Blackcelebkids.com can finally report that Keyshia Cole is pregnant. The singer is said to be 4-5 months pregnant with her first child.

According to photographer and industry insider FreddyO, “Keyshia has been on hiatus for a minute and just wants her fans to know it’s not permanent. She has been having some me time and enjoying her new family and her boo. I was also told that it [is] going to a baby boy.”

Congratulations to Keyshia Cole and NBA player, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson!

Photo: Cavaliers

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  1. […] BlackCelebKids has confirmed that R&B Crooner Keyshia Cole is indeed 4-5 months pregnant with her first child. The blog reports: According to photographer and industry insider FreddyO, “Keyshia has been on hiatus for a minute and just wants her fans to know it’s not permanent. She has been having some me time and enjoying her new family and her boo. I was also told that it [is] going to a baby boy […]

  2. Yall have no life everytime I come up here its the sme people commenting…Is this really what our social life has come to? I mean the celeberties could care less about what we say!!!

    • @congrats…this comment you made on Xmas Eve is a Grinchy oxy-moronic statement. You are free to make mean comments just as you made at this site as other people are free to comment in a social manner with each other at this site.

      The moronic part of the statement is you say “Yall have no life (ves). Anyone that would take the time on Xmas Eve to write hateful mean comments truly must “have no social life” as you commented. Hope you were happier on Xmas and that your man or Santa left you something to fill the void.

      Happy better New Year to you.

      • Hi Pisces, I hope you had a great Christmas. I did, I am still hyped and hope to carry these good, festive vibes into the New Year.

        I saw congrats post and thought it was funny. I can only speak for myself and say that I enjoy blogging and writing in general. Wrote for my college paper once upon a time, so I still got that stuff in my blood.Could care less if any star or whomever reads what I write. I will blog and comment as I see fit even if that means writing a novella from time to time…

        I am sure BCK knows when to shut it down-lol

        • @GTSA..Happy Holidays to you, too! Glad to hear it was everything you desired and mines was too. I enjoy BCK too like you do and I really love being able to talk to you back and forth about how we feel about what we read here about our favorite Black celebrities.

          BCK encourages the exchange of positive expression on this site as is stated in its mission/manifesto. It’s a bonus when readers like you and I hit it off and agree on some topics.

          I just couldn’t believe that “congrats” would be so evil on Xmas Eve. I always remember, though that because prrdominantly females write here, at any given time they may be driven by their raging hormones whether it be pre-menstrual, menopausal, pregnancy or adolescence. (lol). So, I give people the benefit of the doubt.

          How does congrat know whether the stars read these blogs or not? I’m sure some of them do…their people just like we are and this blog promotes them and their activities which their careers thrive off of.

          I will continue to read and enjoy your thoughts in 2010, GTSA, and will continue to give shout outs to you. I find comfort in the familiarity of the names of the posters here, you do come to know everyone based on how they opine!

          Happy and Blessed New Year, GTSA! I’ll be reading!

          • GTSA..please forgive my spelling errors and typos! I admit, I’m nursing a hangover today. 😉

          • Girl,typo,smypo I know my posts gets littered with them at times.
            I like supporting sites like BCK, with traffic and with comments. I let others know they have the 411 on celeb pics and info we care about.

            Got to say, the bubblies were flowing here too. Don’t imbibe much, but I like to hang loose this time of year–Every day of life is to be celebrated,but nothing like the holidays esp. Christmas into New Years–gotta love it. Cheers :-).

  3. Couldn’t you have found a more polite way to respond. I’m glad that BCK is going to control a bit more of the comments on this site.

  4. I hope all turns out well.
    So she was pregnant this summer @ the BET awards!

    KC got that GIANT Daniel tatoo on her body.
    I really hope they last.
    Ppl rush into things nowadays.

    I know 1 person who is very happy: Mama Cole !

  5. @ Raquel– Before I address your post, I’ll say the benefits of a GOOD marriage particularly when children are involved are not something I am about to debate against.

