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Reality TV personality Tameka Tiny Cottle (R) and daughter Zonnique,13, attended the 2009 Soul Train Awards at the Georgia World Congress Center on November 3, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2009 Soul Train Awards will be telecast simultaneously on Centric and BET television networks on November 29, 2009.

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  2. ^If you’re not a fan,why did u even bother commenting on something that had to do with her!?! If you don’t care for her,you should have skipped this DAMN post. You obviously like something about her,if you wasted your time commenting.

    • 2 people are crazy…You don’t have to be a fan to comment at this site. That’s one of the many beauties of BCK…it’s an open forum to discuss what you want about celebrities. I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Tiny’s brand that has commented here.

      You should stop trying to use this forum to try to tell people what to do.

      Who do you think you are? Just another person commenting here with no more rights than anyone else!

      • @people are crazy (beginning with you)…you must sound like this lady when you speak and therefore that’s why you are taking my comment so personally. Stop internalizing, attacking others making comments.

        This is not a fan based website…I suggest you goto this celebrity’s website if you only want to read only positive remarks about her.

  3. Celebrities hope that people talk about them. When people stop talking about them, their career is usually over. They allow their doings to be online and on the media because they want to be talked about. I don’t know Tiny and I’m sure I never will, we don’t drink from the same tea cup, as one would say which is an asset for us both. She’s not married to T.I. so if she wants to be out of his control as you guys say, why doesn’t she just do it? I venture to say that you are wrong. She loves having a man that wants to be in charge. If she gave T.I. his chance by allowing him to use her studio, good for her. However, she could not endow him with the talent to make him as famous as he has become. HIS talent and know how are responsible for that. I still say, from the image she emits I have the right to speak my opinion on how she appears. Perhaps it’s different from your perception because maybe we don’t hold the same values. If it upsets you to read what others post as their perception of her, perhaps you shouldn’t read the posts. I feel certain that she doesn’t.

  4. O please. What T.I. talking about maturing? lol He needs to CHANGE his ways before he tell her to change hers. Lets see if T.I. changes when he is out of prison. Thats some BS. He has 4 sons who will be looking up to him on how to be a man, and how to love a woman,etc.

    Tiny is not wild, she is just a free-spirted people,who likes to live. T.I. is supporting The OMG Girlz as well.

    I heard T.I. didn’t even want her to open up her Nail Salon..thats crazy.

    • They both need to mature because Im sure they both of have some issuse one person argues with people on twitter and the other keeps gettin arrested.

      Tiny still hasn’t even open up the nail salon yet after how many years so I mean maybe he just thought it was going to be a bad investment and she can’t even finish what she started.

      • Let’s face it, she doesn’t even look like the type who would be in a business of her own. It seems if she can get that group of little girls up and running, it would give her a chance to run up and down the road again. LOL After watching Candy her singing partner on “Wives of Atlanta”, Candy seems to be the one that would have been the most mature of the two of them in the group. Tiny looks like she needs a man to take care of her. But then you guys probaly know more about her.

  5. Nice pic. Tiny is lookin’ a lot better these days must be the change in hair color and looks like the swellin in her lips has subsided. She looks good.

  6. Toni A….. Im with you she betta sing her a** off now while she can before he come back and be Ike on her a**. The red hair not her…But cute pic!

    • Perhaps he’s not holding the reins but just Maybe he insists that with all the children they have, it’s time for her to mature and move forward. Just saying.

  7. Tiny always has that “ghetto fabulous” look to me. I wonder how she would look dressed conservatively. Just wonder!

    • Actually, she looks like a combination of both her mother and father. Her father’s name is Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins. I had to look it up because I was curious as to who he was. According to the web, he and Tiny were high school sweethearts and some blogs say he was an original memeber of Jagged Edge…but I don’t know how reliable that is. You know how the web can be sometimes, lol! But Zonnique is a very pretty little girl.

    • I’m so tired of ppl hatin on my cousin Tiny. First off she is beautiful inside and out. And second she is a great mom,daughter,wife,aunt,cousin,friend,etc. Y’all only hate cause u wish 2 be her. Cuz keep doing MAJOR things! Xoxo

  8. I’m not a fan of red hair, *gasp* dare I say it…I like the red hair color better than the blonde on Tiny, she’s been actually looking better in pictures with it.

    • That’s it, its the hair color and the make up that makes her look a thousand times better. Wow i hope she keeps this look.

  9. This is a nice picture and all, but Tiny comes off as a hollywood mother for pictures and tv. I just don’t get that motherly vibe from her that I get from the singer Monica, now she is so motherly with her little boys.

    • I disagree. I feel like Tiny and Toya are two of the most down-to-earth celeb moms (if we’re going to call them celebs, I mean, really…). Anywho, on the show, she seems really involved and hands-on. I’ve never seen Monica’s show so I can’t comment on her.

    • I notice that also about Tiny and her daughter. I was on ustream and someone Talkin about Tiny and her daughter didnt say anything back.

    • I also disagree. Considering she’s the one who put the group together, of course she’s going to promote them…maybe that’s why it seems so Hollywood. I think that overall she’s very family oriented and that her kids are her world. I think that was something that was noticible from the show.

  10. finally they both tone down,they be looking like a crayon box exploded. I mean the lil one cute but it be to to many colors. i feel like im have a bad trip. like i smoked to much pot or something.

  11. Nice pic…they look more like sisters!! :-) Good job on the TV shows!!

    Did they T.I and Tiny get married while he’s locked up? What’s with the ring?

  12. she is a pretty little girl. I see very little of her mother in her. She must look like her father. But they look nice, and she is dress like a 13 should dress. tiny seems to be doing a great job.

  13. I have not seen Tiny out so much when T.I. was present, but now she is out and about and glowing. I know it must be hard to live through what she is is going through. Kudos to her for staying strong and holding it down until the KING returns

    • It was all over the blogs about him having her on “lock down.” Personally I thought they were trying to have some quality time together before he had to turn himself in but after watching the episode that set off the blogs, I defintely could see that T.I was just a tad bit controlling. She better enjoy her freedom while it last, because once he comes home we won’t be hearing from her or her little group again.

  14. You are talking about it. Does that mean we should do what you say and not what you do? Again, if you don’t like the comments, don’t read them. And beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you find her beautiful doesn’t mean that others have to agree with you, does it?

  15. Whoa. I won’t be crossing you little missy –lol. You are right in a lot that you say, but why you felt the need to sprinkle so many f-bombs and the like?

    I agree,people can be so mean spirited in what they have to say about others at times…but I tell you, Freedom of Speech is still a good thing regardless of the ways people choose to utilize it.

    I know it is not nice to know some of the people that are being dogged here. I don’t know any, but I feel you for real. AND I am sure TIP, can see this young woman’s innerbeauty which is so much more potent than a pretty shape or cute face which gets OLD literally and figuratively.

    You’ve said your peace, all I can suggest is to ignore the rest to your best ability,,,,just like an azzhole, everybodys got an opinion.

  16. I don’t know the lady, but I’ve seen her show and heard her speaking voice. I don’t like the way she speaks because it is a extreme, country, Southern drawl and it sounds really ignorant.

    Her speech is a turn off in itself in my opinion. Obviously I am not a fan.

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