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Major Harris, the son of singer and reality star Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and rapper T.I., is growing up fast! Flip over to see candids of major, who will turn two in May of next year.

In the March 2009 issue of Blender magazine, rapper T.I. explained the meaning behind his kids’ names.

“I want them to have high expectations. Ambition. And what better way than through their names? If people call you King, you’ll expect more of yourself.”

{Thanks to Xscapesightings and TamekaTinyCottleOnline}

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  1. Tiny seems like such a good mother. T.I is pretty damn lucky to have her… hope they get married soon even though I want T.I for myself -lol


  2. It looks like he has some yams on his plate & he is tearing that drumstick up! lol My little adopted nephew started eating mashed collard greens @ 7 months old! (sighs) Man love the south! These kids up here are so friggin picky with food! They don’t know how 2 eat! But a kid from the south can roll with me out to eat anytime! I can’t wait for Christmas! I’m on my way down south for some yams too! Ha

  3. Wow, people are nice. Its going to snow soon..smh.

    Major is soo cute,that photo made me smile:-)

    I wish T.I. and Tiny would have another girl. I hate they lost Llayh Amour:-(

  4. Im mad he act like he know what he was doing when he was “driving”…LOL and he was tearing that chicken bone up or watev he was eating up LOL!!!!

  5. He’s too precious; looking just like mommy. I love the pics of him trying to drive and greasing on that chicken lol.

  6. Whereas I don’t know if Major and King are the way to go, but I agree to a point about TI’s theory on importance of a name. It does carry certain connotations —to all those weird name loving parents out in la la land. But I digress, one person’t weird may be another’s person’s basic blacj – ha ha.

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