Singer Monica and her family-her fiancé Rodney “Rocko” Hill, and their boys Romello,11/2, and Lil Rocko,4,- are featured in the latest issue of Sister2Sister magazine.  In the issue, Monica talks about her family, her work and much more!

The mom of three, including a bonus son with her Rodney Rocko Hill, has a new album coming out this year in December. In addition, she and her family will be featured on their television reality series Still Standing, which comes out on BET on October 27th, 2009.

Photos:Courtesy of Monica/Thanks FreddyO!

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  2. this family is gorgeous and i happen to have met monicas brother and my gooooosh, the baby romello looks just like him. eyes, head , skin and all. too cute. lil rocko is his dad all day.. love to see famalies sticking together

  3. ?? Necessary to justify?..silliness.. For nothing…people sit on this page going back and forth for what? I actually asked the question did anyone notice how the baby didn’t look like either of the two parents..skin color isn’t a issue with me..he has a different shaped head. And like my own 10 siblings there are a few that look more like our grandparents and even my mothers siblings. I don’t think any one is denying the fact that Monica’s children are hers..

  4. Not that I think it even necessary to justify but Monicas youngest son is the spitting image of her brother Montez. It’s really sweet because Romelos middle name is Montez. She posted a pic of him and his uncle and it was unbelieveable how the two looked IDENTICAL. Monicas dad is biracial as well so the eyes skipping Monica and catching her children is simply a recessive gene. Either way the boys are BEAUTIFUL

  5. This post is about this beautiful family picture and the pics are beautiful now keep hating Mo does not care about any of this.

  6. @Khrish they are probley a lot of things you are doing that you should not have done like the whole sex before marriage and all that, don’t stay in glass houses and throw stones, she is not the only celeb/person who has opted not to marry and have children and by the way maybe they are and don’t want people all up in her business. Comment on the pics and move on, it gets so redundant you saying it in every post is not gonna make it happen.

      • Hi Khrish,

        Your comments are always well thought out, poignant and good-spirited. I really loved the response you gave to Black Republican at the other post.

        Here’s a positive affirmation for you, today, my friend.

        “I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” – Booker T. Washington, African American Educator

        I guess these two haven’t married maybe because either he or she will not accept a pre-nup if they have assets between them. That’s all I can glean from it because other than that marriage would protect the children.

        Like Beyonce sings, “If you like it put a ring on it”.

  7. I love the pic they are a beautiful family..
    Now I have to ask… is it me? Or are you wondering who these children look like. Please don’t tell me about their eyes.. Because we already know.. But seriously.. The baby has a very different head shape from the rest, he actually doesn’t really look like either parent.. Maybe we can say he has his mama’s mouth. But I’m wondering .. Does he look like He’s grandparents, aunt, uncle? The boys both have such personalities u can see them in every pic.

  8. Monica’s makeup can’t get anymore flawless and the boys are so cutee. The verdict is still out on Rocko, lol

  9. @Khrish this is where u stay out of the peoples business, they have been engaged for a while, why are we so concerned about this? I don’t see you all asking when is so and so gonna get married.

    • what are you talking about? I can post what I want. Engagement is when a couple is waiting to marry and historically has been the first step to creating a family. Now how is that getting into someone’s business. That’s society’s definition of engagement.

      • The whole so-called engaged for 6 years or forever thing is sad. Just shows how little people think of themselves. I suppose they think that saying they are “engaged” makes them less of a “baby daddy” / “baby mama”. NEWS FLASH: It doesn’t.

  10. good looking photos. The boys are quite handsome but that oldest one has the photogenic look about him. He is quite the little man and big brother. Why do people keep saying that they are engaged after they have children. If you are already engaged it seems that the time to get married is before the babies come. This new status for engagement is a bit confusing.

  11. Rocko messed up the family portrait, but Monica and the kids look great. I wonder where the kids get their eye color from?

  12. Monica was once named one of the most beautiful people in America by PEOPLE magazine. I see why from this exquisite portrait of her and her family.

    She’s beautiful and has a beautiful family.

  13. Rocko is messing up the family photo with that mean mug on his face….Monica looks great and her boys are sooo handsome :)

  14. Great loosing family, minus whatever that is on Monica’s arm, Rocko looks nothing like that, I guess it’s make up. The boys have grey looking blue eyes. They are so handsome. Good luck to Monica I hope she gets married. It’s her life.

  15. WOW…WHAT A Beautiful family!!!!!! they look so beatiful..i mean just wow….on another note rodney could have toned the makeup down a bit and maybe smiled for once lol….they still look absolutely beautiful….i think this is one of the family that holds it down in showbiz like 4real.

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