Reality star Monica “Danger” Leon has admitted that she suffered from post-partum depression after the birth of her daughter. The new mom, who welcomed her first child in October, was reportedly admitted to a psychiatric ward earlier this month for a mental breakdown. Monica has since been released and is doing “fine”.

“Postpartum depression is a period of time of extreme vulnerability to depression shortly after giving birth. There is a difference between postpartum depression and the postpartum “blues.” The blues are a brief period where women will become tearful or very sensitive with severe mood swings. This period usually only lasts until one to two weeks after giving birth. Many times, sleep is the problem. Lack of sleep can cause many symptoms that are similar to the postpartum blues. Postpartum blues occur in about 80% of women. Postpartum depression, on the other hand, affects 12 to 15% of women”(Source).

Ms. Leon also claims that someone hacked into her twitter account recently and “made false statements that she [is] pregnant again.”  In other words, Danger is not pregnant again….


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  1. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thank you!

  2. Well at least she’s not preggers again. PPD is a serious condition and hopefully all goes well for her.

  3. I wish her the best, however I do feel she was a little unstable even before giving birth (based on her behavior on the show) & doing so may have only weakened an already fragile mental state,as any stressful or life changing event but to her defense a lot of atistic people tend to have mental issues.

  4. 1 hope she feels a lot better and get it together for her child because she must have been going through some thing she shaved her whole head bold she went and pulled a brittney spears!

  5. i´ll pray for her to fight the depression succesfully….I had it myself and it´s most terrible thing You can imagine…I have been in a clinic myself for around 10 weeks because of post-partum depression…the last five weeks my then 12 weeks old daughter was with me then….I have always loved her…and she´s the best thing ever happen to me…but this was the hardest time in my life…no kidding…so I pray for every woman who has to go through this….and want to say…..Don<´t be ashamed….go and get it treated…it´s healable.

    • tanja, though many of us are anoynmous behind the keyboard, that was still brave of you to share. You are to be commended for that as well as your message of hope for other mommies. Glad to read that you were able to put that trying moment, (key word moment)of your motherhood behind you.

  6. she is so pretty, why would she tattoo her face? people would already notice her face bc she is beautiful.
    but good luck to her. i also had the blues after my first baby. I hope people are there to support

    • Lucy, I was thinking the same thing. That is a bad look–the facial tatoo. It detracts greatly from her looks if anything. What WAS she thinking?

      About the PPD,the more women share their stories about this, the better. The stigma needs to be lifted as it is appearing to be an all too common thing. Bringing a child into the world is truly a big undertaking no matter if many millions of women do it every day across the globe. Needed support and love wished too all new mommies or to all moms period who care about doing a good job of it.

  7. Kudos to her from sharing this with the public. This is a situation too often overlooked. We- women and men need to become much more educated about the topic.

  8. She may be suffering from post partum, but she’s obviously dealing with other problems as well because she always come off as a little crazy. Either way she needs to get better for the sake of her child, or children.

  9. I don’t really know Danger’s backstory, but she is a pretty young woman and I wish her a speedy recovery. It must be so hard with first child to go through this. She is not alone and I hope she gets all the love and support she needs.

    As far as the alleged hacking–what a cruel and childish thing to do. That is one reason why I dislike some of these social networking sites and am leary of certain aspects of them.

  10. Well good thing she isn’t really pregnant… dealing with another pregnancy while trying to overcome postpartum depression, and caring for another young infant…it probably wouldn’t be an ideal situation (for anyone, including the kids involved).

  11. Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Women take on so much.. Anyway, so it sounds like she has gone through so much, but from what i’ve read, she appears to be quite unstable. I thinking she even wrote that she was pregnant during her “mental breakdown”….All the same, i am happy that she is feeling better. Post partum depression is a serious matter that so many women have to endure.

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