It’s the hottest topic on the web and perhaps the most talked event this week: Justin Combs’ Super Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs certainly went all out for his first-born son’s party and spared no expenses! Here are a few of the expenses that were not spared:


The mogul rented a crown for his son, which almost cost him $5,000 to replace. Thankfully, the crown was found shortly after the party.


Artists such as Lil’ Kim, Trey Songz, and Nicki Minaj performed at the star-studded event.


For his birthday, Justin received a $360,000 Maybach  and a uniformed driver(Justin doesn’t have his license)and a $10,000 check, which he later donated to Yele Haiti relief fund.

Justin’s party will be featured on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen in March.

So, what do you think? Too over the top or just perfect for a celebrity’s kid? Also remember that appearances are not always what they seem.

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  1. Honestly, I dont believe it was over the top. This is what parents who HAVE the money to spend on their children do, and I honestly believe that if alot of parents would do so IF they had the money to.

  2. Remember folks this party was not Justin’s only party. It was just the party that was done specifically for MTV’s Sweet Sixteen show. So of course the party is going to be over the top. That is the whole point of that show. Have you seen some of the parties thrown on this show. The guest appearances were all for TV purposes. Diddy can get anybody he wants to come out and party with him. Nicki Minaj is hot right now to some folks which explains her being there (have one of the hottest artist appear at your party)and nobody has recieved a Maybach on the show (out-do all other sweet sixteneers on past shows). LiL Kim was around this kid when he was just a little one so she was probably just showing love. Basically for a made for TV party I think this party was to be expected.

  3. I watched the YouTube videos of the performances of Justin’s party, and I must say that as a teenager, who is turning sixteen in March, that having Trey Songz singing his song, “I Invented Sex” was not appropriate for a room full of teenagers. I mean, Nicki Minaj didn’t say one curse word her whole performance, AND WE ALL KNOW HOW HARD THAT HAD TO HAVE BEEN FOR HER! Lol. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I think him singing that song was too suggestive for a crowd of hormonal teeangers.

  4. It wouldn’t matter if this boy’s daddy was the sultan of freaking…Iran! More money earned should not equal more money blown! This was over the top. A 360,000 dollar car with a suited driver? He is not even old enough to drive the thing. This boy is just 16 – we all know that he will be speeding across the highways and byways soon enough and equally well established is the tendency for boys his age to have car wrecks.

    A lot could’ve been done with that amount of money – it’s ridiculous. All of us – the whole country, is in need of a serious reality check. Parents need to stop encouraging our children’s wanton materialism. They ARE the FUTURE and they need to value PEOPLE not THINGS!!! This need to go out and gorge spend on whatever your money can buy is a huge reason why our economy is the way that it is. Diddy can express his love for his boy without throwing exorbitant amounts of money at ’em.

    The 10,000 dollar gift to those suffering in Haiti did not a thing to overshadow the blatant mis-use of wealth and privilege that took place on that night. Why did’nt he give almost half a “millie” to the Haitians instead?

  5. For people who have seen the show Super Sweet Sixteen then you know its all about being over the top, this party is no different then if you are middle class and paid 1000 dollars for childs sweet sixteen and people do cause I have seen it so stop judging and we all have a tendacy to go to the extreme or spoil our kids so Diddy is expected to be different?

  6. And surely Diana Ross’ boys by her last husband can buy and sell Diddy with their inheritance, but you will never see this kind of garrish display because their mother would never be a part of this kind of thing. I don’t care how much money he has this is just really silly and wasteful to me. Maybe because it’s nouveau Riche. There’s always a big difference in new and old money.

  7. Well, who are we to judge? Diddy can certainly pay for a 16th birthday party like this. He certainly has worked hard to have this kind of resource for his family. These kids are used to living an over the top lifestyle. But, when you look at it from a perspective that is much deeper than the superficial, there is a stronger argument that it is too much too soon. Diddy had to work hard for everything he got and this causes him to be a much better manager of what he has and he appreciates all that he has. But, what lesson is this teaching his son? His son doesn’t have to work for anything, and has everything without worry or sweat. What kind of man will he become after that kind of life? Will it push him to work hard to achieve his own goals or will he he grow up to be a lazy trifling babyboy living off of his fathers wealth and fame all the days of his life because he doesn’t have a work ethic nor the patience and wisdom to build something from scratch on his own?! Will he run through his inheritance (that he is sure ti get from his mom and dad one day)trying to continue the over the top lifestyle or will he learn to invest and build? Only time will tell. Hopefully, he will mimic his fathers drive and ambition and become a productive citizen with right priorities. Best wishes to him.