    That said, please lay down your weapons. It will be all right–sounds like you getting ready to take the earrings off, coat the vaseline, and declare war on the legions of baby mamas out here–lol.Rather ham fisted in your quest to make a point–bastard is an old derogatory term that has fallen out of favor and is largely meaningless in this age of DNA where a simple paternity tests puts an end to all questioning of who belongs to what and as we know, everyone is on equal footing, stamp of approval or officiating not required!

    Of course you know this but you are transparent in your attempt to stir up something on this board which I hope you don’t.

    Let’s face it, the institution of marriage is going through some growing pains as our lives in general have changed so much…to marry or not, why marry??? who should marry?? Through all the fits, changes, and so forth, instead of getting panties in a bunch, rest assured that the institution of marriage ain’t going away any time soon, there will always be those that adhere to it and uphold the model.

    and another, be sure to Sweep around your own backyards. Keep that home garden healthy and growing strong. Sometimes that neighbor may see whay you got, and decide to pick those weeds without the shove of castor oil down his throat….

    • Hi Givethe StoreAway. I just wanted to compliment your eloquent, pragmatic, well thought out response that you posted. The imagery in your last paragraph blew me away! Love it.

      Don’t people realize that when people are wealthy like these two individuals, the issue of pre-nup arises. People these days have to worry about their assets before being willing to share them with just anyone.

      Keyshia Cole is popular and an award winning entertainer. Why wouldn’t this guy or any other be willing to marry her in a heartbeat?SHE IS SOMEBODY! Clearly this couple is choosing this path for their own reasons. He’s seen in public, with her and he’s not denying anything and from the photos they look happy!

      • Thanks Pisces. I have shortened my long handled moniker as you can see :).

        I am glad you didn’t read into my post that which it isn’t–some sort of spiel against marriage. It is not and nor are my previous posts on this thread, but some people will fit things as they see it.

        I choose to play both sides of the coin. I can somewhat understand a concern that so many of our children are being born out of wedlock. We need to examine why is that so? Can we some how get better models going so more of the young can see value in it. It is so easy to divorce now and call it quits these days and a lot of people have gone into a marriage without the thought and consideration needed to begin with to make it work in a productive, healthy, solid way that lasts…

        I know one thing, hurling insults and shaming is not going to work anymore to get folks to close their legs, get to know and “vet” their mates, pretty much the way a president would do when choosing a running mate. It may have worked in the days of the Scarlet Letter –the shaming and when women were so dependent on men once upon a time that marriage was essential for mere survival–face it we were considered chattel/property–even the white ones way back when and many of us didn’t own a pot to piss in–that too was owned by hubbie.

        So times, they are a changin’. Sure there is the biblical piece, and of course luuuvvv :-), but marriage has always had strong material, social and political implications. It is the last three in this ever and more rapidly changing society that are putting the most in the tailspin–thus what I’ve come to view as the growing pains of marriage as an institution.

        Don’t even get me started on the sexual revolution–some hail it–some see it as damnation itself. You take a pill or abort, get to keep that good girl image or prevent producing that “bastard” child or not have to be married to a guy just ’cause he knocked you up–more freedom to some, particularly women.

        I say it again, humans are highly adaptive. It is going to be real interesting to see how it unfolds. Will the gays across the country ultimately get to marry same way as straight? Will young black america continue to abandon it in large droves along with increasingly their young white counterparts?? Or will people begin to re-examine the value of it, will we see the divorce rate drops and have some sort of movement similar to the back-to-basics movement where people begin to approach it with new eyes and with real commitments, focused on more solid foundations to begin with. That potential children stand to gain if the later were to become a reality is the only reason why I would care the fate.

        • @GTSA..You and I are kindred spirits on this and other subject matter featured on BCK. BCK says it encourages social commentary and it is a great forum for it..some people though, either don’t have the capacity or desire to see things other than Black or White.

          I’m with you, I’m pro marriage, but being a pragmatist like you, I can see why some couples weigh taking that step and go on ahead and have the child. Sometimes having babies does just happen, unplanned and on the other hand some females still in this day and age want to try to secure the man by allowing themselves to get pregnant.

