evanderEarlier this month, Janice Holyfield, the ex-wife of  boxing champion Evander Holyfield, filed papers seeking to obtain nearly $280,000 in past-due child support and interest that Evander was ordered by a judge in Georgia  to pay in October of 2009.

In December of 2009, Holyfield also filed documents against his estranged wife. According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Holyfield is asking Cobb County Superior Court in Georgia to modify his child support payments because his “income has decreased”. Holyfield also mentioned that he has other children “for whom he is responsible to support”.

In 1999, Janice  filed for divorce after she learned that the boxer had fathered a pair of children outside of their two-year- marriage. Janice and Holyfied have one child named Elijah. It is being reported that Holyfield has eleven children in all.

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  1. First of all people its not all Holyfields fault. He did not make them babies by himself. The same way he could of wrapped it up is the same way these women could of took something themselves. There is more choices in bc out there for women then there is men. So blame is not all on men

  2. i live in atlanta and right down the street from holyfields house, the reason he has no money is cause he has an enormous mansion thats sits on thousands of acres of land, PLUS an enormous guest house mansion right next door that could fit 30 people in it easily.

  3. Goodness. All that money earned in the ring–all his sense must have been knocked out making babies all over the place. Does he even know for sure how many he has and does he get the mammas confused?..just asking.

    Get tips from Foreman on how to make a comeback at 50 as you need to get your tail back in the ring and pay off all your baby mamas Holycow–I mean Holyfield–its the right thing to do.

    • Every since I can remember, media has been talking about this man being in trouble for not paying his child support. It’s a crying shame that he would have kept having children. If I knew about it from the media, I wonder why some of these women didn’t know that he was a dead beat dad. I guess he just got carried away when all of a sudden women were so easy for him. He doesn’t strike me as the type who had women falling at his feet before he became famous. But that’s just all I know. It’s just ridiculous.

  4. 11 children? Holyfield, you ought to be ASHAMED–that is ridiculous! Why father children if you can’t support them?! I am tired of hearing about all this nonsense with men in general, and it’s not just black men.

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