    • Diddy’s son seems like a really down to earth kid in the video’s that i have seen of this party he seemed kinda shy i personally think this party was all diddy in some pics justin seems out of place but my thing with a party like this for a 16 year old is as he gets older he dosen’t have anything to look forward to my parents always taught me from an early age if you want it you better go out and get it because they were not going to spoil u with it and my parents had the money to do so i bought my first mercedes new when i was 19 and that is because i worked soooo hard to get it and i felt proud because i worked for it without having to ask my parents for it i just hope he dosent grow up to be a person with a gimmie gimmie attitude.

  8. Justin won’t be driving the car , someone will be driving him in the car..
    I have to agree with the above about giving kids all they want and then leaving them without a dream… I figure the idea is … you don’t want your kids to struggle, and you don’t want to see them fall… but then I gotta look at how diddy made those kids WAlK 2 B.K. To get cheesecake, and dropped them all in the end.
    I’m sure that if he had the sense to slave those entertainers, he has the sense to teach his kids similar life lessons…..(I hope)

  9. The Car was over the top hes just 16 right…diddy need to tell him that aint no toy car…LOL but this is my thing im 20 and dont have a friggin car….ugh this is why I get annoyed…UGHHHHHHHH!!!!

  10. Diddy gave Quincy a similar party that was featured on MTV’s “Sweet Sixteen” a couple of years ago. Just because MTV is featuring someone we know people are making a big deal. MTV has been showcasing the craziness for years.

  11. This kid can’t have any dreams because he gets everything he wants. That is why so many celeb children end up a mess because they have no goal in their life. They don’t have to achieve anything, their parents do it all for them.

    That MTV show is awful, I just saw part of it last week, where a girl got 2 cars, just to have a bigger party than her brother had who got 1 car. These children have no idea of value, what normal child would even dare to ask for such an expensive car?

    • Also, what would happen to the kids if suddenly their parents were bankrupted? (I know that won’t happen to Sean Combs) but what if it did?

      How would the kids adapt? I’m not a fan of Sean Combs, but something tells me as hard as he works, he’s showing his children some work ethics. At least I hope he does.

    • Can I ask a question? Who is that half naked girl on stage at a 16 yr old birthday party? She could not possibly be a stripper could she? Maybe she was a back up dancer, but wouldn’t common sense set in as that was not an approriate outfit?

      I’m just wondering…didn’t mean to go off subject.

    • I think u guys r just jealous that u can’t do that for ur kids that’s the promblem.I learned hating on people won’t get u anywhere.this man has worked for his money.so his first born deserves everything he gets.and if had the money I would get them everything.


      • How do you know we are all broke? Perhaps we all just have different values. But you are right, he does what he wants with his money and I certainly don’t “hate” him for that. I personally just see it as a garrish display. But that’s just my opinion not a hate.

  13. I hope Sean Combs is making his sons WORK for all that stuff. It sends a bad message and if the bottom were to fall out and all the money was gone what would those young men do for themselves? Immediate gratification is wack.

    • Hi Virgie. I think Christian Combs is working for his keep, in his own little way. Daddy Diddy has ads for his clothing line with Christian featured in them. The other offspring may be jealous of him because he was picked to represent Dad and not them.

      I guess it pays to be the child that looks the most like Dad!

      He looks adorable in the ad..tilting his head to the side looking dead on Diddy.

      • Okay. I’m just saying! There are plenty of stories about the offspring of the wealthy who struggle and fail on their own because they lack skills or knowledge to maintain.

        Plus, I’m not buying the “hater” excuse anymore because it shows ignorance of the time we’re living in…and, yes, it was my intention to be condescending. lol

        • Agree, Virgie, with what you said about some offspring falling, like Natilie Cole and Nicole Richie, for example. Both drug users.

          • Well Natalie Cole had a lot of problems but she didn’t really fail at what she did. It seems she just didn’t know how to handle it. I think that she worked so hard not to be placed in her father’s footsteps that she overdid it. I feel that now that she is doing the kind of music that her father did, she is great at it. Not meaning that she wasn’t great at the other music; I just think that she didn’t know how to handle her fame.again, while she had her problems with the drugs, I think that was mostly due to rebellion, not talent as she certainly proved her talent. So I don’t see her as failing for lack of talent as far as her career is concerned.

  14. He knows he’s going to have to go even bigger for Christian, Chance and the twins’ 16th birthdays, right? 😉

    And, yes, I do believe that half of the over-the-top aspects were purely for the MTV show. Promotion, basically.

  15. I used to watch the sweet sixteen show yrs ago, and rich nobodys were spending oodles of dinero on their kids.
    The people who say they wouldn’t spend the money don’t have Diddy’s money, and don’t live Diddy’s life style. We go alllllll out for our girls 16th bday, and jewish people go all out for barmitzahs and they invite all their old friends, maids, babysitters, and business associates. . So it makes sense that lilKim would be there.. Now nikki minaj? That was all about looks cause she looked like she wanted to vomit in every picture.