          It’s human nature at play, what can we do? But I believe if he’ll marry you go on head especially if your going to be involved with him for at least 18 years, anyway.

          Nice talking with you GTSA. Carry on soldier! 😉

          • Pisces, I looked back at this and saw I wrote a dang novel–lol.

            It is certainly interesting to see the different viewpoints and see other like minded as well from time to time. That’s the beauty of it and being the individuals that we are.

  6. Ladies when you have a child and you are not married that child is a bastard. Yes a bastard. the definition hasn’t changed because women have gotten comfortable having out of wedlock children. And if what they got is so good with her dating him less than a year hell less than 6 months why can’t they do it married? Why do so many black women feel the need to breed as soon as they get sprung. As soon as some guy makes them feel good they want to have their baby. And yes as a poster above stated these same women that support bastard breeding are the same ones whinning and thinking they should get preferential treatment because they deliberately made the choice to have a child out of wedlock.

    Some think that Keyshia’s money is going to make her a better parent really? with her family track record and the fact that she is doing the same thing every woman in her family has done not to mention how clingy she gets to every man she sleeps with the “romance” will wear off soon enough and the reality will set in but Keyshia knowing the world is watching and proving now that she is just another satistic will hold on long after the expiration date. And since these two don’t know each other even if they got married I doubt it would last because they brought a child into something that was still in the getting to know you phase. SO NO, I FOR ONE WILL NOT CONGRATULATE her for continuing the vicious cycle of bastardizing yet another black child. And freedom of speech still prevails!

    • As a bastard child myself, one would think I would disagree with you; but the funny thing is that I have to agree. Any bastard child, especially those whose mothers married again and watched their siblings have married parents, will tell you that there is definitely a sense a belonging and completeness that comes with having married parents.

      The psychology of it that, while God never makes mistakes, a child feels more “whole” when they come from a “whole” unit. A bastard child will always ask themselves “If they love me, why can’t they love each other?” or “If their relationship was a mistake, was I their mistake, the spoils of the war?”

      If you disagree, ask a bastard child; if you are one & still disagree, you’re just lying to yourself.

      Another sad tidbit: 75% of African Americans are born to unmarried parents. :(

      • @Amber. You are not a bastard. Your first father is the creator himself. You are already connected and whole. Your value and your being is not dictated by your parents decision. Stop attaching any negativity to the expression of love that you are. Don’t worry the vehicle allowed to get you here–you are not it….

        Stop attaching the word sad to apply to all. Not all feel the way that you do. The “bastard” children of the world would resent the pitying stance. For the many examples of the happily wedded after you paint, you have many hellish marriages that severely damaged the children involved.

        We humans are highly adaptive. Remember that and all of its implications. Some people do not think along the lines of what is deemed the “societal norms” of the day.

        Foremost, be grateful. Sounds like you at least had a mom?–Some do not even have that. Be blessed.

        • Givethestoreaway, Just because you want to condone bastard breeding doesn’t change the fact that it is what it is. Lesson one stop trying to make things as you want them to be instead of what it is. A child born out of wedlock is a BASTARD. LOOK it up your support of it doesn’t change the definition which is why so many black women continue to put themselves and their children in a vicious cycle going from generation to generation.

          • Raquel, bitter one. Hope your marriage is a happy one and that your hubby doesn’t pull a Tiger on you. Good luck to you.

            Also, learn how to read. You seem illiterate. I prefaced and started my post off supporting marriage.

            What I don’t support are people using derogatory terms to describe a fellow person. Bastard is now used like the word for a female dog—people are not using it just to describe out of wedlock kids…

          • and actually Raquel, get yourself educated—BASTARD has two meanings,

            1) child born out of wedlock; old usage which is largely considered dated and politically incorrect to apply in modern times to out of wedlock children

            2)offensive term: an offensive term for somebody regarded as obnoxious and disagreeable

            You had to get ghetto to prove your point, AND I CAN TURN IT AROUND ON YA, just because YOU say it is so, doesnt mean it is..kay, nuff said.

