It appears that Diggy Simmons, the son of Hip-Hop pioneer Rev. Run Simmons, is following in his father’s legendary footsteps. The 14-year-old entrepreneur has been busy with school, with his blog, with his own clothing and shoe line, and will soon have a mixtape out called “The First Flight.”

“The First Flight is bringing you into my personality and each track is going to capture ME and experiences I went through or I am challenging with now, ” Diggy wrote on his blog.

Diggy’s “The First Flight” project will be available on Nov. 24th.

The First Flight Prequel (Prod. by Neako) by iamjabari.com

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  1. Speaking of grammar gaffes…that line should read, “…the difference between you and ME.” Let ye without [grammatical] sin cast the first stone, I suppose…

  2. Wow. Do we really need another clothing line? I’m all for promoting young entrepreneurship but damn. People with a significant amount of fame kill me. Forever wanting to put out a clothing line like their ideas are fresher and newer than the next person. I’m sure there are quite a few “so-called stylish” pre-teens out in the world that possess a certain amount of cute swag but how often are their dreams heard and actually made possible? Must be nice to have to be a part of a family where you don’t have to worry about that and whatever you want, a lane is created for you.

  3. Before he used to be annoying to me “im 19” so you see why…LOL but hes cool hes not that crazy or a bad a** as I thought and he sounds good to he should take it up if thats a passion of his and the project come out on my B-Day Love It!!!!

    • What’s wrong with using punctuation marks? I don’t understand why our young people get further and further away from using proper grammar. There is just no good reason for that. Is it suppose to be cool? Are you too lazy? It is hard to see your true intelligence (or just understand your comment altogether) in a poorly written sentence. Either take a class or act as if you’ve taken one. Don’t follow the crowd my friend. It’s not fabulous.

      • Maybe it’s because it’s a blog and it’s not a big deal. For instance whn im texting this is how id type wo any punctuation marks. When we were young blogs, email, and texting didn’t exist so you can’t say we wouldn’t have done the same thing. Cut the young kids some slack. As long as she’s not turning her school work in like this, it doesn’t matter.

        • Monique sweetie you do not know how young/old I am. I am 30 years young and when I was 19 email and blogs did exist and I did frequent blogs and comment often and emails were a part of my everyday life as well. This is a trend that I’ve been seeing only in the last year or so. I text everyday and have been for years yet I still use proper grammar when doing so, punctuation marks included, even if it means it will take me an extra few seconds to say what I have to say. Like I said, it’s laziness, in my opinion. If the person you are talking to via text doesn’t mind then that’s one thing. But when you are a commenting on a blog then do so in a way that’s easy to understand by everyone. It’s really not that hard. I don’t mean to come down on this young man alone but on the trend itself. I am not trying to bash him but rather lift them up and encourage them to make a habit of putting their BEST foot forward in everything they do. I work with youth and I encourage them to show their intelligence instead of hiding it behind improper grammar, among other things. You don’t have to agree but I’m just sharing my two cents.

          • Because its just a blog, i am 18 and when i write papers my college english papers i make sure the grammer is on point. But when im writing on blogs or text messages, i just write. It is really not a big deal unless i am talking to someone of importance

  4. omg another rich spoiled kid who will talk about how hard his life is and act like things are hard whomp whomp whomp

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