Comedian Chris Rock appeared on the Oprah show yesterday to talk about his new documentary “Good Hair”. During the interview, Chris mentioned that he would not allow his daughters Lola,6, and Zahra,4, to get a kiddie perm.

“This kiddie perm has to stop, okay? They shouldn’t have to worry about that till they’re in their teens,” he said. “Putting those chemicals in that child’s hair is just not cool.”

Chris Rock said that he was inspired to do the documentary because of his older daughter Lola,6.

“I was with my daughter one day, and we’re in the car and she’s with one of her friends in the back seat, a little white friend,” he said. “She was just kind of raving about her friend’s hair a little too much for my comfort [saying]: ‘You’ve got great hair. Oh, your hair’s so good.'”

Chris said that conversation with his daughter ” sparked something in [him].”

Watch Chris talk about his favorite “daddy moments” below.

Singer Solange also appeared on the show and spoke about why she decided to cut her hair.
Watch the entire episode now




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  8. I also forgot to add fake hair (SOME) does have chemicals in it. If you read the labels that’s typically why some people who tend to get it my have a break out, allergic reaction, or they’re hair will fall out in clumps.

  9. your child is supposed to have relaxers nor fake hair in their head until they are older. Fake hair can break off their hair as well as relaxers can. Good hair has nothing to do with relaxers or extensions. Good hair is healthy hair plain and simple and you don’t need a movie to tell you that.

  10. My people…at the end of the day, it’s just hair! Permed, natural, braided, weaved, etc. Why do we judge one another based on this stuff. It’s what’s under the hair that counts. Please let’s stop looking down at one another because you wear it natural and she rocks it straight. Am I a better doctor because I have natural hair? Am I a smarter lawyer because I don Indian Remy? We get major in the minors all the time and leave out the important things. Personally, I don’t care about your naps, curls, chemically treated do, locks or your fade…do you!


  12. Chris is wrong about “Kiddie Perms”. After the perm, the hair should be wrapped (set) on magnetic or sponge foam rollers. For boys its quite the option than having either “Jeri” curl or shaved short. Its quite common and the cute curl is very appealing.

  13. @Dashayna: Although you made valid points, relaxing your childs hair is not “horrible” as you stated. unorthodox, maybe, but it’s no different than when we make our children do a number of other thing they have no interest in. I , personally, texturized my child’s hair at 6 because the washing/styling process was more than I had time for. Between work and school, some people don’t have time to detangle from tip to root for 3 hours! Her hair is growing as if she did not have a texturizer in and for the next 3yrs that I’ll be in school, this is what she’ll have. She will not need a touch up because the new growth is now tamed and does not look like the complete opposite of the texturized portion. Therefore, my mission was accomplished. We’re both happy! Going swimming is no longer a hassle!

    @Chris Rock: The movie looks entertaining, but their are more prevelent topics to inform America about! Hair is Hair! If we were all born bald, life would be just as complicated!

      • sorry if u feel im judgmental but don’t u worry about the effects of perming your baby girls hair?

        It thins your hair, it eats at your edges, it breaks your tips off, it makes your hair unhealthy all together. and truthfully ur taking an easy way out and ur telling ur child that she not pretty with her hair the way it was born. there is no excuse to the long term damage


    Bottom line, children are too young to have those chemicals put in their hair. If you get perm on the side of your face and don’t wipe it off right away or even if you do, that spot will be red and irratated or develop a scab from a perm burn.Don’t sleep professionals aren’t perfect and can burn your face too. Why would you want to do that or run that risk with your small child.

    • I totally agree with you Kim. Like Chris said, when they are adults they can choose to do what they want with their hair. The many times I had my hair relaxed I know that sometimes that stuff really did damage and how hard they worked to keep it off the skin. I just feel that the children have virgin hair and you can do many things to make it easy to comb without subjecting them to the possible dangers and damage done by chemical in relaxers. Pretty braids and pony tails with beautiful hair ribbons, is desired, is just as pretty and easy to keep as a relaxer. Healthy hair takes time no matter what, if you plan to keep it healthy. I can’t believe how much prettier Solange is with her new haircut. She looks 10 years younger and chic. I love it.