      • I respect your opinion but, I have to say that you are wrong when it comes to bastard children. My mother was 19 and not married when she had me so I guess I would be considered a bastard. But, I never asked myself why didn’t they love me enough to get married. I was raised by my mom who loved me and made sure I was raised right I knew who my father was but, we did not have a relationship. Them getting married would have been a big mistake! I am a only child and my mother has never been married. I’m 33 years old now married for 9 1/2 years with two wonderful boys ages 6 and 7 so, if Keisha wants to break the cycle that the women in her life seem to have when it comes to men and children she can. I wish her all the luck and much blessings for them and their child!

  7. Congratulations to Keyshia!

    Everyone doesnt live by the same rules. Not everyone is a Christian,not everyone believes in westernized rules regarding marriage and having kids. Your morals and values are just that…yours! Dont hold everyone to the same standards. I know plenty of men who had kids out of wedlock that ARE taking care of them. However,I know that’s not always the case. Some of you need to get off of your high horses.

    • Dee,

      I cannot speak for others but for me and my beliefs, it is not about being on a high horse but there is nothing wrong with desiring certain things and setting standards. Everyone doesn’t want to conform to the “status quo.” Not too much in life is an exact science but we do have control over some things and the ability to exercise discipline and discretion. If that comes off as being self-righteous or “high on a horse,” then so be it.

  8. I agree with latifah… its seem as though women would settle for any part of the man by having a baby… with no type of commitment… as long as they can say thats my babys daddy theyre cool…. At first I was like everyone else…. it shouldnt matter if the woman and man are married … theyre celebrities they can afford it… a baby needs more than money and being known as “the son of rapper blah blah” or “one of lil waynes kids from baby momma number 14…” it getting tacky and Im tired of this…Im sorry this had to turn this into a lil wayne issue but if these women wouldve said to him, no we gotta make a commitment or where a condom… Im telling you lil wayne wouldnt have three kids in one year by three different women… but since he’s rich and his babymommas are rich…we let this slide…. this dude aint made no commitment to any of the women and the women walking around like best of friends…. same with diddy tooo… he had all his babymommas at the same party together at his 40th birthday party… now Im wondering how did these women introduce themselves when people came to talk to them… did they say Im babymomma 1 or I was the recent babymomma… what do they say?

    celebs…… money isnt a problem… they feel like all they have to do is send the babymom money every month or acknowledge her then Im straight its not all about money… what about the baby needs? what about when the child gets older and ask why didnt you get married?

    yes babies are blessings but our bodies are blessings and we have to cherish them…. if you dont think youre gopnna be in a commiterd relationship with a person dont put yourself in that predicament because you have a baby by him one year and the next year you may meet some one that wants to be committed to you and want a family now you have kids with diiferent daddies and it gets out of hand… so Keyshia congrads but I hope you guys are committed to each other and not just having a baby because 90% of celebs are having babies and you think this will change your life

  9. agree with lisa those that agree with her but just like the baby
    ( we didnt know about he or she) hopefully they are already married and is going to have a wedding later * keeping fingers cross

  10. I agree with LisaLisa, Sherley and those who are proponents of marriage and voicing respectfully a different perspective on what seems to be an outdated concept. Nonetheless, best wishes to Keyshia and Daniel.

  11. I am glad to read all the support of my comments about Keyshia and her baby’s daddy. I think the bottom line is that if they were married we would not be having this discussion (Like what I said on the blog about Rodney Jerkins and his wife welcoming their second child). Hope the baby is healthy and happy! Until next time….LisaLisa.

  12. Congrats to Keyshia Cole!!! I’m so happy for her. I think that it’s a blessing from God [[the baby]]. Married or not married… Even though You should be married first but who cares??? God still loves her & he will still love that child & that’s all that matters! congrats again I love you Keyshia!!!!!

