Paris Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael I, 12, Prince Michael II a.k.a Blanket,7, went shopping with their nanny yesterday. The Jackson kids were also accompanied by their cousins(Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson’s kids).

Since the the death of their father in June, Prince I, Paris, and Prince Michael II have been living in Encino with their grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson.

BCK Says: Let’s have a little fun! Can you spot out Randy and Jermaine’s kids?

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  1. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me dinner simply because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk about this topic here on your blog.

  2. How can anyone believe these are his biological kids?! MJ is a dark skinned black man….remember????…with course black hair. How in the world did he make 3 white children with no trace of African American features? In my opinion tho, if they were indeed his children the DNA test would have long been surfaced but because they’re not…it being kept a secret..or a mystery I should say.

  3. this is so crazy micheal was the fathers of those because because he loved them and gave his last 12 years to them so please get over all this stuff and let his kids be. i pray for these children and wish them the best in life. man if some of you had these comments written about you after your father passed away it wouldnt be that nice so please leave them alone

  4. first of all, the jacksons should have taken the money they earned long time ago and got them an education on their history. they know nothing about their heritage. if they had, maybe they would not have been practicing so much self hatetred. all those plastic surgeries and relationships with so many different races of people derives from not liking yourself. there are so many other examples i could spend all day talking about what they could have done with all that money they made. all those surgeries and they look no better. stupid waste of money. i suppose joe and cat did not know to inform their children about their african heritage because they probably did not know either. it is essential to know where you came from to know where you are headed.

  5. Why does this seem to concern people so much? I don’t know if Michael’s blood runs through these kids veins, but I do know his love runs through them. From day one he was there for them, he is their father in everyway. Paris told the world that at Michael’s Memorial Service. Now some people have to prove if he is their biological father. If somewhere down the line these kids start to wonder and want to know, then it’s up to them. Till then it’s none of my business. I do believe he loved these kids. And now I hear where LaToya is saying Michael oldest son have vitiligo. Is she telling the truth?

    • I’ll speak for myself: I realize that mixed people can and do look like them. I myself am half black and am just as “white” as they are and have often been mistaken for being white (even by people who have seen me with my dad, who is as dark as Michael originally was, and heard me refer to him as “Dad”). When I encounter people who claim that they’re “not black enough” to be his biological kids it’s like hearing someone try to tell me that I don’t exist (it’s laughable).

      It’s about educating people about reality so that they can overcome their ignorance about this topic. It’s also about confronting the people who probably do realize that they are his kids (because of the obvious resemblances), but who just can’t bring themselves to admit it for whatever reason (hatred of light skinned people, etc).

  6. The kids looks GREAT!!! But to all the haters: Prince “Jackson”…. Paris “Jackson”…. Prince (aka Blanket) “Jackson” II, all have ONE common bond – their father, MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON!!! He’s the father, baby daddy, the parent, the biological, emotional etc….

    @Storm,,, Michael Jackson DID NOT want to be white!!! He was a proud African American male, who suffered from VITILIGO…The final autopsy stated this: “The coroner found depigmentation of his skin around his chest, abdomen, face and arms (depigmentation of the skin is linked to people who suffer with vitiligo. These individuals, if they so decided to complete the lightening process, would apply a topical cream containing the organic compound monobenzone to remove the remaining pigment.) The report also said he was actively producing sperm.”

    I know the term VITILIGO is relatively strange to some of us. But it is a real disease ‘Storm’….And Storm, I did biracial children don’t all come in one color (LMAO)… They are all different shades (some look ‘mix’, some look White (yes White), Black, others look Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc). Who in there right mind would think anyone of the children came from two white parents, whether or not you believe they are MJ’s biological kids.

