Reality star Monica “Danger” Leon is pregnant again, according to her twitter status. The For The Love Of Ray J star announced yesterday that she is due with her second child in July of next year. Ms. Leon welcomed her first child Mayara in October of this year.


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  1. I wouldnt call it nasty or trifflin to get preg again soon it happens to ppl all the time, my grandmothers kids were all stair steps and were raised very well and taken very good care of, and there are 8 of them!!! I feel like as long as your body is healed, and ur in a stable relationship then have as many whenever you want to!! I will say that she probably shouldn’t have been having kids at all let alone back to back bc clearly as we all saw on the show she has quite a few issues!! And I saw another blog on this site where it says she lost custody of her daughter so hopefully she’s lying about having another one, I feel sorry for theses babies!

  2. I didn’t wait 6 weeks. Hormones were too out of control for that, but I had sense enough to use protection because I knew I didn’t want another kid so soon.

  3. It hasn’t been confirmed that Monica is pregnant or not. She follows me on twitter and at the time the pregnancy tweet showed up was the same time someone had hacked into her account, which people do quite often, so I’m not sure if she wrote that or the hacker. And for the record she Gabriel Cannon, Nick Canon’s brother, his the father of her child. They were engaged but called it off. The only reason I know of that contributed to the breakup was her being on the RayJ TV Show, which caused people to think he was the baby’s father. People forgetting these “reality” television shows are taped in advance. Gabriel is not a dead beat father. But he is a musician (singer) in a group called RydazNArtists, and they are currently touring, so yes Monica is doing alot of the parenting alone right now.

  4. wow.. i gave birth october 8 – a week before her and my baby just turned two months… and i can’t really get much sleep yet- where does she have time to make another baby.. and no, obviosly did not wait for the 6 weeks.. good luck.. i know i will wait at least a year or more to have more. and her baby is not even two months yet.. wow

  5. According to another site she had postpartum depression with her first baby and just got out of the psych unit after a 5150 hold. Allegedly after a fight with her baby’s father she shaved off her hair and had an incident with her daughter. This doesn’t seem like a smart idea to add another baby to the mix. I hope it all works out.

  6. Who cares how close apart her kids are going to be. My children are 13 months apart. They’re 7 and 6 now and super close.

    The only downside to getting pregnant with my son when my daughter was only a couple of months old is that, she was climbimg my shoulders when I was breast feeding her.

    And everyone always asks if they are twins.

    As long as she can support her children and has a stable relationship with the Father, then let her live her life.

    Im sure we all have our own issues to deal with. Good or bad.

  7. Well I figure it is called ” your 15 minutes of fame ” is over. I am so over Dangerous and her antics. It is time that she stops advertising that she is with child and live her life. Ray J paid his respects by going to the first baby shower and now that we know that he is not the father of either child her 15 minutes is so so OVER.

  8. Did it ever occur to you all that she is just lying ??? she don’t love being pregnant for pregnancy or children’s sake: it garners her attention. We as a sociaty are feeding these attention [word omitted] and then turn around and say: don’t knock the hustle??? tsk tsk tsk….

  9. they only recommend you wait six weeks because you are more open to infections if anything. there are plenty of people who go back for there six week check up and they are pregnant its not nasty. figure out yall real problem with her that aint it cause it happens all the time.

  10. While I don’t wish this on anyone, and financial stability aside, she’s gonna be molded as hell if both of these babies are sickly toddlers/children growing up. These females dropping babies left and right without the caution of seeing how smooth things go with existing child they have, so I say to Danger, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
    I guess she doesn’t treasure a good night’s sleep. SMH.

    • Yep. They get to start school together and graduate together. They get all the benefits of being twins without actually being twins.

  11. This is not ok. This chick was very unstable on the that show with Ray J. This is how children end up in foster care and on the streets, by being born to crazy irresponsible people. I was born in a situation, where my mother had a child every years for 4 years. I hold some resentment towards my parents for having all these kids and not being responsible for us.

    I think its selfish and irresponsible to have a whole bunch of kids and not have a way to provide for them. This chick is not even worried about her new baby, shes talkin about sexin Fabulous. Is she married or even in a committed relationship with a man who is going to help her take care of these kids?
    Who will really end up taking care of the kids? Child Support? The government?

  12. Girl stop!!! That [stuff] is for the birds, but if that’s the type of name she wanna make for herself then more power to her.


  14. I dont think thats possible if she just gave birth in october unless she had sex the same week after she delivered her baby

    • She had to get pregnant rite after birth cause she had the first in october and u have to get pregnant in october to have a child in july!

  15. 6 week wait is not a hard an fast rule though is it? thats just the break they say women need after childbirth, i know someone who couldn’t have sex for 2 1/2 mnths after! i was fine after 3 weeks it depends on how quickly you heal i suppose…

    my daughter is four now and i wish i’d had another quite quickly after.
    as it is i don’t wanna go back to babies now she’s older

    • I agree… 6 weeks is standard but there are exceptions depending on how a woman’s body progresses. I gave birth in September and still have not had a full/regular menstrual cycle because I breastfeed. When a woman breast feeds she has to be extra careful.