  15. Im sorry but both of his children need a perm, his wife has one. Solange should not have cut he hair, she was better with the weave or wig, please do us all a favor and put it back on.

    • If they had instilled in her that her hair was beautiful that thing with her friend would never have happened. They must also talk about good/bad hair in the house. Or his wife does. That’s where we learn this stuff. Anyway, his daughter is very cute.

      • Nat, sometimes parents are focused on more important things than hair. We love our children. And we love everything about them and we just assume that they love everything about themselves because we tell them how beautiful they are and I’m sure Chris and his wife tells the girls they’re beautiful.
        You know, you don’t really single out something like hair until the situation comes up, like when your child is with her white friend and her hair is so much longer than hers. That’s when the opportunity presents itself to let your daughter know that her hair is beautiful too. And she should love all of herself.

    • I think Solange is absolutly gorgeous with her new hair cut. It just draws your attention immediately as opposed to all that hair she was wearing. She has come into to her own with that haircut. She looks like a completely different woman. Just beautifully stunting.


  17. IMO, a dad can tell their daughters they’re beautiful, but, MOM being an example matters more. I didn’t get a relaxer until Junior High, but if I could’ve gotten one sooner, I would’ve back then. I had long hair, but I absolutely hated getting it washed and combed out. My mom and other family members always told me to never get a relaxer, but those same people had them. Their hair was washed, blow dried, and styled before my mom was even done combing through half of my head, so all that “never get a relaxer” went in one ear and out the other.

  18. My biggest peeve about the hair debate:

    I hate they way the hair conversation always turns into a convo. about self hate, and not embracing your culture blah blah blah.

    I Do NOT think ALL (or most for that matter) black people get weaves, micro braids, and relaxers because of self-hatred or some desire to be more like white women.

    I’ve had my hair both natural and relaxed. You would think wearing it natural would be less maintenance but that is definitely NOT the case. So I chose to get it relaxed b/c I don’t have the time to spend combing through all the kinks & curls on a daily bases, dealing with the frizz, it curling back up it I do straighten it. Like most people, my life is busy and it’s just more convenient to have a relaxer so all I have to do in the morning is unwrap it, comb it down and go!

    • I totally agree. It does take too much time working with natural hair. I don’t rock the extensions but with those you can just get up and go. No fuss.

      But I don’t care what a white person thinks of my hair or anything for that matter. I just do what I feel when I get up in the morning. If I feel like going to work with a big afro puff then thats what I’m doing, If I feel like flat ironing my hair then that will get done.

      But for me to say oh I hate my black hair none of the white women at work are going to accept me. That’s just silly. They know I’m not white they can look at my black skin and see this, I’m still a N-word to them whether my hair is straight or fro’d out So why let them dictate how I wear my hair. No self hate here my black is beautiful.

  19. Actually there really IS something bad with chemically treated hair that has not had a chance to mature and grow. What is wrong with black women?! How many of you have actually looked at the ingredients before putting it on your (or a child’s) head and considered the consequences of that.

    Also a braid extensions ARE NOT chemically treated.

    Apples and oranges.

    • Hair extensions ARE treated chemically, human and synthetic. Ergo, they are not natural. If you don’t believe me, just Google it.

      • I’m sorry, I’m with you, Pisces- I don’t like the extensions on small children either. I was in Nigeria this summer, and everywhere you went you saw little children (I’m talking as young as 1 year old) with perms/extensions/weaves/WIGS (WIGS, for cryin out loud!!!)…. I saw a baby with VERY little hair and the 20 or so extensions on her head (with beads on the end, mind you) were clinging on for dear life. Unlike many of you on here think, braids are VERY damaging to hair, especially when they are that young. Hair isn’t meant to be pulled that tightly for prolonged periods of time. Take it from someone who spent many years losing a LOT of her hair to braids, lol. When they’re older, I say do what makes you happy. But when they’re small, for goodness’ sake, unless circumstances are dire, leave the products alone.