    • that you those kids look tan even in direct sunlight which makes them lighter. i just saw some pictures of them that werent taken in good lighting and they were surrounded by white people. and ALL of them had a deep tan skin color, you can tell they arent white next to REAL white people

  7. Pisces, thanks for your input,but I really dont care what you think about my upbringing.i’ll apologize to khrish for name calling and being rude but it doesnt change my oppinion of her.The point is we all have an opinion of the biological relation mj has to his kids but the thing is none of us know for sure.Khrish is always acting as if she knows for sure that none of those kids are his when she like the rest of us does not know!Ive seen countless of her comments and quite frankly I find them to be very condescending and annoying. I feel its o.k. if you dont think those are his kids but dont act as if you know for sure and that what you say is the only truth and everyone else is wrong.

    • Alex, thanks for at least reading my comment. And thank you for your input and apologizing. That shows that I was wrong and you do have good upbringing. Thank you for your input.

  8. The children are his! Beautiful family and Im so happy to see they are happy. Who cares if they are brown, green or yellow this is a FAMILY and this will always be a family. Michael kids are beautiful! Prince is becoming quite the teenager..MJ would be happy to know his mother and the fmaily is taking good care of these children. The family will be there for them…TJ is still fine as wine! LOL!!!

  9. I don’t believe a person can go off of color it is very hard. I am married to a white man and have a biracial son, I am not lighted skinned in fact I’m not even brown I would consider myself dark but my son is just as light as his father with straight reddish brown hair. I have black hair and his father has brown but his hair is lighter than his father’s. Many people are surprised by my baby’s skin color he looks white and if I was a man many would never believe my son is mine. Genetics is a tricky thing what you see is not always what you get. All through my pregnancy I told my husband how curly and poofy our child’s hair would be and he has straight hair.
    Another thing about Michael’s children is they don’t look 100% white to me they do have a little color to them all of them. A good example of this is when Blanket is holding TJ’s wife’s hand. She is shades lighter than he is. Don’t be so quick to jump on the color thing. I’ve seen biracial kids in all colors and ways – some with light skin others with skin so dark no one would think they were mixed. Halle berry’s daughter is 1/3 black but she looks 1/2 if color were any indication or what people think a person with only 1/3 of black in them she would look white with curly hair that is fair. And don’t always think Michael’s kids have straight hair because every black person in Hollywood can have straight hair if they want to.

  10. @ Sherley, We live in America and I feel your disgust with comments. I don’t know where you are from but there is a thing called freedom of speech, and we can comment on the Jackson kids if we want, Actually that is what we did. Now thank GOD you are not famous, because we would comment on you too. If you were famous, the talking heads on TV magazines would and could have something to say.

    They are kids and I don’t think the comments are that bad. It is what it is and they are MJ kids, people will comment when they are grown. They are MJ’s kids. The greatest entertainer.

  11. Praise God the children seem to be happy. They look like they are having fun.

    Everyone needs to shut the hell up & leave these kids alone. Whether or not you think they are MJ’s kids (or not) means absolutely NADA! Whether or not you think they are black, white or mixed, means absolutely NOTHING! Whether or not you feel they are living off Micheal’s death, means absolutely SQUAT!

    Leave those children alone for God’s sake.

    I’m so glad my son nor I are famous because the public would hate me because I would blast everyone nosy noboby who had a comment about my life.

  12. The oldest one Prince is really starting to look
    like MJ now that he’s gettting older
    they look like ther having fun.

  13. Michael’s autopsy came out and I feel that it vindicates him completely. It’s on [website removed]and it states that he did not have any pills, illegal drugs, or alcohol in his system. It also stated that he did indeed suffer from a skin disease, vitiligo. Mike was not obsessed with being white; he really had a skin disease which he covered up with makeup. For those who are not familiar with vitiligo and how it damages your skin complexion Google it. In addition to that he was also producing healthy sperm, which means whether or not he fathered HIS children does not matter, however he was certainly more than capable. So far all the people who claimed that he could not father children, wrong again.

