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Over the weekend, singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle threw a Halloween party at Skatetown in Atlanta. All of Tiny’s children were there. Reality star Antonia Carter was also there with her daughter Reginae Carter. Photographer Nekarazzi was there to capture all the fun for BCK readers.


Tiny’s group, The OMG Girlz, performed.



Tiny’s youngest sons Clifford “King” Harris III,5, and Major,1, and rapper T.I’s daughter Deyja Imani Harris were also there for the festivities.


Singer Monica’s sons Rocko,4, and Romelo,1, were also there for the fun.

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  1. The Kardashians get a reality show which land them a new book, clothing line with BeBe, fragrance line, jewlry line and everytime they twitter, one is paid $10,000…please do the math! Where as Tiny and Toya & Frankie and Neffie get a reality show and get a possible book from Toya, a photo shoot from them all, being disrespected by people from their own culture etc…please do the math! Not to say the Kardadians are better because the show is as dysfunctional as Frankie and Neffie & Tiny and Toya but you do the math!

    Something to think about! Ummmm! And their not spending one dime from their own bank account to start these business ventures either! Sometimes we as African Americans have to think smarter! :) I think African Americans work backwards when it comes to being business people. It would be an accomplishment if a person could not only impress the people in their own culture but impressed people in several cultures! Truth be told we don’t only represent ourselves, but we represent everyone that looks just like us! Its more to life then designer handbags and big watches! Strip Toya of all her LV bags and what do you have. Toya lacks self esteem and self identity. She have said that she wants her own identity from Lil Wayne but she still has his last name and always talking about Wayne this Wayne that! She loves the attention wheather its negative or positive because she never got any as a child, she need something to define her. Whether it be Tiny, Kandi etc…so she had a drug addict mother, ok so what. In urban community you see that or worse, where is those people reality show. If your going to present a reality show on life ills please show growth…I haven’t seen a reality show yet that really provide substance but Monica’s! Young girls being impressed with their nails, clothes, handbags etc..guys please open your eyes. I’m tired of people like Toya and the rest of the dysfunctional people making it hard for your every day people. Having to defend yourself and your culture day to day. I dress in suits every day, I’m not focused on an handbag or tattoo but when my Executive see me, he see a Toya! I’m tired BET, I’m tired! Our kids are the future!!! You show me a young lady that’s not tattooed up, can speak well, not posting a gun on twitter that she’s so proud of, have values and morales, work hard to establish her own foundation and know how to be an example for others, then I will be impressed! But trust from experience, the topic of Toya will not last! The media asked Toya what do you love about Tiny, what was the real connection with you guys? And she answered, “Oh she love to shop like me” WHAT! Your telling me that’s all you have in common with Tiny, please! No disrespect but I haven’t seen one classy Southerner yet!
    Please advise Toya she’ll never know what lies in front of her if she’s always looking back! Understand where you been, so you can be ready for where you’re going! When you stay grounded, & stay humble, you’re stay blessed! I know she’s young but she needs to humble herself a little more. Bet begging about they had 1.9 million watching the Tiny & Toya show, Well the Kardashians has more people following them on twitter everyday! Do the math people, open your eyes! Stop being so conditioned to hold on to your ghetto ways. Have your own self identity and stop following behind people because their hot for a moment! BET do anything for money and its a shame that their audience is more interested in the negative than the positive in this crazy world. Black history month is coming up, who is BET proud of Lil Wayne, TI, or Gucci Mane? Come on! Don’t win 1.9 viewers, win a nation!

  2. Awww.Romelo is such a cutie…All of the kids are adorable and Lil Waynes daughter looks just like him!! Looks like they had a great time…

  3. oh I love children in Halloween costumes …reginae looks like she has lost some of the baby fat …she is a pretty girl..I have seen a pic of wayne’s oldest son Lil wayne makes cute babies LOL!

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