        • Lioness, I agree even more so with you and the way you broke it down even further. You are so right, braids are a product, not in the way we see a perm as a chemical but they are treated with chemicals to keep them clean when they are washed.

          If I have a choice, I would choose braids over a perm made with lye that can burn a hole in anyone’s head and possibly causes forms of head and neck related cancers when used regularly over a period of time.

          It is amazing that kids as young as 1 and 2 years old, as you mentioned while on your trip to Nigeria, can sit still long enough to go through the extension adding process. Also,I am in agreement with you on the damage and breakage this causes to tiny ones hair.

          Not to mention the fact that some parents don’t oil or wash the braids properly which not only is unsightly but not hygenic. I see kids, boys and girls with crusty,dandruff or lice laden looking coifs because their lazy parents don’t maintain the proper upkeep of the style.

          Add to that the biological fact that kids skulls and heads are still developing and when the braids are too tight it can affect scalp nerve endings and the full development of the skull. The human skull is not fully fused until age 20.

          Extensions are a laborious production and even when it’s the natural hair but even more so when applying hair extensions.

          No matter what style people choose for their kids, it’s important to keep it neat and clean on a daily basis, not just for appearances but for the child’s over all cleanliness and good head health.

          The money you save on getting the child’s hair braided, if you’re not rich like Chris Rock and his wife, could go to putting clothes on the child’s back, food in the child’s belly or in the bank as part of a savings account.

        • Kanekalon, which is 100% fiber hair (synthetic, but the best synthetic hair for braid extensions) is made with an Alkaline base which can irritate the scalp of some people.

          If you soak the braids in a vinegar and water base for at least 15 minutes, this should remove most of the alkaline base.

          Using human hair reduces the amount of chemical used in the braid extension.

          • There is a risk of hair loss and damage to the scalp by the sewing of synthetic and human hair tracks onto and into natural and real hair fibers. This causes itching, dandruff and other dermatological problems.

            It is amazing how many studies and articles about this subject exist. A lot of research has gone into this because the beauty industry is such a lucrative one and also because people have filed law suits for damage to their head, hair and scalp from various so called beauty enhancing products.

            There are health risks associated with apply chemicals onto yourself.

            I also wanted to point out that the idea behind braid extensions is to give the illusion of having longer hair. The message still seems to be if your hair is not long enough you’re not good enough.

  20. Nanette has a point and i don’t think children should get perms at a young age but i believe if people knew how to manage natural hair more would try to manage it starting at a young age. Most people find perming hair easier than trying to manage natural hair.She’s a pretty little girl and she does look like her father especially in this picture but she resembles her mother as well.

  21. Do what’s best for you and your hair. However, it is pretty sad when you see someone that has really thin hair, 4 strands of hair in a “ponytail”, or patches of hair missing on the side and they still don’t get what did that to them.

    Nothing wrong with getting relaxers if that’s for you, but you should also understand that the look comes at a cost and that relaxers are not a “must.”

  22. If half the black men would put something so positive into little black girls, they would be a hell of a race that would love the skin they are in and the hair they are born with. Chris says he tells his daughters they are beautiful everyday. That’s all my Dad did, And noboody can’t tell me I am not pretty, No TV, people, magazines. It’s in me, in my heart. I wish I could pay black men to help buid their daughters self esteem. I know it works.

    • you know what, it does. Some fathers don’t know the power they have, if used correctly and wisely.

      I believe the statistics about having a strong positive father figure around and the impact, not just on boys, but girls too.

  23. WOW the cutie in the picture looks exactly like her daddy. Very pretty little girl. No comment on the hair subject =)

  24. So many white women don’t accept their hair either, but I guess that’s okay for them to chemically straighten their hair because they’re white??? They go prematurely gray, so they dye their hair, but no one tells them off for doing that.

    They bleach their hair blond, as Chris Rock brought up on Oprah. Not that many people are naturally blond by the time they’re adults! Nobody discusses the countless whites who have hair a hundred times kinkier than some of the mixed children in my family.
    However, if they straighten their hair, no one gives them twisted reasons why they shouldn’t.