    I think that it is time for the critics and media stop with all their false accusations and apologize to his family. Mike was not the “druggie” that people tried to label him as. Just food for thought and please lets stop with the debate about the children, he raised them and probably did create them.
    So it is time for all the haters, both local and international to cease and desist.

    Go Mrs. Jackson raise your grandchildren and continue to nurture them with the love that their father gave them.

    • Never seen an autopsy report, but given the nature of his death, why would an autopsy include anything about his spearm. What were they looking for that they found it necessary to include such information? And especially why would they make that public? I would be quite concerned with such intimate info released to the public that had nothing to do with his death.

      I never believed that he was in the state of exhaustion that they tried to claim because the rehersal tape didn’t fit with what they were saying about his physical condition.

      • I agree! I was wondering why they would’ve released such intimate details about him as well. I guess I can understand them looking into it people are nosy by nature but to release it to the public? There was no need for that.

      • I think they included information about him actively producing sperm when he died because long term drug abuse can affect (reduce) sperm production/count significantly.

        (Also, remember that ‘story’ that Dr. Klein’s gay lover released about Joe making MJ infertile through his beatings and that maid who said that MJ’s drug taking made him unable to produce sperm.. hence the kids)…

  14. *looks at pictures, shuts eyes, scrolls down real fast*

    They look happy. Nice to see them out and about.

    *gets the hell out of dodge*

  15. This really disturbs me… why is it that everytime Michael Jackson and his kids come up, the race card ALWAYS comes up.. People need to get over it. He had each and every last one of his kids from Day 1 and he’s been raising them up until he passed. How come when Angelina Jolie and Madonna go out with their “off raced” children, there’s no problem. People look at Angelina Jolie kids and just simply say they’re hers, why can’t Michael have the same respect?!?
    It’s pretty sad… RIP Michael.

    • I agree with you Anna. It really doesn’t matter who each individual THINKS the biological father is. Whether or not he used his sperm or someone else’s makes no difference, but the fact that he loved, provided, and cared for these children from day 1 is the only thing that is important. I mean, some people are getting beside themselves arguing either side of the matter even though it doesn’t effect them one way or the other. If the truth where to come out, how would it change your life? I don’t get it. Anyway, some of these comments and judgement on Michael can affect these children if they are ever to see them. Your judgement of Michael should have died when he died. It just doesn’t matter anymore. For the sake of them, leave it alone. Paris said that Michael was a good father and she loved him. In regards to him being a father, that’s all we should care to remember. Throw out the rest. These children look happy in these pictures, and I believe they are and that truly warms my heart, but they are still and will forever be dealing with the effects of their father dying while they were very young and a mother who has hardly been around, and excessive public interest in their lives when they are just private citizens. Why add to that? Again, I just don’t get it. Anyway, my PRAYERS are with these children.

  16. i agree with kelis

    Plus, Michael wasn’t full blooded black himself. Joe was mixed and Katherine is part Indian. So basically michael is kinda mixed. Plus, for the sake of the oldest two, they have a white mother and a father who could be considered mixed. It isn’t impossible for them to look white and still be MJ’s biological kids. But for Blanket, no explanantion needed. They boy looks to much like his father, who is Michael Joseph Jackson.

    Just wanted to add my two cents, dot my i’s, and cross my t’s.

  17. thats whats wrong with black folks you guys are so mixed up when it comes to race can you just shut it and keep it movin? you dont see white people latino people asian people mad about somebody else race. we as blacks need to move on when it comes to race thats all yall wanna talk about i am mixed my mother is black my father is white and my skin tone is as fair as paris. YES WE HAD A BLOOD TEST. did you guys forget that joe jackson was fairly light skin back in the days? he has greenish eyes same with Kate she has alot of stuff in her. his kids couldve inherited that from them like mike inherited vitiligo from joe’s dad. every black person is mixedd with something. my little brother on the other half we both have the same father and he’s the color of Jaffar with light gray eyes. me on the other have i have dark brown eyes.

    damn yall need to get over this skin color stuff its gettin old. anyways i believe those r his kids and can nobody tell me different.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said with the exception of the “Black folks” thing. It is not only Black people who are trying to make the argument that the children are not his because they look White, a lot of White people are saying the same thing as well as other races. It’s not right whoever says it because if they would just get educated about the topic of genetics they’d realize anything goes. You can be full Black and have a child the is real light with blue eyes. It’s called a recessive gene. Unfortunately a lot of people either won’t understand that or refuse to believe it.

