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  1. i dont like the omg girlz in i really dont like babycarter if all the omg girlz whant to f me they can all of them can get it know im not scaryed of them i got to go to get my nailes done in my haire deon in new close in get some new shoes so got to go peace ps i really really really really hate the omg girlz bye ttyl

  2. wats good omg girls i think yawl doin it down ther and im yawl biggest fan so… yeah and reginae i like you tha best and tell yur daddy i said hey..!! And zonnique your so cute and u can sing and i luv u. Lourdes u can rapp gurl so keep it up wit yo badd self. Bahja you can sing to so keep up like yo sis..!! And keep doin it bigg yawl omg girls be beastin!!! frm: yo biggest fan Destiny Nunn lov yawl. PS: i can sing to so hit me up lol

  3. I love Tiny and Toya maybe TI lil girl mom is into the natural look and likes her daughters hair that way. Is Tiny supose to perm it? The kids look so good!

  4. This was a fun event for the kids. My daughter had a ball. Tiny is such a sweetheart..charming lil lady. It was nice seeing T.i.’s mother Violeta and his sister Precious came out to help Tiny with all them kids..lol. His family loves her..can’t wait untill they get married next year.

    Kandi is a sweetheart as well. I love them. Zonnique has star quality:-)

  5. they so cute, i’m loving majors costume n kings smile, like not all the way but kinda of smiling

    look at lil rocko face wow!!

    But y they never do anything with T.I’s daughter hair???

    • I was thinking the same thing, lol. They look they are the same height. I think Reginae is 10 or 11 yrs old. The kids all look very cute in their costumes.

  6. OMG!! I just cant get over how freaken cute these kids are!! Toya and Kandi look cute in their costumes 2..lol.

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