    I am going to continue to do whatever in the heck I want to my hair. I’m sure a lot of “natural blacks” would love to see me wearing an Afro, so would my husband. That doesn’t mean I ever will. I will relax my hair, since that’s the way I like it. I don’t need the weaves because my hair grows long, but I don’t knock others for doing it.

    If a parent feels it’s absoulutely necessary to relax their young daughter’s hair, so be it. My mom didn’t do ours when we were little, though. We didn’t need it.

    It’s your hair, the reasons we do the things we do to our hair are our own individual business.

    • I agree completely with your post. I could care less what people do with their hair. A person can rock whatever they want. I do think putting a perm in a little child’s hair is absolutely ridiculous, but since I’m not that child’s parent, it is none of my business what they do w/their child’s hair.

      Oh, btw, what is a “natural black?” I’m not trying to be funny; I’m just asking. Is that a non-racially mixed black person?

    • In my opinion what’s wrong is the fact that the “braids” are still not her natural hair and probably not even human hair. This still sends the message that unless her hair can grow long it’s still not acceptable hair.

      • Agreed!

        If they wanted to braid her hair to make it easier to maintain, why couldn’t they just braid her NATURAL hair?

        Even if its short, I’m sure they could figure out a way to make it work. I just think relaxer, weaves, AND extensions are to-much-to-soon for girls that young.

      • And that’s fine, if they want a break from constantly doing their hair.

        No one said their is anything wrong with having her hair BRAIDED.

        All I’m saying is they don’t need a bag of human/horse/synthetic hair to do it!

        I’ve seen that little girls real hair, she isn’t bald… put in some cornrows- braid them into cute little designs & pony/pig tails if they want to, put it in some box braids, or french braids and call it a day…but they can braid the ACTUAL hair she has on her head!

      • That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I am surprised DCFS wasn’t called PRIOR to me reluctantly pleading guilty to a “kiddie perm offense” because prior to having the very mild, professionaly and very carefully and infrequently (every 3 months) kiddie perm, my 8 yr old daughter would scream and cry long and hard EVERY time her hair was combed. She would cry so loud and so long, neighbors thought I was committing child abuse, 4 real–no exaggeration,no joke.

        I do not dismiss that the chemicals have the POTENTIAL to do harm,and the decision to recently convert was not made lightly, but so do a lot of other things like taking a ride in a car. With anything, one must exercise caution and the chemicals are going on her hair, not in her body and great care is taken to minimize chemical-to-scalp contact.

        I do hope when she is a little more mature and not so tactile-defensive, that we can resort back to all natural,but for the time being….

  25. black people need to start embracing their natural hair, not cuz of some back to the mother land stuff, but really, were the only race who don’t except our hair and rock it as is. Those chemical stuff can BURN threw cans, why would u put that on your head? were ur brain cells are?

    • Dashayna, white woman and women of other races get weaves and extensions as well. I, do, however, believe we are very obsessed with our hair to the point where this conversation will never go away until we get our minds right about who we are. I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to rock weaves, wigs, extensions; however, if they do it based on feeling inferior to others, therein lies the problem. There are some people who just like changing up their hair.

      • but white people don’t go out n buy “black hair”, like how blacks go out n buy straight silky hair.

        im not an afro centric but i do believe that the reason blacks have this obsession to straight “good” hair is cuz of slavery and self hatred which a lot of blacks have and its crazy cuz they don’t think they do but subconsciously they do.

        People don’t understand the beauty of black hair. My hair type is 3c its so pretty, its curly and its fine and thick and i take good care of it i co-wash and keep condition in it. U don’t comb ur hair while its dry, you don’t put a lot of heat on it or dye and perm at the same time

        Im not knocking perms, im just saying that blacks need to except there hair, curly, thick and nappy, its beautiful god gave it to u cuz he believed you should have it!! It was a gift, thats how u treat a gift?

        • And it would be a lot easier if we accepted the styles that suit our hair. That’s the reason so many chemicals are used, because we don’t want the styles that are adaptable to one’s hair. These days if you do have hair, everybody thinks it’s a weave or a wig or extensions.