      • you do realize their are black people in the dominican republic don’t you? most dominicans have african ancestry

        god people are so ignorant, there are jet black fully west african featured people with nappy hair in puerto rico, dominican republic, cuba and other spanish speaking countries. hispanic is NOT a race its a culture. learn your history people. the vast majority of the Africans during the slave trade were taken to south america and the carribean. only 600,000 out of the 20 million were taken to north america. look it up.

  18. Prince is looking more and more like Michael everytime I see him. Paris is gorgeous as usual and blankets just so darn cute!you can really tell Mike raised them kids right and I know he proud of his babies right now.All of you people who are so convinced those kids arent his need to seriously get a life, I doubt any of you are geneticist,so really what you are saying is not facts but speculations and oppinions. The fact of the matter is he is their father.Everything else shouldnt have to matter. I for one believe those are his biological kids. Blanket is definetly his and nobody can tell me differently because that boy is the carbon copy of Mike. Paris has always taken after debbie but of course she’s a prettier version with softer delicate features. Prince looks alot like michael as well and im confident that he will look more and more like him as he grows older. When i look at that boys face especially in these pics I see michael and not the altered michael but michael with his original features in his teen years in the jackson 5 era.I wish ppl would stop looking at skin color and focus on the kids features. I see michael around the eyes, nose, and mouth and I know my vision is fine.These kids are not and I repeat not a 100% white. In fact their skin color is close to alot of their cousins and to janet and latoya as well. These kids aree half white, of course their skin is going to be a bit lighter. Mike did not have dark dark skin, he and janet had about the same color.Also its funny how some ppl say they have no black in them and only have white features wwhen Prince doesnt exactly have a small narrow nose. His nose is wide and might get bigger as he grows. Its ironic how mj gave so much but ppl are always taking from him and never allowing him to have anything or giving him credit. Those are his O.K. so just accept it and move on.

  19. PLease keep posting pics of Michael’s kids. As they get older everyone will see that they are in fact his biological children.

  20. BCK, I love your new header at the top featuring celebrities and kids on Halloween. So seasonal and festive! It’s a real feel good!

  21. BCK please DO NOT post any more pictures of Mike’s kids. People always have to start the debate of are they or aren’t they his biological children. Or how the Jackson’s are leeching off Mike’s money. I love seeing the kids but I’m tired of this. Come on ya’ll the kids lost their dad. Can’t we appreciate the nice family outing?

    • Well I’d like to continue seeing pics of his kids. If the comments are a problem, maybe they could just disable comments for certain pictures?

  22. It seems Katherine is trying to give Michael’s children a life like everyday kids. It’s good to see them out and about sans the masks, blankets, veils and whatever else was used to conceal their faces. This could be a good thing for them.

  23. Awww Paris is the only girl, she is so pretty. I didnt realize there were so many boys. The kids look happy to be with all their cousins and relatives. Cute! BTW…is that Grace?

    Jermaine’s son is handsome. Him and Prince are going to be fighting the girls off.

  24. I believe they are Michael’s biological kids. Paris is growing into a pretty young woman. Prince is a handsome young man and blanket is as cute as he wants to be. And Prince and Blanket both look like their father Michael.

    • i 100% agree with you its so sad how ppl are still judging on color if these kids were a darker brown no one would question anything ppl are so ignorant and stupid.. i wish i could post pics up here so yall could see my kids….

  25. nice to see their cousins benefiting on Michael’s Jackson’s kids fame they make it a spectacle just so they can get some camera time.

