Over the weekend Producer The Dream and singer Christina Milian attended the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards. The mom-to-be, who is nearly five months pregnant, wore a tight fitting black dress that revealed her growing baby bump.



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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Smh a cute moment torn apart by “fashion experts” maternity clothes are from time when a woman had to hide pregnancy. pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it has its moments where ur body is leaking, ur swoleen, and ur face changes. LET HER FEEL PRETTY!!!! great pix n happy lil fam.

  3. lol….well…she looks very happy and they look cute as a couple….but the outfits….it just made me laugh….she looks like she is at Doughboy and Rick´s party in BoyzIINTheHood in 1991….and he….I don´t know looks like his clothes been in the dry-cleaner for 10 hours

  4. I just don’t understand why they came out looking like that. On the other hand I wisht them the best and I hope the baby be happy&healthy.

  5. I hope they married for LOVE not LUST.

    Is Xtina ready to not only be mom to her child bu Terius’ 3 w Nivea?
    Is she ready to move to Atl?

    I hope the truly discussed these things.

  6. One of the funniest pages in a while… the dress wasn’t the best choice.. For a lot of reason … 1 being she’s not a high school freshmen going to her first prom.. 2. She looks like she can’t breath..
    Dream couldn’t tell her she looked bad because he can’t tell his self such. She’s a banging chick… I’d give her a warning before I would start going in on her.
    P.s She looks soo happy…

  7. Christina is always in a fashion crisis all the time!!!! She needs a stylist. I like christina she just needs a stylist.

  8. What are both of them wearing. Do they not have stylists? They both look rediculous. I do like her shoes, but he lloks like he is wearing a 7th graders outfit.

  9. For all we know The Dream like his women to look THAT WAY when they are pregnant. I mean, look at Nivea right now. She didn’t just all of a sudden decide to look a hot mess while she was pregnant. I am sure that when she and The Dream were married and both times she was pregnant BOTH of them thought it was okay to look that way. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I will rock a Tank Top and some jeans, because I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES. Not everybody has the cash to trick off on Maternity Clothes, but Christina and Nivea do and did.
    So don’t blame them, HE should have asked ” have u seen that outfit, on you, in the mirror? No? Take a quick look?”

  10. Hey Hey…No, no… That jacked up dress has got to go!
    Hey Hey…No, no… That jacked up dress has got to go!

  11. Stupid Idiaaat and she husband even worst to make de woman go out so. She obviously aint ready for no damn chile, ’cause she moving real selfish with that outfit deh. SMDHTIBO(shaking my damn head till it bruk off) lol

  12. she looks great and glowing but im not feeling that outfit at all its not ok to try to NOT look preggers when you are :-) the dream looks great too

  13. 0MG that baby is going to be just beautiful…whatever gender it may be. I think the dress is wonderful for her..she is saying she’s not hiding it and she looks so wonderful and happy

  14. She’s beautiful and looks so happy. I can’t stand to see pregnant women with tight fitting clothes on stomach exposed. No one seems to buy maturnity clothes anymore. And, when will “The Dream” grow up and stop wearing a baseball cap whipped to the side and looks like it is two size too small? That jacket he is wearing looks like it is made out felt paper.

    • Sure that outfit doesnt look good, but why does pregnant women have to wear maternity clothes? Some women look okay with non-maternity clothes.

  15. Uh she couldn’t find a elegant maternity dress..it’s not like they can’t afford it that dress looks like…. I hate to see pregnant women with tight shirts on they think it looks sexy but it doesn’t.I mean pregnancy is a beautiful thing but some things are just NO. Either buy maternity clothes or buy regular clothes a size or two bigger it’s not that hard really. .

  16. not throwing shade, but i heard that she not 4/5 months, “people” claiming she farther along,

    im not picking sides, just gonna tally up the months

  17. Um………no comment on that “dress”! Her face is glowing and she looks very happy. I wish them a healthy and happy baby.

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