re right about that on choosing lighter women. But, Don Cheadle is so fine. I always have to roll the disc back at least once during his nude scene in “Crash”. I’m a lighter woman and I wish he would find me fine as well.

    • Sounds like you ModelChic, are just jealous. Hater lol. You have no idea how brainwashed you sound… sad. Skin color… It does not matter! Get it, Got it, GOOD!

      • Chelsea13…you MUST be 13 or somewhere close in that age group. Please read with understanding next time.

    • i cant help but agree with you….im in no way surprised by this. Nowadays i kinda EXPECT most black men (the dark ones especially) to date non-black or if they do date black you can barely tell if the person is ACTUALLY black or not. It is definitely a pattern and i definitely notice it. It is not just in hollywood, it is in everyday life i see the same pattern. Professional black men once they reach that certain level of success opt for the white or extremely light black woman…it happen with almost all of my uncles, cousins. It is a trend, it is neither right or wrong, nor hating. It is simply a trend, there is absolutely nothing wrong with stating the truth…you are not the only one that sees it.

      All these other people calling you a hater are just trying so desperately to ignore the elephant in the room and be a moral compass of equality and togetherness and kumbaya….get the f outta here…y’all know for sure this is a pattern that happens incessantly quit fronting!!

      • Oh what a tangled web…to say that dark skinned brothas dating light skinned black women is a trend is accurate…a trend that started around the 1500’s…and for some people not agreeing with their opinion is “hatin'”…most of my light skinned friends are attracted to darker skinned men and women…maybe that’s also a trend…I’m sure all these “trends” are tied to the system of slavery here and around the world…and fighting about it is probably also tied to that system…I’m just sayin’…don’t hate…lol

    • Guess in hollywood that does apply. Thank goodness there only my husband is blue/black. And I am Whoopi Goldberg complexion. My daughter looks like a young Rudi from the cosby’s. Some folk are just paranoid I guess.

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