  26. Some Questions for Storm How do you know how much MJ was giving Katherine before he died he was supporting the family already so that’s what the judge based some of the allowance on. Where is it known that MJ is not the bio father of Blanket. Since you are an insider Who is his father and his mother? Tito’s late wife DeeDee was Black.Marlon wife is Black,The mother of Jackie’s bio kids is Black.Jermaine 2 or 3 eldest kids have a Black mother Hazel.

    • For questions regarding the biology of MJ’s children, watch LaToya Jackson’s interview with Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20 a few weeks ago. LaToya admits as much.

      Aside from that, all you have to do is look at the children. The children are 100% white. I am sorry — no matter how much MJ may have wanted to be white, he was NOT. His children are not even mixed. If his sperm was involved, these children would have African characteristics mixed with Caucasian.

      Halle Berry, who is 50% white, had a child with a white man, and her beautiful daughter (Nahla) looks obviously mixed-race. This is common-sense. Even Rhasida Jones — Quincy Jones’s daughter with a white woman — as fair as she appears (and she does darn there look close to white) has some African features.

      I know, know, there is a whole drove of folks out there who refuse to believe that MJ had racial identity issues. I am not going to argue with you (or them) because your minds are already made up. And that is cool for you all.

      Go with God and remain in ignorance.

      • You’re taking La Toya’s word? Lmfao wow. She also once stated that Prince and Paris were MJ’s biological kids but Blanket wasn’t…she has changed her story many times. She like the limelight…what can I say.

        I don’t know how you know that they’re 100% anything…my sibling is of course black and has two children who are just as ‘white’ as Michael’s…while her youngest one looks like a typical bi-racial child. You can’t use a couple of celebrity examples as a rule. I think you guys should leave them alone and stop talking mess. Its not fair to them…they didn’t ASK for this. Until DNA tests are released (if ever) no one should be saying that they are or aren’t anyting until they KNOW for a FACT.

        NB: You don’t have to be related to someone to look like them. Saying Prince looks like MJ doesn’t have to mean that the person thinks he is (or isn’t) his son.

      • Please dont start this madness. It doesnt matter whether those are his biological kids. He was raising them, he is the father. They are beautiful.

        • Whew… I am so glad you wrote this…. people listen up, He is the father get over the complexion and gene issues. He was there father they know this, get a clue!!

      • 100% white???!!! MJ’s kids are about the same color as their cousins! They aren’t even that pale compared to a lot of mixed people. You are an ignorant fool, storm.

      • latoya NEVER said such thing. don’t be foolish. people discet what she said and twist it into something else.

        • Please, LaToya ran off with Jack Gordon who said on NATIONAL TV THAT HE DID NOT WANT TO HAVE KIDS WITH LATOYA. LaToya came on national TV years back and said MICHEAL MOLESTED CHILDREN. This is when she was estranged from her family, that she blamed on Jack her ex husband. SHe talked about her family like a dog. That’s a Fact. Have Geraldo and Phil D pull up the lost footage. She finally called her family to come and ge her.

          Please Micheal was weired, but I don’t think he molested no kids. And if he did. His sister did not need to bring him down, The media did that enough.

      • Actually being “mixed race” will not guarantee african american features. I have a biracial sister. Who looked almost exactly like Paris when she was younger. Paris has some tint to her. My sister only had curly hair.

        What did Latoya say??? I wasn’t following all that paternity mess…in my eyes really doesn’t matter.

      • lol, you shouldn’t want to come off as confident in your ignorance.

        First off, Latoya didn’t say those aren’t Mike’s kids, what she said was she didn’t know, big difference.

        Secondly, these children are his unless DNA tests prove otherwise

        Third, you obviously know nothing about genetics, take a look at Taye Diggs’s kid, Garcelle Nilon’s two boys and Lionel Richie’s daughter, tell me none of those children have a Black parent

        Fourth, these children aren’t 100% White, you obviously don’t know what 100% White looks like, take a look at that Blonde woman.

