Director Steven Spielberg and his daughters Mikaela George(L),13, and Destry Allyn Spielberg(R),12, posed on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of “Whip It” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on September 29, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

Earlier this year, a happier looking Mikaela George posed with her dad at the 81st Academy Awards on Feb. 22, 2009, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles.


In all, Steven has seven children with wife Kate Capshaw.

Photos:Wireimage/Ap/Bauergriffin/Fame Pictures

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  1. I believe that Mikaela is his biological daughter from a while back. they both are pretty girls n look much older than what they appear to be.

  2. I have never seen Mikaela George before and I did not know that Mr. Spielberg had adopted children. I was looking at Mikaela’s picture and could see that she must be very unhappy. What ever it is she needs to deal with it and smile for the public. If it is an identity or gender crises, please do not wear it on your face. Things could be worst and you should be fortunate and be thankful for what you have. SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mikaela. You are beautiful.

    • Sheesh, maybe the poor girl just hates having her photo taken? Maybe she’s just shy? It’s a bit of a stretch to see grumpy-looking pictures of a person and think they’re having an identity or gender crisis.

  3. Taken from IMBD:

    There are seven children in the Capshaw-Spielberg family: Theo Spielberg, who was adopted by Kate Capshaw before their marriage and later adopted by Spielberg, born in 1988, Sasha Spielberg, born on 14 May 1990, Sawyer Spielberg, born on 10 March 1992, their adopted daughter Mikaela George Spielberg, born on 28 February 1996, and Destry Allen Spielberg, born on 1 December 1996. Kate Capshaw’s daughter Jessica Capshaw, born in 1976, is from her previous marriage. Steven Spielberg’s son Max Spielberg, born in 1985, is from his previous marriage to Amy Irving.

    I believe his oldest adopted son is also black.

    Celebs have been adopting for years,I think with modern technology we are just have more acess to the information. Take Woody Allen and Mia Farrow for example…now THEY definitely had a gang of kids. Weird as hell that he married one of them tho!

  4. Destry looks waaaay older than 12/13. Mikaela has a gorgeous face. She should smile more. Like most people, she appears prettiest when she smiles.

  5. So how many kids has he adopted? And here I was thinking Angelina is the only one trying to adopt a gang of kids, lol.

  6. I thought Mikaela was a boy too…At first I was like his son look nothing like him even though he’s half white :/

  7. I thought they had more than seven but seven is a lot. Mikaela and Destry are pretty girls but Mikaela is smiling in only two of those pics and Destry isn’t smiling in any of them. What’s going on with the Spielberg-Capshaw children, did they wanna be there? Put a smile on those pretty faces ladies.

    I don’t know if she’s his biological daughter Kai but she could be. Hell i wish i was his daughter i don’t care how biological or adoptive, my finances would be a little better. A whole lot better. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Speilberg u forgot me i wanna live in that big house too. lol Seriously though, I hope they are good parents to their children.

    Didn’t Steven and Kate’s friend George Lucus adopt his children? I know they aren’t black but from what i know he raised his children alone after his wife left him and he seems to be a a good man that put his children first. So kudos to Mr. Lucas.

    Did u all hear about the movie called For Colored Girls, i think that’s the name of it. Tyler Perry is directing it and there are many people that don’t want him to do it and some mentioned that they’d rather have Steven to direct it. They said the story is to important to let Tyler Perry have anything to do with it. I wonder if Mr. Speilberg has heard about this or if he was even asked to direct it?

    • If this comes twice, I am so sorry. Yes, I have been on a few sites where they are discusing Perry directing FOR COLORED GIRLS. It is a cooperative work with Oprah Winfrey and I am looking forward to it. I don’t know why they think that Perry can’t do it. He get better with each film and his audience grows. They want Spielburg to do it but I rememeber when they didn’t think that Spielburg could direct THE COLOR PURPLE. I really believe that Perry can do anything he puts his mind to. I can’t wait to see PRECIOUS. I really did like THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. They think that there are much better directors that aren’t being used, but that’s the way the cake breaks in that business. Anyway, I’m looking forward to his doing FOR COLORED GIRLS.

      • You are 1 of few people that i’ve heard that don’t have a problem with him directing this. I don’t know my exact position on this just yet but If i’d haft to choose between the two men, i’d choose the one that has the most experience if the film is as important to the black female identity as people say. I wish whomever dose it well but boy if Tyler does this movie and F it up there are going to be a lot of people mad because some peole just don’t like TP.

  8. When i first saw that pic. I was like i didnt know drew barrymore was his daughter because I thougth Mikaela was a boy. Sorry :(

      • Is there something wrong with Mikala? Two of the pictures she does not look happy at all. Is she on drugs or something?

        • I hate to say this, but the two daughters look like they’re on drugs. They look spaced out. I also heard something horrible, that maybe he molests them. Something just doesn’t look right.

  9. Mikaela is a beautiful young lady. I love the earlier pictures of just Steven and Mikaela. They are very sweet.

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