If you are looking to dress your daughter as Tiana, Disney’s newest Princess, then listen up: Princess Tiana costumes areĀ  flying off the shelves! If you haven’t purchased your costume yet, well now is your chance to !

What: Deluxe Princess Tiana Costume and Accessories

Description: The Princess Tiana costume is based on the dress Tiana wears in a scene in The Princess and the Frog movie. “The leaf bodice and cascading petal skirt make this a truly magical costume. No detail was left out — from the satin water lily at the waist to the back neck key-hole button.”~Disney

Product Highlight(s): Fashionable

Price: Costume: $89.50; Accessories: $19.50- $24.50

Where to Buy: Available now at your local Disney Store, or head to Disneystore.com

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  1. I have a 5 year old princess who asked for a Princess Tiana birthday party this year, so, I thats what she’s getting. I agree its a expensive dress, but I will be video taping the party and taking lots of pictures. This is a once in a lifetime event for her and I want her to cherish the memories of having the best 6th birthday ever! I was going with the theme Princesses and Pirates, I am going to have so much fun putting this event together for her birhtday in July 2010. If anyone has some neat party suggestions please reply to this comment.

  2. I agree that disney has their costume game on lock..the cheap ones last for halloween and maybe 1 dress-up play date….the more expensive ones last a lot longer. They claim she will have everything that all the other princess’s have..bedding ,backpacks,etc. I also heard they gave her a “typical a.a. voice” whatever that means.

    I guess if she would have come out 2 years ago no one would think that it was kinda fishy…I read up on disney after looking at the price differences between “newer princess gear” and older stuff…Walt disney was extremely racist…look at some of the old cartoons. I hate to admit thei give into my daughters princess fetish but I do so with a heavy heart that has had some of the weight lifted due to Tiana’s coming but how much better would older women have done if we had a black princess in the 60’s and beyond. Guess we couldn’t be princess’ until 2009.

  3. I must admit, I was a sucker and bought the $90 costume from the Disney Store. I did have a $20 off coupon, so that made me feel a little bit better. My daughter will where it for 2 halloween events this year and she will also wear it on the Disney Cruise we’re going to in December. I bought it a size larger, so she will be able to wear it next year,too. I think that will make it worth the money, although there are seveal costume shops and stores (ToysRus, Sears, etc.) that have a much cheaper version.

    I will say, I’ve bought the cheaper costumes for some of the Princesses like Cinderella and Snow White and the quality of those just don’t compare to the authentic Disney costumes.

    I can definitely see why people think Disney is off their rockers for selling at this price, but I was just so excited to finally have an AA Disney Princess that I figured I could spluge.

    • Dang! You got it before me. I was just about to announce they had a cheaper Princess Tiana costume at TOYSRUS and they are like $20-30.

  4. I also noticed that all the other princess costumes were like 50% off in the store or had some other pro mo. I am slightly angry b/c my daughter has dressed up as a disney princess every year since she could talk. I wanted her to finally have a princess that looked like her (but also be thesame sell price) loving that there are more nationalities of princesses even if it took a long time shoot mt daughters thought Jasmine was black! Had to explain it to them.

    Hopefully once the movie comes out…..(which is on my childs b-day thanks Disney…now I have to buy the damn costume regardless) it will go down in price. There are like 3 different costumes one looks like a nightgown(which is must be) the other is a beaded party dress not the one shown above has matching shoes and everything…the last one is shown above..there are 2 different crowns plus a cookbook tons stuff I love it…I guess disney figures if we can have a black president then surely we can have a black princess.

    Every other non person of color made it a mental note to me on how great an idea this was how good it would be for young black girls etc etc. I noted on how we had Mulan Jasmine and Pocahontas wayyyyyy before Tiana was even considered go figure. Never the less my daughter has shown some interest in the costume so lucky for me she dresses up like it halloween every day so for something she’s going to wear over and over again I guess Ill have to take the plunge.

  5. Its cute and with some imagination mothers probably could make a copy for their little girls. All it is is green material layered around her waist, beige leotard, a flower pinned to the side and a tiara w/green trim. You can get the picture of Tiana off the web. Imagination people….! Its a great project for mother and daughter to work on together.

  6. I love everything Tiana. My lil one has alot of her things. I was hoping there has to be a type-o with it being $90because I saw this at toysrus and it was only about $19. But Disney has the “DELUXE” set they sell.
    I will be getting the $19 one, she wont know the difference.
    Cute lil Girl, though

  7. I went on the Disney Store site, and their other princess costumes were in the more reasonable range of $24-$30 odd. I know they’re promoting The Princess and The Frog, but come ON! Almost $100 with the accessories? That’s overkill, Disney.

  8. i was just about to say i saw this at disneyworld when i went there in sept. it looked very cute. i dont remember the price being $90, but i wouldnt put it past Disney.

  9. I would so buy that costume. It’s adorable. But for $90 my daughter will be wearing it on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, to my best friends wedding and on trips to the grocery store. Lol. Disney has lost their minds.

  10. I agree. Cute costume, yes, but not pocket friendly (or practical, in my opinion). Maybe celebs for whom $90 is loose change will buy it for their daughters, but I don’t see regular folk doing the same.

  11. its very cute, i was about to call my mom hype, so she could get one for my little sister, how ever 90 dollars, HA, well buy a regular princess costume that’s green sew a frog on it and call it a day

  12. Disney is out of their minds! Kids grow too fast to spend $90 on something that they will wear for one night and will probably not be able to fit next year. Not to mention the fact that we are in a recession.

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