        Fifth, Mike never had a problem being Black if he did he wouldn’t have been involved with his family and he certainly wouldn’t be calling Africa his second home. Youtube some of his interviews where he goes into detail about racism and about Africa

        • I my opinion, Garcelle Nilon’s twins and Lionel Richie’s daughter all look bi-racial. Taye Diggs son is just a newborn and is shades lighter than what his adult complexion will be. I do believe Michael had identity issues; he hated the way he looked. This was evident from the way he got rid of every last one of his black facial features, even his hair! Michael had an identity issue. However, I do feel that Blanket is his biological son and i’m becoming convinced about the other two as well!

          • I don’t get what makes you so sure that MJ’s racial identity issues were that serious (or that he even had any to begin with). MJ had vitiligo..even the autopsy showed this..(seeing as you guys didn’t want to believe his dermatologist or MJ himself). Most of MJ’s siblings had plastic surgery..so what? They all hate being black now? How CRAZY would MJ have looked with afro textured hair (which he still had under that wig) and pure, lily-white skin? You guys should give the man a break….

            Just like how people said he lied about his back issues (when he pulled out of a commitment) which he didn’t…just like how people said he lied about having pleurisy (that made it difficult for him to catch his breath hence sometimes lip synching) which he didn’t, just like how people said he lied about vitiligo..which he didn’t people are now saying that he lied about producing his own kids..damn shame.

          • I didn’t say he had to have a big afro. MJ himself said he hated the way he looked growing up, he was teased about it. He said this himself and so did his family. Maybe his issue wasn’t so much with being black as it was with just his own personal appearance, i don’t know. Love Michael all you want, so do i, but you have to be crazy yourself to say that this man did not have deep mental and emotional issues!!! And the other Jackson siblings aren’t wrapped that tight eigther.

      • One thing we do know for certain was that outside of his family and artists that were much older, MJ had no desire to be with Black women!

      • latoya also confirmed on an italian talk show that prince has vitiligo. look it up on youtube. the odds of prince having that same disease and not being michaels son are astronomical. vitiligo is very rare, BUT it is genetic.

      • The big difference here is that Angelina and Madonna have never come on national TV and lied about being their adopted children’s biological mothers. If Madonna came out and said that her two African children were her bio children, I would be very skeptical as well. These children are black, Madonna is white. No way can she have black children as dark as that. Her children would at least have something of her.

        Same goes for Michael. These are NOT his children, but he felt like he had to lie to the world and pretend they were, Why, I will never know. Maybe he didn’t want dark children with nappy hair? Fine. But why lie about it? Why go through these lengths with an obvious fraud?

        • I’m sorry the woman you are describing is the wife of Marlon,Carol Jackson,she is creole and was raised in New Orleans,I always thought she was the prettiest of the Jackson brothers wives.DeDe was hispanic.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Hopefully she gets alot of girl time with her grandmother and/or her older girl cousins take her out with them sometimes.

    • Randy’s daughter Genevieve lives at the Havenhurst home and Rebbie is probably still there. I’m sure she gets plenty of girl time with Genevieve, Stevanna, Aunty Rebbie and of course Grandma Katherine! There’s also Alejandra Randy and Jermaine’s ex-wife.
      Mike also thought Paris would be a tomboy like Janet since she was in a house full of boys. Maybe she likes hanging with the fellas!

  27. MJ kid’s look happy. It is good that they are with their cousins. A few observations:

    –Prince and Blanket need haircuts.
    –How can Prince resemble his dad, as someone on here commented, when it is known that MJ was not his biological father?
    –Most–if not all–of the Jackson brother’s off-spring are gorgeous. Of course, the majority of them are also mixed-race.
    –I am certain that the entire family is happy (and is financially benefiting) from Katherine receiving almost a $100,000 a month (for herself and to care for MJ’s children) from MJ’s estate. The spending power of the entire family just increased dramatically. So, of course, the entire family would be out shopping together; they now have serious money to spend.