  13. Keyshia looks so happy and glowing at this event. Looks like she was helping to distribute Thanksgiving dinners. That was charitable of her.

    Celebrities seem to have so many more extra considerations, such as pre-nups and public relations. So much more so than us common folks.

  14. Keyshia has really changed since her debut album. I love her hair so much more than that orange and blonde weave she used to rock all day.

    Her skin looks awesome, and she just looks radiant.

  15. I wish her luck and that she has a healthy and happy baby. Hopefully, she will keep the child away from Frankie and Neffe.

  16. LisaLisa and others……u gals r right on point. Black men are quick to knock black women up and quick to marry a woman that isn’t black. Then again why blame men if the women go along with the program and accept it. I am happy for Keisha, she deserves some happiness in her life. Heck…I didnt even know the girl had a man,lol. If you read the Old Testament….when a man picked a woman and they laid together….that was considered marriage. Does a piece of paper really make a difference? what if the persom who marries you isnt even a real preacher?lol.

    • Best comment i read on here….specially bout da no papers part. But on another note congrats to Keyshia if it is true. She deserves some joy after all da pain she’s been thru. God has blessed her in so many ways, and I pray her baby gets da blessings in his/her near future as well. I know it’ll be beautiful like its mommy =]

  17. I understand about some people being upset that they are not married. But, honestly achild is a blessing. A child is a gift from God and we should never look at children differently because of their parents situation. Also, as a christian we shouldn’t jump down on people when we see things like this, yes we know its wrong and I am sure they do too but we are supposed to love them and pray for them anyways. For all we know is right now they could be deciding to turn their life over to christ completely and live for God and they want to give it one last chance and here we are angry at them because they are having a child and they aren’t married and that turns them away. We may not agree but we have to remember that everyone isn’t saved and everyone was not raised the way we were. And at 21 years old I have grown to remember this. And as far as most Black women being Baby Mamas, we aren’t the only ones, baby mamas are in every race but I think that we blacks accept it more than other races. But I will pray for the new family! God bless.

    • Bre, I completely understand your comment. Topics such as these cause many heated discussions. I do want to add that black women take the record in single motherhood. Yes, other races of women have children out of wedlock all the time, but at 70%, we take the lead, and it’s not a good look. JMO.

      Anything I post is not meant to be mean-spirited or nasty. Sometimes that might not come through when I type. I love children and anyone blessed to bring on into the world is honored. Unfortunately, parents are always a blessing to their children (Shaniya Davis for instance). The job of being a parent is such a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately I see everyday people who give more thought to the weave they want than bringing a baby into the world. That’s real talk.

  18. Unlike most single moms, Keisha will be able to give her child a decent life without his father. Congrats to Keisha and Boobi. I truly hope that their relationship grows stronger and eventually, they are able to get married. But, this comment is not just for Keisha, but for all women, when did we truly decide that it was ok for us to be single parents? Why aren’t we pushing our men to commit to “US” before committing to become “a father”? Why are we accepting to become a mother first before becoming a wife or truly being in a sustainable relationship? Are we truly content with being just “a partner” or “baby mother”? If not…why aren’t we striving for more in our relationships with men? Do we really feel that all we can be to our black men is just the mother of the children?

    • “…But, this comment is not just for Keisha, but for all women, when did we truly decide that it was ok for us to be single parents?”

      Do you remember that 80’s (or 90’s – can’t remember) sitcom, Murphy Brown? Murphy decided to become a single mother. It was the talk the the media. Politician, Dan Quayle, gave a speech denouncing it. His fear was that being a single mom (purposely) was going to become a precident. Well, the time has arrived ESPECIALLY in the black community, and like I’ve stated countless times, IT HAS NOT BENEFITED US ONE BIT. Marriage has become the dirty word, thus you hear comments like, “Marriage is just a piece of paper,” “you don’t need to get married to raise a child,” and so on and so forth.

      Yes, celebs live in a different world than we do. They have the blessing of finances that enables them to give their children all the financial support necessary. I don’t know Keisha or her relationship with her mate. Hopefully, it’s a healthy one.