          • OMG GOD YES, or ur mixed, because u can’t just be black with long hair, u just gotta have some Indian n ur family!!!

            That use to make me so mad as a child, that i would deny my Hispanic roots because i was mad people just did not thinks black could have long hair!!

        • You sound afrocentric to me here is a definition:

          Afrocentrism, Afrocentricity, or Africentrism[1] is a world view which emphasizes the importance of African people, taken as a single group and often equated with “Black people”, in culture, philosophy, and history.[2] The roots of Afrocentrism lay in a reaction to the repression of Black people throughout the Western world in the 19th century and as a backlash against the scientific racism of the period, which tended to attribute any advanced civilization to the immigration of Proto-Indo-Europeans and their descendants.[3] Part of this reaction involved reviewing history to document the contributions that Black people made to world civilization.[4]

          Contrary to popular belief, you can be afrocentric without the look you may be mixing this up with

          Nothing is wron

  26. I couldnt agree more. There are enough products out there to make even the toughtest hair manageable.

    My nieces Father is half American Indian. He had fine hair, which they also had. Because my sister, “couldnt do nothing” with their fine curly hair, she started using relaxers on them, when they were about 3 or 4 years old.

    How stupid! It completely damanged their hair. For years their hair was dry and brittle. After an extensive treatment system from a good salon they were able to repair the damage she caused. But that curly hair is long gone. If they dont relax it, its a kinky texture.

    Ill never understand parents who put them in their kids hair, at such an early age.

    As far as his kids having braids. I see no harm. Maybe their hair is very short and it makes it easier to get them dressed and out the door with no problems.

  27. Wow she looks so much like him.. I dunno I get tired of blacks talking about hair issues anyways.. That’s fine if he’s against “kiddie perms” but there are more important things that a man of his age could address if he really wants to be heard.. Thick hair comes with the territory of being black. I’m not saying that a kiddie perm is right or wrong for little girls but I guesse as long as the child is happy with their hair style and it’s non-damaging to their hair..

    • sorry but thats horrible, are u combing her hair when its dry, then ur doing it wrong

      to comb or style black hair, u need to do it wet, u need to start from tips and work ur way to roots, use conditioner and moisturizer daily and b4 u do any styles, learn to take care of her hair b4 u throw a perm in it.

      • dashayna–judgmental one—my child is much happier physically. It was about physical comfort, not a beauty or pride issue. YOu do not know me or my daughter or all the reasons why, just what I shared here. Thanks for the tips though, but I’ve been around some time, know all the tricks, many products—tried all of that and it didn’t work with her—will be revisiting it soon when she gets over some tactile-defensive issues and I will leave it at that.

        • sorry if u feel im judgmental but don’t u worry about the effects of perming your baby girls hair?

          It thins your hair, it eats at your edges, it breaks your tips off, it makes your hair unhealthy all together. and truthfully ur taking an easy way out and ur telling ur child that she not pretty with her hair the way it was born. there is no excuse to the long term damage

  28. What about “kiddie” extensions and weaves Chris? Those are bad too, don’t you think? Tell your wife to take that ridiculous weave out of her hair too…

  29. One of my nieces had coarse very little hair on head. My sister in-law kept it braided with extension from about 5 to about 8 years old my niece had a head full of natural hair so I see nothing wrong with extension instead of chemicals.

    • probably because extensions dont have chemicals. i cant imagine putting a perm into my 6 yr old head while the hair is still delicate and changing. i wasnt allowed a perm until i was about 14. before that was hot combs and rollers. these are harsh chemicals that are in relaxers. my hair dresser relaxes my hair every 8 weeks and doesnt even leave it in longer than 6 minutes. she says we relax our hair too much and you are not supposed to leave it in until it burns. just for some straight hair that will thin out.

      i honestly believe this documentary is geared toward young children and parents who have to have that “good” hair conversation with young children. i was the only black girl in my class until the 4th grade. its alot when you see girls swinging and curling and combing and you have to wear a swim cap. my mother told me good hair is healthy hair. thats all that matters

    • They probably get extensions because the less you bother your hair the better off it is and so mom won’t have to do it every morning

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