Singer Fantasia Barrino, her mom, her sister, and her daughter Zion,8, posed a BET’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Of Gospel on December 12, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Meanwhile, Fantasia is set to star in her own reality show called “Fantasia For Real” starting January 2010. Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President for VH1, said the following during a press release recently:

“Fantasia has engaged millions of fans. Our audience helped Fantasia become an American Idol and now, with this series, they get a backstage pass into her real life as she confronts obstacles to realize her true potential as an artist, a mother, a daughter and a sister. VH1 will give viewers a close-up view into the complex, touching and surprisingly relatable life of recording artist, actress and American Idol winner Fantasia. The series follows Fantasia as she juggles her career and single-motherhood while devoting her energy into recording her highly anticipated third album. The 8 episode, 30-minute docu-series Fantasia For Real is slated to premiere January 11, 2010 at 10PM on VH1.”

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  1. Fantasia should really get back to doing great music by putting out another album. I like her as an artist no matter what she does in her personal life. She is fabulous. I hope her financial matters are behind her and that she stays focused. Good luck Fantasia.

  2. They all look great and Zion is so cute. Another reality show though, I need a reality show!, then again my life isn’t all that interesting, I don’t go anywhere but to work, school, and home LOL.

    • And at the end of the day, wouldn’t you like to see that television is doing more for you than showing you someone else who is struggling. I would like to see more good tv dramas myself.

  3. fantasia her mom an her sis look lyk str8 triplets,im still tryna figure out which 1 iz her mom n which one iz the sis?,but dey all look georgous.

      • Thanks but goodness, I was betting on the blonde…lol. I was wondering why she was leaning more into the one with the black top. Each of them look great. I love Fantasia’s more subdued, yet still hip look here.

  4. Oh, No! not another reality show. I would like to see this woman’s fantastic voice more at work on B’way, movies and records. She’s got to much talent to be reduced to Reality TV.

    • I agree. She has such an impressive and expressive/soulful singing voice, so unique–love it. I would like to see Fantasia make a bigger splash on the big screen with acting and with that wonderful voice–blehh, to the Reality show thing…too many and I though I a big fan of hers, I won’t be watching…Good luck to her I guess and hope she can profit well out of it.

      The music industry is so fickle. Look at the likes of Lady GaGa and numerous others who are coming strong with all the gimmickry just to catch the ever decreasing attention span out here (and to cover up some talent deficencies in some cases–no offense Lady GaGa, I actually like Poker Face–lol.

      • Don’t even go there. That Lady Ga Ga is a trip and a half as well as hard on the eyes. But you know the commercial shows Elvis Pressly as the one who changed music. I was there, I thought, Chess record stars and Motown were the ones who did that. Duh! What a lie.
        And in this day and age, you wonder how much is really the voice of many of them. I read that Fantasia said she was going to be a part of some movie that Oprah was doing, but can’t remember what the title. I know she was quoted as saying the “Miss Oprah said she was going to be in the movie”. Wonder what happened. She’s just to much of a singer to be a part of that whole Reality TV crap. Maybe she needs to re-think her manager.

        • unfortunately i could have guessed that her career was going in this direction. saw her as Celie in The Color Purple musical and this lady was phenomenal! she should definitely do more of that kind of thing. maybe this reality show will turn out to be a good thing and will actually bring more opportunities her way. wish her the best of luck.

          • I certainly hope her all the best and that this show will lead her back where she belongs…..near the top.

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