      • Teri,

        THe thing that gets me is that people say “Why do they need to be married”, “Who needs a piece of paper”, yadda, yadda, yadda BUT then they turn around and complain about men not stepping up and being fathers, men not being there for their kids. Newsflash, the guy probably wasn’t that in to you. A guy having unprotected sex with you doesn’t equate to “I want to have a baby with you and send the next 18 years raising the baby”. It equates to I am going to try and hit this raw while I’m in the mood, nothing more. We need to take more responsibilities for our bodies. If birth control pill failure rate is truly as high as the black female community claims we should have a class-action lawsuit. Marriage does matter and things will not get better until WOMEN take control of their bodies and stop having babies by every Jamal, Antwain and Rob. Ladies we need to have PATIENCE. Find the right man, let him marry you, enjoy your marriage and then have a kids.

        • MdGirl, I couldn’t have elaborated any better than you. Did you read the recent stats on black woman and HIV/AIDS? It’s staggering. Blacks make up roughly 12% of the population, yet account for so many new AIDS cases. Some people choose to hide their heads in the sand, but reality is going to being kicking some behinds. I wonder when we will wake up and smell the coffee?

        • MdGirl…you hit the nail on the head about the “supposed” failure of birth control in our community. The issues with black women is that, we thrive off of potential instead of reality…We think that a man is oh so great and that if we happen to get pregnant…TaDa, he’ll want to marry us. In reality we need to be realistic and say, having a baby doesnt make me a wife or us a family. The sanctity of marraige is no longer honored in our communities. Since our mothers were singles mothers, most of us will become single mothers and our children will nore than likely follow suit if we dont stand up and claim that WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR A HUSBAND. We really need to believe that. I’ve been in a relationship for 6 yrs and my bf wants children, butI’ve told him since day 1 no marraige, no kids. Thats my story and i’m sticking to it!

      • @Teri financial doesn’t mean parenting and even celebs have to go to court for support because they find out that just because momma has money doesn’t mean poppa doesn’t have to contribute. Yep, Dan Quayle saw the future. Women have gotten so accustomed to having out of wedlock children they can’t even define ‘bastard’ so many say “my child has a father” these imbeciles fail to realize all children have fathers but the fact that the father wasn’t their husband is what makes the child a bastard. The vast majority of Black women have settled. Look at all the supporters yet no one complains more than Black women about the state of black men and how they treat women. Hell if these women want to be treated like farm animals so be it. He’ll breed you and marry someone else.

  19. @GivetheStoreAway

    Definition time:

    Illegitimate –

    At common law, legitimacy is the status of a child who is born to parents who are legally married to one another, or who is born shortly after the parents’ marriage ends through divorce. The opposite of legitimacy is the status of being “illegitimate” – born to a woman and a man who are not married to one another.

    With this said I was totally correct using the term “illegitimate”. It is simply saying a baby born to those who are not married. I am not saying that the baby is an alien or anything. The baby will be a blessing by God, you are right, but it will still be born out of wedlock, which was HIS orginial purpose. That’s all.

    • LisaLisa, why not just say out of wedlock child. The child certainly has no say in how it got here, so why link a derogative term to it. He/She is as legitimate as any other person. Your wikapedia styled review added nothing extra to my understanding of it…

  20. I am sorry if I am not happy for people who WANT to bring an Illegitimate baby into the would. Please STOP it and grow up. Morals are so low in the world because people accept so much crap. A woman and man are suppose to love each other then committ, then get married and have babies the right way. What happened to those days? My grandparents were married for 65 years and my parents are married for 39 years so far and I am married for 17 years and counting and I am training my son to find a good wife and get married once he finish college if he wants to have children. To be honest with you….he is actually looking forward to being a good husband. We must stop the cycle. It makes for better families, which leads to a better communities and an overall better world! Come on people..Stop accepting the norm and demand these fathers to marry you before you birth their offspring! If they don’t want to then he is not the love of your life and move on, but only before you birth his child!

