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Singer Mary J. Blige arrived with her husband Kendu Isaacs and her bonus children Nas (L) and Jordan (R) for the BET Honors in Washington on January 16, 2010. Daughter Jordan, 11, and son Nas, 10 are Mary’s kids with Kendu; Kendu also has an older daughter named Brianna, 23.

Click here to find out why Mary J. Blige, who has no kids of her own, would never adopt.

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  1. Ok and why isn’t Kendu with those kids’ mom. Not that I’m against blended families but it always bothers me when I see a man with a woman and he has young kids or a young child from a previous relationship. And yes they were a little younger when he and Mary J Blige got together. It’s so strange to me to see a man not be with his young kids’ mom and starts dating another woman entirely. She’s not afraid that he knocks her up and then go to be with another woman. but i guess that wont happen to her cause she’s Mary J Blige. huh

    • Why does that matter? There are blended families everywhere my family is blended my dad remarried when I was so young. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean anything. Ever heard of love. Plus if you were a fan and read articles she was in he said that his previous relationship was said and done when he met Mary.

  2. BeauTifuL faMiLy! Mary is the buSiness i LovE her! his kiDs have gotton soo big since the Last pics..i feeL soo oLd. shEEsh lol..

    • Lol..Mary seems to be close to these kids tho. Last week when she was American Idol she had them along with her and I don’t recall seeing Kendu. It’s rare that you see Step parent and step children have such great relationships. They all looking good in those pics.

    • Ok, Jealous much? That was really random. I guess you’re not a Kimora fan because BCK doesn’t show Kimora as much as they used to. Anyway, i just found your comment real interesting.

  3. Why is there now so much use of this “bonus” when we refer to families in which there is no biological tie. Is Mary referred to as the “bonus” mother? It sounds so cold and aloof like a spare tire.

  4. It’s so wonderful to see Mary and her family. She is one woman who I watched grow and mature before my very eyes. I am so proud of her and I am such a fan. It gives me such a thrill to see her entertaining at the White House and so many other things that I see her do. Hers is like a true Cinderella Story. Keep on moving girl.

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