    • People who say they wouldn’t spend the money still probably wouldn’t if they had it. Some people place a lot of emphasis on things and some don’t. Some people save their money and don’t spend it on something that is here today, and gone tomorrow like clothes and cars. Cars, once they are purchased, depreciate in value anyway. It’s all a matter of perspective.

      My brother does business with a lot of weathy people in L.A., and surprisingly, he says that many, whom have more money than they can spend in a lifetime, continue to drive their older model cars. They are very frugal and don’t feel the need to floor show. They drive their older model cars because they don’t feel the need to spend money on Bentleys, Rolls, and all the other trappings of wealth.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you. It’s the type of values that you have. Money never changes you…..If you are crude with whacked values then you just become someone with money who is crude with whacked values. I still say that it was over the top for a young man his age.

  16. I say if you have it to spare, go for it. I’m sure it was all worth it to see the smile on his child’s face. You only turn 16 once, but what will Diddy do for 18 and 21? Hmmm might want to start planning now lol.

  17. This is this man’s child and how much he spends for his birthday party and how extravagant it is is all Diddy’s and Mysa’s (is that her name?) business. I buy my 10 month old Ralph Lauren and people say “that’s too much money when he’s just gonna grow out of it”, but it’s my child, my money, my business. Just saying. And maybe Diddy buying a Maybach for his child is the equivalent to you buying a Kia for yours.

    • When they decided they’d televise it for a national television show, I think it opened them up to the opinion of others. If he wanted it to be his business only he probably should have kept it private.

      • It was a party that was seen by the public yes, but ppl like you who worry about how much he spent and what message it sent to his child is plain pathetic. Ppl should get their money and their children in order before they’re so quick to worry and judge others!

  18. A bit?? Completely over the top..ridiculously so.. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of it was for the T.V show though.

  19. I think Quincy’s were more put together,justin’s party was nice but should have had younger preformers,and be organize.Yes diddy has the money but there are better ways to go about it.

    • You’re right, Liza about the ages and weird choice of the performers that were invited to the party. Lil Kim is so washed up and desperate for a re- emergence in the industry, that she would show up to the opening of a car wash for the publicity and a photo op. It just seemed like some of the entertainers invited are damaged goods.

      Chris Brown is trying to resurrect his career since the Rihanna debacle. I think Diddy was just trying to allow some of these performers an opportunity for photo ops and he’s friends with them.

      The would-be pole dancers, strippers etc. seem like a bizarre combination of rite of passage for the boys in Diddy’s clan, as well as entertainment for the older guys at the party. Or maybe the scantily dressed dancers were there so that Lil Kim wouldn’t feel out of place with her boobs hanging all out.

      It seems like a modern day rap world circus, but his boys were smiling and that’s what parents do…try to make the kids smile, right?

  20. “Also remember that appearances are not always what they seem.”

    Excellent point, BCK! My mom used to say, “All that glitters is not gold.”

  21. Being that I’m not a materialistic person, it was a bit over-the-top in my opinion, but hey, he isn’t my son, and I didn’t have to foot the bill so… To me, it’s the other values in life that are more important than anything material.

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox :-)

  22. If it didn’t break Diddy’s bank and both parents are working hard to expose him to the non-material value of life, then I would say its a wash. Let them do what they want since its not me.

    If I were loaded and not driving myself into debt with a purchase, I might have waited until my son had his license and was 21 before springing the Maybach though. He would also have to have shown me a bit of maturity by excelling in college or legit business endeavor to warrant it, not just because he’s my kid. Want to see if the head is on right, before unloading the spoils.

    Also, some of the themes were too adult for a 16yr old. What is the rush since most of us are living to mid 70s and beyond anyway.

    Stay a kid, with kid thoughts and ideas as long as you can.

    • I do so agree with you. By the time he’s a grown up there’s nothing to look forward to. It was way over the top and much too mature for this child. I’m certain the young man would have been just as happy with being given a “teenage type car once he had passed his driver’s test. It appeared the party was more a show of Puffy’s wealth than for the boy. I hope he didn’t include the boy’s virginity.

  23. I love the smile on baby brother’s face! He must of thought it was his birthday or that he died and went to heaven. I bet he can’t wait until he turns 16!

    As far as over the top…well you can’ ttake it with you and Diddy is showering them while he and they are still alive.

    The goal in life is not to accumulate a lot and die. Ultimately..to each his own.

    • Diddy is fortunate in so many ways. He’s fortunate to have children becoming teenagers which keeps him and his talent relevant to the next generation. In a way, the kids are helping to earn their own future inheritances by proping Pops up.

      I imagine the boys are still texting and talking about that party.
      At least both parents were present to supervise.

    • I completely agree with you. I also think there might be a little jealousy in the air. If we all had to the means we would want to do the same for our children. The biggest thing everyone is not understanding is the fact the Justin is NOT their child. Diddy & Misa celebrated their son’s birthday in the manor he is accustomed to.

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