    • Everything else sounds pretty Kosher about your post except that out dated term of “illigetimate”. Since when did the creator make anything illegitimate?

      Otherwise, I am happy to see that you have had what appears on the outside at least, excellent family models to go off of–your grandparents, parents and then your own marriage which I hope is a happy one. I am glad to see that you are grooming your son to think the way you do. That is all you can do really and hope the kids (your own) will follow suit.

      That said, Congrats Keisha!!

    • LisaLisa I agree with you wholeheartedly. The other thing that people don’t realize is that these same single mothers we are congratulating and sending well wishes to, will be the same ones complaining about their child’s “deadbeat” daddy or “less-than adequet” daddy because he doesn’t spend enough time with the kid. Why start out below the bar, why do something that stacks the odds against you. The one thing that I noticed is that if these women didn’t get pregnant out of wedlock in the first place you wouldn’t have to worry about when he’s going to see the child, who he has the child around,why he’s not giving you child support. Marriage is not a guarantee but at least you know that your spouse will be at home each night with your children, that your spouse is expecting that you would like to start a family etc. If you spouse leaves then stick it to them but at least you know a bond was formed with the kids for however long you were married and hopefully that will carryover after the divorce. I am just sick and tired of women complaining about deadbeat daddies when there are at least 10 highly reliable birth control methods available to women this day and age.

      Lastly, Keyshia hasn’t even been with ole dude very long, what the hell. I just think this is irresponsible but I hope it turns out ok for her childs-sake but odds are it will be another out-of-wedlock child born to a black mother whose father doesn’t live in the home. This seriously needs to stop. I went to a Keyshia Cole concert this summer and there were soooo many young girls there that idolized her and looked up to her. So unfortunately Keyshia is just re-enforcing the image that it is ok to have out-of-wedlock births to our young girls. If he hasn’t put a ring on it then you don’t need to have his baby. Nuff said.

    • LisaLisa you took the words straight out of my mouth and I thank you for that. People these days are a little confused. Yes bringing a child into this world is a beautiful and normal thing. Bringing a child into this world and not being married has become “normal” and I think that is absurd. Yeah I understand the saying to each it’s own but when will we women stand up and say enough is enough I’m not popping out any babies until I get a ring on this finger?? Where have the standards and moral gone??

    • I’ll refrain from giving my opinion, because frankly it’s MY opinion and doesn’t matter for Keisha. What I want to let you know is that your moral code is not everybody’s.

    • Marriage is not for everybody!!!! Ur life is what u want it to be. Morals to u may be something different for someone else. Just because two people are bound together by a piece of paper does not mean that their love is anymore real. People can last with or w/o the paper it should b their own preference. Good luck to Keyshia I wish her many happy healthy years for her and her family.

  21. does her reality show still come on???? my son’s used to watch it all the time. i am not surprised she is pregnant – whenever there was a photo shown of the two she would be holding on to him with a vise grip!

  22. Congrats to her and Boobie. They seem so happy together and this new edition will be an addition to their blessings.


      • I’m not saying that she is wrong for having a child before marriage but it seems that a black man will knock you up a hellva of a lot faster than they will marry you. I guess some women are sick of it. Sick of watchin black women struggling to raise their children alone. Black wives have been replaced with baby mama’s.

        I think that Keyshia’s is a lot different than your average single black mother because she’s rich and so is her man.

        • I like Keisha. I wish her the best with her pregnancy and with her new role as mom. Hope she is getting all the love and support she is needing at this time and when the baby arrives.

          @ Latifah, I agree with the bulk of what you say. As you pointed out,Keisha will not be the average single mom though–the stars are not to be emulated, maybe admired for their talents–they live in a rarified world set apart from us average folk. I think she will be ok and married or not, I hope the dad will be thoroughly involved with rearing the kid.

        • @Latifah I totally understand where u r coming from. I do believe dat kiesha will get married. I hope she do cuz she deserves it. So her soon to be child’s father better man up and propose to her.

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