    • @ Storm I could not have said it any better, I wish them well, And Mrs. Jackson good health down the road, She seems to be a great woman, Mother, And GrandMother. I hope she don’t loan Jermaine no money. I don’t know who is worse LaToya or Jermaine. I may have to say LaToya since she went on national TV and lied on Micheal, and Joe.

    • What if it is proven that MJ is the biological father of all the children (Prince, Paris and Blanket)? MJ said he was their biological father. I believe him until tests prove otherwise…

      • MJ also said that he had plastic surgery only on his chin and two nose jobs. He had at least five or six nose jobs, among so many other procedures. Celebrities say whatever they want and think the public will believe everything they say.

        • Yeah, only celebs lie, normal people don’t lie… ever, and certainly not to make themselves look good..
          Moreover everybody knows that if you lied once in your life, it means that everything you ever said is also a lie.

          Both his sons look like him and MJ and his wife said that the kids are his, but since he lied about plastic surgery I guess it means he could have said that the sun is yellow and you would have dismissed it as another celebrity lie…

          • thankyou plain mean must be jesus christ himself.

            and i agree like i always said the boys look just like little jackson 5 michael and they look like each other you can tell their brothers. paris is looking more and more like her mom, ( lets just pray she stays pretty)

    • Janet is not broke and she don’t get any money from her family well her mother. So u can’t inculde everyone is getting something from the family estate. Janet is helping giving money to the family estate. Janet is also helping taking care of the family. Not everyone is trying to live off MJ.

    • @storm:

      There has not been any confirmation on whether or not the children are his. (I, for one, would probably have a nervous breakdown if it came out that Blanket was not his simply because he looks like a light-skinned, long-haired version of young Michael.) I also disagree when you say they look 100% white. How is that so when they are exactly, or close to being, the exact complexion as their cousins?

      Either way, I’m glad to see that they’re happy. (:

    • Prince Michael IS Michael’s biological son. There’s genetic proof. Prince Michael has inherited Michael’s skin disorder, Vitiligo. If you look closely in the pictures around his neck, you can see it. He also has it on his right hand and wrist. There was a LIE spread that Dr. Klein was the father. Do you think Michael would have really accepted sperm from someone crossed eyed like him? lol

    • Storm it is not KNOWN that MJ is not the biological father of Prince. You act as though DNA testing was done. This is media brainwashing. So lets not spread this rumor anymore. Prince RESEMBLES Michael considerably. The kids are tan, not fully white. So yeah, ‘the older Prince gets the more he looks like hid Dad-Michael’

    • Ugh some people commenting on these kids are so IGNORANT! BCK seriously whenever you post pics of Michael Jackson kids you need to put up a note saying not to discuss their DNA.Whenever their pics are posted some ignorant fool always has something to say about them not being Michael’s because they look too ”white”.I see the ignorant ones don’t know anything about genetics,smh.Anyway Prince,Paris and Blanket are Michael’s kids whether you like it are not.DEAL WITH IDIOTS and quit making these stupid comments about his beautiful kids not being his because of their skin color.I don’t see no one complaining about Madonna and Angelina Jolie kids.

  28. I’m so glad to see MJ’s looking happy and well. They are in good hands with Jackson family. They will have all the support they need. I am glad that GRace is still their nanny. After all, she is the only mother they have ever really known.

  29. This is not to cause racial controversy but simply an observation… If you didn’t know who the Jackson’s were, from the kids, you’d assume ALL their parents were middle eastern.

    • @ Yo…I see what you mean, especially Jermajesty. He doesn’t look Middle Eastern to me but he does look East Indian to me.

