Damon Williams has a portfolio worth $50,000, and he is only fifteen years old(he was fourteen when the video was shot)! Damon was just five years old when he bought his first share of Nike stock, and he hasn’t stopped investing since.

“I want to pay my own way through college, buy real estate and see my children graduate from college also,” Damon has said.

In his spare time, the Chicago native talks to young people about investing at an early age. Is this teen investor a millionaire in the making? BCK thinks so.

The video above is courtesy of PBS show Money Track(2009)

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  1. This is an example of why I started Speakids! Speak Positive Everyday About Kids! You rarely hear stories of amazing kids, inspiring kids which also means that they are not being recgonized.

  2. Go head young man with cho baaaaad self…..LOL. Very positive indeed.

    He looks like a younger version of Nick Cannon!!

  3. The stock market and investing seem complicated and was nothing i was really interested in besides from what i can tell you’d haft to buy many shares to actually make money if you actually make any. Good luck to him and his mom for getting him interested in investing.
    Teri don’t exspect much from BET, BET is useless. That entire network does nothing but waste airtime. When Oprah leave her talk show and launch her network maybe we’ll see more stories like this. Whatever Oprah puts on her network i know it’ll be entertaining and classy something that BET is not and has never been. There may be many kids who would like to attend Brown University like Debra Lee did. Think she’ll mentor any? Should they be mentored by that woman?

    Thanks BCK.

    • No…..that is a misperception that Damon and I have been fighting for years. You don’t already have to be affluent or wealthy to invest. Companies like http://www.Sharebuilder.com will let you start investing with as little as $10 a month. It may not seem like alot at first, but with time and compound interest if you stick to it you can accumulate true wealth. The younger you start, the more time you have and the better chance you have of becoming a millionaire.

  4. Well…that’s what they teach the kids in these very expensive private schools(The ones in Manhattan), here in New York; How to invest. Money for Generations.

    • That reminds me of what I read on the back of “Rich Dad. Poor Dad.”. The affluent make sure that their children understand investing and money matters from an early age, and that is a core part of their education. Unfortunately, not many public schools have that in their curriculum and the lower to middle class parents are often clueless. *sigh*

      Anyway, I’m happy to see a young black man that is focused on investing and college. First the 11 year old Morehouse student I read about this morning, and now this young man and his achievements. It does my heart a world of good. 😀

    • But anybody can go on the computer and learn how to invest instead of playing video games or buying Air Jordons. But I get your point. PARENTS CAN TEACH THIS TO THIER CHILDREN AT HOME TOO.

      • Yes……anybody CAN go to the internet and learn how to invest, but unfortunately MOST do not. It’s what the elders would call “an easy say, but a hard do”. But Damon and I did exactly that 13 years ago…..we went to NAIC or better-investing.org and read and study and started an investment club for African-American children in the Chicagoland area, Ujamaa Jr. Investment Club!

  5. Ya know, these are the kinds of stories we don’t see on the national news. We also don’t see them broadcast on BET or TV One (that I know if).

    Kudos to this young man. This story makes my heart sing.

    Thank you, BCK, for bringing positivity to your website!

    • When Damon was younger, he used his allowance, birthday and Christmas money to invest. When you got older, he used the money he made from his candy business and from his modeling career to continue to buy shares.

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