      If you’re not careful a new baby can be born almost a year to the day of the 1st.
      Congrats…I guess?? This is wild!!

  16. I don’t see anything wrong with having your children this close in age. I agree with GTSA about her giving her body a rest, but other than that, I don’t see a problem. Are there any health risks when this happens?

  17. Ray J is not the first kids father! She lied about that and admitted to it. I believe the first kids father is Nick Cannon’s half brother. I am not really sure though because if she lied the first time, she might have lied again. I do wish her the best though as I do not wish bad on anyone or their children.

  18. so whats wrong with having your children 9 months apart? did she break a rule..yes it has only been a short amount of time..but if you aren’t helping her take care of them..who cares what she does? like she is the only person that has done this and im sure most of you folks no someone that has done the same thing..if it isnt you 😉 And um..not defending her cuz Im in the situation cuz Im not..Im just saying who really cares?

  19. K- Yes, people can express their opinons–based on little to no information. Yet, she is being called crazy and so on?? Opinions without knowledge………….

    • And your opinion is based on what knowledge of her?

      People always trying to put down others when they are no better off.

      As for the article, I do not care. She’ll be the one changing diaper after diaper for the next 3 years. She’s no different than any other ghetto females I know.

      • I agree Sherley. Just from my observations of some of the posts on this board, it appears that different opinions seem to hit nerves with some people thus the irateness and indignation in responses.

  20. @mamanas – People are free to express their opinions just as you are. That’s why there’s a comment section. By the way, what makes you think we want to know your business either?

  21. I don’t know how some of you people can spend that much energy on the family planning sutuations of other’s. Bottom line: None of your business- if she wants to have a baby every 9 months it does not impact my life.

    My daughter’s are 14 months apart- We planned it like that. And now we are having another one which will mean 3 children 3 and younger. Our choice. Most Dr. now said that you don’t have to worry as much about spacing children- AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO MEDICAL CONCERNS/CONDITIONS.

  22. What did she do? Have sex and got pregnant the minute after she gave birth? How many siblings are 9 months apart in age? Britney Spears didn’t even beat this!

  23. I’ve been thinking of what to say and all I can come up with is, “Right”. Is this what you’d call ‘Irish Twins’?

    Um, hope the child will be born healthy.

  24. I wonder who it’s by…??? I thought she ranted on Twitter about her current baby’s father (I hate the way that even sounds!) not being in her life and leaving her while pregnant…hmm..

  25. Wow. That’s all I can say. Not only does she say her childs father is/was a deadbeat, she goes and gets knocked up by him again. Wait….who’s to say he is the father maybe it really is Ray J this time.

  26. I am with everyone else on this so far. There is a 6 week wait rule for a reason. It is her life, but why not give her body a needed break as well as let the first baby have some time being just that?

    I don’t know about her reality star status at all and don’t really care, yeah she is cute like a gazillion other girls out here–what else she got going on?

    Anyhoo–Wish her, new baby and soon to be other new baby well if this is true.

  27. Yep, it can happen that fast. you can get pregnant a couple of weeks after giving birth. I hope all goes well for her!

  28. Is there a requirement for you guys to end your comments with some kind of dopey, sugary statement?! Why can’t you guys just post how you really feel and leave it at that?! To heck with the, “goood luuck” crap! That was trifling and nasty for her to get pregnant so soon after giving birth! THERE… PERIOD!!

    • Yeah you’re supposed to wait six weeks for sex after giving birth, however even after the six weeks a woman is SUPER fertile. I wouldn’t say it’s trifling to get pregnant soon after giving birth. I wouldn’t do it but I know people who have and it’s their life, so be it. Live and let live.

    • Thank you, people should say whats on their mind like “she shouldnt have kids so close together” instead of saying “I hope she’s well” yes we want her to have a safe pregnancy, but we can’t encourage and praise behavior like this.

  29. wow. so looks like the kids wont even be a full year apart with the new baby coming in July and her lil girl turning one in October of next yr… she’ll definitely have her hands full! good luck

  30. wait a minute she had the baby in october and she already pregnant again…this is the beginning of december right now … she got pregnant right after delivering her baby like 3 hours of delivering

  31. she just had a baby her and bootz are having babys close after giving birth because they have nothing else to do….

  32. Okay…Y?!!? First this is NOT important…Second…Did anybody remind her about the 6 week rule?!!? OMG… Really!

    • I was going to say the same thing! She did not waste no time. Wow she must have really enjoyed being pregnant to get knocked up that quick! SMH I wish her luck with her new pregnancy. Hope everything goes well.

    • This Is Crazy, Cant This chick Wait About A Year Or A Few Years Before She Have Another Baby, These Kids Are Gonna Be At Least 9 Months Apart…Unbelievable, She Needs To Keep Her Legs Closed.

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