    • Yeah, I guess those Jackson made sure they got that dark gene out of their family blood A guy told me 20 years ago that in the future black people and the dark skin color will disappear in America, you would not see dark skin people as much, I see what he was talking about. But hey the GOD I serve loves everybody regardless of their skin color,

      I could not help but notice Blanket’s shoes look to little. lol, Cute boy.

      • Nope!! America will be a more brown in which you won’t be able to tell if blacks are Hispanic, East Indian or Middle Eastern. Heck if you like a Bin Laden he looks more of Brother.

      • Being a dark skinned person of color, this kinda makes me sad. But I was thinking about how mixed the Jackson family kids are as I was looking at the pics.(Although I do believe it because even my son, who’s father is black as well, came out about TJ’s complexion with green eyes…) And the blonde lady being TJ’s wife who he has children with makes it even a little more sad for me. This is obviously a fam with some color issues…but all the kids look nice and happy. That’s really all that matters!

        • No it isn’t. All of the Jackson 5’s first wives were all Black and Tito is dating a dark skinned woman.

          You usually marry who you were raised around, if you’re raised around predominantly White neighborhoods, more than likely you’re gonna date and marry someone White.

          They have a MIX in their family, from VERY DARK, to VERY LIGHT, this is a family that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to women, lol that’s all.

          And they all look like they would have Black in them, not middle eastern blood, Katherine has a lot of Indian in her, Jackie and Jermaine received a lot of it.

          • The last person I saw Tito with was a White girl and I say “girl” because she was in her twenties. Is he dating someone else now?

        • I could not agree with you more. It’s all of that Hollyweird non sense that has gotten into them. Some black people forget where they come from. This is the reason why I’ll make sure my husband will be black. It is scenes like this that really wake me up and makes me wonder if we really like our selves at all.

  30. Wow. The kids are really sprouting up. They look relaxed and happy and Prince seems to be favoring his late Dad more and more.

    • Yes, that is Tito’s youngest son, TJ. He is married with 2 children, a boy and a girl. His wife is the blonde lady in the blue blouse.

    • Yes, I can see Randy’s kids, Randy Jr. and Donte and Jermaine’s kids Jaffar and Jermajesty. Also their mother, Alejandra. In spite of all that has happened, I’m glad to see all the Jackson children growing up with each other; and being friends with each other.

  31. I believe that this is your opinion but ur opinion mean nothing to anyone or whatsoever. Look, u just say they look 100% white…look at me, I am biracial and my look is exactly like paris’s skin except I have a blonde and blue eyes with long hair…no curly. trust me, the genetic is crazy and u will never know if they are basically biracial. If u ask me, I am half white and half black. 50 and 50. Yes, a lot of people think I am white but I am not. You will not believe who my parents are.

  32. Why so rude, Alex? This does not reflect any good upbringing on your part. Even at age 16, aren’t you mature enough yet to express your feelings without name calling and anger? Too negative to be taken seriously.

  33. A person curses because they do not know the words to express themselves. I didn’t notice anyone of the women who came forward to talk about going on dates with Michael to be women of color. I didn’t see him choose a Black woman to bear his children. Instead I saw an avaricious hag chosen by him to bear his children. I never said he hated his ethnicity….I SAID HE HAD NO INTEREST IN DATING BLACK WOMEN.I don’t need the likes of you putting words in my mouth. Diana Ross is my age which is far older that MJ so why would you even bring up a crush on her? I think that I do know a bit more about MJ than you. I may be many things, but I assure you ignorant isn’t one of them. But of course, you wouldn’t know that. I have said nothing about black/white relationships so that must be your hangup. You don’t make the rules for what I think nor post. You are a poster to this site the same as I. May I suggest that you spend a bit more time with your DICTIONARY less trying to defend MJ. If you don’t like my opinions then every time you see that avatar…….MOVE ALONG! I HAVE made the world a better place….what have you done lately except spew vulgar language and disrespect other posters? Most of all, stay in school and learn how to express yourself intelligently. I have a wonderful life….BUT WILL YOU?

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